The 1 Bitcoin Show- Tether FUD sets off weak hand panic, crypto power rankings gimmick, email scam

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 30th 2018 what a day it's been did you have a strong hand I sure
did so yeah it looks like bitcoins below $10,000 and I'm laid back again that you
know these things happen people it's gets bored it's I'm bored by it now by
the price drops and everyone asking me the same question are you still holding
Adam I mean come on of course I'm still
holding I mean that's the whole point of this channel anyway I want to give a
shout out to I got a different shirt on today game Kings so that's who I met
with in Taipei they recorded a great interview with me they'll put it on
their site soon enough hang on let me my notes have disappeared here I want to
say that like Kings TV and when we were during the interview we were talking
about that there's just a huge crossover between gamers and cryptocurrency people
I mean the gamers these guys know and they know a lot of gamers was they got a
big game Kings TV site check them out and it gave you this t-shirt in the
middle of the interview and I've always you know I love getting free t-shirts
but there's a big you know we got to keep an eye on that it's it's young men
young men like games young men like to gamble they they gotta be careful with
that but young man like finances so they they
trickle into this it's all it's all technology oriented the technology
ecosystem so I also link to the tweet that bar
Boris was the name of the man that from there from the Netherlands and he
tweeted out a photo of us in Taipei together so check that out everyone it
was a pleasure and it was a good interview so hopefully they posted up
there soon I obviously check out the links section
below if you want to see all of that if you want to get a legend a note rezar
Tresor and by the way yeah I like treasure more than leisure I've said
that before I want to just remind everyone again I I prefer the Tresor you
can us you use my affiliate link for them and all crypto H do you want comm
of course and cryptography decels awesome t-shirts and use the Meister
discount code he doesn't sell this t-shirt though and this is awesome
teacher also a guy on Steam it who is this crypto eagle I linked to hit his
article below because he wanted me to link to it the and he based some of his
strategy off of things that I said you know how to be a elite person in Bitcoin
if you own 21 out of the 21 million ever produced there only be a million people
with more Bitcoin than you and obviously there will not be because hardly anyone
owns more than one Bitcoin even all right Pam that like button people
something also that I forgot to say yesterday when I was talking about all
the the flippity nonsense because again if you let the flipping stuff affect you
you it's fun in that sense that you're gonna have a week hand but one thing I
didn't I wanted to say is that be cash already flipped with aetherium once be
cash jumped ahead of aetherium in the pet and the rankings in the crypto Hwy
lie or whatever the uh you know the rankings the I can't think of the core
market cat rankings anyway and it means nothing because who remembers it who
even cares what did it matter then what's it matter now it's just like a
bragging point for the people who are fans of those altcoins
so that's something I need to bring up yesterday okay so yeah we have been
through this before more people with the with this tether
panic I want to say well panda has a tweet out there and it says also keep in
mind that people want to exit tether they actually need to buy Bitcoin or
other crypto currencies so right now there were fake news that came out about
how you know there's the subpoena for tether and it's old news it's from like
December 6 really and I'll link to that below that that clarifies that but a
bunch of people panicked and then you know bloomberg wrote about it so people
start selling now what's the point of selling people I don't know you're just
gonna regret it you're gonna regret it but if you again doesn't seem to be I
mean tether is still tethered nothing's changed I don't like any halt coins so I
why people hold tether but if there's ever a panic I know tether is gonna be
in the Bitcoin and a puppet part price of Bitcoin up so people people who go
wild over the threats to tether and sell all their cryptocurrency they should I
mean you know it's gonna help Bitcoin one day when if it ever happens and
people asked why is this happening why is the price of every cryptocurrency
dropping and the great Charlie Lee of light coined fame simply tweeted out
weak hands are scared yeah that's about it that if that usually explains every
mega drop that we get into we cans are scared you know they see it drop below
10 it's back to four digits so they get scared and they sell even more it's in
the end of the day they were that you they regret they're not long-term
thinkers they're short-term thinkers and how many times have have we been through
this where people come to me afterwards after the bee panics and they tell me
how much they were Rhett that they sold sure now they have Fiat great Fiat well
go to Bank of America and get yourself some Fiat it's easier than selling your
Bitcoin at coinbase and
then regretting that you did alright so yeah we cans are scared that's I mean
that's all this I couldn't make a one second video Thank You charlie leave for
that link to below and I should have mentioned this also February 1st 7 to 10

Here at Taipei is the meet up the informal meet up here Taipei obviously
it is already the 31st so I have to say this now so this is the last time I can
say it I before we actually meet up I know I'll say yes to Mara show also but
