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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
June the 17th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking deferral of gratification
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let this weekend Bitcoin was a great show check out my archives below disrupt
meister calm Ansel Thomas and Jorge we're on we were talking about some
tether Thomas seemed worried about the tether there and I got some comments
back for some people Adam in regard to tether and Thomas's concerns the market
has probably already discounted the manipulation selling into these lows
will likely be way too late we are already down 37% why is us why is
tether still trading at $1 USD if it were so fraudulent people would be
shorting this thing alright thank you for the feedback everybody hey if you're
watching this live do the super chat I'll answer your questions alright so
yeah it was a good this week in Bitcoin and Jorge was talking about what's
really going on in Argentina which was really an awesome perspective my shows
this weekend Bitcoin best guest in the space I mean Thomas Hahn Ansel Linder
you know those dudes I mean it's unique type of stuff you're
not gonna get anywhere else that's why it's the best this is why this channel
is for the 20 percenters out there strong hand dudes alright another thing
another reminder you know with all these no corners crying and making excuses and
just yeah touring out a down market the no coin artist flourishes in terms of
speaking up and I mentioned this on Friday show I I know of people who want
to get hundreds of Bitcoin thousands of Bitcoin entities people whoever they
cannot get their hands on it okay so there are and there's a lot of Bitcoin
out there we know that there's at least fourteen million out there because some
are lost the holders who hold a lot aren't giving up their Bitcoin you know
darn well that Adam Meister isn't giving up his Bitcoin pound that light but
because I'm a long-term thinker all right
twenty twenty having and guess what the smart people the rich people out there
they're not they're not getting rid of their Bitcoin now but there are a lot of
people who want it and need it again I know someone in South America who needs
a lot of Bitcoin and he can't get his hands on it and you know they're these
dudes that say they have it and then they don't really have it it's it's
amazing what I've been told so I keep that in mind you don't you don't hear
stories about that you don't see stories written about that in the mainstream
media they're people who need it a lot of it right now who want it who want to
change their Fiat and you know there's South American whatever worthless Fiat
they're into it's a Bitcoin into the real thing and you know Jorge was
talking about Argentina how they are used to they don't have any respect for
the Argentine peso they respect the dollar but they really the smart the 20%
they want to get into Bitcoin they know it's even better in the darn dollar
again watch this week in Bitcoin this is where the big boys play baby Bitcoin and
this frickin channel disrupt meister calm all right
i'm am tech bolt on twitter and steam in a bitcoin meister yeah that's why I say
bitcoin meister and disrupt meister to beginning of the show
okay what is this Matt Odell has a great tweet most likely
we will see aetherium become the de facto regulatory compliant chain with
tektite kyc AML integration Bitcoin will maintain its position as the most
censorship resistant robust as secure chain the base of global decentralized
Financial Network all right so he says that I aetherium will be kyc coin not
ripple you know tom has had a different take on this on the show he was he was
saying that aetherium now is a threat to big buy don't put words in his mouth
watch the show but aetherium is the government endorsed cryptocurrency thus
it has a chance of hurting on Bitcoin and I wouldn't agree with that I I'm
going toward Matt Odell on this that it's a it's
leaning toward that kyc thing but you know what I'm I'm not concerned about it
here let them do what they're gonna do I'm not in the rip in Assyria I mean –
holding my frickin Bitcoin because I know that's the rock
atheria might be kyc coin whatever good luck a theorem you can build cool things
with supposedly good luck Bitcoin the rock okay speaking about you're gonna
need a lot of good luck yes as I said before I don't care about us people
asking about us it's centralized clearly and here and you know they apparently
they had a day off for some hours off it's a hit the pause button recently and
here is a tweet from Bram Cohen the EO screw-up is not normal growing pains not
having a test net to it not having tested as grossed incompetence even if
you deploy a test not net they have lots more gross incompetence waiting in the
wings which hasn't had the chance to become visible yet okay
comment like button tech ball trevore hey I'm gonna be in Calgary soon dudes
Bitcoin rodeo calm July 9 content and of course I'm living in Philadelphia
big event on the 18th of August outside of Philadelphia it is linked to below
