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dislike Google awesome there's a few of you okay Andy it's it's great to hear
your voice is great to see you you know so much has happened over the last year
in crypto so much has happened over the last two years in crypto but who would
have imagined back in 2015 you were maybe on the UH on Greg hunter show
talking about talking about gold and silver who could have predicted back for
years ago that now the named Andy Hoffman would be more associated with
something called B rhodium then anything what is going on with this world Andy
Hoffman well you know the only way to make money in financial markets aside
from the luck of course is to be nimble and the markets have never changed
faster I've always said about bit coin and crypto the double-dog year's pace of
development like you said it's I mean it's hard to believe how many years ago
I was in gold and silver and now I'm long gone I think gold and silver are
obsolete I think they're dead forever and and you know what what's happened to
me here is just I've watched the space evolve I've made personal choices and
and you know and I and I am more bullish about crypto than I've ever been I still
am all-in in every possible way I'm just going about in a different way cuz I've
always believed that it's not just Bitcoin it's going to be crypto that
takes over the world and there are different ways of investing in it with
different risk reward profiles and there are all different kinds of things to
consider so I'm very happy with where I stand I'm very happy to talk about
Bitcoin of my views in it and old coins of course yeah it is it is just amazing
how things can change over time if you back in 2015 of the alt coins weren't
we're hardly a thing back then yeah I mean you probably even know much about
all coins back in 2015 I mean when you were still on the gold and silver gold
and silver path it is just it is it is amazing I think some people are just
shocked out of their minds now but still they're just they're so used to the
ranting Andy of the past and they see this and it's very shocking it's very
shock but people people change well as you say we talked about you know
my method how I do things it's no different than it used to be I just
talked about different things that you know that's right I was ranting Andy way
back when I actually we got rid of that somewhere around over 2012 or 13 but you
know I I believe very strongly as you know as you do in the things that I that
I I work on I have pretty much everything I've ever been in I'm all-in
financially as well as mentally so when I was in minors when I was in bullion
when I was in Bitcoin and now when I'm and you know be rhodium and soon-to-be
member wendel coin I am all-in I believe and everything I say and do I'm honest
to a fault and I will defend what I believe to the death
yeah and that that is some point out about Andy his his defense he does when
you get into something it is like a war I mean if you're you really get into it
and I mean there's been recent post of yours when you've been talking about be
rhodium and member wendel coin and we're gonna get into that in a second but
where you've compared it to other alt coins and you really start punching the
other altcoins so that is not something that I would do but that is the aunt
that is what you're known for that that is definitely what you're known for
anger you seem to be continuing that style of aggressive marketing well as
you as you know I mean we are both marketers neither one of us are
technological people I mean I worked in the oilfield service industry I worked
in the mining industry the bullion industry now cryptocurrency these are
not things that I have any idea how they work but I learn enough to be able to
market them and and if I believe strongly enough in something I am going
to do my best to spread the word now in cryptocurrency look it was bad enough
when you work in alternative markets it's one thing like when I was in the
stock market I was at Salomon I worked you know if big companies there's a lot
of smart people on both the buy and sell side and the commentators in the media
when you get to alternative markets even gold which has been around 5,000 years
there's very few intelligent people there commentating on it or buying and
selling it there's really not that many ways to buy and sell it except like
futures and bullion and a couple of mining stocks a cryptocurrency
I mean bullion makes cryptocurrency look look bad because there's so few people
in cryptocurrency that have the knowledge to market anything most people
are on social media these days as soon as that we went into a bear market most
of them shut up and and you know you got you know you got camps that are very
broad in the way think you have the and I don't even I don't even like the
term but Bitcoin maximalist it's almost like gold bugs they don't believe in
anything else have an open mind to anything else and then you have other
people who attack Bitcoin viciously or they make blanket statements about
cryptocurrency so if you really want to get the word across about a point
whether it's about your belief in technical analysis or whether it's your
belief in a certain alt coin or dislike another one you really have to be
outspoken you have to try to do it with class of course you can't get down in
the mud too much but you have to you know when you're talking about a small
nascent cryptocurrency like B rhodium for instance which a lot of people
attack simply because it's new because it's an old coin you really have to work
hard to beast to be heard it's gonna be a little easier with member wendel coin
because it's already becoming a bit mainstream to talk about the member
wendel technology but still people say oh it's a crap coin just because it's
and there's so much more to these these these projects out there because when it
comes down to it there are hundreds of alt coins I still believe almost all
them are useless most of them came about during the big pump just like comms they
were there simply to to pump and dump or because they had misguided beliefs that
they were gonna do something but now that we're past the the bubble bursting
it's kind of like the New Age after the dot-coms
there are lessons that were learned from all from all that happened during the
bubble and there were also new ideas that have spawned that are going to be
making a lot of people a lot of money it's not about it's not about a utopia
it's not about philosophy it's not about as Chris Gilliard our MDC MWC lead that
would call it Bitcoin socialism it's about what is going to make the most
money for people who buy it hey by the way everyone
Andy is linked to below follow him on Twitter Nimmo Wimble information is also
linked to below check all that out we're going to be talking about that in a
second well for me this what you're doing your marketing this is all I'm
