The 1 Bitcoin Show- Puerto Rico Crypto future? Ethereum is different? Tether on Liquid, Bcash

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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July the 29th 2019 strong hand one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin now your your
wealth and bitcoin offended by selling bitcoin is the next beat Bitcoin be a
unique beast I'm confiscating well holder of last resort
we're on reserve cryptocurrency always bet on Bitcoin bitcoin is the apex
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says there graphics but definitely if you're listening to this you don't care
about fancy sets or graphics you really care about information you don't need
distractions and hey that's the way to go about in life avoid distractions
avoid the noise because this is the best savings account ever devised by man so
first tweet that I want to share with everyone today very inspirational
James clear said a good choice may go unrewarded for a long time the best
choices tend to provide exponential retort to returns
and a hallmark of tend to provide exponential returns and the hallmark of
any compounding process is the great is that the greatest rewards are delayed
delayed gratification things don't really take off until years later keep
working be patient now that wasn't about Bitcoin or is it because it is about
Bitcoin he didn't mean it to be about Bitcoin but it's so true it's been about
Bitcoin but he just said that a good choice may go unrewarded for a long time
hey check out some of my recent video clips from the year 2015 in 2014 when I
was telling people just wait just wait and just like I'm telling people again
just wait and see well if you've been waiting if you've been waiting since
2013 you've already seen what the payoff can be greatest savings account of all
time town that like button but again check out that James clear tweet very
inspirational it can be applied to Bitcoin and delaying gratification and
long-term thinking now unfortunately there are some questions in the Puerto
Rico the Governor of Puerto Rico is resigning he was a fan of cryptocurrency
and I have heard he was one of the main people behind the tax friendly
atmosphere for Bitcoin holders on the island and if he's gone well then the
short-term thinkers that will take over they might just want to do things their
own way and they don't care about getting rid of all the wealthy people
that move to their Island in fact they may see that as a positive because they
convert your signal to the pot the population oh we're so great we feel bad
for all you poor people so we're not going to give the rich people tax breaks
and we're kicking them out well not directly kicking them out but by getting
rid of the tax breaks they're all going to leave so let's keep an eye on that
situation I will say this you know maybe he tweeted out saw her he said some bad
things I mean he offended some people I'm offended by
selling personally so think about the biome the economic viability of your
Island okay there are a lot of wealthy people there that are spending money and
if you do something rash and do something short-sighted
without taking into considered a long term ramifications it's going to hurt
the the island so I wouldn't I wouldn't change anything in terms of
cryptocurrency but sociopathic leaders are always looking for scapegoats so
they'll blame it on the rich people I see there's a large chance they will but
let's let's hope for the best pound that leg button to all the brothers in Puerto
Rico and I enjoyed my time in San Bond I enjoyed it thoroughly did didn't have
anything you know you go there can you really tell the personal feelings of the
governor I mean that he doesn't like sir – who cares the governor likes it
doesn't like as long as there's some good economic policies as long as the
governor and laughs doesn't interfere with your freedom to be an individual
okay with your freedom for individual freedom and well we shall see him with
the next with next leaders bring about for Puerto Rico alright someone says Oh
remember people if you've got questions Q&A you can type in bitcoinmeister in
there in the chat or do a super chat and I will answer your questions to the best
of my ability okay what's this oh this is a funny one
from American hold he says the best part about my Bitcoin is I know they all used
to belong to weak hands pound bad like but you know that is great that's
something to smile about all the Bitcoin that you have used to belong to weak
hands they gave it up they get obviously there were weak hands if they gave it up
they weren't offended by selling you were and now you've got the Bitcoin that
used to belong to some we cans unless you directly minded or you you bought it
directly from the well no the minor if you bought it directly from the miner he
had some we can't date miners have weak yeah they just a lot of a value their
wealth in $1 I guess that's how they have to pay the bills but they get rid
of their Bitcoin a lot but as the having gets closer they start to dump less and
less Bitcoin on the market I saw it happen in 2016
get ready for it to happen in 2020 get pumped having hiked 2020 learn about it
less than a year away oh I'll be talking more about that soon
we'll use that hashtag having hype again and yeah
for now it's insider information basically it shouldn't be but it is ask
your favorite altcoin friend if they know what the Bitcoin having is that
they don't all right so because they don't know the big point is the next
Bitcoin they're looking for the next Bitcoin and they're gonna fail if
they're with an altcoin if they if I got the Bitcoin then they'll succeed now
what is this oh yeah I talked about all right so here is the article seven
reasons why a theory um is no longer an altcoin
whoa now then what is it you see I think the it day the article is simple enlist
seven interesting opinions about is the semi facts about aetherium I wouldn't
say they're a hundred percent true and clearly aetherium stands out among the
top tier altcoins but does that make it something other than an altcoin
no it just might be the best of the top tier clearly it's a top tier all coin
based on some pretty basic stuff it does stand out it does I mean I know there
are a lot of haters out there and you know what if you value rough in Bitcoin
what does it matter to you what the top tier altcoin is anyway okay I'm just
talking about something that was out there and I wanted to clear up that
aetherium is still an altcoin I don't know what they were trying to say it
would what would what new category they would try to come up with they're the
people who wrote this is it's not big point if it's not Bitcoin it's not at
all going then what is it if they're trying to make it some magical mystery
thing but it's still it's an Allpoint tough to your all coin at the top
aetherium is that and I think this what kind of shows you why aetherium is
the next superior but again if you value about the big coin if you're a strong
hand and bitcoin holder this is just uh entertainment but just want to clear up
that it's it's still not town that like but now speaking about all coins but
ones that were crypto dividends and again a crypto dividend it's a fork it's
uh it's a airdrop deliver to the the greatest of holders on this planet the
