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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
April the 16th 2018 strong hand this is where the big boys play offended by
selling value your wealth and bitcoin uncomf– escapable one bitcoin equals
one bitcoin deferral of gratification don't FOMO on all coins
okay everyone remember check out this week in Bitcoin on Friday Bitcoin and
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me on twitter at Tec HB alt now in the comment section yesterday CP cent left a
very nice comment and I left a reply and I'm going to discuss it I'm excited for
all US beat Bitcoin holders but I cannot wait to see you living the life
post-2020 you deserve great things and I said thanks and thanks so that was a
very nice thing to say I won't be close to being satisfied until two hundred and
ten thousand blocks after the December 2017 all time fiat hi that should be
around November of 2021 so yeah I've always talked about you know the
earliest I'd ever sell buy Bitcoin is any Bitcoin for fiat would be after the
2020 having well now I I can't I can't say that any longer I just can't I can't
because I'm not I'm not sellin a ting my Bitcoin in the year 2020
I'm just not uh I gotta I gotta wait until 2021 I gotta wait until two
hundred ten thousand blocks after after the the previous all-time high
i-i have to see if this 210,000 block theory is true and that a and who and i
and it will be in about it will probably be in november of 2021 will be two
hundred ten thousand blocks after the December 2017 all-time high and if it's
worth more then I am going to be dude I'm gonna be busted through the roof now
it it is theoretically possible then uh I guess before then it'll become
blatantly obvious that by November of 2021 the price will be higher in terms
of Fiat than it was in December of 2017 so maybe maybe I'll alter my you know I
don't know what would I even want what do I want to buy I don't I don't even
know I so know uh again you guys can all make up your own decisions on this but I
want to see how this whole 210,000 fear – or 10,000 block Theory plays out in
regard to the the previous all time have hi we experience in terms of fiat in
december of twenty of 2017 and we're not gonna know that until november of 2021
so i mean some of you might be really i mean i can't make predictions on what
the fiat price is gonna be but some of you might be in situations right after
the having where you're doing really well fiat wise and you're gonna sell
some that's your personal business again but if it's if it's if in november of
2021 it's higher than in December of 2017 then then the pattern continues and
it just a make my hand even stronger like what's it going to be in 2025 how
many do I really need to sell to live anyway so I mean I'm gonna try to hold
on as sure as much as possible for as long
as possible because I mean just just imagine if it's
actually worth like in the six digits at some point in in 2021
I mean I'm gonna then then you're gonna start thinking well it can't really get
to seven digits to get to a half-a-million-dollar who
knows uh but anyway let's take it one day at a time the future is obviously
bright value your time in having's and yeah I again I I for those of you with
week and so yet your first step should be live past the 20/20 having just that
should be your first step then you can build up to two hundred ten thousand
blocks after the previous all-time high how about that pound that like button
but Josh Kohath said two hundred ten thousand strong hand appreciate you Adam
well Josh I I appreciate the dollar ninety-nine in in support and all the
support you've always given me and you know our talks over a DM on Twitter and
everybody out there it's always it's always fun to talk to everyone over the
Internet and by the way I went to sleep at about
I think two o'clock last night and I had to get up at about 6:00 today so I did
not I did not check out my laptop until 8:00 p.m.

Today so that was good I was I
was in the real world the whole you checked the price on another computer I
did check the prices sometime I admit that but I really stayed out of crypto
most of the day but tomorrow tomorrow you're that and that won't be happening
because Andy Hoffman will be on the show at 4:15 p.m. New York time tomorrow so
uh to tune in then tune in then all right so I I hope I made everybody's
hand a little stronger talking you know I don't like to talk fee up prices at
all you got a value your wealth in Bitcoin try to keep on getting more
Bitcoin and then you'll see what's going on in November of 2021 or July of 2020
whatever you want to whenever you want to decide but but again if it's why
would you want to get rid of most but I would want to hang on to most of it the
great majority of it you know if if I'm comfortable if I'm comfortable my family
is comfortable and we have a new all-time high whether if the all-time
high is definitely surpassed in 20 November 2021
I mean I wouldn't want to rolling the dice you hold that role in
that Stanley no I'm gonna keep on hanging on to it because you know what
will 2025 bring and yet four years can cope by so fast I mean it doesn't feel
like 2015 was that long ago in a certain respect it doesn't feel like it was that
long ago and in other ways yeah it just it feels like but it wasn't that long
ago the world has changed a lot since 2015 but it's not that long it's not
that long a sure deferred gratification people beat in this game you got to be
able to take take four years easy you got to be able to hang on to your stash
for at least four years that's what this I think we're gonna learn from this 210
thousand block theory alright so another announcement besides that auntie Hoffman
gonna be on the show on tomorrow at 4:15 p.m.