analyzing it and looking at it as kind of a big experiment also because and
you've alluded to in the crypto space there isn't a lot of professional
marketing there and in fact when any sort of
marketing comes around there's a certain segment of the space that just wants to
vomit for some reason they're they're not used to marketing I don't know what
their thing is there's there's some people that are allergic to marketing
they don't understand that's you know that's how corporations run and I mean
that's just something that's just it's just a fact of life
no one is also there's also some bad people doing it I mean this is you know
we called carnival barkers out there there are some people I don't even want
to name names you know they get paid to tweet there have been a lot of scams and
pump and dumps that have been uncovered that make people think well he's talking
about beer oh damn it must be some scam you know of course it's not and and
there are so many other good projects out there run by good people but you
really have to get your head above the water because you're you're attacked
anytime you say something positive about another altcoin people suspect your
motives and I think in my case after 16 months in Beaver odium to the point
where I don't even have my Bitcoin anymore and of course member wendel
Quinn have now been in for four or five months I think it's pretty evident
evident that I believe in what I'm saying and I also have a track record of
marketing whether it's Bitcoin or be rhodium or member limbo poin or precious
metals so people know that I mean what I say and that there's nothing unsavory or
that I have some kind of ulterior motive other than making the project succeed
so yeah wait and you pointed out that people have some people bad taste in
their mouths about marketing because there are people who just are I know who
you're referring to that the guy who got paid to shill all sorts of things on on
Twitter and again there there's there's good and people are used to you know
there's some people who associate sales with used-car salesmen and stuff and
that's not exactly a respectable thing although there are good used car
salesmen out there also but in order for a product to be sold there has to be
some sort of marketing so I am very interested in seeing how coins that have
marketing teams how they progress I everyone who's familiar to this show
knows that as early as 2016 I had Amanda Johnson on the show and I would I would
talk about – because I thought you know everyone starts screaming – is a stand –
is a scam – is this – is that and for me I'm like well this is the only coin that
has a legitimate marketing team and again to have a marketing team you have
to be somewhat centralized Bitcoin is above this debt frame totally so we're
not we're not going to get into that but we're talking about the whole crypto
ecosystem out there if you're gonna have an altcoin
the experiment for me is to see if you've got a professional professional
marketing team how far can it take you and so you have
been out there speaking about B rhodium you've been out there speaking about MWC
and you've kind of created this ecosystem around you there are people
but they're there they're silent they're not aggressive they're not cursing and
screaming but you've got a lot of fans out there from even your gold days and
stuff that like your technique believe it or not people I mean all the haters
that are out there right now there are people that really like the way he goes
about things okay and and and you have connected a bunch of people and created
a community almost around yourself and I call like the Andy Hoffman ecosystem and
I'm just I'm wondering if you know if this MWC thing is successful if other
what other coins out there we'll start getting a hang of this and say you know
we need someone who is somewhat well-known in the alternative finance
space to get on board here and really buy into our coin and build a community
around it because you have through many different ways built a community around
P rhodium there can be no doubt about that and and now MWC and they're kind of
like almost connected through you now so I don't know I just I want I wanted to
talk to so many boys so many points you're the only person I ever do shows
what do I have to write down all of things actually
Simon dicks and I also have to write down as he's speaking because he says so
many things that I need to address and you can hear me right yes okay good so
first of all yeah when it comes to centralization you know when you look at
everything the whole thing about centralization let's face it bitcoin is
the only decentralized Court okay the goal
of all these others is to become decentralized and like for instance
aetherium is a perfect example of it people still want to talk about well
it's vitalic but at this point it's not vitalic anymore it's become bigger than
him the same thing with litecoin it was at
one point completely centralized and now these really really big successful coins
whether you like them or not that's about it that when it comes to
decentralized pretty much everything else is DS is still centralized to an
extent and striving to become centralized and some of them will I
definitely think that be rhodium is a I mean we could talk about that separately
it's one of the few out there that is on the road to doing that and it's
fantastic because it's only been around for a year but you also talked about
professional marketing now again you look at my website now it just says on
it professional cryptocurrency consulting and you know if you look at
and you go well he's that means he's like marketing fair or no it's not I
don't need to do any of these things I do things that I want to do I do
projects that I believe in so I want to consult for people but I only do it for
things I like the only to quote clients if you want to use those words is be
rhodium which I received as an airdrop and as I follow the story became so
deeply I believed in it so deeply that I just you know entrenched myself deeper
into it I'm not um did the development team you would think so but I'm not and
when it comes to MWC the reason I I learned about it was because of you you
introduced me to Chris I actually knew about and actually you introduced me to
be around him air drop – I heard about it on your show but I I had followed
Chris had been a follower mine on Twitter one of the people had always had
something positive to say and when you said you met him and you introduced me
to him and I had a phone call with him when he spoke of his project I said that
is what I want to be involved in because I've been reading about and hearing
about memba Wimble forever and when he explained it to me I said this is
something that is going to work member wendel has a future and that's way that
was way back in January now I know it has a future I thought it now I know it
so I'm really thrilled plus I mean this project like you said the connection
