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A complete paradigm shift is coming, 
and sooner than you may think!   It’s the prosumer revolution! Yes, no longer 
are people just consumers, they will become   prosumer. Able to consumer still, but using their 
assets, they will be able to produce as well.   And by the people joining forces, that production 
will grow to economies of scale, that will force   the centralized entities to either adapt or 
get out of the people’s way. Well, my nickname   for the people is Ludacris, exactly how this 
channel is, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! The prosumer revolution is going to hit on many 

It’s going to involve blockchain, digital   assets, data, and even physical assets across the 
board. That means every industry eventually will   have a prosumer revolution within it…but some 
industries are already leading the charge! Per example, the energy industry. An energy 
prosumer, is actually a common term across Europe!   Many Europeans are ditching their consumer 
energy bills! Utilizing their energy assets   to produce and get paid. Actually 
bringing power back to the people… And that power gets amplified, 
when prosumers band together,   and create community based virtual power plants… So where are the virtual power plants, 
community based within America?   Well don’t miss my live streams, because over the 
weekend I showed there is a prosumer revolution,   beginning in my home state of California. In July of 2020, The Energy Coalition announced 
it was awarded a 9 million dollar grant,   by the California Energy Commission, for 
a blockchain based Renewables project.   Blockchain and energy..this has to be prosumer 
based..but first who is The Energy Coalition TEC? Well it’s a California based energy 
non profit, that has some influence,   as their client list includes many of 
California’s top energy companies, and cities! So now who was working with the TEC   on this blockchain renewables 
project…and what exactly is it? Well this PRweb article titled “Los 
Angeles Disadvantaged Community to   Host The Largest Advanced Energy Community 
Built on Blockchain” tells us just that.   It states “The Energy Coalition and Community 
Electricity, in collaboration with UCLA   and a consortium of best-of-breed partners, have 
been awarded a $9M grant and The Basset-Avocado   Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) is defined as 
the site host of the project.

The award-winning   consortium will deploy an innovative and versatile 
model focused on providing affordable, locally   produced renewable energy and energy services 
at scale within a disadvantaged community. It then says “The BAAEC Prototype Phase 
I and Phase II total investment will   be close to $20 million dollars, including 
partner matching funds. Additional partners   in the prototype build-out include: 
ACLIMA, Ampere Energy, EnelX, Google,   Green Commuter/EVShare, Grid Alternatives, 
IoT SENSORCOM, Purple Air, Solarays,   Sonnen, Space AI, StrongBlock, Tetra Innovations 
Group, Tritium, and Winn Energy Control.” A lot of big names…

Some we recognize, some 
we don’t…but who is the blockchain partner?   Well that is the first 
listed…Community Electricity…and   going to their website what are they all about? 
Turning communities into Virtual Power Plants… I’ve never heard of the community 
electricity blockchain though…have you!? If they don’t have a blockchain, which 
one is being used? Well this Tweet from   the Energy Coalition…ties it all together. 
They retweeted the Energy web Chain, and said   “Proud to work with our partners over at decarbLA 
(Community Electricity) on the Basset-Avocado   Advanced Energy Community project! And they reply 
likewise…3 big, main partners in just 1 tweet…. Energy Web’s involvement is confirmed 
from this October 2020 blog,   “Community Electricity and Energy 
Web Announce Partnership to Bring   Decentralized Tech to Disadvantaged 
Communities Across the Americas”.   The article states “ Community Electricity will 
deploy digital infrastructure across multiple   power plants, customers, and distributed 
energy resources (DERs) to enable multiple   applications leveraging the Energy Web 
Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS).” Energy Web is obviously the blockchain backbone!   Now, I just want to make this connection.

One of 
the partners listed on Basset is none other than   Google…so it’s feasible to say, Google may have 
been introduced to the energy web stack last year!   Well they must have liked what they 
saw…Remember last month it was announced   they were backing Energy Web with a grant to 
harmonize low carbon markets across Europe.. Interesting to see the connection on 
multiple levels, but now it’s time to get a   bit deeper.

