The 1 Bitcoin Show- Tether has the 4th largest market cap, BTC dominance increase, taproot

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 28th 2019 do you know what you were doing on January the 28th 2001
I do the Ravens were winning the Superbowl I was watching the Ravens win
the Superbowl when I valued my wealth and other things strong hand long-term
thinking value your wealth in Bitcoin offended by selling be a unique beast
yeah this is pretty much a unique beast right here uncompensated well holder of
last resort world reserve cryptocurrency okay people check out the links below I
just did a bunch of my sayings there I hope you liked them I want you all to
have a strong hand today it's a happy day it's a good day follow me on twitter
at Tech ball te CH be alt check out the beyond Bitcoin show from Saturday check
out yesterday's show it disrupt meister comm of course it was really it was 3
a.m. in the morning here but i got the show through you know i i've got the
bitcoin conviction gotta do a new show here every single day you better believe
it brother and yet this weekend bitcoin was great
on friday also but let's start it off on a fun note here yesterday i referred to
an article I had some a cook and it's it's hilarious bitcoin celebrates his
20th birthday with a new high and it's a it's a story he wrote about the January
the 3rd 2029 and Bitcoin is worth four hundred twenty thousand dollars on that
day you know it's after the 2028 having it's a good story
they talked about a fourth fourth Lovell salute fourth layer solutions experiment
the fourth layer so it's a fun article it shows you how
bright the future might be for any of you who get weak hands this is a an
article for that for you from a guy who loves Bitcoin Hass has been on the this
weekend Bitcoin show before check out his fun article link to below
so while smart dudes like house or dreaming of a Bitcoin future in 2029 we
have a lot of weak hands out there who just love the trade bitcoin for altcoins
for tether oh yeah you better believe there's still a lot of a lot of 80
percenter types a lot of guys that are very impulsive who love to trade because
here's a tweet from alistair melanie tether has quietly added two hundred
million dollars in circulating supply since mid-november of 2018 currently the
fourth biggest blockchain asset by market cap yeah so before I even saw
allister's tweet I saw a coin market cap and I'm like tether is number four
tether is no I don't I don't care that much about the coin market app rankings
I mean so many of the coins off on there mess with their numbers I mean Ripple's
whole gimmick is to stay up in the top three or four or two so that people know
think it's a real crypto currency but I'm not god what does it say about the
current crypto environment when tether is number is number four that uh the
among all the shenanigans they they're number four people are using it and hey
dudes you know you clearly there are a lot of
people out there that value their wealth and dollar still if tether is that
highly ranked I don't care if they're manipulating the numbers or ripples
manipulating numbers they're they're clearly being used it's clearly a huge
use case for crypto currency right now is just like twenty three year old guys
trading it back and forth okay man they're gonna do what they're gonna do
eighty percent is going to do 80 percenters are going to
the impulses we're going to do with the impulsive we're going to do long-term
thinkers deferral of gratification we're gonna do what we're gonna do like you
know what I can see this delicious plum it's sitting here all day long
but it's not time for me to eat yet remember I fast twenty two hours every
day I'm not gonna eat again for what is it another 20 hours or so but I can
defer the gratification I can see this beautiful plummet from my face and now I
don't have to do anything but there's some of you out there you got the
Bitcoin in your hand you got to do something with it for some reason you
just can't hold on to it and that's what teller is worth so much Heather is for
for the people that got a trade and then and then you never know you these stake
Bitcoin is my stable coin okay I know Bitcoin is gonna go out of business one
day like Heather might okay so found that like button Piero chard
has a definition of Bitcoin maximalism I think this is a good one this isn't
gonna hurt anyone's feelings facts of her feelings baby oh here it is the idea
that the idea that Bitcoin maximalism the idea that free market competition
will result in Bitcoin emerging as the most liquid asset dominating the market
for monies due to the soundness legitimacy and credibility of bitcoins
monetary policy we kind of love that monetary policy the credibility comes
from bitcoins peer-to-peer p2p network governance okay very good definition I
think people you know it's not some some cultish religion that's a pretty sound a
definition there and yes only 21 million will ever be created I like that but no
going back yeah you think it's gonna be the most
liquid asset it will dominate the market and we're going to talk about domain
names in a second and compare it to Bitcoin dominance alright remember
follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH be alt in motion are you in motion beads
are you or wouldn't you guys doing are you just sitting there are you doing
something are you sitting there and complaining and yelling and screaming
are you actually doing are you saving are you thinking long term here is a
tweet from Satoshi Lite the great Charlie Lee ooh what's he gonna be
talking about fungibility is the only property of sound money that is missing
from bitcoin and litecoin he says I wonder right there now that the scaling
debate is behind us the next battleground will be on fungibility and
privacy I am now focused on making litecoin more fungible by adding
confidential transactions okay experiment on litecoin first Charlie Lee
and if it's all good then bitcoin will adopt it also but
you're you make a good point there's a lack of fungibility with Bitcoin yeah
you get some bitcoins sent to you and we'll if it was sent to if it came from
