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May the 2nd 2019 strong hand offended by selling bow your wealth the big coin I'm
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tomorrow 10:00 a.m. baltimore time that's in washington DC boston the whole
East Coast Miami yeah we're gonna have this week a bitcoin Gabriel will be
coming in from Venezuela I spoke to him this morning he's got a lot to say about
what's going on in Venezuela so this is gonna be you you're reading about people
who left then as well of what they have to say this is gonna be a guy who's in
Venezuela also the unnamed Venezuelan will be on the show he's been on the
show before you know his name we're not gonna say his name but he hasn't won
anyway he will also be on the show so two Venezuelans and George in Colombia
the – dude he will be on the show so it will be a South American show we're
gonna talk a little bit of you know beyond Bitcoin because it's Venezuela
story is huge but we'll talk about Bitcoin and of course George will bring
up – so who knows what kind of things are gonna be brought up tomorrow 10:00

Eastern Time that's in Washington DC it's also 10:00 a.m. in Caracas and
what is that 3 p.m. in I don't even want to say what it is in London because I
don't know what it is in London but tune in tomorrow guys it is going to be
legendary if both the unmanned Venezuelan and Gabriel will be it's a
two guys inside the Venezuela will be will be here and you know this is a you
only get this kind of stuff here although anyone can invite these guys on
their show but they don't and anyone could interview them but they
don't but hey that's the way supposedly the media is dying well that's why the
media is dying which people don't go out of there they're not proactive they
don't reach out they don't have the conviction to get a unique story like
that for me fitting in is overrated to them they have to fit in all those
people have to fit in a that the same old stories you get different stuff here
there's no doubt about that so with all of that in mind here is a tweet from
yeah seeing someone or other and I'm just reading one more thing about that
event as well I think I said yeah okay so if Bitcoin sails on square cash
maintain current growth rates then by the next Bitcoin having May 20-22
Bitcoin will be purchased on square for every new Bitcoin that is mined now
clearly the reports that have come up now Square is doing well Square is doing
where well Square is getting Bitcoin into the hands of regular people it
looks like and if they maintain this yeah I mean that's that's an amazing
statistic there that after the having that roughly if they maintain their
selling rate and again we don't know if that's gonna happen roughly to Bitcoin
will be purchased on square for every new Bitcoin that is mined well yeah but
we're talking supply and demand here they they will be producing enough
Bitcoin for the people buying on square and that's just square hey make your own
calculations people long-term thinking that that should mean a lot to you would
like what I just said that all right pound that like button Kris Pearn in ski
ski he has he tweet and this is the it is he it's a graph a chart and that
shows the evolution of terminology used by regulators from 2013 to 2019 and this
is regulators unfortunately involved in the cryptocurrency space and at first
they were using Bitcoin quite a bit and they were also using virtual currency so
when they made their boring announcements we must do something to
protect the people from Bitcoin and virtual currency but nowadays it's a lot
of they still say virtual currency they say a lot of things they say crypto
assets but starting in about 2017 they don't say Bitcoin anymore nope they
don't they don't they leave out that name meanwhile you know you go around
the world people added they Bitcoin is synonymous with cryptocurrency some
people ask me how do i buy the litecoin version of Bitcoin so the regulators
don't want to say Bitcoin it's understandable why they want to use a
more generic term for a number of reasons I mean again Bitcoin is
different than all the other crypto assets so maybe it's a compliment in a
way but most likely they don't want to give the big guy they don't want to give
the big guy the the attention and they're not but people will find it
people will find it on their own so III yeah it's an interesting it's an
interesting graph to say the least you can come up with your own conclusions on
why I mean I'm sure some regulators just want to make it as simple as possible
crypto assets uh-huh it's Bitcoin people you only need to get the big coin and no
they don't need to regulate it let them let them regulate the crypto assets not
the Bitcoin all right hey I don't want anybody to regulate anything by the way
yeah I'm not a I'm not a believer in that kind of but that's a that's a whole
nother discussion just want to clear that up so there was uh there was an
