The 1 Bitcoin Show- Will MoneroV become the true Monero? Israel, Bprivate, Bgold, Steemit, Freedom!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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that people send me thank you very much alright so let's go back let's talk
about yesterday I was on the world crypto Network I debuted my pilot
episode of the international show Gabriel was on I linked to that show
below he talked about the Venezuelan uh petrol and he one thing that he didn't
say but he told me off the air the president of Venezuela obviously I don't
like the president I don't like any presence of any country ok I mentioned
Gabriel by name and he mentioned monkey coin
which is the exchange that Gabriel's in charge of in Venezuela on the teeth on
the television broadcast on that a nationwide television broadcast in
Venezuela so everybody knows who get Gabriel is a superstar there I guess now
but you know I'm not everyone my point about you know talking about this
Venezuelan experiment because the the petrol is an experiment there are a lot
of people that say it's a stamp it doesn't really exist they didn't really
sell it they didn't do this they didn't do that it you know it's everyone's
right to attack it I linked to a tweet where someone really attacked it his
name is Alejandro Machado and he might be right
I'm gonna have hopefully on Friday over this week in Bitcoin show I'm going to
have maximum and he's going to tell us his thoughts on the event as well of
petrol but I bring it up because again at the government obviously once the
bail them sells out but I think it's gonna I think I want to be in Venezuela
I think it's gonna help the people I would love to see them to come vote the
first cryptocurrency country like like Gabriel says they already are I want the
people to get this page this petrol and all the 80 percenters out there will
want to buy the petrol and give all the people of enough's where 80 percenters if you want to make some
mistake I can do not buy the petrol do not buy the petrol but a lot of you if
you have the opportunity you're gonna do it anyway but you're gonna probably help
people in Venezuela become free if you do that if you somehow get make a market
for this petrol to Bitcoin so there's a lot going on there if there's this is a
huge experiment and I'm gonna talk about it but when I talk about I just want
people to know I haven't want to be perfectly clear that I am against the
communists I am against the Socialists and I and maybe they're gonna change
their ways the government as well and you know I do not and I despise what
that government has done obviously most governments all governments are pretty
horrible just they steal the tax and we'll talk about that sake and I love
that I could say these things this is what freedom is about when you work for
no one but yourself yeah you can say anything pound that like button we're
going to talk about the Meister lifestyle at the end of this video
all right so speaking about another country Israel um you know it's girls
have this you I've been there before obviously and you check the archives out
I've heard you check out the check out the links below for yesterday's show and
then shows from the last few days but check out this rotmeister calm you'll
see that I've been in Israel before and they've got a huge cryptocurrency
community they're huge tel aviv bitcoin embassy is rockin yet the government is
about to make a tremendous mistake and like tax double tax do all this stuff
and here's a quote from someone who sent me the information the tax authority has
started stated any crypto is an asset and not a currency so if you sell
through an exchange you have to pay twenty five percent capital tax and kind
of prove or declare where you got the Bitcoin from if you trade or mine you
have to pay income tax as well this is just the tax okay
most Bitcoin users will probably just turn to peer-to-peer trade with cash now
ya know if they implement all this and I guess they're talking to talk big time
there now yeah people aren't gonna want to deal
with exchanges anymore just gonna go peer-to-peer anything this
is ridiculous come on Israel don't don't be socialists and yeah there are a lot
of socialists in Israel and the government that there are it's
unfortunate um you hear about it being right wait wait wait my my topless okay
there's a lot of socialists there's a there's a you know five percent or is
there's a communist party that makes up I think about five percent of the
Knesset I think still and but the religious parties someone's got to get
on it and the way the government over there is obviously different than the
United States and the government can fall apart at any time and will soon
again in its it you know Netanyahu has the form coalition's well hopefully the
Bitcoin advocacy group that that's centered around the Tel Aviv Bitcoin
embassy they can get their voice heard I'd be willing to talk and they promote
so that they can make this easy in Israel so it's not taxed so the Pope so
the politicians over there be they right-wing or left-wing or whatever
understand that this is not the approach to take you've got a technologically
sophisticated company a country there and you're hindering them by creating
ridiculous taxes this is just ridiculous and maybe we'll have an I guess from
Israel on on that this week a big point you know on Friday we've had guests on
in in the past some some really great ones all right do i I can't wait to
return to Israel and yeah hopefully they won't implement this ridiculous taxes
that they're talking about I mean it just shows that this can happen in in
modern technologically sophisticated countries they can be backwards into in
in terms of in terms of Taxation it's it's exact so Israel get your act
together come on man don't go down this route already remember I'm tech bolt on
twitter follow me there that has been rockin lately and old steam it I am
bitcoinmeister tech bought a spell te CH be alt that's like technology and
Baltimore I am from obviously not obviously cut my accent if you recognize
Matt my axe and I'm from Baltimore Maryland originally home of the
Baltimore Orioles yeah spring training okay so what else do we have here we