prepare people and yeah I linked to the Bloomberg article that scared everybody
about Heather oh well and again I linked to this was December 6th was the
subpoena the tether subpoena so what who I mean who gives a rat's flying whatever
so remember people check out the note section below remember to subscribe to
this channel and pound that like button alright so there's an article out about
the 500 euro bill now remember it's all they're gonna get rid of the 500 euro
bill at the end of this year that's bullish for Bitcoin for people
who still want privacy in Europe who knows if those people even existed know
you exist I know you exist I know you also there's some awesome
Europeans part of the 20% who want to be anonymous still but organized you know
this article is very interesting because it theorizes that those in organized
crime who have a lot of 500 euro bills are already just getting rid of them or
sending them back to the bank because they're scared that after December that
they're 500 euro bills will be worth nothing and they're not going to be able
to cash them in any more and that's not that's not true it's just they're not
making any more 500 euro bills afterwards but maybe they see what
happened in India and everything and you know they're organized criminals so
they're they want to prepare and they so this guy fear it because the there's
already been a drop of a 500 euro bills in circulation people
are clearly depositing them in the banks and then the banks are giving them back
to the you know the people who control the money supply over there and they're
getting rid of them so interesting and he just reminded me that yeah end of the
year no more 500 euro bills printed bullish
for Bitcoin that's a real story that's not like this subpoenas that happened of
tether and that bitcoins below 10,000 so that's psychologically bad so we should
all panic and just change our long-term file of course you don't change your
long-term strong hand philosophy for little bumps in the road like this again
it's boring me it's boring me at this point I mean I'm just going about my
life I ran down to the to the market today I got me some fish and fruit
yesterday when I was running by the way I saw um an unfortunate soul who was
clearly trying to commit suicide walk into the middle of the street and get
hit by a motorbike it was disturbing it definitely was disturbing I'd never seen
anything like that before and the guy the motorbike had to skid
out it was and there's so many motorbikes here in Taipei that can get
pretty annoying so I hope the person didn't die that was trying to kill
themselves that that that was very unfortunate
I had the typical American reaction I start cursing uh I was like holy and all
the other people who stole it who were Taiwanese they were quite
silent about it quite calm about it I can't wait to talk about a Bitcoin in it
with my people here in Taiwan tomorrow at the tux
type a event and maybe they'll be able to explain you know what I saw yesterday
on the streets all right how that like button if you
like real life stories but anyway yeah there's real life stuff going on on
people why worry about the tether I don't know so we've got these uh power
I called Power Rankings I'm having the name the name of the company some
traditional finance company is like raiding all the crypto currencies as if
they all can be raided I mean bitcoin is the king there's your a it's that simple
but they don't know the first thing about cryptocurrencies and all coins or
anything so they it's a gimmick to get themselves attention it's simply ESPN
Major League Baseball Power Rankings brought to cryptocurrency it's a way to
create arguments it's a way to get people to check out their site and you
know originally when ESPN had the Major League Baseball or the NFL power
rankings it was pretty cool it's like well my team's not the champion but it's
ranked third so awesome I'm awesome and I can argue with people who think that
their team their fifth ranked team should be ranked third and you know you
get into what's the point there's only one champion in the end of the day
that's all the counts it doesn't matter where ESPN ranks them all it matters who
wins the World Series matters who wins a Super Bowl and um so this is just a
gimmick it's power rankings that's all it is don't fall for it don't even argue
about it bitcoin is the king if someone says that like neo is the kid I mean
they're they don't understand what the heck they're talking about I mean
they're not they're not a veteran they're a newbie to the space and they
want to make a name for themselves so they say something controversial they
create their own Power Rankings that all the 80 percenters have to talk
about don't be an ad preserve don't worry about it who can Bitcoin gets a
d-plus ranking great that's great have fun with your d+ ranking I'm not gonna
argue with you you know whoever you are out there alright so maybe we should
have fun power rankings I was thinking maybe there should be the adam meister
bitcoin meister disrupt meister flood power rankings which fun rumor is
that is number one is a tether is in etherium flippin is a be cash flippin is
it lightning network is a conspiracy you know which fun is its egg wit is
controlled by the corporation or the Rothschilds or whoever or Adam Meister
which one of those is number one in the fun Power Rankings which one is one
through six rank them all maybe that's what we should have and that should be
my gimmick anyway there is a legitimate site out there that somewhat Urmi told
me about fried comm slash crypto – scam – checker I link to it below and it's a
guy who contact me who's just pointing out all the scams out there because
there are so many scams out there in fact I was just emailed by someone