bitcoin holder yes if you hold Bitcoin properly on your treasure or on your
ledger on your store web paper while wherever you can get your crypto
dividends the air drops the forks for free that's it these people created all
coins by distributing them to Bitcoin holders which was nice of them why you
would ever pay for something you can get for free is beyond my understanding but
here is a report out there from coin metrics that talks about those two crypt
of dividends be cashed in MPs V and talks about the root of them all baby
the king of the kings bitcoin and here are some quotes it's an interesting
article paper should I say bitcoins total daily fees regularly top 1 million
while bsv and BC H's total fees have remained below $1,000 a day whoa
for the majority of 2019 ok so you see there's a big difference there clearly
they're not the bit next Bitcoin and pretty clearly they're not the top of
the top two you're all coins either you know we were just talking about top –
you're all coins is let me do does this is this article we're gonna turn you off
for each cash being a top tier all coin clearly bsv is not to talk to y'all
corner no one's saying yeah but this this report is about BS VN and be cash
relative to BTC ESV and BCH are increasingly being used as a way to
store data as opposed to a medium of exchange because again either the whole
be cash thing that they were yelling about is like oh we want to be able to
buy coffee and well that's not really what it's
being used for it's being used as data storage interesting additionally bch or
bsv could potentially become a data storage layer for another blockchain as
recently proposed by a theorems metallic-blue Turin so again that kind
of shows that a aetherium is the top of the food chain when it comes to all
coins but it's so crowded that it might have to use one of those dudes to be the
be their servant to be their storage servant you know we're so proud of we
need to throw our extras on to you but again bch could use that as a marketing
tool to hype them up saying hey look a theorems gotta use us as backup hey dude
this is this is for you centralized all corners think of your marketing your
marketing gimmicks I just gave you some ideas there and read that interesting
reports from coin metrics if you actually care about that kind of stuff
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got here oh so let's talk about you know we were talking about be cashiers be and
one of the things they like to can talk about you know conspiracies your block
stream black screen this black stream at well block stream came out with a press
release today and they said we're excited to announce the launch of the
industry's largest stable point ever on liquid
work as an upgrade to tethers original platform liquid provides fast fast
settlement times and you can read the entire block stream press release they
mentioned that you can do you'll be able to do atomic swap swaps with tether and
Bitcoin on the liquid network and it enhances over-the-counter trading
apparently that's great you know I'm not I'm not one of the value of my wealth
and tether or even mess around with it so that that's for you traders you
traders going to trade and that's some info for you do so tether has received
another upgrade since it's a more intertwined with Bitcoin than previous
it's a it's an upgrade over whatever what was it that I forgot the ancient da
block chaining that they're on what's he called
but I forgot it it's what uh that block thing was built onto another you know I
can't remember the name of that does anyone know the name of that network
that a tether is on top of it's all old-school all like 2014 style anyway I
didn't write it down so it doesn't matter all right so uh ow KZ said you
don't need it but you got to take it anyway yeah dudes pound that like button
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Bitcoin the transaction is final once it's set you can't get it back dudes but
I do appreciate all the support over the years and I tell you I tell the people
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Twitter just tweet it out whatever y'all need thank you Bitcoin motorist Omni and
L B gear oh thank you you too you know
what you're talking very good veteran dudes there you guys know you're very
i'm impressed very very good stuff guys very good stuff yeah you guys are uh
you've got some knowledge you've got some knowledge and that's good it's good
to have some I know we've got some you know I'm always joking around as I got
on the 80 percenters watching my show I know there are plenty of 20 percenters
who have listening comprehension you know quite a bit and there are there
definitely quite a few people who watch this show
whose technical knowledge goes way beyond the bitcoinmeister but man this
up this is not all about tattooed this is about you know a newfangled savings
account this is under is about understanding financial basics and you
can tear are plenty of technical dudes that can speak all sorts of technical
mumbo-jumbo and they don't know the first thing about financial basics and
that's why there's a few of them they've gotten to be cash and some other
ridiculous things yeah there are geniuses that uh that are
there's a there's some higher IQ people that got in the bsv and stuff that then
spouts out all sorts of nonsense on Twitter
geniuses quit but they hold the hope I mean you can ask a dealer on the streets
of Baltimore he's got a better idea about uh how to make money and the other
and the value of a buck and what what uh financial privacy is about down that
like button all right so uh oh there's there's someone saying something
ridiculous and I gonna repeat that okay so so moving on moving on brute Bruce
Stewart yeah Bruce Stewart I see what you're tweeting out there
dude I love that what you tweeted out there you're a dude that's in beautiful
Brisbane where it's winter but yeah it's always beautiful there he said this is a
quote from Bruce Stewart and I linked him below crypto old dude well this is
how he describes himself a crypto old dude hashtag Bitcoin walking working on
health wealth and freedom listening to podcast while walking 15 to 18
kilometers a day in beautiful Brisbane now that is a dude that can multitask
he's literally in motion getting himself healthy physically in motion but at the
same time he's mentally in motion but she's learning from the podcast
this dude is also mad tell Matt lick bun so people would say they don't have time
to listen to educational podcast no if when you're exercising do it like a
burst dessert or when you're sitting in your car hopefully you're not sit in
your car commuting to work I don't wish that upon anyone but I do I do like to
see this guy and Bruce retweeted my uh I think one of my shows recently so thank
you very much Bruce for the support and check him out dude check him out
yeah vention he said 15 kilometers a day that's pretty hard I mean yeah so if
you're walking that much a day yeah you might as well learn why walking to not
just listen to like Guns and Roses or I guess down in Brisbane you'd be
listening to a CD c1 alright so anyway um I'm not back in black I'm not back in
Bitcoin because I never left i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
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that is the bitcoinmeister system

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