private frequently asked questions link I link to below was a lot of people have
questions about the crypto dividend for of Z classic and Bitcoin is coming up on
the 28th they also had a tweet lately than I share and a new Z classic fool no
desk op wallet has been released we recommend upgrading from older le dos
and swing wallets to this wallet thanks okay okay so they have this tweet out
there that I just read it's completely for technologically sophisticated people
who what make up one percent of the people out there less than one percent
of the people out there be private people if you're going to tweet out
stuff tweet out stuff that everybody understands okay no this is not the time
to be technologically sophisticated people should be messing around with
your new versions of your new tube complex wallets and people have to
download off of github come on man I hope you're working behind the scenes
getting this easy on big tricks and traceur and because it's just not gonna
work very well if everyone's gonna have to go to github because no one I mean
less than 1% of people can even mess around there to download whatever the
heck you're even talking about in this tweet so lay off the technological
mumbo-jumbo okay we all know you're smart you're doing a great and we trust
you that you're smart we have with it a week until the fork make this thing easy
come on treasurer come on big tracks I'm gonna do my part in the next few days
hopefully bit tracks we'll have an announcement and make this real simple
so we don't have to be worrying about deep hugs and this that and the other
because it's ridiculous you know I talk all the time that you know
cryptocurrency is gonna have its Netscape moment where everyone's gonna
be able to like easily use cryptocurrency
clearly we're not there yet when we're still getting github tweets okay and
they think that that's normal because it's just people don't get it all right
so let's let's go to something that is a little bit easier steam it and people
have been you know a lot of people email me and i love the emails you can email
me animate or help calm you need a crypto consultation helps setting up
your trays or whatever you need some pumping up you need some positivity in
your life you want to learn about the meister lifestyle but people are like
hey talk about my article and so someone sent me yeah
what is that I don't even know the name of it anymore
you can post your articles on this site they don't even pay you okay and I'm
like dude I'm not gonna I'm not gonna share your article okay I'm about
cryptocurrency I'm about people earning Bitcoin okay
so medium medium the medium platform the script I care about this medium calm no
your whatever do your own thing need it or pay people and cryptocurrency I'll
talk about did you that you okay but steam it gives you this your own steam
your own Steve dollars are training the Bitcoin I want people in my ecosystem
people that I you know because I'm a connector people I connect with I want
them maximizing their time and their content so I want them earning
cryptocurrency that they invent a Bitcoin I'm not gonna deal with medium
I'm not gonna deal with these platforms so if you breaks up you're wasting your
time if you want me to promote your article or whatever if you're doing it
on something that doesn't about cryptocurrency okay if you do it on
steam it tell me I'll redeem it I'll promote I'll talk about it it's been
done in the past that we've done in the future you can check me out at bitcoin
meister on steam it town that light button check out the link section below
subscribe to the channel you know spread the word okay so let's let's get into
this Manero thing i'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for me to talk about
that because it's getting toxic over there you know these these huge there's
a lot of people that first look the price is going up the price is going up
because people want to get a hold of this mineiro of the crippling dividend
and i'm gonna hand it to the people behind the Monaro vā€“ they're staying
anonymous and they're taking the up-and-up they're taking the high road
here they're not ripping on Manero they're not ripping on all the trolls
over at Manero who are ripping on them who are creating a toxic atmosphere
they're just keeping it on the up-and-up it is not you know the PERT them for
there's a few people that keep contacting the over read it about my
romero buddies a stamp why don't you talk about that why don't you talk about
it you're not helping yourselves at all you're only helping the Monaro the cause
by by by creating this toxic atmosphere over at manera okay because that's part
of the reason people are fed up with Manero is because they had a leader
everything a scam do who had a little trick funny tweet one day who people did
people didn't like it you know yet is make-believe announce that that never
happened that crashed the price so people want to go their own way when
they're not affiliated with that anymore and you're gonna have to deal with that
people I'm in error you're gonna have to deal with if you get you and if you have
a coin if you have an altcoin or whatever people are free to fork it off
you don't own it they can create their own version of your coin and are you
it's clear that they are threatened by this the people at Manero and so they
come up with their own little joke um a joke crypto dividend called Wow narrow
neck and I'll link to it below but it's a tote it's obviously a total joke just
like be classic yes and you know they're free to do that that's awesome that's
all it's clear that they're they're taking this Manero V thing very
seriously if they're making joke crippling dividends or proposing joke or
whatever and hope and maybe when they don't be a well well because it's great
for everyone the more you know that holders get these crypt of dividends
whatever if they're jokes if they're serious the better
what the Monaro people you know it goes back to my github comment about be
private get with the program people there's a
it's great to be a complex nerdy technical dude but most people out there
aren't and they want to maximize their criminal currency they want to get more