article today and it was in a crypto publication I don't know of any
mainstream publications picked this up breaking I mean again it's a clickbait
thing so shame on them it's linked to below them I'm gonna say who it was
breaking is Isis used Bitcoin to fund horrific sri lanka easter attacks
research claims okay so at least it wasn't picked up by yeah this is this is
typical flood that the mainstream media uses this is clickbait that a crypto
publication is using so perhaps the mainstream will pick up
this but I did a little bit of research and you know it does it first of all we
all know that bad people are going to use Bitcoin we can't stop them we can't
stop them from doing it that's the beauty of Bitcoin okay that I mean it's
that might scare a lot of people might make a lot of people uncomfortable but I
can't stop my enemy from using Bitcoin they can't stop me from using Bitcoin
okay now the company's name is white stream
block stream intelligence experts in extracting knowledge from blockchains
lovely company so they did this research and you and they know how many followers
are pretty new i link to their twitter follow the twitter their their twitter
thread below their twitter handle whatever you want to call it and they're
actually they're based out of israel and they claim that they've worked with the
Israeli government maybe that's just a way to get legitimacy I don't know
they're going to be companies like this that they track and perhaps they
stumbled upon something here maybe they're just using this as a way
to promote their company I I don't know I a this is like the second time I've
seen these company mentioned we will see we will see how reliable they become I
mean if that's your business then yeah you got to spread the fun I guess we
discovered bad people using Bitcoin great I mean they won't clot they want
clients to pay them to track people what a business what a business but anyway
that's all that's all linked to below extra experts in extracting knowledge
from blockchain Oh kinda yucky so Simon diction had his tether BitFenix
video today i linked to a below i did not have time to watch it yet
my buddy pirate beat some heat beach bum excuse he he published the bear market
diaries the interview with me it's linked to below check it out it's really
great i retweeted it if you're following me on tech ball tcp alt on twitter
you already saw that found that like button has McCook was interviewed by UK
bitcoin master today that went well that is linked to below also
okay here is a tour de mr.

Tweet them and it's about fidelity survey and it's
reminding us that the high Cal of the so-called high caliber investors they're
coming they're coming the people with money to blow the people who are used to
investing in all sorts of different things are coming and you you don't want
to be the one saying oh I wish I got in before those high count supposedly high
caliber people fidelity survey of four hundred US institutional investors
twenty two percent already have exposure to digital assets 47 percent view
digital assets as having a place in their portfolios of those seventy two
percent like likes beta funds fifty-seven percent would buy directly
and fifty seven percent would also go for digital asset VC equity funds okay
they want to get it in every single way and they're just waiting for an easy way
I guess uh and yesterday's video uh and you guys can ask questions I forgot to
say at the beginning Q&A maybe some of you are right let me check here Brian
the UK Bitcoin master just he put he give me a thumbs up and uh yeah so yeah
you could guys just say bitcoin meister in there it'll turn orange and then I'll
see your question if you have a question in the chat so yeah I've been asking
I've been answering questions these last few days and yesterday someone asked a
question actually after I went off the air and who was that – did that that was
Charlton and he was like he he knows that I'm not going to sell my Bitcoin
until at least after the 20/20 having I have said that for many years and
there's no way that I would I would sell it at fort for anything before but that
doesn't mean I'm gonna sell all of it after the Bitcoin having I hope to sell
none of it after the Bitcoin having I just wanna you know if I need something
I hopefully I'll be able to use my Bitcoin to buy something that I need
okay that I need hopefully there'll be no reason at all but I just I say to
everyone to get their hands strong you know don't think like just just at least
hold on till ask for the having lived through a having I've already lived
through one but he said he said are you just wondering if you had a market cap
in mind or what depends on how things go I guess uh and no so I don't have a
number I don't obviously it doesn't matter to me how much Bitcoin is worth
after the 20/20 having that won't that won't make that won't trigger a sell
okay that's not gonna that's not gonna trigger a sell on that day well if it's
