The 1 Bitcoin Show- Samourai Wallet’s bold statement! Noise: Tether, EOS, Tron

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since I was a little boy I did I had watching NFL game since 2015 though
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calm just check it out so from the value your wealth in Bitcoin world from the
one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin world this was pointed out to me on Saturdays
show the beyond Bitcoin show which went wild yesterday I mean I was going wild
on the show talking about things way beyond Bitcoin you know I say pal not
like button well on that show I was talking about
pounding well let's get back to this show though so um samurai wallet was
brought up action on Saturday show to me and there someone asked him what do you
think about samurai wallet they're not listing the Fiat price of Bitcoin on
there anymore they're just listing how many Bitcoin you have and I said you
know what I had heard about that and I was gonna talk about it eventually so
let me i'm link to the blog post for samurai wallet introduces this concept
okay I'm gonna read it to you we pushed update 0.9 eight point eight seven of
laughs about myself for that town comment before and this one will
definitely ruffle feathers but we hope you understand read why we decide to
remove all fiat currency from samurai wallet in our latest blog post plus
samurai now available in Chinese and eleven other languages alright these
samurai wallet people who now no longer list the Fiat value who truly understand
that one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin that you got a value a wealth of Bitcoin
these guys should be praised cuz they didn't have to do this um
it's not for newbies this is not gonna help newbies at all this was a bold move
on this day or a bold move so they should be praised and if you are a
veteran if you need while it's use them for for your phone and in everything
again you know I'd like to Tris or everything was somebody you'd like to do
your phone stuff so there you go samurai wallet is awesome they're removing this
crutch they're removing this crutch of fiat they're just getting rid of it okay
they're just they're ripping off the freaking band-aid like that so I mean
these guys I mean even in their blog post that explains this fully I didn't
read the entire thing Ripoff king of the trolls in it and I
just found that I mean these guys are hardcore dudes so yes they value their
wealth in Bitcoin more so than any company in the space that I can think of
right now so great job Samurai while you should be praised and hey it was it it
was a bold move and it is it's going to get hardcore Bitcoin people experienced
Bitcoin people veteran Bighorn people loyal to you and I think it is a good I
think it's a good business move it's it's it's a little risky because again
this isn't gonna make newbie people warm up to you but you're doing what you
think is right and let's see how it goes there's a lot of loyalty in this face to
people who are hardcore who stick with their beliefs you don't sell out and
start you know talking about Tron and and all this other nonsense out again in
this video I'm going to talk about Tron but not crazy trying I'm bringing up
Tron because he's freaking crypto noise what's going on out there with Tron and
ripple and yose you know I'm not making these like oh yeah heõs is the next
aetherium though aetherium is the next aetherium but more importantly bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin pound the freaking like button and yes watch Saturday's
show if you like things beyond Bitcoin and that Saturday show of mine beyond
Bitcoin you never know when I'm gonna start another channel that just
dedicated to beyond bitcoin type of stuff but for now it comes on on
Saturday on this channel this channel of course is all about Bitcoin best
freaking guest in the space on this show on Fridays on this week in Bitcoin as
you all know at listed who was on this you gotta watch this Friday's show they
were great they were great so um I think I forgot all Thursday I was talking
about be gold and I forgot to mention another reason well they're gonna get
listed on coin based because corn base has a lot of people to be gold and it
just makes sense but one of the things about be gold it
its name it's its name that it goes by and I call it be gold but the other name
that has Bitcoin in it it is the ultimate marketing name
for 80 percenters I mean imagine if you're some 80% of you got your coins or
you see on coinbase oh let me diversify oh I can get this a gold version of
Bitcoin oh it must be a better Bitcoin and it's cheaper now again I like the
guys that beat gold I like them but the 80% this is just it it's got some
marketing cooked into its name right there and and again it's another reason
I think that coin base will list them because they know they can sell it but
uh the funny thing is the newbies who actually buy the gold be gold coin base
once it gets listed there and you know it'll get list there eventually the
newbies will have no clue that holders are getting it for free the people who
had kept their Bitcoin forcely on on coinbase around the time of the Beagle
fork will now finally be credited with their be gold no doubt this will happen
eventually can I can't say when again the reason you control your own private