Pleat please – we'll talk some
nimble limbo we'll talk I'll talk everything I asked him you could tell me
what to ask him you can leave Scott you can tell in the chat tomorrow you can
say things they asked Andy will try to address them but Friday at 2:30 p.m. New
York time is this week in Bitcoin it's right before Passover starts we're gonna
have a Zakk Bowl be on the show Jeff bandru jr. he's been on the show before
he'll be on the show again and a new guy Tony sanic will be on the show I linked
to Tony's Twitter below so you can get familiar with him he does some videos he
his technical advice I talked about the Raspberry Pi thing that he did there was
a video about that I linked to the other day check him out he should be a very
interesting guest Friday this weekend Bitcoin tune in on this very channel we
do a new show here every day but this coming Saturday there will be no show
because it will be the second night of Passover and that is one of the two days
of the year I take off second second night of Passover and then the second
day of Rosh Hashanah also shall be in September or October but yeah we're
we're getting in a show right before Passover starts on Friday moving on uh
eight week from yesterday I was thinking about when I was
today I'm gonna repeat it is by Alistair Milne should coin founder slash
developer slash leaders be afraid of being delisted absolutely and again for
me this reminded me of the glory of Bitcoin because there is no centralized
authority that can speak insanity and get Bitcoin and into trouble and but it
made me think about fluffy pony and it brought me back to some events I believe
they were really earning 2016 or 2017 or maybe warmer one was when fluffy pony
appeared on tone basis crypto scam show and just went off on – that that was the
– guest was fluffy pony and I didn't I didn't think it was that great of an
idea because of you I mean it's it it painted Manero in a certain light but
but worse than that worse than that was when fluffy Pony City was gonna have a
big announcement and then the announcement was just a total joke and
the price of Manero i going up and then it went down oh my god it was people
were really angry now again is this comparable that to what has been going
on lately with another altcoin no it's it's not on the same level obviously
it's it's not it's not done out of out of you know someone being a psychopath
or a sociopath fluffy pony has a certain personality
but again he is the he is the face behind Manero there's no doubt about
that so he he's in fact a weak point in the Monaro ecosystem I mean he might he
may be a great guy or whatever but when he does things like that you can get de
listed you could who knows what can happen and Bitcoin does not have that so
I I just I was reminded of that when I was running today and I was thinking
about that tweet from yesterday and again it's not the same thing that's
been going on with the other situation but it is it does bring back memories
and there are a lot of there are a lot of other fluffy ponies out there
a lot of other guys behind coins that are associated with coins and they make
one mistake or they go insane for a second it can really cause some problems
for their altcoins for their and it just shows when we're talking about the
decentralization of Bitcoin they all can claim to have a certain level of
decentralization but they cannot claim the same level of decentralization that
Bitcoin has because Bitcoin does not have a fluffy pony Bitcoin does not have
a Satoshi liked my buddy Charlie Lee now and Charlie's a great guy too but you
know he could make a mistake one day I mean he's uh he's associated with that
uh I don't even know what that thing is called that he tried to that litecoin
tried to partner up with or whatever token pay again so that can't happen
with Bitcoin that can't happen with but again to compare the fluffy pony and uh
is a total totally different beast than than Charlie Lee and it's stressing the
word beast there all right pound that like button so uh moving on robert gross
left a very interesting comment and i and do any of have you guys been around
long enough to even remember those two situations with fluffy pony i don't
think most people in the in the Bitcoin space and the crypto space in the all
koi space they have no idea what I'm gonna talk about with that when fluffy
pony was on tone show talking about – or when he made that announcement that
wasn't even an announcement that that mineiro and manera went down in terms of
fiat and in terms of Bitcoin and I just showed a I mean welcome newbies it's
it's always good to get new blood into the space and I'm glad I have the
archives at disrupt meister comm you can watch the old shows where i talked about
these things i should i should have found those shows where i talked about
about the flutter ponies in his antics so robert gross said this in my comment
section and it's an interesting theory just a thought we got about ten percent
on be cash two point five percent on beagle
old 7% on B rhodium or whatever at the time
Bitcoin inflation was 4% I wonder what effect airdrops
will have going forward as Bitcoin inflation drops especially as airdrop
participation increases at some point the dumping of air drops alone will
exceed annual inflation you would expect B cash to have consumed all Bitcoin
inflation but not everyone claimed it not everybody sold it in a world where
air drops are a matter of course and there is mass participation from the
very start there is a possibility they could consume all new Bitcoin supply
might future air drops be as impactful or or more so than having x' okay now
that is you're making a really big assumption there a very very big
assumption there that when everybody gets their airdrop coin whether it be
member Wimble coin the rhodium are a crypto dividend like B cash that they
they turn it in the Bitcoin that they turn it into Bitcoin because not
everybody does that not everybody does that at all they might turn it into
another off coin they might turn it into fiat so and there there comes a point
with in theory when people what people won't give up Bitcoin for these air
drops in theory they shouldn't why would anyone pay for something they get for
free I still I mean I haven't said that in a long time I mean it's like with
people saying to buy steam why buy it when you get it for free what
it just amazes me and to go with the member wynnmalone we're all gonna get it
for free and then by fall people are like how can i buy member will coin what
why you buy it you could've got it for free so your theory is very interesting
and so I mean people buy so yeah people do buy things that they get for free so
in theory yeah people look will people buying every single airdrop for
will give people even minut amounts a Bitcoin for these air drops is still
giving away precious Bitcoin for these air drops so there's only so much new
Bitcoin being produced after the year after the 2020 having should be
interesting it should be interesting if people are so if people are still
willing to give up their Bitcoin then I mean and we as holders if we're still
getting our air drops and our crypto dividends and we're turning them into
big we should be definitely turning them into Bitcoin we should be definitely
turning them into Bitcoin because Bitcoin will be a lot scarce ER and yeah
there'll be a lot less new Bitcoin produced and if the air drops keep on
eating up more and more Bitcoin that's great that's great for the people who
get him for free it's not good for the people who are giving up their precious
Bitcoin for these air drops but hey people are going to do what they're
gonna do but again your theory against some people who get these air drops will
be giving up their their crypt of dividends for fiat for other crypto
divins for who knows what I don't know I don't know why all right
so an interesting theory you guys review it tell me what you think it's it's
below two days ago videos or just play play this a2/ad again play all my shows
at 2x but you can review what I just said all right Matt Odell has a tweet
upcoming Hardware while integration for wasabi wallet is a really big deal
will make using Bitcoin privately easier than ever before well it's not it's it's
coming up with open dying but apparently they're gonna work on it for the the
other classic hardware while it's also so yeah when it's uh when there's
traceur integration or what's what's the other one that other ones i have the bid
box and ledger when that's when those are integrated into it and I actually
have uh I haven't opened I'm too yeah but but that but when it's when it's
when it's integrated with the other ones yeah I guess I'm gonna have to try out
this wasabi mod have no excuse now because I've got the
the opened I'm also to play around with the nice just but yeah the wasabi while
it apparently privatizes everything for you or sort of does and matters I'll
often talk about it and if it's integrated with your hardware wallet
then well that's it that's just you know I encourage everyone to keep their their
their Bitcoin on hardware wallets so why not why not see what this is all about
when the integration integration comes your hardware wallet or maybe I should
at least play around a little bit in the future
alright so that that's good that that integration is being worked upon
something else that I so mentioned a couple places be it from the Amazon of
Japan it's called a Roku 10 is like the of Japan
here it is what's it say here Japan Rakuten Bank now allows millions of
customers to buy crypto well ok it's not exactly the case apparently well first
of all racket on is like Amazon but you can you can open an account there and
eventually they're gonna have an exchange they're gonna have a
cryptocurrency exchange through this company and in June apparently his
customers will be able to buy crypto I think now you can set up your account
hey this is this is good stuff though ok imagine if opened up in an
exchange a crypto exchange that would be great that would be great
so again I still think Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is centered around the
United States I know a lot is going on in Japan so it would be great if Japan
really surpassed the United States in a crypto adoption and crypto usage I mean
I've heard a lot of good stuff and this is some good stuff too but again it's
just I've traveled around a lot and then I see some of these numbers on exchanges
the real exchanges are all seem to be u.s.

