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Orleans for about four days or something like that all right so a lot of you who
in close attention who have listening comprehension remember a few days ago I
talked about the the premium the Bitcoin premium on BitFenix how it reminds me of
the old days when people were worried about exchanges you could that Bitcoin
would be a little bit more on certain exchanges than other exchanges there
being tons of reasons back in a day whether there's been a sixty dollar
premium when I talked about it last night it got up to like close to two
hundred dollars now it's around a hundred dollars there was a big drop in
the price of Bitcoin also in terms of dollars and I don't care about that
obviously because all of you should be valuing you off the Bitcoin one Bitcoin
you still the same amount of Bitcoin but for those of you who play around and the
lesson from all this there's only one lesson I don't care why the Bitcoin
price drop okay but one cannot and some because some people say oh it's because
tether everyone's worried about tether exploding everyone's worried about
BitFenix exploding okay great you've made your excuses why the price
went down at Fiat what you should be thinking about is long term and how
you're gonna laugh it off oh it dropped four hundred bucks on October 10th to
get what the lesson the tether is trying to teach you right now is that you
shouldn't be playing around with tether you shouldn't have any of your value on
exchanges at all because they can just disappear like that tether can crash
like that this might happen I don't know this I frankly I don't care because and
what good thing that will happen is that tether if tether does explode if ever
I'm gonna flock in the Bitcoin that was into tethers they won't be able to get
turn it into Fiat which some people will want to do was sadly that they care
about Fiat so much they're playing around with tether but if any you guys
must be crazy if you have tether at this point or if you're storing coins on
exchanges you must insane busy it's not just a hack that
can steal it okay they can steal your wealth if one of these exchanges that's
based around tether if tether really imposed something
happens tough stuff they change down and you won't be able to withdraw anything
and you're gonna lose value and maybe you'll be able to withdraw eventually
but you Pro it's not your big point it's not your crypto if you don't control
your private key and perhaps some people are gonna learn a lesson the hard way
and again for all you people that think tether or if it explodes the end of
Bitcoin again if the tether if it's the tether rumors the BitFenix rumors that
are causing the price of Bitcoin to go down in terms of fiat all the other all
coins went down more percentage-wise okay all of them so for those of you who
are gleeful like oh yeah it's Heather destroyed that means Bitcoin to be
destroyed by all going to be king of the world
no dude they're gonna flock in the big it you're already seeing you already
getting a little taste of what's gonna happen it probably temporarily hurt the
price of Bitcoin but it's gonna hurt it a lot more for the altcoins okay so
don't wish for this type of stuff it's it's not I don't wish for this type of
stuff to happen I want every you know stories like this aren't good for the
crypto space if tether explodes okay because they've gone up all the
mainstream people will blame it on Bitcoin so there you go there so people
are at whatever the price go down let who cares why the price went down last
night okay what you should care about is that if you are a traitor
if you hold any tether if you hold any of this nonsense and hold any cryptos on
exchanges this is your warning shot okay this is your warning right here you're
getting maybe I'm not saying this is why it happened either but pretend like that
is the reason so prepare okay and and you know it is like it is all cyclical
this stuff it is funny people people you know we keep on
getting the tether fund this is a reoccurring story it's a
recurring story why did it why another thing is reoccurring that people you
know there was a Senate hearing today that's another thing people love the fun
about we're gonna get a lot more Senate hearings we're gonna get a lot more
Chinese news the future I was asking me about some China story again and again I
I can understand if you haven't been around for a while I just if the story
seems so good if some guy has a fancy video with a scary title and he's
telling you stuff about shot China you know maybe I don't know by this point
people get gotta realize it's cyclical this fun is cyclical but over the long
term Bitcoin is changing the freakin world so they're gonna be negative
stories and they're gonna be people with all sorts of Clint Beatty titles that
are there to scare you and again before you ask I mean this is a serious thing
here before you've come to me and say hey Adam what what do you think about
this what do you think about this video it scared me about China check out the
other videos by the person and if the person has videos promoting ripple Yuri
don't ask me don't ask me what I think about that video because it's obviously
nonsense if a one video the person is saying how great ripple is and then in
his other videos he's trying to scare you about China but he's just trying to
click click zooty's day he's making these points he's understand what this
is all about he's a youtuber he's up a row blogger he's not a Bitcoin okay so
if you have quit and so you if you and even if you don't want to ask me
questions this is a great way for you if you start getting we can about something
you read they try to like read some other things by that author and see the
other things that they brighten see like wait a sec this person makes no sense at
all why am I even considering this a serious threat why am I worried about