if it's 50k on that day then I'm gonna sell a bunch now but a number that will
be in my head at that point this is this is how wild I am in terms of holding
probably the first number that's gonna pop into my head on that day after the
2020 Bitcoin having is 2024 I'll just start talking about the 24 how I have to
hang on to that after how I have to hang on then to begin again so we shall see
we will play it by ear but at this point in time I can't say well there's some
magical number that will force me to sell in that day no there's not that's I
probably gonna be like how much longer I got I got a hold on to all of it until
2024 this has been such a so I don't I don't mean it now it's a savings
accounts a savings account now again there might come a time where I'm you
know instead of you know going from Airbnb to Airbnb in different country
maybe I'll just like have a make a bigger financial commitment to one like
four different cities whether that be some huge long-term rental maybe I'll
buy so who knows so then maybe then I will have to get cash out a little bit
of a a Bitcoin or use the Bitcoin hopefully I'll just use the Bitcoin to
buy an apartment or something I mean this is going through my head right now
but in turn I can't foresee something that I will need at that point and again
if you know if I want to give someone a present a loved one a present I can just
give them so in my Bitcoin so that's not cashing out Bitcoin but again this is
we're talking after 2020 having and this is fun it's fun to theorize about these
type of things but I'm the kind of guy at this point
I wanna I wanna hang on even a even longer I wanna hang on even longer I'll
be I'll be the 2024 a guy at that point alright so yeah
that's my number 2024 Andrew yang is speaking at the consensus event next
week in New York now again this is a mainstream event put on by coin desk
cost a lot of money to go to it would never go to it it's in New York New York
is not very friendly toward a Bitcoin to say the least or towards Heather who
found that like button but uh no I gotta give Andrew Yan credit man speaking at a
cryptocurrency event for those that don't know he is running for president
United States he like tries to address every single issue so again he's gonna
address Bitcoin and his thoughts on it and he's had some points that are is
this anything negative about it and I as I have predicted you know that a lot of
different cliques form in the Bitcoin space some are totally unhealthy some
are kind of healthy like all the meat eaters and everything they're gonna be
like yang lovers in the Bitcoin uh in in our in our Bitcoin ecosystem there's
guys that are just hardcore yeah and this is the first step right here I I
know I'm not like a Yankee or anything like that
but I it is news so him speaking an event will bring it will bring attention
to Bitcoin so that's good that's good uh Zack Banderas said YouTube gives me one
free super chat a month so here you go thank you man
pound that like button Zack thanks for the support the two dollars buys Dominic
says bitcoinmeister if Bitcoin went to zero and Fiat value do you think it
would still be valuable as a form of money no now if it went to zero there
would be something technical horribly technically wrong with it yeah and again
it's not going to zero but if it did if it did go to zero that means it totally
failed its hackable something is absolutely ludicrous with it and then
they'll be no more they'll be that's the end right there so now if Bitcoin went
to zero and Fiat value do you think it would no it would not not not be
valuable in sin as a form of money it wouldn't be it would be just some
broken uh maybe a broken computer program of some sort why it would yeah
all right but thank you thank you for that question
Bosch is that if that's how you pronounce your name Charlton says
Bighorn why start loving 210,000 blocks strong you better believe it dude again
yeah and that and that's the other thing
you're great Charlton that you bring it up that's another that's a huge that's
another number that's gonna be in my head too because after that bitcoin
having I'm not I'm definitely not gonna be satisfied in any Fiat way in my the
little Fiat freak corner of my mind I'll still be thinking I want to see what
this is gonna be worth in Fiat two hundred ten thousand blocks after the
all-time high which took place on on December 2017 so I will be like I will
start talking about November of 2021 probably the end but there's that there
is a chance at that point that Bitcoin will be over twenty thousand dollars at
the up the coin having I'm not saying that so it will have already eclipsed
the all-time high but I'll still be like no no I got to see the hell true this
210,000 theory is I am wait I am waiting until the two hundred until November of
2021 which is two hundred ten thousand blocks after value your well value your
time in blocks value your time in having's 210 K theory yes and that's
