The #1 Rebound Altcoins!? I’m Buying!! & Mark Cuban!?

I’m sure you have been wondering about the
altcoins!! Alternative cryptocurrencies…the type of
coins which can make or break a portfolio. I’m a fan of true altcoins, not the meme,
shat bullhonkey that has infected cryptocurrency, where the likes of video game stars, Faze
Clan & punks like Jake Paul who promote them to REKT newbies and line their pockets even
more!! Are you guys not wealthy enough? Well f-those guys, and other top crypto influencers
in the space…i know you watch my content punk, I’m talking about you. Real recognize real…So viewers come and
listen to my wealth of knowledge…because it’s time for Chico Crypto! So, I’m looking for the REAL in the space…projects
who are pushing crypto forward, changing the world with their dapps, protocols, and revolutions. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so depressed
lately…I’ve seen the space taken over by Shiba weenu, teenu, babydoge, doink, poink,
floki, jeezus christ why are people so stupid to invest in this crap!? Yeah pump and dumps like this can make you
money, if you get in early, and know when to pull out…which is a problem for many
guys…not even in crypto, but in the bedroom.

Yes, legitimate projects have gone up and
down too…but these companies and dapps, will hodl their value way more in bear markets
than this other bullhonkey, and when the markets return, they are going to re-smash their old
all time highs. This meme crap…won’t. It will be dead to never return…. Now to show you an example of this….to get
it though meme crap coin believers heads. So lets begin with a real project, which was
building one of the first major DeFi applications, Synthetix, They were formerly called Havven
with two v’s. As we can see from Coingecko in August of
2018, in the midst of the bear market….Haven was on page 2, rank #116 with a marketcap
of just over 20 million dollars. As of yesterday, Synthetix is ranked #53,
with a marketcap of over 1.7 billion dollars. It rightfully surged due to fundamentals as
they got their DeFi products out…and since August 2018, it’s marketcap has 85x’d… Now back during the last cycle, you can compare
the meme hype seen recently to the future changing coins, like AI/ Deep Machine learning
or Quantum resistance…some of the coins regarding this are actually legit.

But back in 2017/2018…coins in this area
were launched Left and right, promising to change the game. So let’s just look at one that was ranked
next to Quantum Resistant ledger….market cap of around 20 million and rank #117… How is Quantum Resistant ledger doing today? It’s no longer on page 2 of coingecko…is
it on page 5? No…you have to go to page 8, and QRL is
ranked #747, with a 13 million dollar market cap, and just 50k in 24 hour volume. The coin is dead in the water… This is going to happen to a majority of the
meme coins, and some might not even be ranked in the next couple of years. They will turn to crypto dust….

Sooo let us talk about REAL, the fundamentally
strong altcoins who Chico Crypto is eyeing like a hawk…. So, even if we are dipping into a Bear Market,
the next project I see pulling a HAVVEN/Synthetix….is Centrifuge. And just like clockwork, they posted a great
blog post which exemplifies this. It was titled “There is no bear market with
diversified real-world assets”…. They show how DeFi TVL, total value locked
up in it, has crashed since the markets began falling in May…nearly losing 50 percent

But not centrifuge….since May, their total
value locked up within it’s Tinlake protocol and dapp..has almost grown by 100 percent!!! So why is this? Well they explain it in the blog. The team says “Tinlake experienced its usual
growth of TVL during the crash. Why? Because Tinlake finances Real-World Assets
(RWA). RWAs are not correlated to crypto: they are
assets outside of crypto that need to be financed.

If ETH crashes, the housing market doesn’t. Therefore NewSilver’s real estate pool on
Tinlake is still operating safely, with TVL growing steadily” Yes, Centrifuge is about connecting real world
assets to DeFi. It bridges assets like invoices, real estate,
and royalties through NFTs, into the world of Decentralized Finance. So real world businesses can get funding for
their operations, without going to a bank. They can get the funding….crowdsourced through
dai or stablecoins…which as you can see from the Tinlake dapp interface, this is already
happening on a serious level with multiple real world businesses financing through DeFi,
while giving the crowdsource investors..healthy and stable APRs. Now the token for Centrifuge (CFG) just got
it’s launch onto exchanges yesterday, and the price got crushed out the gate, but keep
an eye on this one, I am ready to make myself a big position, because Centrifuge is the
HAVVEN of this crypto cycle. It combines everything I like about crypto….DeFi,
NFTs, Realworld assets, Substrate, Polkadot.

And while many polkadot parachains and projects
are just copies of things on Ethereum…Centrifuge is the only unique one, bringing something
new to the table.. Something new to the table!?? What about Olympus DAO…me and my ohmies
go….OHMMMMMMMMMMMM…… This project is something special as a Rebase
currencyl. It’s one of the only projects out there
that is recovering and recovering nicely. Since the May Crash low of around 168 bucks…as
of yesterday…it had re-passed 500 dollars. So special, and unique, that even the highly
respected Messari Research put out a research piece on how it works!! And according to Messari, OHM has a flywheel
effect…aka a self reinforcing protocol, where users are incentivized to do what’s
best for it… And regarding this effect. The OHM team has put out a blog post explaining
this in March of this year titled “The Game (Theory) of Olympus” and after you read
this short blog post, you will understand why many OHMIES say (3,3)…and of course
that blog is included down in the description… Now let me pull up something….an Ethereum
Etherscan transaction.

Someone bought them some OHM!! A small bag, just over 40 of the suckeroos,
but they are dipping their toes into it. As we can see in the from section, this address
ends in acc!! ACC, account… who’s account is this!??? Well it’s someone special….they may have
just become an Ohmie…. So how can we figure out who owns this address!? Well, have you ever heard of Well this is a website that creates a simple
way to show off a person’s NFTs. Who is connected to!? Well going to Mark Cuban Companies, which
list the moguls companies, and then clicking into blockchain.

The #1 Listed is and clicking into
that, we can see it is owned and founded by the Cubanster…. (Link #9 Mark Cuban tweet Lazy and profile)(Link
#10 Mark Cuban lazy profile) So what the freak does this have to do with
that OHM transaction? Well let’s dive into the Chico Crypto and
Chico Army rabbit hole! Cuban tweeted about and also tweeted
his own profile, where it shows the NFTs he owns… So you just have to click on one of his owned
NFTs, let's do the first one the hashmask. Click on it…and then click view it on OpenSea…Ok
this is owned by Cuban, but how do we confirm that address. Well click on mcuban, and this will take you
to his opensea profile….oh shoot his address ends in acc, let’s just copy and paste it
into a text application, and compare it with the etherescan transaction. Yup they are the same…..Mark Cuban bought
OHM… And he is a forsure OHMIE, as if you go to
addresses profile on Etherescan, and look at the last erc20 transactions, he staked
his initial buy, and he has even more OHM coming in, and he is staking those as well…he
is 3,3ing it…just wait to see they hype if he changes his twitter profile to (3,3)…it’s
bound to happen.

Remember my friends. You won’t find content like this anywhere
else…real recognizes real in this space. The fake will get washed out. Cheers! I'll see you next time!.

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