this when this person's talking about ripple and Tron in some of his articles
and now he's talking about China and the Senate hearings and another one again
these are people that read the headlines on coin desk
then write their own stories based on what coin yes they're not in the they're
not in this thing now they're not going to events and not meeting people they
don't know the people they're not reading to it they're not reading
anything okay so it's it's theirs they like to simplify things and for the 80
percenters it's real simple it's what all coins what's the next one the
bitcoins all bitcoins grandma bitcoins grandpa I can't wait I'm impulsive I
need a new story I need a new dopamine hit or whatever so again you if you take
some time to read when you're encountering stories that like seem a
little odd to you or seem like oh well this is I got a leave big point now read
with other people right right and if they're if they make videos see the
other videos that they make and if you believe that ripple is awesome
then I get to just fall for the China flood and saw your Bitcoin go away I
mean I guess and for the person who sent me that number actually the person who
told me about the China he's a nice guy and I'm not telling him to do all this
but I mean there's so many other people out there that fall for this nonsense
and it's cyclical it's all cyclical and it's gonna keep on going because the 80
percenters keep falling for it they want the story's going des is going to keep
writing the simple stories so the people who can't do any research will just
write stories about the stories that are simplistic okay so with that uh we've
got something out there about this is from the information calm listen Matt
Odell tweeted this out and this is something I think is uh bullish for the
old Bitcoin and crypto and everything and we met we mention something about
Yale the other day and their endowment buying into some crypto fund the
endowments of Harvard University of Stanford Dartmouth College MIT and the
University of North Carolina had made investments into at least one
cryptocurrency fund a person familiar with the investment said in a sign that
the asset class is growing acceptance among institutional investors okay while
many institutions have been reluctant to invest directly in cryptocurrency
because of a lack of technical knowledge and uncertainty about
how to store the assets securely so can we get reminded of two things here
always beware are the institutional investors well those are institutional
investors who came to tremendous universities that are wealthy beyond
compare I believe University's best brains in the world now that they are
rumor has it again getting into these crypto plugs and they're scared to
actually buy the crypto which they should be doing but they don't know how
to store it and this is again a reoccurring theme for people in in
traditional finance they don't want to buy the crypto because they're scared
they're gonna lose it if they didn't uncomfortable from holding it and I'm
gonna get into that in a second so I hey Barrett it's gonna take time eventually
all of these endowment funds are gonna add some correctly own Bitcoin okay it's
a matter of time you have to be patient and we're gonna get to a story about
predictions people have made in the past and it's for this year that had not come
true this year but just because they didn't come true this year people put
artificial time frames on this zombie stuff some people rush rush things their
predictions it'll all happen you got to be patient you got to be patient with
this stuff it is suck it's so brand-new Josh Cole House says he says $4.99 in
this super chat thank you dude he says bought quark coin and litecoin in 2013
you know a lot of people off of ebay forgot to buy BTC and and my LTC wallet
is locked massive fail buy and move to ledger and trésor oh yes we remember
quark back then oh that's a bill still type of story there that's a long one
evasion also got a quark actually I believe but yeah Val your wealth a
Bitcoin so even 2013 there were some all coin madness and it's all cyclical we
had all this in 2017 we'll have it again we're the next court coin will come up
and everyone are we saying that's the next that's the next big thing there are
they all get pumped again when maybe not quark but like coin a pump again for
some reason be cash a pump again when can the trolls there's something or
other all right II found that like fun
forgot to say that here's a token economy Co has an old this article from
a month ago but I love this uh la it's called uh holders are the
revolutionaries Bitcoin holders are the revolutionaries I love it and he said
those who opted in the Bitcoin the red pill are trading something abundant for
something scarce trading the past for the future trading financial dependence
for financial sovereignty hey dude that's a great way of saying you can
read this article it's obviously about how you know a strong hand holders we're
the true revolutionaries here the spenders of fiat you know that they're
the they're the 80 percenters I mean that that's the that's the culture okay
that's that's a that's the mainstream popular culture the counterculture is
personal responsibility and being a hold or controlling you you know taking
taking that chance why when you know Harvard wouldn't even take the chance to
control their own private key at this point in 2018 if you're controlling your
own private key you're you're darn right you're one of the few the proud the
brave revolutionaries okay eventually more people will be more
comfortable with buying that Trez or link to below buying t-shirts what
everyone's comfortable by tea but you buy all that stuff it's linked below and
yeah all sorts of affiliate codes if you wanna do that thing alright so what it
was he okay that one we're not talking about