I'm starting to promote it now Philadelphians Pennsylvanians hey maybe
someone you come up from Baltimore I've gone to Puerto Rico on the 20 on
Wednesday so if you wanna hang with me in Puerto Rico I will be there from June
20 to 28 in San Juan I want to get to the bottom of this crypto billionaires
or whatever whoever is over there and I really want to go to sleep now because I
did my sprints today and then I ran six miles and it's hot out there
I'm tired it's a long it's been a long day
hey I'm a lucky guy that you know I get to just samphire because I've run and
exercise and do healthy things it's better than being tired from like
working in target or God working for the man who got aim to not and you guys can
get out of that you can work for yourselves to gain the big coin personal
responsibility as a new is a new counterculture you just can't sit there
and complain like the no corners you got to do now speaking of complaints
Andy Hoffman is a great steam at post I link to it below he talks about a guy
who emailed them who is just like a typical no pointer and completely
impatient saying you can't wait for Bitcoin is that you said Bitcoin would
do well why isn't doing well nonsense stuff so this is your typical watcher
Andy show listen Andy show at the end I mean this this this is the noise that we
hear now on Twitter these just short-term thinkers who have are
impulsive they're not patient people do they're gonna be down days they're gonna
be down months they're gonna be down years don't be impulsive don't sell it
all it comes back we've been through this
before I've been through this before jeez this impulsive Western world 80%
dominated cultures it's it's unfortunate that's why you gotta rise above it into
the big point overlay with the 20 percenters like me and Andy and all the
Bitcoin Ely the intellectual Bitcoin eally like
Thomas and vortex you know you're gonna see vortex and BTC Benny and me and a
whole bunch of other dudes at the Bitcoin rodeo calm check that out
all right so I I had a video about crypto dividends on Saturday um
and coincidentally I all of a sudden I hear that super BTC oh my god you
haven't heard that one for a while on hit BTC it was like worth 2% of a
Bitcoin for a little bit today now this is the kind of thing that gets you to
like jeopardize your private key your Bitcoin private key do not rush in a
super btc-e just because it had a super high price
on on hit BTC today okay I'm only bringing it and I think the reason was
is because you couldn't get your super BTC off of hippy BTC and then the price
started dropping it's only on hit BTC that the super BTC is worth that much
everywhere else is worth like $8 or something like that I did the one thing
I found out through and I linked to all this super BTC stuff below the funny
thing I found out is that apparently super BTC has rebranded itself renamed
itself Nash yes Nash prosody Stills Nash and young pound that like button he was
good crosby stills not know Neil Young Neil Young does bed the best of those
guys okay and I don't agree with stuff that Neil Young says but he made good
music okay things uh I'll do that for next time okay
oh yeah the philadelphia event is crypto coin con-com August 18th I'll be there
with Ken Bozak oh yeah on his home turf need a coin said I quit my job in 2014
before an 80% retrace what makes you think I'm concerned about a little 65
percent the best holds were in bear markets oh yeah that last part I
love it the best holds were bought in bear markets think of it that way people
keep your heads up come on dude okay there's no point or nonsense okay B
rhodium update the alpha version of the BT our pool is now running running for
miners to test still a few issues to be solved here and I'll and I linked to
their github then we will invite miners for mass test ok they're taking that
time that's good that's good don't be impulsive good luck to be rhodium some
of us got that for free was we signed up for that airdrop we'll be getting more
air drops in the future once it's all cyclical and the all coins come back
again the big coin comes back it's all cyclical alright I just wanted to say
that the two dudes here in in Delray Beach who have been really great to me
they got to meet each other and they're in motion there's a shaking hands
exchanging numbers they want to do stuff it is it's just great it's great to be
connecting people wherever I go hopefully I'll be connecting some people
in Puerto Rico and obviously in Calgary whoa that is gonna be uh what an emotion
event that's gonna be I mean I can't wait to see Alberta man I can't and I'm
gonna be in Edmonton for the meetup but I'm gonna be enough what's it called red
uh whatever the third largest city in Alberta is called I people I always
forget his name and then um Edmonton three four days in a row it's gonna be
great and then I'm gonna be an Edmonton for a long time for the rest of frickin
July oh yeah Adam goes where he goes stays a
few weeks in Edmonton what the heck I've never been Edmonton never been in
Calgary I'd never been Alberta Canadians all right what is this oh yeah I wanted