Regulated or US base so hey but
good luck that daddy's news dat is positive news
it's just a matter of time before you know one day some somebody like Amazon
in the United States will open an exchange and that'll be big big that'll
be great that'll be great so if if it's really this big in Japan if it's rocket
on is really the Amazon of Japan and they really get rolling with this thing
great um finally I learned about something called lightning scratch card
lightning scratch card dot IO I'll link to it below it says enter lightning
scratch card content writers write an article and publish it it starts as
totally hidden users can contribute tiny amounts to scratch some letters once a
letter is scratched it is revealed to everybody money goes to content writer
write write write content get paid in Bitcoin readers can contribute as little
as one Satoshi to reveal one letter and again the money goes to the content
writer and if you go to the site they have some posts there so this is a very
interesting use case of the Lightning Network ok you you write an article
it's totally hitting and people pay Satoshi's to reveal different parts of
the article now we've seen this done with pictures before but now we're
seeing it done with articles so and maybe this can get a little bit more
complex I see this as the base layer of something big and it seems it seems it
seems like a very simple concept but a good concept in a way for all so right
now if you're writing articles go over there post your article over there see
what happens maybe someone will start paying Satoshi's to reveal parts of your
articles and i guess the idea is that a few people will play some Satoshi's here
there and then eventually someone will find it and say like oh wow this seems
like a really interesting article i got to pay for the whole thing i'm gonna pay
for the whole thing now and the whole thing will be revealed so it's an
interesting concept the guy is in motion very good dude
he's a French guy who lives in Southeast Asia somewhere I forgot now I don't want
to maybe Thailand but check it check it out below Lightning scratchcard on Io
it's linked to below be in motion people pound that like button bang that bell
button I'm Anna meister bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister tune in tomorrow
we'll be back pretty soon at 4:15 p.m.

New York time click on those squares to
see the old shows that I recently did and I will say hi to everybody in the
chat bye-bye.

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