some terrorists beforehand maybe you can get blacklisted or you can't you know
one you can't tell it a dollar bill one dollar bill is the same as next dollar
bill right now some Bitcoin might not be the same as other Bitcoin you can tell
where it came from and again that's why we need some more privacy added to it no
one's no one's run into some big trouble yet due to the lack of fungibility but
you never know you never know in the future so good luck charlie Lee with
experimenting with confidential transactions old litecoin and hopefully
if it's successful it can be implemented on Bitcoin and there could be true
fungibility with Bitcoin all right Aaron Vaughn weird I've got an article in
Pacoima zine tap root is coming what it is and how it will benefit Bitcoin Chad
root would expand on Bitcoin smart contract flexibility while offering more
privacy in doing so even the most complex smart contracts would on the
blockchain typically contracts would on the blockchain typically be
indistinguishable from regular transactions okay for all your smart
contract freaks that one's for you if you think Bitcoin needs to be
a little bit more aetherium like well then this taproot thing read about it
Aaron's always got good articles they go in-depth smart contract flexibility
while offering more privacy in doing so okay check out that article I haven't
read the whole thing because hey I don't really care that much about some
contracts to be honest with you counting that like button for honesty from Adam
okay I mean I'm the store value dude I'm the
buy an old guy I'm the strong hand alright alright let's get through now
uh-oh talking about some weak hands here for all you guys keeping your Bitcoin
old crypto Pia they had an update keep an eye on this page for updates on the
situation and it just links to like a few day old police report from New
Zealand police making progress in crypto currency investigation hey Ivy at least
crypto Pia's sending out an update of sorts we shall see how this proceeds but
right now they can't they since the police are investigating they can't
reopen their exchange hey do you think the police in New Zealand have the
technical skill to like really investigate what happened I don't know
but that's your latest updated it's not much of an update but keep checking back
at that page if you care I guess and I want to see how this story ends I would
be very interested to see if they do open the exchange again and what they
offer to people who were who had their Bitcoin there who did not it wasn't
their victims they didn't control their own private keys of reason to get a
trace or yeah but yeah let's see are they gonna give people 50% of their
money back 20% of their money back any percent of their money back just run
away close it all down say the New Zealand government told them never to
open it up again we shall see by the way I like New Zealand I was hey barefoot
Barry are you watching this death news in New Zealand he always points out that
he's in New Zealand I like my time in Auckland back in 2015
/ 2016 oh yeah I was there when it turned 2016
before it turned 20 16 anywhere in the world like I posted something on my
Facebook account by the way my Facebook's only is that for its pretty
private it's for my family and all that stuff I posted like hey it's 2016 here
and it was still 2015 back in Baltimore everyone's like oh that's so awesome
you're tweeting or you're saying it's a message from the future okay this little
uh little personal information stuff like that you'll get on Saturday's show
the beyond Bitcoin show okay let's tie this whole thing up here
now I've covered this before oh I forgot something I how do the heck did I forget
it's my good memory here moon math win he tweeted out the falling one year of
all market performance so he shows a chart that shows the dominance of each
of each of the top ten crypto currencies from last year at this time to this year
at this time so Bitcoin dominance was 33% of the entire market cover the
entire cryptocurrency market cap back on this day in 2018 now it's going up to
53% so all the other top coins will be other alt coins they're not taught like
Bitcoin is but the other ones they've all gone down in dominance except for
one which I guess shows you the insane state of the 80 percenters in the that
are around today a ripple was 8.5% dominance then now it's 10.5% of all it
makes up 10.5% of the coin market cap total market capitalization which is
ridiculous I mean again they manipulate their numbers but still it can't be
denied the only Bitcoin and ripple hasn't gone up all the others have gone
down and basically I think people have gone from some of these wacko altcoins
it's a Bitcoin which is a good sign but someone's gone in the ripple which is
just okay now going back to the final subject of the day that I almost got to
you beforehand and I have covered this before I've talked about Tour de Meester
is into what was into domain names distribution of top-level domain name
is it a proxy for cryptocurrencies future transaction volume and market cap
if it is it would favor Maximus outcome because 78% of all top-level domain
names that's the with a ending our comm 78% of domain name its okay and
nothing is closed nothing is closed dominates just like Bitcoin
dominates just like the Bitcoin maximalist say it's going to end up that
that type in that type of situation where everyone will want the real thing
calm is the real thing and it's so funny there was a reply to this post after i
retweeted it on tech bald someone replied and i don't know if it was a
joke or not he said don't forget dot io it will be the next big thing I mean and
the funny thing about that is that's like what is i io is the TLD flavor of
the month right it's the all its it's just like in cryptocurrency we always
have the next big thing okay dot-com is the next com Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin
alright dudes that's it that's the lesson of the day
i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
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hi to all you dudes in the chat right about now see you later good night

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