cryptic risk they want to earn cryptocurrency and sure they're
interested in an area because it's private they're not interested in every
little github aspect you can study and break down the technical aspects why
this is that and this is the other so you know they want to they want to get
their critical dividends there's nothing wrong with wanting to get your free
crypto dividend okay and so in the end of the day a lot of people are going to
get this free Mineiro be clipping dividend ten for every Manero you have
on on March the 14th Manero people you're free to fund it as much as you
like you're free to you know keep on doing your toxic atmosphere and then the
manera be people can their own way and maybe there could be a
while narrow two or whatever and let and then the market will decide which one's
the real one and if you're worried that you're not going to be the real one
anymore then get your act together get your act together
accept the challenge as someone's out there challenging you and sure screen
scam scam scam scam as much as you want to but I don't think it's really working
anymore it's the boy who cried wolf thing like the word has been played act
okay so you can go your direction with that good luck my narrow people and good
luck my narrow V people again they're all all-points there's only one Bitcoin
that's that's the end of the day for me that's that's the end of the day you
know so have your little have your little fight or whatever good good do
your thing but I'm gonna say this the way it's gone right now the Monaro loop
B people are taking the up-and-up route they should continue to do this continue
doing what you're doing good luck and hey manera be scream scam scam scam to
the top of your lungs and do a little scam dance maybe create a scam dance
exercise program you know you want to stay healthy stay healthy it's good to
have prominent people who appear to be you know in shape and healthy alright so
and it's not you know speaking of prominent people again to have a
centralized figure represent your coin in the long run is not good so maybe
that maybe the ecosystem maybe the cryptic RC community wants to have a
Manero that doesn't have a figurehead okay
that's where Manero V partially represents clearly they don't have a
figurehead alright so um where what else do we have here
there is a here's a tweet from kryptos squeeze he says I realized that
crypto Twitter traffic has dropped significantly
ever since Bitcoin crashed to six thousand dollars I'm guessing a lot of
people got hurt real bad and quick bull market is the best time to make money
bear market is the best time to learn persevere and you will be rewarded I
have a strong hand and you will be rewarded
but yeah I've absorbed I know observe that also it's clear that some of these
80 percenters from the entire YouTube Twitter internet ecosystem have just
dropped off I mean that just just it's a look it's quieter there's not as much
traffic tan a lot of sites allotted Twitter is down and there's a lot it's
whatever good for good um I'm glad they got weeded out that's great strong hand
20 percenters you made it through this you didn't disappear like some of these
80 percenters though but there's still plenty of 80 percenters out there but I
think I see vention in the superjet is that mention the super check that in
distinction how's Asia baby house any job
how's that he's a treating you man you got shows mention he's traveling around
now he's taking the opportunity he's a buying holder and now he's changes when
his lifestyle is about to change it's just such a major weight he is
taking the initiative at 50 years of age to change his life in such a way
how noble how respectful I mean that that's just it's just you young people
out there who say you can't change your lives there's a 50 year old man out
there changing this whole life because it partially because of Bitcoin he's
really living the lifestyle a meister lifestyle in a way he really is he
doesn't even know it fully so he should be an inspiration to everyone and he's
not gonna happen and he'll be retired soon and he'll be
able to say anything he wants to he can basically say anything he wants to now
but he does have a boss I want to put him in a position but we're gonna get to
that in a second okay so a bunch of be gold just moved it was like five hundred
thousand be gold just move and I went to it below some people are saying it's a
boom split they're beagle then moved it it's a lot of half a million beagles to
suddenly move a song is going on so that's that's noteworthy um and again a
lot of people still they got their be going through coinbase they still
haven't made an announcement about it control your own private key people
store data trace or learn the lesson not the hard way okay so I want everybody to
check out the links below to the world trip of network a cast podcast this is
just an awesome way you're able to is a one-stop place to hear all of our
podcast all the world crypto network members
podcasts you can hear vortex Thomas meet own Jimmy and the Hoffman I hope I
didn't leave anybody off there could be more people soon joining the podcast so
as I stated before they you know they did YouTube traffic and Twitter
traffic's a little down the podcasts are getting more popular for that way that
is a 20% way of life these these podcasts 20 percenters because they
don't need to see pretty pictures they can listen to have listening
comprehension so they have it obviously 20% percenters haven't been meted out by
the the bitcoin price drop which was just you know again that was only in
fiat you still have as much Bitcoin as you did before
so this podcast thing is growing it's a good you guys are check it out I hope
you're listening to it right now and you're not seeing my crazy hair and as
everything here on YouTube because the 20% they can deal with podcast they
don't need to see pretty pictures but the 80 percenters yeah there's just so
many 80 percenters in this ecosystem it be great if they all if more got weeded
out but they're not they'll be back ask them as the price in terms of fee on
goes up don't tell you they'll be back alright what else so yeah all the crits