pretending to be aetherium wallet but of course they're a dresses and they trying
to look like my ether wallet whatever they're trying to do they're trying to
get you to click on their ether ethereal wallet dot Jeju site and steal all your
aetherium they said hey you just received point oh one five aetherium
guys if you're given if you get is $17.50 worth of it if you get it if you
get something like that delete it immediately it's been going around
obviously I say my address sometimes so people you know scammers watch the show
I guess and they try to make me click on stuff but they're other innocent people
out there that do fall for this so do not fall for that be careful when you
get an email that says you've received the theory amor bitcoin or whatever that
you have you probably have it they're not that many nice people out there that
are gonna give you free stuff and probably no one knows your public
address anyway be very careful don't be tempted I know it's tempting when you
get an email that says you got something for free it's going around it keeps
going around check out the link below to the the scam the site that clarifies
what's a scam and what's not all right what else do we have here and that was
drunk the fake email was from someone calling them sells em each su so some
are trying to pretend to be Asian and you know that that's for some white
people they fall for that that's all why is Asian persons giving me money girls
fall for it people trust me they're not that many wise sure so maybe there were
some wise Asian systems wise white people are surprised black people out
there too duh you're not wise if you click on their email though from one of
these scammers Americans are expecting of unwise Americans of any color
Americans are expected to wager four point seven six billion dollars on
Superbowl 50 – oh God four point seven six billion dollars I
feel bad for those people they buy some Bitcoin instead they should buy some
Bitcoin and wait till 2020 until they until their favorite team is not in the
Super Bowl anymore you know and they won't even care about NFL just like how
I don't care about the NFL anymore if they buy you know what instead of
gambling won the Super Bowl buy some Bitcoin you won't even call it
care about the Super Bowl after the 2020 happy
pound that like button but seriously totally waste of money it's totally
gambling it's like buying a 50 ralt coin betting on the Super Bowls ridiculous
you're me you're making of the guys in Vegas even richer but you're complaining
about them you'll complain it oh why sheldon adelson so rich why does he
control the world because fools like you gamble on the Super Bowl and no Sheldon
Adelson does not control the world but uh as someone you know I've skipped
something here I feel like I totally skipped something here this is uh making
me feel unfortunate here hang on oh yes here we go here's the thing III skip
there a guy a fan well fan of my channel contacted me and he sent me and I
noticed this link before on the Z classic reddit and he talks about
delayed proof of work versus proof of work and how Z classic should be a proof
of work chain to be privates delayed of work chain basically this guy has
come out with a complex way of making Z classics still relevant after the after
the fork of be private from Z classic so good for him
I am note I don't know delayed proof of work
I'm no expert on that but check out his link thank you for informing me about
that and yeah I'm keeping an eye of course August no note no new note news
on the be private Krypton's dividend front all right we got a hundred over
100 live viewers no one's done a super chat question so I haven't you know I
see a bunch of you over there that's awesome but I can't ask you a question
unless you do a super chat and we're at the end of the show though they were
past the big coin part of the show we're at the health tip of the day show so uh
someone a fan of mine sent me an email about the flu shot and he says she
talked about the flu shot I'm a guy okay I'm a healthy young man there are a lot
of healthy young men they're loving not so healthy young men that also watch
this but guys there's no need for you to get the flu shot none at all if you're a
guy between twenty and who knows fifty I don't even know don't get the flu shot
them but apparently they don't even do that much and what why even put all
those chemicals in your body just stay healthy eat eat a good a good diet and
you just you know don't wash your hands you know son don't if you're around kids
don't lone sneeze on you I don't know okay
just be hell I don't get sick man it's awesome and alright you know I'm around
my nieces and nephews and stuff and they're always they're always coughing
and on me you know whatever call for me it doesn't do anything to me I don't
need a flu shot I've never gotten a flu shot don't get a
flu shot it's just I guess is away from companies make money and it's to scare
old ladies it's and scare my mom and my grandma anyway also if you're a 95 year
old woman like my grandmother then you might need a flu
I'm no expert if they need flu shots or not okay
95 year old women got to stay away from little kids sneezing on them all right
and at the end of the show here Anthony crushed a reskin sent me two dollars
thank you very much everyone pound that like banana my should be Clem I should
disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this
video do check out the notes section below have a strong hand through
whatever whatever tether fun nonsense is out there
the latest power ranking find you can rank them yourself
just don't fall for them and have a strong hand I'll say hi to the people in
the chat bye

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