November of twenty twenty-one years 210 Cal ten thousand blocks after December
of 2017 basically rough estimate there so and
that's how that's how that's how I look at time in having's and in two hundred
ten thousand blocks uh and yes so people talking about tether still and tau on
BitFenix because of tether there's a premium on Bitcoin people were paying
more for Bitcoin I gotta say this and and then you see coinbase tweet out how
well a coin base related person kind of promote their stable coin at the expense
of what's going on suppose with tether and it made me think tether
it is it's going to stick around and despite all this turbulence people stick
with it because all the other stable coins offer Mewtwo by Gemini by coin
based by whoever they ate a mouse Kay by caml people are willing to risk it with
tether but there is no uh KY caml you can remain anonymous with tether now
that's probably ways you can get D anonymized but it isn't like the other
ones and that is it is a selling point it makes it unique now I am NOT saying
to get into stable coins you shouldn't be trading dudes
you should be talking about year 2021 at 2024 and 2020 have you got all that
stuff but most people they can't defer gratification they're not savers oh well
and they want to hear about stable coins are there there's my take the you know
you can play with the KYC ones or you can I mean if you're if you're a guy out
there if you're if you're someone who mixes in that kind of stuff in the
trading do you want to tell Jim and I who you are would you rather do tether
and just roll it roll the dice supposedly and not be anonymous there
you go that that's a selling point to this very day thomas scott in the in the
comments yesterday made a great observation and it's part of my title
today I hope that be cash and other alts continue marketing campaigns it would
sure help them sure it would help them some but if it will help Bitcoin more
free advertisement for Bitcoin because people will find out about Bitcoin
eventually some to the real deal maintain their okay yes some will
obviously find out the hard way they lose from the alt coins but they will
trickle into Bitcoin their losses our gain ah I agree with that Thomas Scott
let the alt coins market themselves people will find out about the alt coins
some will stumble but many will get in the Bitcoin so it is
indirect free marketing for Bitcoin all those all coins marking themselves
indirectly it is free marketing for Bitcoin so that is a positive take on
that I like that observation a lot speaking of all coins people are talking
about a theory I'm getting that closer to proof of stake which just like
reminds me that and it will pump it even though proof is sake is probably not the
best thing for the area it will pump people will interpret it that way it the
market will it will be dictated that this is the best thing for a theorem
good good luck that maybe it is the best thing for aetherium
and soon we'll hear about how those great friendly exchanges will let you
stake your aetherium on that for you that they'll stake the atheria for you
if you keep your theory I'm on their exchanges and then the report to the IRS
how much aetherium you made and you'll have to pay your taxes in dollars
looking forward to that one dudes well as a bitcoin holder as an obvious an
observer of the whole situation pound that like button hey yeah do what
you're gonna do people if you're gonna be in a theory I'm dudes control your
own private key okay don't don't wait for all that to happen what I just said
so many people are gonna fall into that scenario this proof proof mistaken
theory here is and finally this is an in motion idea I was sent by guy Bennett he
found this on Twitter thank you guy idea Bitcoin technician
coming to your house and set up your Bitcoin and lightning node cold storage
apps etc can be on call for support yeah that's like a real life in person you
gotta go touch people who job that deals with Bitcoin there's still people today
that have people come and set up their computers for them say install software
for them there are people that are over 60 that need help with that you're
better believe you're gonna be people that are over 50 over 45 over maybe over
30 that would just be like I'll just pay some dude to set up give me all the
whole Bitcoin shebang and they'll just come into my house set it up I'll pay
them that's it and again unfortunately scammers who do that like
set up systems that alike send all your Bitcoin to people
so make sure you use a reputable Bitcoin technician or should I say if you're
thinking about being a Bitcoin technician be a reputable person don't
be a scammer that's it tomorrow show is at 10:00 a.m.
Baltimore time that's on the East Coast you can figure out what that is in your
in your home country i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister
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