speaking off be out prices all cryptocurrency was down I guess
yesterday and today and I wonder if that does have something to do with like then
as well of being in the news and people like oh man Venezuela cryptocurrency
socialism dictator kanya or just like bad guys cryptocurrency must be bad if
bad guys are dealing with cryptocurrency must panic cell because I heard maduras
name associated with crypto burr I don't know who knows why it went down at
dollars but I did it because all cryptic receipt was down and I was just maybe
this is a little weird now the blue could be now maybe there was some us
hearings or something and I think that I think the government says again if you
have a strong hand if you're a long-term thinker it doesn't even matter
day-to-day prices it shouldn't matter at all to you okay I link to a tweet below
from house over here in Darwin that do that is just awesome
you cryptocurrency community it's a picture
he talked about who you how he sponsored a soccer team a girls soccer team a big
girl soccer team you here in Australia and you can see they got Bitcoin on
their Jersey so that's pretty cool all right we got in the super chat someone
just sent five dollars Frank cast cast in deep I'm Castille Danny Castellini
FYI I'm a few years older than 51 years old and you meant that you mentioned I'm
into the Bitcoin lifestyle also talked about fasting if you would oh I am right
now Frank Oh Frank break to see you Frank I know you were here before I
started the show I saw some people in the chat before so hey man yeah you're
awesome Frank so yeah I am going to talk about fasting in second so everybody um
here this is the end of the Bitcoin part of the show we're gonna talk about my
decentralized lifestyle okay because we're in this is the season for virtue
signaling isn't it I see all these people on Twitter virtue signaling oh it
was such a tragedy the children the children what can we do for the children
and isn't it also how I can just make fun of it because people hide behind the
children when we you know these are there and they intimidate you by saying
or do against the children are you against the children you you man how
could you be against but show that you're just an evil man you only care
about profit is he is that also that I can say that this I I work for no one
but Adam Meister I have Bitcoin I travel all around the world and I can just say
whatever can you do what I want to do because I
can't get fired and guess what you couldn't all say I deliver your friend
anymore I don't care because I don't that doesn't affect me when you have
when you're truly free when you're truly free
you don't take sort of threats for people you don't worry about they're not
your true friends you're not intimidated by these virtue signaling people who
want to put you in line who want to put you in a machine to be part of their
machine ā€“ yeah and just just be and follow them these these rules no we make
our own rules we are free so how do you get how do you
get out of this machine go where you because there's so many of you like I
know I work for P I can't say anything I work for a corporation Adam how do I get
out of this well here's something you can do you can become healthier so you
don't spend as much as the doctor anymore why don't you try some
internment in intermittent fasting that makes you healthier that makes you lose
weight that you will eat less at the same time if you're gonna do
intermittent fasting you can't keep eating unhealthy cut out
eating out at restaurants for a year I haven't eaten in a restaurant for many
many years um cut cut out don't drink soda only
drink water I haven't drank anything but water for quite a few years now this
will save you money you will get you will form a nest day so you no longer
have to work for other people anymore so you can say whatever you want to say
it's little things they add up they all add up over time and they slowly get you
out of the machine so you don't have to worry about for the children nonsense
that these people just they hide behind it they're trying to appeal to emotion
when they're when they're you know there's a lot of subject matters in the
news today I'm not even gonna get into the stuff I'm not gonna but you
shouldn't care about any of the subject matters in the news today care about
yourself making yourself a better person in addition you can be public schools
why am i forced to pay for public there's a solution right there because
these public schools are clearly a tremendous liability that do not educate
anyone people should have their own schools if you want to educate your
children you know educate your children if you want to have children it's a it's
a huge responsibility huge responsibility so that's another tip for
you people out there if you want to become a free person just don't have
just don't have random children okay because it's a tremendous lot liability
think about it but you know what if you have kids create your own schools you
can have guys with guns they're guarding them or you won't have guys with guns
they're guarding it it's your choice go your own way with that I don't want
to be paying for your schools for your kids for your little mutts it's not my
responsibility and I can say that because I'm a big only God I travel
around the world I work for no one I do what I want to do I
say what I want to say it is a great lifestyle and I'm inviting me to join me
all of you to free yourself from this machine from he's all these people who
virtue sit virtue single for the children for the children
screw your children screw your children there you go pal Matt like button and
screw your children because you had a you take care of them I'm not taking
care of your kids alright so i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe and like this video share this for you check out
the new section below we'll talk about some intermittent fasting hey and run
you know every once a week run just get help you guys get healthy ok it's the
first we add this saved little bits of money at a time you'll be having a blast
soon enough I'll say hi to you in the chat soon

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