between the two communities you couldn't be
right Chris created this idea because he is a be rhodium holder who's very happy
with the structure of with the airdrop with the crypto dividend with the with
the strong hands program with the scarcity so we're doing everything that
they're doing because it was a successful project and on top of that
he's adding in technology it's not just a fork of grin to be financially
motivated he's actually working to make it the best technological coin on top of
it so these are my only two projects this is all I spend my time on it was a
hundred percent B rhodium and now it's probably half and half I'm hoping that
it'll go down to who to 25% be rhodium because it's becoming self-sustaining as
we pick up the MWC pace but you know again the professional consulting yeah I
remember when you had a man to Johnson on 2016 and you know what it's still the
only coin aside from let's say the ones I'm
working with that has professional marketing effort I see nothing I mean
you could say be cash has one but because they have like a group of people
that promote things that you know whether true or not but it's not a real
marketing effort there's very few coins that that that taught that have people
actually out there trying to spread facts and do it in a professional way
and that's what I am doing because it's not it's natural of me that's what I've
done for my whole career let me tell you something yeah I am I am excited about
this crypto dividend because I am a big coin holder and we're gonna talk you you
say you don't have Bitcoin anymore so we're good we're gonna have to talk
about that because people are always curious about that but I like crypto
dividends because it gets people to hold their Bitcoin even more okay now this
member wimba one I knew you would like it because it MWC our member Wimble the
protocol whatever you want to call it it is the flavor of the month people are
saying and it's so private it's so this it's so that whatever and I'm glad then
I'll get something and I'll get to see how you know private it really is for as
long as I hang on to it but it which probably won't be that long but but the
thing I want to say here about marketing the member Wimble is also being used by
beam and by grin okay and now by member wendel coin
as far as I know those dudes don't have a marketing team so right this second
people when they think about member Wimble they're thinking about beam and
they're thinking about green but if you do your thing I mean if this experiment
goes well you'll be spreading the word Timbuktu about MWC while the other ones
grin and being they won't have marketing teams so I want to see if this becomes
like a three dog race in the in the middle Wimble space I think that would
be very interesting to analyze and just as a bystander again I'm not buying
green I'm not buying a beam I'm getting MWC coin for free so I want
it to beat the living bejesus out of all those others okay I mean whenever you
get something for free you want it to do well and if you're getting something for
free by holding Bitcoin you've wanted to do well buzz it's just gonna encourage
other people to hold Bitcoin at least that's my perspective on it pound that
like button Andy well put this way I'm gonna play a little co-host right here
and back off this particular segment for a second I would like to build up to
talking about number Wimble because again we have to talk about Bitcoin
what's going on my views of it the Hoffman line bsv all those things then I
would like to talk about specific coins such as of course be relative and look I
would like to finish with the head on everyone's mind everything there is to
know about MWC since the registration starts tomorrow
alright that's a well 428 starts sorry 420 yes I have another podcast with
Chris on the 19th it's a day after that so Saturday yes yeah yeah all right
where you're gonna say then you you yeah yeah well you let you let's talk about
Bitcoin I mean I know I know you want to talk about Bitcoin first thing yes yeah
and I do want to yeah well that was part of my question then uh you don't have
anymore and people were and people get angry people were very do you value your
wealth and Fiat yeah look boy I mean it's well known it's not like this is a
big surprise and I've made it very clear in many articles
I mean basically I talked about you know you created the term Hoffman line it's
not about anything and that line was talking about the hundred billion dollar
market cap which was support for the entire 2018 until November and that
price back then was fifty seven fifty right now it's fifty six seventy I just
checked based on the supply of Bitcoin so we're getting close to it and you
know I'm back you know a week before you had what's-his-name from CNBC Brian
Brian what's the star name it's uh it's it's pregnant
but uh we got Brian Kelly right Kelly yes yes you had him on the show and he
said a wall of crypto I of institutional money is headed for crypto and but a
week before that I had written an article called the six thousand dollar
and one hundred billion dollar magic numbers meaning with Bitcoin hits six
thousand that was the number at the time it'll be a hundred billion dollar market
cap and you're going to see massive amounts of money rush into the sector
particularly in January when all the new hedge funds will start and that's
exactly what happened and and even after it crashed starting with the amount got
trustee getting things going at the top at twenty thousand dollars that
institutional money held on tight for the rest of the year even though it
crashed many times it kept holding support and I truly believed that
Bitcoin was so revolutionary that it could actually withstand the force of
the natural bear market and hold it and then of course the most ironic thing was
the thing that finally broke it was BS V and anyone who says otherwise
you know just wasn't there now is it straw that was the straw that broke the
camel's back he came in I'm gonna destroy Bitcoin and you coincidence or
not that's when the whole thing blow and then I said to myself mentally from a
personal standpoint I'm not gonna let all my gains go because of this I'm
gonna get out and read and rethink situation that was how I looked at it
plus I have my B rhodium which I felt good about what's your view on the
Hoffman line back then well again I I don't think
it was it was coincidental that it plummeted down to $3,000
soon after that maniac started talking smack it didn't it did not help the
Bitcoin price but in a situation like that where it stayed down around $3,000
for a while I do I think it's a part of the whole cyclical aspect of Bitcoin
we're gonna look back on this one day and just see that you know there's
certain parts in the cycle where it really goes down and where it's it's
just not worth it to even worry about why exactly this is happening because if