to say that uh yeah but I mean they did this price drop bandwagon that's out
there these do Murs of crypto their doom porn errs of crypto that they're like
getting a kick out of like oh I want to see it
it'll go down it'll go down more mee-mah if I don't even own any bitcoins some of
these dudes you know I understand you some people are living I wanted to go
down so I could buy more at the same time I mean it's you had your chance to
buy it cheap it's it's cheap compared to where it's gonna end up and up to 80
Estridge in 2024 or 2028 who the heck knows when there's when 99% of all the
bitcoins been mined what's it gonna be worth so I mean I'm not into cheering on
price drops I just don't think it's helpful I don't think it's good for
community I don't know I don't think it's a good it doesn't set a good tone
as it were speaking of tone I mean I don't I had a watch tone for so long I
like tone a lot I obviously I stopped watching the day he had that woman on
the show this last day I stopped it was such a gimmick it's unbelievable um and
I hear she's very smart person too but I mean is it's okay and I 6 in my face I'm
not gonna watch something to complete gimmick and also I mean how much can you
watch about price I mean every day there's a new interpretation of why the
price E is the prime e if you guys like that kind of stuff you like that kind of
stuff but you it you become obsessed with these numbers and I don't think you
end up with a real life for a real understanding what bitcoin is and you're
gonna lose anyway he doesn't trade you don't you shouldn't
be trading either what else do we have here yeah yes but the dude it's a bad
tone I think when we have people cheering on price drops I mean that's my
opinion I'm a positive person and I'm a guy with conviction I'm sticking with it
baby I'm sticking with it I'm sticking with what I believe in if you know if
there's something we talked about okay so um a private has a long they have an
update about there are plans for a proof-of-work change okay addressing the
bit main issues it's a really good long term planning update you can read it I
link to it below all right and Manero V here they have an update
too we look forward to our partnership of
the world's largest manera exchange hit BTC and the upcoming credit and listing
of an era be on their platform all right good good job and arrow b1 did you
wonder that no one's mentioned you lately so I want to mention yeah you
know with some of us hold Manero for whatever reasons we were given it and
how it's worth a lot more than with us and we want to get a Freeman Arabi when
it's safe only when it's safe I look forward to my
never be having a one day having a online wallet that would be great here
and I mentioned this tweet by Matt Rodell on this weekend Bitcoin show I'm
gonna mention again if a government classified Bitcoin as a security it
wouldn't matter that's the point that is the freaking point no one cannot all
right Ansel ripped on sec Thomas you know kind of only this week a big for
his show he was kind of putting the sec on a pedestal there he has respect for
the sec on a certain level he likes government regulation on a certain level
Ansel was just ripping on it and Jorge agreed with Ansel I was like yeah I
don't I don't like putting instant okay did and this is what I was originally
gonna say is if you are into guru or institutional Pleasant hit pleasantries
about BTC if that gets you going if that's your prime concern you know
what Goldman Sachs has to say or what the government has to say I think you
got to change your mindset we Bitcoin doesn't need the approval of these
institutions of these gurus of the other government I mean people love to say
look with John McAfee sitter and all these other ridiculous
guru you know people who are famous so what I just shaky low needle say I mean
doesn't matter Shaquille O'Neal is just as important as Emma cat yeah they're
both is useless both is useless and the sec – bitcoins gonna be big coins use so
goldman sachs s about Bigpoint great yeah so did
Shaquille O'Neal so did Michael Jordan I don't know what's his name
Ray Lewis Lewis is wearing his white mink anybody remember that one okay it's
a Baltimore thing I guess count man like button
all right did it ever occur here's a quote someone sent me did it ever occur
to anyone you know that if you bought one Bitcoin at every worst possible time
in history every top in price all-time high 2011 all-time high summer 2013
all-time high November 2013 all-time high December 2017 you still would be in
the profit now okay all right dude expect the money I said that last time I
found the dime on the ground today and I said respect because every little bit
you say hey man you not beat if you just throw money around you're wasteful
you're impulsive you're savor your long-term thinking twenty four Center
found that like button that's it I'll say hi to you guys in the chat a second
i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this
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oh I cannot wait to go to sleep bye bye

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