From community electricity's 
website, they have a basic design and flow   of the entire community system, and as you 
can see a piece of it is satellites….which   leads us into another partner listed, Space AI… Going to their website, I thought hey this 
kind of looks like a satellite network,   and since Elon Musk has starlink, just announced 
he was doing Doge-1, satellites..this may be   connected.

Well sorry to be the bearer of 
BAD news. It isn’t Elon behind SpaceAI… But there may be connections. Now Finding out who exactly was behind Space AI, 
took some digging, but the Chico Crypto editor   Cody was able to find this article about Diego 
Favarolo, who is wearing the a shirt with the SOS,   morse code from the SPACE AI website, and 
the article says he is the CEO and founder.. The article also says “ He is One of Silicon 
Valley’s most disruptive entrepreneurs, he is   now deploying a number of hi-tech projects for 
a company that’s ready to jump into the future.   Previously he founded DIY rockets, whose 
objective was to “destroy rocket science   and turn it into a free file that you can 
download from your home computer”. DIY rockets   ran an exercise to design a spacecraft capable 
of carrying a Cubesat to the low Earth orbit.   Anyone could participate under a simple set 
of rules: the blueprints had to be open source   and the engine must be 3D-printable. 
The results were 10 engines developed   in four months in collaboration with some 
of the US top universities and even NASA.” It’s a space BOI and that morse code symbol, 
from his SPACE AI website and on his shirt   leas us further down a holee…to a 

This is called the Open Space   Network…which from the website says 
its a distributed collaborative network,   Created for the Cubesat Standard. 
Aka the nano-small satellites. Scrolling down, a piece of the 
Open Space Network is the Node-1.   What does this do? It allows innovators to build 
collaborative networks, integrating space, IoT,   unmanned vehicles and robotic entities…. Now the morse code symbol of Space AI, and 
on the homepage of the Open Space Network,   doesn’t stand for save our ship. I found this 
VIMEO video, which explains it. Lets watch now… A network, utilizing virtual machines, and 
there was a token within this Network but as   we can see that video was made 3 years ago. Is 
this Open Space Network even alive or launched!? Oh yeah it is.

Going to the Open Space Networks 
YoTube channel, they only have 2 videos. One eight   months ago, which looks to be a presentation of 
the network..but the other was just in February of   this year, and it’s a live stream of the “PSLV C51 
LAUNCH carrying SAI I and 18 other satellites.” Yes, a live stream of a rocket launch, 
but they were to make sure it was known   that the specific satellite, SAI 1 separation 
success was confirmed. Using Gunther’s space   station to search by known satellites, we can 
find this specific one, even a picture of it.   They say “The SAI 1/NanoConnect 2 is a 2U CubeSat 
technology demonstrator developed by the UNAM,   the national autonomous university 
of Mexico, which will test power,   computer, communications, and mechanical 
satellite systems in the space environment.   The mission is a joint effort with LINX-ICN-UNAM 
that is providing the subsystems for the platform.   It will also test a software-defined-radio 
unit from Space AI Inc., San Francisco! So whatever SpaceAI and the open space network,   have been working on.

It’s initial launch, 
got up into the skies in February!! So how does this Tie into Mr. Musk!? I said 
there may be connections. Well remember,   Diego Favarolo is the founder… and 
going to his Linkedin he’s a graduate of   Singularity University! Where he 
worked as the matternet team leader. First, who is Singularity university!? 
Well it’s a graduate, advanced university,   founded by Peter Diaminidis…yes that 
Same Peter, who is also the founder of   Xprize, who is collaborating with 
Elon Musk on the 100million dollar   Carbon Capture xPrize…Peter and Elon, just had a 
sit down conversation about it, recorded in April.

Now, remember….what Diego worked on 
at Singularity…the matternet team.   Well matternet today, is a full on 
futuristic drone service company,   working with big partners, across the world, 
and even powering the first drone powered   airline in the US…which makes Singularity 
University….very proud..….Singularity Universities   shining star… Matternet, even shares 
employees with Elon’s…SpaceX….. All I have to say is why is 
everyone so connected? Or am   I just making connections that aren’t 
there… Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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