we start to worry about why exactly it's happening then we have to pick a
scapegoat and we have to pick a specific thing and I don't I don't think it was
I'm not giving that guy the credit to you know I know Bitcoin was above the
Hoffman line for quite some time it finally went down below it and still
down there it's not because of us okay it was it was it was a catalyst let's
let's call it a catalyst drab in the Claus way wasn't it it didn't help it
did not like I mean put this way when it happened I and pretty much everyone was
saying it's believe me people this is not happening because BSD is going to
take over Bitcoin it was a well-timed attack for whatever reason because
Bitcoin was vulnerable enough for it to break this line and it did and so like
you said in hindsight especially now as we talk about every wouldn't be listing
this scam I mean I thought be cash was the biggest scam in in crypto history
until this fork of be cash became the biggest scam but the fact is all that's
dissipating I think be cash is pretty much dead other than as a you know a
plain old old coin speculation that has some market cap to it and and bsv is is
on its way to possibly being you know worth almost nothing but again you know
that's where we stood then and you know while that was happening go on will you
buy back in the Bitcoin will you buy Bitcoin again that's a good question the
answer is I don't know for a couple of reasons one is that I believe so
strongly in be rhodium as in I am all in that I believe given my personal
situation for risk/reward standpoint I'm very happy to hold pretty much
everything I have right now in it as well as of course I will have a position
in MWC women launches so I'll be diversified many ways now Bitcoin the
one thing that that has worried me about Bitcoin really the only thing that has
worried me has been minimal limbal because if you if you talk to Chris was
a brilliant coder and a brilliant visionary and by the way a huge Bitcoin
maximalist who pretty much has all of his net worth in Bitcoin he is convinced
that member Wimble is the future of blockchain protocol that it's vastly
better it's a it's more private it's more fungible it's much more scalable
and therefore Bitcoin must in time incorporated and of course people who
know the technology realized unless someone you know looking segment that
they thought it would have to be incorporated with a hard floor and then
someone came up with a way to do with the soft four-member Wimble will
probably have to be incorporated with the hard floor it may come down the road
and maybe several years from now it may be contentious it may not it may
threaten Bitcoin it may not threaten Bitcoin but the fact is it is a factor
to be considered and that's what's the beauty because you're saying you know
when you think about be cash right everyone including myself we sold it
right away we got our eight or nine percent
forget the fact that it fell to three it went to 40 the fact is we would just get
rid of that give me more Bitcoin but but for a long long time it was actually a
very very good hedge because really the hedge not against be cash being better
because Bitcoin was the better technology but against the war because
there were times where you would have been very happy when Bitcoin was
smashing and be cash was going up memba limbal is a great hedge because one a
bitcoin can incorporate it seamlessly you'll just get this great upside
potential from this coin that's in the middle of hot technology but if for some
what in some reason it becomes an issue that it's contentious and member wendel
kind of gains market share versus bitcoin in some portion of the ecosystem
you have a hedge as a bitcoin holder i mean we don't know what will happen but
it's a great way of hedging plus you'll get your your you know the equivalent of
strong hands we call it the MWC hotle dividend for simply holding it will i
buy back into bitcoin the plan has always been it has always
been that when B rhodium gets big enough and I mean much bigger I'm talking about
I think it could be a billion dollar market cap then maybe I'll consider
taking some profits and diversifying my portfolio which you know it could be a
year two years who knows when that is Bitcoin may not be the only thing that I
want there may be other things that that haven't even come out yet or maybe some
things that are there now that are also gonna be worth investing in maybe I want
to buy more MWC I don't know but the fact is look bitcoin is not going away
it's also not guaranteed that it will be dominant to the point of 90% dominance
like some people believe I think it will be 50% dominance because there'll be a
huge ecosystem and there's all kinds of opportunities out there so I may wind up
buying back into Bitcoin in the future I'm not against it I just don't know yet
now 50% dominance is tremendous though I mean yeah because if it grows if it
grows by 10x 50% of 10x is pretty good yeah but there's and then what you're
gonna also say but that means there's potential and some other all coins then
and and again I I'd be unhappy with the current situation if big Bitcoin is
clearly the king of the Kings at 50% and if I understand people are gonna do what
they're gonna do in all coins it doesn't bother me at all it does about and so
what what what are your thoughts on people being just so annoyed that there
is another aspect of crypto other than Bitcoin well you know you talked about
the term heater's right and it's so funny because look in the world of gold
we didn't have really social media there was no Twitter there was no really
pretty much there's no discord or any of these kind of things it was all email
and putting comments on the bottom of like YouTube you know that's about it
and it's always been the same like if you read the feedback that I've gotten
in 15 years of being a public figure 99% of it is positive and it's always the 1%
that gets the headlines all looked at these guys oh look at all the comments
they all hate him you know and it's always the same thing they're the ones
who would complain to my boss and it's usually people don't even have much
right they'll have like you know two ounces of silver and they're like you
know kick up a big stink and you know it's always
same thing if people didn't like me then I would have no audience people wouldn't
care about B rhodium or MWC or the world crypto network or anything that I ever
done obviously you know I you know the reputation that I built in a
three-decade career of honesty and giving good information and being you
know very uh generous and helpful to people who want to be helpful and
generous to me you know it speaks for itself so you know when you talk about
the haters I really don't care I don't even I block anyone who says anything
negative about me I don't need them they can go follow someone else if they don't
like me and and I seek out the good smart people as I call them like