key and have your Bitcoin on your traceur is so you get the be gold type
crypto dividends right away and you have to wait over a year to get them but
better yeah anything again you'll get it for free on point base there'll be
people worse situation than you all the newbies you're gonna be the blob by this
feat gold all they could have done was just pop beat Bitcoin back in the day
they would have done it for free anyway Andy Hoffman off she actually talks
about people a little bit in a Steven post of his and I I link to it below and
again benefits of holding you get the crypt of dividends baby there's all
sorts of there's all sorts of benefits of holding of course that are I speak
about on the show all the time so check me out on Twitter at Tech ball tch be
alt and bitcoinmeister all and steam it no the light point summit videos are
live now and link to that below including a Charlie Lee one and I know
everybody likes to hear from Charlie he's been on a guest on this show
numerous times again best bait best guest in the space baby you know it
brother you know it it speaking of steam it I mentioned a big point Meister on
there looks like they fixed their hard fork
issues they had hard for number 20 I'd link to a blog post that explains it if
you care about that kind of thing and yeah for me I this I was easily able to
post this on Steam it so it looks like they're running smoothly again Matt
Odell has a tweet was to say oh this is great we've hit the point where fortune
500 companies are shilling cryptocurrency on primetime TV we would
have absolutely freaked out about this in 2016 what he's referring to and I
link to it below Yahoo Finance an advertisement during a football game or
an NFL game talking about buying crypto through Yahoo Finance which again teased
him really through Yahoo Finance they have like the link to someone else but
the point is it was a pretty it was a flashy advertisement that will you have
fancy set and grant and thing graphics to it it'll appeal to 80 percenters and
you know they'll end up who knows who's going to buy but the point is that we've
come a long way since 2016 if Yahoo Finance's average is using the words
crypto or throwing an NFL game advertisement so we've come a long way
baby alright so from the altcoin flavors of
the month category because again yo stron etc etc they're all coined flavors
of the month people asked me what are you do he goes what do you think and i
think nothing of them nothing at all please again they get pumped they get
dumped their centralized up the ying-yang for various reasons well
here's here's something and they're all and they come and go they'll be other
uses and Tron's in the future in 2019 who died i don't know make up a name
coconutty or something coconutty would be a the wild Hawaiian coconut
cryptocurrency that splits into two when you crack it again so but the point is
this all point flavor what is my charm playing with this do with it that nobody
so this is better though nobody should be surprised that he owes block
producers and large holders are colluding to secure block producer
rewards that's literally how the incentives are designed and then well
panda even gets a little bit more critical this is so shocking
I can't even oh wait people have been talking about this since before the EOS
lunch it only took the bag holders a couple of
months to figure it out by themselves okay so there's collusion talk in EOS
why you would have given up your precious big point for this is beyond me
now you're learning your lesson the hard way or maybe you haven't learned it yet
hey personal responsibility it's a new counterculture can't blame anyone but
yourself for buying that stuff and we'll get to Tron in a second yeah you can
email me an atom actress or help calm if you need a crypto consultation you won't
help set you need help setting up your Tresor you want you've got questions
whatever I can I can tell you what I just told you but in more depth get
Bigpoint you know it's it's it's the real thing it's the rock value your
wealth and freaking bitcoin is the lesson to take away from this fricking
video go don't be like oh yeah I'll get nugget this trata Neos it's gonna go up
in Fiat maybe it will but in the long term Bitcoin is the base not gonna go up
in Bitcoin and you're better holding the Bitcoin and there's no collusion in
Bitcoin alright so where do we get matters girls got another one here this
about tether so you know I don't like tether equip there noise because again
it promotes trading in tight whenever I mentioned tether people are like who
would I get out of tether now because I've been waiting to buy my Bitcoin back
that I foolishly sold you know I don't like encouraging trading because when
you're trading Bitcoin 90% of time you're losing but most people don't talk
about that because most people want to hear they and what their biases confirm
oh yes you're a master trader oh yes you're a master altcoin person yeah
you're gonna do great no no I'm not that guy that's not what this channel is all
right you're not a master of all coins no one
is due you can't predict them you can't predict trading in with Bitcoin in all
coins but anyway so the tether stuff there's a rumor out there and I'll read
what Matt had to say about it first before I read you the rumor the tether