oh yeah BTC banning this goes back to something I was talking about beforehand
alright Lee says what are you he put this out on Twitter today
and again I'm tech Baldwin Twitter what arguments against Bitcoin you most often
hear from people in traditional finance what is your rebuttal well usually you
know what I don't answer people's questions he didn't he didn't actually
tweet that out to me I don't usually answer people's questions like that I
don't usually do replies I just it's very rare as I do it but someone
retweeted that and put like in at tech ball you know what do you think and I
was like yeah what the heck I liked BTC Benny and everything I like to do to
retweet it so I decide to have a reply I don't I don't
many Twitter replies they don't contribute too many threads I come up
with threads that come up with poles I retweet a lot of stuff but this is rare
so this is what I said this is what I said
and again what arguments against Bitcoin do you most often hear from people in
traditional finance and I actually thought about when I met Jonathan Ogden
at the BWI Airport who again was a it was an NFL player but has a traditional
finance mind and does things invest very traditional very tradition and and this
is what I hear from people like John tonight that bitcoin is too volatile and
that it can be lost easily by just mishandling a private key my answer is
personal responsibility as a new counterculture purchase a trace or put
all your Bitcoin on it forget about it until 2024 volatility will be gone and
Bitcoin will be safe so again what I said there was that if you're worried
about volatility and if you're worried about losing your bet your private key
then what you want to do is the volatility get some Bitcoin
don't worry about it and stash it away until there's a time when there is no
volatility and if you put it on a treasure and you do nothing you're not
going to lose that Bitcoin so that kills two birds with one stone okay by putting
all the treasure horse passion in a way that's it you're not gonna lose it and
and I said 2024 specifically because 2020 is that a year I love to talk about
that happen we're going to still have volatility there's no doubt about it now
of course if you put all your big front on a trans or today and you you know
then you get it in 2020 you're probably happy also but they'll still be
volatility your stroke so again for traditional investors learn that learn
about the Tresor hug the big coin on there feel comfortable with it and then
do nothing until 22 and then there won't be volatility and then by 2024 there'll
be so many different solutions you'll be very very comfortable and again you saw
all your present-day worries in 2018 will probably be gone in
2024 if you take my now again I could be
wrong neighbor I could be rushing the timeline in terms of windows volatility
up a big point go away okay in terms of Fiat in terms we're talking about in
terms of Fiat because this is what these traditional investor's value their
wealth they should be valuing their wealth and big point but I want to give
an answer that would you know something they could really apply today okay be
and again if they are a traditional Wester days should they should no this
is not a short-term flippin thing either it's a long-term thing be comfortable
with waiting six years if you're concerned about volatility okay and if
you are a traditional investor you should be very willing and very
comfortable to do that once you see that this trésor thing is safe and you can
just stash it away you won't have to be because I want and again I understand
why these traditional people what's going to happen the most of these
traditional people though is they're not going to get the Tresor okay and they're
just gonna they're gonna wait until their favorite brand-name institution
comes up with a custodial account where they can have their own Bitcoin bank
through Bank of America Wells Fargo whoever Citibank and they're just gonna
let them control their private key which is not good which is does actually
endanger them losing their big point but to these traditional people that's what
they're used to do they're not used to this personal responsibility thing where
they they do something wrong and it could lose it all we've been through
this many times so speaking of predictions and timelines
I just stumbled upon you know I've had re David Paul on my show before it's
been a year now at least and he's a guy that borders on the traditional finance
and funding and Bigpoint and all this stuff it's a smart guy he's a smart guy
and he came up and I link to this below I link to everything I talked about it's
below but he made some predictions at the beginning of 2018 and if you look at
some of these men most of the predictions they didn't come true and
it's just it's it was a reminder but they were intelligent predictions they
weren't they were thought-provoking predictions and they're not going to
come true I mean we only have a two and a half months left in the year now
and so but is that is it wrong that they didn't come true he gave himself this
artificial timeframe here is it's a short-term timeframe a year is a
short-term timeframe and in in there in the world people are used to to these
short-term timeframes these artificial short-term a year a week a month and
they want things to be done in that time okay so even though we all know we know
that eventually they're gonna be big coin ETS they want it done in a month
it's not done in a month as a failure if it's not done in a corner it's a failure
it's a bad prediction we can't get stuck in this paradigm here so I I think his
timing is off on a lot of these uh of his predictions here and they're good
predictions and they're inspirational predicts not all of them will come true
either but I just you know when we're gonna come work we're coming to our 2019
and a lot of people are gonna make their 2019 predictions and I think and then we