yourself it's that simple but yeah I don't want to lose my train
of thought here again yeah there are a lot of vocal haters of every X well you
hate most vocal yeah here's the one I want I want to point out people there is
definitely all coin ecosystem built around this man yeah and there are some
people very quiet about it I mean I want to hear about these dudes you got people
in China buying beer odium what's up with that
yeah and by the way there are a few people in the mainstream Bitcoin media
that were former friends of mine so I think they did horrible things but it
disappointed me because I haven't said to anything that should make them look
but they've shunned me like I don't want to deal with this guy because he likes
altcoins you know I mean give me a break I mean I move on grown-ups here and I
haven't done anything wrong but yeah look B modem is a perfect examines the
most perfect project that I've been a part of Bitcoin is not a prime but
Bitcoin is bigger than a project Bitcoin is a global protocol almost like the
Internet itself that's why I andreas calls it the Internet of money it's not
a project that was involved in it's an investment that that I was deeply
involved in commentating on and helping people but biro name's a real project
MWC is a real project started by a select group of people in the case of
MWC they're well known in the case of eroding they're anonymous
and I worked with them through social media through you know all kinds of ways
of communication that that helped us to build this community as you say I think
it's one of the strongest communities out there and I think I'm a big part of
it because I faster that I see the good people who are developing it
I see the good people in the community that are helping support it and I'm
meeting more and more people are day in all different countries including
China and China is a major major player and a lot of the old coins out there and
I think China is already a major player in B rhodium I think it's going to shock
people how big the Asian influences in this cryptocurrency which is one of the
few that's actually has Chinese investors but is run by english-speaking
people why do you think Chinese like to get into that you're seeing them getting
to altcoins more are they do are they gambler types are they yeah okay well
Chinese are famous fer invest and invest in savvy I mean they've been means a lot
of people in China and they have a long history with speculation and with
investing and in the case of Bitcoin I mean look you could say the the white
paper was created by others it was a Japanese name I don't think it was a
Japanese person but the fact is all the mining and the biggest mining companies
all started out in China they obviously had a head start there so they know
here's a question you've actually mentioned this very rarely and this only
who who follow you closely will get this but be diamond is B diamond is like a
top 40 isn't it and it's and it's like I mean and they're even funds that are
gonna include B diamond and they're fun these are only Asian investors that are
propping that thing up we never hear it's it's that's amazing that you
brought that up thank you because I've written all kinds of articles about I
write you know competitors would be rhodium with quotes around it because
they're not really competitors first of all they're all forks B rhodium is not
and second of all I think that none of them really have use cases I mean Big B
Gold's really only quote use case was the fact that it was first after B cash
it got entrees or when trays or a thought that they had to do it now
trades or can be more selective in fact B rhodium will be entrees are as soon as
they have the next firmware update but you had all these Forks that came out
right after B gold the first one was B diamond then it was lightning BTC super
BTC these things maintained pretty high market caps even though they don't do
anything they are all with the exception of B gold which really is Chinese
created but they've done their best to try to create an international community
even though it's a Chinese created be Diamond lightning super a lot of them
are supported entirely in Asia and I'm sure their other coins support and other
solely in other parts of the world but definitely those forks are supported in
Asia and I in principally in China and that's why you don't hear about them
here but there's gonna be more and more look you have a lot of money in the
world a lot of Fiat out there and a lot of Bitcoin out there that are looking
for good ideas that's the bottom line here and still after I don't know three
years since Bitcoin really made its big move there's still very few good ideas
there's a lot of smart people out there and there's gonna be a lot of good ideas
but you know you see the article I wrote yesterday when I'm comparing like you
said I'm punching and all these guys in the top 20 there's a lot of garbage out
there I mean real real garbage that is still legacy from the bubble where they
all came out and said yeah we're just like a theory more platforms with smart
contracts and buzzwords and blah blah blah but they don't do anything and so
you know whether you're in China or you're in Europe with this tons of money
or of course the United States where there's probably as much money per
capita anywhere but almost nobody has an interest in crypto probably a lot more
percentage of people in China have an interest in crypto than in the United
States just yet the way that I see it this just look it's all about finding
good ideas and putting money into them and right now I believe the two projects
I'm involved in are two of the best projects in all corrupt so what's the
future of crypto dividends do you see a lot coming up soon a lot of airdrops on
top of Bitcoin how do you see this progress absolutely yeah I'm so freaking
lutely okay so and again everyone you know Adam coins all these great things
he's the hoffman line but adam crypt crypt coin crypto dividends and he did
it while when i called him up in our email and said i'm terrified this be
cash it's gonna destroy everything they said don't worry it's just a crypto
dividend a day later yeah this crypto dividend podcast and here we are three
years later and crypto dividend is as ubiquitous as the word Bitcoin now of
course it started out everything was a fork and those Forks you know they were
like you like radioactive isotope very you know that without the half-life in
the beginning at big cash to be goal to be diamond and pretty much it all flamed
out because just working Bitcoin really doesn't add value
I think people have figured that out by now that you know and plus you know it
was very hard to claim a lot of them have to be gold and be Andy cash and so
it became kind of like you know it persona non-grata
now the first airdrop was be rhodium yes there might have been some dividend
airdrops like big core I think there might have been a stellar like you know
