The #1 Enterprise ALTCOINs? On Ethereum!? On Polkadot!?

Blockchain is here to change the enterprise 
game….I have known it, industry leaders are   starting to get it, but the general public 
is completely oblivious to it….unless they   are a part of a certain group… right here 
with me. You at home watching this episode,   you are not the general public. You’re the BCleaks 
army & if the blockchain tentacles are growing   within enterprise once again. We’re gonna find 
it first…because it’s time for Chico Crypto! One of my best ALTCOIN calls, from under 
a dollar….when I first covered it in July.   To over 630 bucks as of yesterday! That is fierce, and that is a 
bullish chart.

What coin is it?   Well of course it’s the Sora Network, XOR… And just for proof here is my video 
covering it July 16th for the first   time…discovering the news 
of polkaswap and soramitsu… and then a week later, after 
I understood the boolishness,   covering it again, including the 
design with hyperledger IROHA. Well guess what!? CEO and Co-founder of Sora,   Makoto Takemiya, just spoke last Thursday at 
the Build Web3 Together virtual conference   on the timeline of Polkaswap, 
and this is what he had to say! So the initial Launch is coming extremely 
close…if they run into no problems,   it was possible within a week to 
10 days. And then, if you look at   the architectural design of polkaswap…you get 
the bullishness.

It’s connected to Polkadot,   through a parachain slot.
(polkaswap design picture) Which, if you saw 2 weeks ago, Test Parachain 
Auctions & Crowdloans launched on the Rococo   testnet! Polkadot announced it…. Once things go 
smooth on the TestNet then parachains will launch   on Kusama…and then Polkadot. So, is Polkaswap 
going for a parachain on both? Polkadot & Kusama?   Thus having a kusama mainnet 
deployment sooner than later? Well with the Sora Network blog titled 
“SORA Network Parachain for Polkaswap Intro”   the team said “The SORA Network, which is 
the network that Polkaswap is being built   on, plans to obtain parachain 
slots for Kusama and Polkadot”… But let’s just replay what Makoto said, he 
didn’t speak of a parachain or paraauction…. Makoto spoke of polkaswap being implemented 
as a set of Substrate pallets. This is big.   You have to understand the design of polkadot 
and kusama projects to understand why. Substrate   is the custom framework for developers 
to easily build custom blockchains with   plug and play features through FRAME 

They can combine and compose   multiple pallets to create 
their blockchain runtime. Thus, Polkaswap being a pallet…means it’s ready 
to be plugged into other parachains. And this Blog   from another Polka project, smart contract 
parachain moon beam…shows what I mean.   Moonbeam said in the section “Substrate’s 
pallets provide DeFi and smart contract   primitives”…”Beyond Substrate’s own 
pallets, the interoperable Polkadot ecosystem   will enable Dapps on Moonbeam to utilize other 
parachains’ decentralized finance (DeFi) tools,   such as Acala’s aUSD stablecoin, Chainlink’s 
oracles, Polkaswap’s DEX and much more” Polkaswap, will be an integral pallet, that 
many projects will use…like Centrifuge,   plugging in the polkaswap pallet, thus 
connecting Centrifuge and its Rad token   not only to swapping within Polkadot and 
Kusama’s ecosystem’s…but Ethereum’s too. So Sora Network, and it’s first palatable 
application polkaswap is looking to be a key   piece for DeFi projects, cryptocurrencies within 
Polkadot and Kusama.

But, let me say this, Sora is   key to Polkadot and Kusama itself because of it’s 
work on CBDCsC. Central Bank Digital Currencies. Bakong, was created in collaboration with 
Soramitsu and the National Bank of Cambodia.   Hyperledger put out a throughout case study in 
2020, which explained it was the first retail   payments system in the world using blockchain 
technology, and the first and only large-scale   quasi-CBDC in production, which expanded 
across the country of Cambodia throughout 2020. Which it has, according to the Bakong 
commercials across the Cambodian airwaves….  Stop right there….as we can see 
Bakong is integrated into the 17   major banks across Cambodia, including their 
#1 and #2 banks by assets Acleda & Canadia. Mission success…and that success 
is being recognized. Just 3 days ago,   the Soramitsu twitter tweeted “It's here! 
Our Japan Financial Innovation Award   for Development of Central Bank Digital Currency 
"Bakong" in #Cambodia has arrived in our offices! Yes, the JFIA a prestigious Japanese 
Financial award was given to Soramitsu   by Japanese Authorities…and then I’m sure 
you probably noticed Filecoin’s recent surge.   It went from 27 bucks early February 
to over 190 here recently.

An over   600 percent increase in under 2 months, which puts 
Filecoin with an over 11 billion dollar market cap Why am I bringing this up? Well let’s just 
go to Soramitsus website, with their projects   listed. Of course they hail Bakong, but 
scroll down…there is Fuhon, and the team   says Filecoin has announced two additional 
implementations of the Filecoin protocol:   forest – being implemented in Rust by ChainSafe, 
and FUHON – being implemented in C++ by SORAMITSU. Which yes, Filecoin did announce this, 
with this blog in January of 2020…   diving into the collaboration with Sora.   And by the way, Chico loves Airdrops, and XOR 
holders are getting the BIG VAL one very soon… Now, let us just revisit, what I said 
was gonna be big last week.

The EEA,   enterprise ethereum alliance virtual meetup. 
I posted this video…Ethereum Enterprise is   going to be dominated by this coin, and 
covered the meetup..with the likes of   Marley Gray Microsoft and Kyle Thomas, 
Provide…Unibright’s right hand team.   Remember they come together as one 
to create the baseline protocol… Well that meetup happened, and from what I 
can find it wasn’t recorded…but like I said   it was BIG with alpha leaks. Jack of Unibright 
tweeted the meetup and a link to it live.   Well a Prior.UBT replied to it 
with screenshots from the meetup. As we can see, they posted the baseline roadmap, 
of course they began with CONA bottlers for Coke,   and it shows the stats of the 
program. 650m in tokenized invoices,   100m per year in operation cost savings, 
and a 97 percent reduction in disputes.   But the roadmap continues into customer 
for baseline, is service now, then microsoft,   then Ernst and young, next google, then accenture, 
and they end 2021 off and begin 2022 with Target.

Baseline, Provide, and Unbright and beyond is 
infecting these corporations and their processes.   I found a slide, Prior.UBT missed, and it 
was the use cases of baseline. Far reaching,   supply chain, procurement, operations, IOT, 
finance..including DeFi, and finally workforce.
  But there is one, specific use case category, 
which I see fitting right in their summer roadmap   partner Microsoft. That is Tokenization…..why 
do you think Jack of Unibright is tweeting   about Tokenization and Unibright here recently. He 
said “Sometimes I watch “old” UnibrightIO video’s.   This is still one of my favourites and shows how 
much value #Freequity can offer tokenization. Looking back at the UBT/Provide design for 
baseline, just after tokenization and into   DeFi, you have what Jack was tweeting 
about…Unibright’s Freequity platform…. So my friends of the BCleaks 
army…Page 3 of Congecko is where UBT   and XOR reside. Close to eachother. 
Each dominating their respective areas.   CBDCs and Enterprise adoption. Undervalued much?? 
Chico thinks so…cheers I’ll see you next time!!.

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