Nobel Bank story circulating today is based on anonymous sources and published
by a blog I've never heard of before take that as you will and again when
you're valued when you're playing with tether you're valuing your wealth and
feel because it's just a substitute for the US dollar so I mean I value what I
don't want to encourage that kind of thing at all so here we go here's the
rumor from modern consensus calm tethers Bank said to be desperate for cash Noble
and that's the bank may be looking for funding while tether traders
unsuccessfully try to unload large amounts of the coin dude I'm just
putting it out there but you're going to hear about it that that tweets like four
hours or five hours old now or maybe open Matt's tweet is that old where he's
like warning people but again you shouldn't have your wealth and tether
anyway well you're welcome Bitcoin bang that Bell button if you want not to know
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like button baby because hey man you got to be proud of yourself
so Doug Casey has a newsletter that he sends out for free and one that I guess
you got a paid for penny I would never paid for it um you know Doug in the past
I had him on the show before he liked crypto believe it or not in early 2016
check out the archives I was going was there another 2017 it was early
20:17 Doug did it like didn't like crypto still anyway this would be a sign
of Bitcoin and crypto is being in a you know entering a up period again in terms
of Fiat because in his little he's got this in one of his newsletters according
to his latest research and he's talking about his crypto expert in fact the next
a hundred bagger opportunity could kick off as soon as October 31st so again but
Doug Casey through his so-called crypto expert he's like spreading you know
clickbait type of stuff out there you know I'm all about to tell you about a
hundred bagger on October 31st so that might be a son again
don't don't believe that hi oh my god be very careful with that kind of stuff but
I'm pointing it out because then when we were hearing all sorts of stuff like
that during the irrational exuberance of coin
period so you never know what's coming up what I wanted to point that out
because that Casey's quite a character and it might be a way to judge if things
are about the cash on fire again but again through it all you know through
the good times and the bad times you just gotta keep a solid way of thinking
can't get too high you can't get too low you gotta have a strong hand things like
Tron which I'm about that they're there to make your hands weak so you buy their
centralized coin or whatever it is I was about I can't use the word to describe
your business of that word I don't use bad words but anyway so here's a dozen
I've gotta mattad else has some great tweets uh today why doesn't it work
people aren't going to pay for tarp torrents when they can get them for free
Justin son knows this he's the key is that like centralized figure behind uh
Tron he's just hoping the marketing pump associated with tying the Tron brand
with BitTorrent brand will make up for the acquisition costs don't fall for it
so yeah as some of you know trying acquired
I mean let this is a tried as a cryptocurrency yet they can acquire
bittorrent okay I mean this just shows you how centralized how ridiculous it is
but lots of alt coins take similar routes to this and will take similar
routes to this where they part if it the partner route I call it where they
associate themselves with another centralized entity that is popular or
controversial and then people are like oh there they are associated with XYZ
that means the price will go up there they're better you know and so he's this
guy just is taking full advantage of this is what matter Dell is saying and
I'm saying don't be a wait we can and give your precious Bitcoin to be part of
such a pump scenario and probably a dump scenario okay
it's that was the oldest trick in the book to associate yourself with a big
name and then pump yourself basin now that doesn't make it doesn't it's a
trick in the book of all coins and in life you know your centralized entity
associated with another popular centralized entity and kind of leech off
of them so that you seem bigger than you really are and so people buy into your
and pump up your price that's what's going on there matter they'll points out
that's it goes on on a smaller scale with other all coins it'll go on in the
future with the next all point flavor of the month so have a strong hand don't
get into that kind of stuff dudes yeah it's tempting yeah they're flashy
graphics and fancy graphics and yeah there's a guru that you could workshop
don't do any Justin or whatever his name is so many people pray that authority
figure no personal responsibility you're your own boss you don't need some
dictator to tell you what's right or wrong and he's the leader of the coin
that's a centralized weak point and that's what big coin doesn't have this
might say Satoshi on it and it does in Japanese because you know that I know
Japanese even though I don't so then even over this he doesn't exist anymore
that's the be you big coin pound that like button I'm Adam and Val you're
welcome Bitcoin good job samurai i'm adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
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