that you can claim but an actual coin that was an airdrop that was distributed
that way was be rhodium and that's what MWC is gonna be and as soon as I saw it
happen to be voting last year I said this is the future of crypto dividends
things that you don't have to that are very easy to claim that you just they
only have to do is register your public address and you'll get it for free you
don't have to wait for trays or to support or an exchange to support it you
will have it in your wall and it'll be at no risk and so that's you know that
and clearly what people will see MWC will be another huge success
I think I think Richard Hart is going the wrong way with this hex because he's
doing it in a manner that's gonna make it hard for people to claim if it ever
gets done so it keeps getting delayed you need things that are easy to be
claimed that Bitcoin holders look forward to like this is great it
actually is free there's nothing I need to do except register my address and I
get it for free and I could wait for an exchange it doesn't matter I will get to
trade it at some point I wrote back then it's the future crypto day of crypto
dividends and I believe more than ever that Bitcoin is going to have so many of
these crypto dividends that are going to be airdrops because there's so much new
technology out there and the best way to distribute it is to the biggest
distributed the biggest holder base so yes if there's one enemy Chris skill er
I just wrote one of his great medium article saying that crypto dividends
alone could be the catalyst for the next big Bitcoin bull market and I believe I
think MWC alone could it could be a big deal for Bitcoin this summer it's
already certainly helped because people are gonna want it but there's gonna be a
lot more of the airdrops for Bitcoin holders no doubt talking a big game with
MWC there pal that like button hey man yeah I make it easy that that that's the
bottom line with these crypto dividends it's a unique way of distributing your
altcoin make it as easy as possible so tell us how easy is
gonna be with this MWC what are we gonna need to do on 4/20 and before I get to
the exact you know specifics of how to do it you let's just talk about the coin
a little more because you mentioned grin and bheem right
okay now min Boehm before people don't know what it is it's simply it was a
memo humble white paper also you know pseudonymous Lilly anonymously put out
on July 19 2016 so it'll be actually our registration and three years of the day
July 19th 2019 of when that came out and it's a protocol which makes very much
more scalable blockchain because you don't have to download the entire
blockchain every block you can delete everything except the unspent
transaction so it can it can scale much faster and it also is private and
fungible so it's it's a big deal it can be incorporated into Bitcoin but it'll
probably take a long time to do it and probably with the hard fork but maybe
not but anyway it's a big deal the technology that grinning beam are the
two that are called public that are that are trading now they both launched in
January so far the technology works even though most people simply use it to
speculate as opposed to actually use it but you know what's being used has
worked so far grinning beam cumulative Li have about a
thirty five million dollar market cap which is pretty good since they started
at zero back in January grin as the grid is the
quote open source one where people think it's open source like the Bitcoin
equivalent it's bigger one it as 25 million on market cap but it's really
not completely that way it was completely VC funded the venture
capitalists are gonna make a lot of money from this and people don't even
realize that it's you know Wall Street funded beam is a completely like almost
like ripple like a corporation going their website you'll see this monstrous
size team of developers and marketers and everything so they will probably do
some some marketing they're worth about 10 million dollars right now but the
problem is that aside from that the fact that these are fine and more financially
motivated firms than then Bitcoin maxwell's might like they are terrible
as an investment of one that it's risky of course there's no guarantee
t-mobile will working to grin has an unlimited supply and if you look at its
market cap going up it's mostly because that supply it is putting out blocks
like you wouldn't believe it'll go up to zillions the booth supply and beam has a
263 million cap neither of them pay a dividend of course
neither of them are free to Bitcoin holders member wendel coin was forked
off of grin except we're gonna have a 20 million cap and it's it's just like B
Road even the fact that 30 percent of it will be air-dropped and by the way you
can you can claim as much as you want there's no cap on how much it's just a
matter of how many people register their Bitcoin and there's no first-come
first-serve so don't worry I have to get in April 20 it in July and it just is
fine there'll also be a dividend like like
the B rhodium strong hands we call MWC Hottel so if you hold it in your wallet
and you don't sell you just hold it you'll get we're not sure if it'll be
quarterly or annually you'll be getting in kinda bit and we've reserved another
10% of the 20 million for that very purpose
and then the rest will be proof-of-work mined over the next hundred years so
we'll probably start out with about 8 million outstanding it'll take 100 years
to get to 20 million and it will be ok they ask about how it will work very
simple on starting on April 20th just go to a website MW CMW can go to my steamin
page my Twitter page CGC my website and you'll see tons and tons of stuff
there'll be no lack of finding the information out there and it'll simply
say that on some time on April 20th and and by the way there will be podcast
with me and Chris on the 19th to get even more detailed about it the part of
our website that says airdrop will go live and it will give you instructions a
lot it's it's very much like be rhodium but there are some nuances I'm not going
to go over all the nuances right now but it should be very easy you're just going
to be inputting your public addresses and you'll get a message and your sign
it and eventually have to sign it again but I will I will say one thing to
people to prepare them look Adam trader is the king am i right yeah okay Adam
actually set up my trays or for me I think it was in May of 2016 and then had
a business of helping others set up trays ORS
trays or is the king I mean jurors around people that some people
like it but it's it now no longer can be used for signing messages they've had
all kinds of issues and so if you have a ledger you're not going to be able to
claim it you can either have to you know claim it with these other kinds of tools
where there is some risk involved unless you do it to the letter of the law or if