some smart predictions and I just want to save people most of them won't come
true in 2019 but could they come true in 17 months 21 months like here's one
he said bitcoin will trade at both six thousand dollars and sixty thousand
dollars at some point in 2018 well it's not going to trade at sixty thousand
dollars twenty it traded six thousand but it didn't get up to sixty thousand
dollars again we still have the same amount of Bitcoin if we didn't do
anything crazy that's the biggest thing and if you
still have it the same amount of Bitcoin you did you know didn't do anything wild
betting it that it would turn to sixty thousand this year then in the long run
you'll be very happy with that predation eww no skin off your back that it didn't
happen in 2018 what's the difference of it happening in 2018 and 2020 really
what what is the big difference you don't you shouldn't have bought Bitcoin
because you needed the money by December the 31st 2018 that wasn't the reason to
get into this thing okay so yeah this is a lower mind or even
smart people that predictions are wrong this shit
you should look back on some people's predictions and you know try to think
well yeah that's the thing that see how new things are people rushed their
timeline in this space they really do they try to
speed up everything that that XYZ is gonna happen next month you know it's
it's hard it's a learning process there bumps in the road we see bumps in
the road all the time but at the we know that there's a light
at the end of the tunnel we don't know how long the tunnel is but think
logically be patient do not be impulsive because if you if you do get too much
into these artificial timeframes six months and it doesn't happen you're
gonna be very very disappointed it didn't happen and you shouldn't be
because eventually it will happen all right
I think that was no so one more thing you remember you can email me an atom at
treads or help calm you crypto consultation help something up your
treads or yeah other stuff ideas yeah all right so reason here this is from
Steve Stefan liver up lovara who's been on my show before he's down
in Australia he's got a great podcast reason to own Bitcoin number two three
two whatever he says unexplained wealth order it's basically an unexplained
wealth seizure yet another thing that could be abused by the state to make
people's lives a tll so there was a woman in Britain who went on a
tremendous shopping spree and she bought some real estate she would buy all sorts
of stuff over the years and she's from Azerbaijan originally and now the
British government wants to know where she got this money from and she risk
losing her fifteen million pound home come at like one near London area and if
she fails to explain the source of her wealth to the High Court under the terms
of the UK's first ever unexplained wealth order she must
provide the National Crime Agency with clear account of how she and her husband
could afford to buy their large home in the exclusive London neighborhood of
nice bridge all right so this woman from Azerbaijan who knows how the heck she
got some money out of Azerbaijan but she's been buying nice things with it
and now the British government was to confiscate her house was it like you
can't explain how you got this house we're taking your house
okay so yeah that is a wealth seizure they call the unexplained wealth orders
that unexplained wealth seizure why do I bring this up well step Stefan said it's
it's a reason to own Bitcoin you don't put your wealth into houses like that
when it's another reason why you don't want to put your wealth into a house
like that when your government could say well we don't like to how you funded
this house how did you find this house now we're going to take this house away
from you okay could figure out how much you buy Bitcoin instead they could
figure out that you own the Bitcoin at this point they could figure it out and
they might say we don't we want to know how you got this Bitcoin well at that
point you just put up the middle finger you leave and that's it or you don't
have to leave if you just poke the middle finger says about your business
but they might take something else from you but they ten they can't take they
cannot seize your Bitcoin okay there's no unexplained Bitcoin order okay when
you control your private key they can try to say that something like that
exists they can try to do the seizure but they're not going to so this is
again and you might think well this doesn't apply to me I'm not some shady
dude from Azerbaijan so it's it's the guy this is his wife I don't have some
wife going on the shopping sprees and buying houses with my shadier abra
Azerbaijani money well no but what why couldn't the British government just say
well we don't like you how did you get that house he's a million dollar house
how you get that house we don't you seems that you've got a shady past with
this political group you know you see where this is degrading into one day
okay you don't want it to who knows if it will ever degrade into that okay that
down world's that downward spiral into what the government is curious about
what they can take what they say they have a right to take away from you now
okay he in order to not get to that point instead of instead of investing
your excess into all these your summer home you just put it into your trees or
you that's all you do okay that's the point of this it's a reason
again most people aren't going to think this way at all they're gonna want those
amenities if they can easily lose or get sued for it's not just the government
takes away your things you can get suit whether the government forces you lose a
lawsuit they force you to give it away but again the Bitcoin it doesn't all
that stuff doesn't apply the Bitcoin i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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