you go to someone like rocky Palumbo I think it's just learned bitcoins calm
they can help you to do it but unless you have a trace or it's not going to be
super simple so let me just tell you people a get a tracer if you want to
make your life easy and be very very important and I'll ask that him again
going back to the big core big core right Co re they had that dividend that
was the first one that we did where it was an airdrop and it was complex you
didn't have a lot of instructions you really had to do it for a while even
when you did it you weren't sure if you did it right until the finished product
to see how much Bitcoin you got from it and then of course B rhodium where there
were problems some of the developers didn't put in instructions perfectly or
people assume things that they shouldn't have assumed from or people just make
crazy errors or they forgot to save things or remember things so I'm gonna
say to everyone we have set up a very elaborate warnings page that will be
color coded all over the website you must read this warnings thing or else
you risk not doing their job correctly or doing it correctly but not getting as
much as you should get all right read the warnings people I mean on that note
I don't wanna get too specific but you're gonna you're gonna give your
public address with it and it'll record how many Bitcoin you have there correct
and then how about if you move your Bitcoin afterwards though right and
again this a lot of this is just like be ready again actually in be rhodium what
happened was you'd register the address and this if you did it would just say
success so you didn't know how much Bitcoin you had just registered you just
knew that it was probably that the address was registered there could be
nothing on in fact a lot of people thought hey I'll just go my treads or
ticks any dress register and that means the whole trades or is no no you have to
you have to every single dress that has Bitcoin on it you have to do so if you
have like 100 Bitcoin addresses you have to register
100 or the easy thing as Adam says is if you're on the trays or just to be safe
because again I don't want to go in to change addresses right here where every
time you have sent a Bitcoin in your life from your trays or or a ledger it
moves a lot of the other Bitcoin to other dresses that you can't see so you
may think that you know where all the Bitcoin is but it's not so let's say you
have 50 7.3 Bitcoin on on your your trays or and you have had transactions
you sent some here and there the smart thing to do honestly is just send to
yourself one transaction of 50 7.3 and then you'll know it'll all be in one
address so even though we will tell you it'll say success 2.3 Bitcoin registered
you and you don't really wanna have to add them all up you want to know exactly
how much you have all right these warnings will be color coded and clear
and just I hope it is very easy to understand and once it's done it's done
type of thing we shall see so for 20 April 20th people for those of you not
celebrating Passover on that day you could start to check it out and and
learn and then for those of us celebrating Passover then you know to
check it out a few days later but it's just so funny that the one day it's
starting is the one day I don't have a show it's very odd okay but I I'm hey
I'm I'm happy I want to get my free MWC and again if people if you're if you
don't like it you don't have to participate in it that is the glory of
the free market if you're if you're a hater and you don't like crypto
dividends you don't like airdrops well then just move along I guess let's just
talk about that for a second again you know that word hater
I don't like but it's even crazier good look if you're if you're a big big look
at the others if you're a very small Bitcoin holder let's face it it doesn't
matter okay if you have two Bitcoin I guess it's good if you get a little MWC
but I'm talking about people who are real serious cryptocurrency investors if
you have Bitcoin and tres Mayor was really the person who kind of you know
made it famous because he's he's a big Bitcoin holder also has the
technological expertise you know kind of like rocky to split off everything and
grab everything now there's very few people who can do
that but he was like yeah I'm a Bitcoin maxilla but I'm also smart I realized
that I want to get as much money as I can out of this and I can turn it into
Bitcoin if I want or I can keep it and hold it so look you know this that
there's nothing in the world that is free or very little is free if someone
wants to give you something for free most likely it's not gonna be worth
something but you know what sometimes it is be cash was definitely worth
something be gold was worth something if you hold on to be diamonds
I guess worth a little bit be rhodium in fact be rhodium I wrote the other day
when B rhodium med the other day it hit point whoa one Bitcoin and it was a ten
to one it was a ten to one airdrop ratio that means Bitcoin be rhodium was a 10%
crypto dividend now it's about 5% it's still trading in about twenty eight
dollars each but I mean we're talking about you never know what's going to be
the ones that are worth something MWC not only has the potential because
it's a hot technology and it's a really you know you talk about a three-way race
I can't see why someone would invest in grin or Beam forget the airdrop part I
mean why would you invest in something with unlimited supply versus something
that is twenty million and and has a dividend and I'm behind you talking
about it because the people invest in those because they're flavours of the
month green I mean everybody net anybody was talking it worked off of grid it's
the same thing yeah well that's something that's what and that's why
that's why your coin needs a marketing person so I mean this is the experiment
we we shall see and I can't emphasize enough and this is for almond look if
member Wimble is you know is what I think it's gonna be all three of these
coins are gonna be spectacular it's not a matter of heating or like oh well MWC
will will will have to have a 3-course race member Wimble is the real thing all
three of these coins will be great and they'll probably be more memorable coins
but they won't get this big market share because we're you know we're we're the
ones that started but there will be others if it's a big deal but again like
I said you say what did what do I worry about you know why would I not
convicting that worries me is member Wimble so if you're a Bitcoin holder and
you say well maybe he's right about this well then just claim your MWC you have a
hedge if minimal Wimble is that big that it
threatens Bitcoin memorable coin will be the perfect edge
I mean it's is it likely to happen no could it happen absolutely ask Chris he
believes that that memorable has to be incorporated into Bitcoin down the road
but he's not sure how it will happen all right this is now remember people you
know I have a guest like this on we don't agree on everything
so remember Adam says buy and hold Bitcoin just because I'm saying names of
other coins doesn't mean Adam is saying to buy them especially when I'm talking
about a coin that you're going to get for free so remember that people I do
I'd let all sorts of people on the show to give their opinions but not everyone
that's the cool thing about life you shouldn't really meet anyone that you
agree with a hundred percent on everything everyone's gonna have
different views it's always good to hear different views don't vomit when you
hear different views well let me let me say one more thing I'm you bring up the
perfect point okay if there's one word that I've used as much as anything when
I'm writing constantly particularly that be rotating because it's been around so
long and trading it's you know I mean MWC the project's only be run since
January it hasn't treated yet so you know in our discord community you know
this just you know a handful a few dozen people have gotten there and it really
hasn't built the momentum yet because we haven't started trading it but it's all
about community and if there's one thing that an airdrop does it creates
community because you are giving people something for free the only way you know
like I've always said to people in the gold market I said the only way you can
truly appreciate gold or silver orb way back was to hold it in your hand hold a
quarter in one hand hold the gold coin the other you could tell this is the
heavy the shiny the one where the blood sweat and tears went into it that as a
cost a high cost of production and the quarter has nothing until you actually
have something it's very hard to identify with it so when when all these
people were given the be rhodium you chew a you do your due diligence because
you say wow I got this investment it could be worth something it already is
worth something and you learn about it in time if it's a good project you
really grow an attachment to it the forks were completely different because
especially because of the time a lot of them were competing with Bitcoin most of
you couldn't even you couldn't even split and the main one was an enemy of
Bitcoin so it was there was no communities built by Bitcoin holder
supporting be cash or be gold or be diamond during these but B rhodium is
doing well on top of that so people have the community is very very strong and I
think the same thing is gonna happen with MWC particularly if remember Wimble
does what I think it'll be and become a you know really hot technology because
they can like hey we got it for free let's look at the math it's obviously a
better financial investment than beam and grin we like the people behind it
you know and it's so it really helps foster this community feeling that helps
build a support level under and that's part of what the you talk about the Andy
how from an old coin ecosystem that's what I do that's what I did in Eden
Miles Franklin you build a community of people around you that believe in you
and they know they see that you put your money where your mouth is and fight for
it and they want to fight for too and and I think that that's the future
because right now there's almost no marketing in crypto and the reason is
that for all you know we're so deep inside of it we think oh it's been
around forever but you know it really hasn't and a lot of people were in it if
the bubble are gone I mean we are real survivors anyone listening to this call
is a real survivor to still be here after what just happened in 2008 didn't
guess what the bull market is back and let me tell you let's finish here with
the Hoffman line right we're almost there okay 50 to 60 right now my screen
that's what less than 10% away 56 75 will be huge huge resistance I can
guarantee you that because that is the level because believe me people when we
if we can retake that level and the way it's moving it looks pretty much like
that's likely this year you're going to see a whole new wave of investment into
the sector that's gonna make 2017 look like nothing especially because think of
all the institutions that came in back then and started doing research into the
sector they are all ready to go and they know a lot more about the nuts million
let's just buy everything and know they're going to be buying things that
are called and there's gonna be a lot bigger
institutions that come in and and the reason being that crypto is the future
it's that simple so I'm really excited I think that the line will break to the
upside sometime this year can't wait these institutions as I've
said they will help define what is considered a top-tier altcoin love them
or hate them all coins are here to stay so you gotta admit there's going to be a
top tier let's see what the top tier is gonna be good luck to all the players
out there personally I hope the top tier altcoins are the ones that I get for
free by holding Bitcoin by receiving crypto dividend so good luck to chris
chris is an awesome guy over there at and the MWC and we shall continue to
cover the story of crypto dividends that strong hand Bitcoin holders get for free
remember Bitcoin holders you don't really hold your Bitcoin unless you
control your private key if you're over at coinbase storing your Bitcoin you're
not getting these crypto dividends that we did and here's the last thing I'll
say sorry it went to talk about community with the best tool that I've
seen in all of all of my the best social media tool I've seen and certainly in
crypto is discord yes there's telegram and other ones nimble Wimble Bitcoin
rhodium they they have their own telegrams but these discord chat rooms
you really have to be a part of them and you just go to the websites our websites
and you just click and you get an invitation you go in because not only do
you communicate with all aspects of the community from the minors to the
investors to the marketers yeah but you can talk to the developers and you can
have private messages private message groups if you go into the be rhodium or
the MWC discord you are going to learn everything about these coins in a hurry
and you're gonna meet all the influencers so definitely do that I
can't recommend it more that's how I learned all right Andy Hoffman the honey
badger of all coins of all coin ecosystem thank you very much for being
on the show today it is always entertaining at time flies by just so
fast we're you're on the show everybody check out this rotmeister calm that's my
site where you can see all my old shows what do we got like close to 1300 now or
something like that to follow Andy below oh and Mabel Wimble everything is linked
to below pal that like button bang that bal button i'm adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister I'll see you tomorrow then on Friday then
we're off on Saturday for Passover bye bye everyone strong hand see

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