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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 1st 2018 strong hand yeah that's the theme right of course you
have a strong hand alright check out the note section below always there are very
important links we're gonna be talking about you were gonna be talking I'm an
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but yeah you can get your ledger or Tresor and it's really important to have
a treasure or people I learned here in Taipei so many people are keeping their
coins on exchanges they're gonna get the beat down
hey Thank You Marcelo Dembo for the 2 euros strong hand if you're watching
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fire thank you to Jorge in Taipei who set up
the event last night it was really great hanging with taipei based cryptocurrency
fans again there's a I'm starting to lose well I'm not starting to learn but
it's it's becoming more reinforced that people need there's a lot to learn
people have a lot to learn they're jumping into this and they're skipping
some really important steps and if people have to take individual
responsibility and you know educate themselves I'm warning people I'm
warning people yet your education is not complete your crypto education is
definitely not complete you can say that to most people out there that are
involved in cryptocurrency right now alright uh what what else do I usually
say check out the notes section below all that good stuff there was only the
t-shirts of course cryptography tea is the Meister discount code below so let's
start with this one tweet out there this is from Alistair Milne and he's actually
from July the 16th 2017 and see if you can figure out why I am share
this now he retweeted it but okay fairly sure that within two weeks we'll look
back fondly at the opportunity to buy Bitcoin sub $2,000 hmm so that was that
was in July of 2016 that and all of a sudden cry remember this it all of a
sudden crashed down to like 1700 or 1600 I mean no and people were saying it's
the end of the world oh the percent drop it's horrible but he said you know he
said a long-term statement people are gonna look back on this and look back
fondly on the opportunity to buy Bitcoin below $2,000 so yeah put it in
perspective and apply it to the modern day I'm not gonna spell it all out for
you use your head be a 20% all right here's a one buy money Triggs
and maybe this adds some more meat to what I just said he says you were crying
why you didn't have more Bitcoin at $20,000 and now you are afraid to buy at
$9,000 interesting so he points out that back when Bitcoin was close to $20,000
there were people there though it's too expensive I wish it was cheaper Oh Lord
it's so unfair the wealth disparities of the world Oh horrible horrible I'm so
poor and so now it's $9,000 but you're afraid that the same people are like oh
I'm afraid it's dropping its drop good tweet out there hey man strong and
long-term thinking pound that like button if you liked this video people so
people can hear about this moisture strong hand long-term thinking
philosophy because guess what again in Taipei talking to people there are
people that just simply don't understand that you can just hold on to your
Bitcoin there are I mean there I mean and this
it's not just people in Taipei it's all over the world there's some people who
just think they they have to be traders or they have to you know invest it in a
Ponzi scheme or they have to buy all coins with it they don't they don't know
what a savings account is it is totally lost on the modern world what a say
you've got to do if someone gives you something you gotta do something with it
you just can't save it you can't do nothing with no saving is a lost art
I've said it a million times but and people and I know some of you are saying
Adam what you're saying is such common sense I'm getting tired of hearing your
common sense dudes talk to some people in the real
world they have no common sense not at all I mean I can tell them how well I
mean how great bitcoins been to me that I got them all you know I bought all but
below $800 or whatever it was and just by holding it now it's $9,000 or
whatever it is look how much my you know my paper wealth is now they still don't
get it they're like oh I want to buy some Tron you know I could tell of a
whole long story about buy and holding and you know I don't conclude with them
saying I want to buy some Tron or I want a blockchain my business I want to make
my business into a blockchain and do a Nicaea okay anyway so uh and I am tech
bought on Twitter te CH B alt bitcoinmeister on Steam it check that
out people all right and tomorrow is Friday and at 7 p.m.
vortex Gabriel in Venezuela and pront in India
oh yeah we're getting on the ground and freaking India tomorrow you're they're
gonna be giving us the Bitcoin news of the week and you know cryptocurrency
thoughts is gonna be a great this week in Bitcoin 7:00 p.m.

Or Friday Eastern
Time that's in New York and Baltimore in DC all right hey and I want to say
something Andy Hoffman has a great new video out there
I'll link to it below on his steam a channel actually what is this three
Bitcoin the community ok so he he talks about he's taking a great he's
improving his approach to cryptocurrency in the Bitcoin community
he stayed him really positive about things he knows that one man just can't
move the market and correct all the the FUD that's out there so he's taking more
of a positive approach I was really flattered he say that said that I helped
inspire his his shift into a more positive way of thinking and Andy's a
really positive guy anyway but he gives his story he talks about his transition
from gold to cryptocurrency and people still have questions about that so watch
his video it was it's really great you know from the heart video and he's Emma
he isn't honest dude he tells it like it is and it's it's a good video so
remember people free requests right here pound that like button subscribe to his
channel and check out the links section below and geez if you're in the city
through the chat do that super chat baby I'll answer this question alright so
let's talk about in via um another fan of mine from India it wasn't pre on
actually he he sent me before the India news broke a few I mean it wasn't
yesterday I'm gonna win this India vodka now he sends me a video to the
bureaucrat over there saying that you know bitcoin is horrible it is so you
know you hear about Indiana bureaucracy of from jihad but check out my diary
does a great job of just like pounding away about how worthless the bureaucrats
are in India but I mean you hear about it and you see you think how gigantic
and worthless and how time-wasting it is and then you hear this guy speak and it
just puts it you see it for real life real world stuff here this guy clearly
has no idea what he's talking about he's just posing he wants to help the
people by scaring them about cryptocurrency watch the video it's
linked to below but I do I linked it to other articles that kind of were they
don't kind of they do explain the situation in India a little bit better
than this one says no Iran shitali did not
say Bitcoin will be banned because apparently a lot of weak handed people
in India just worship their freaking government and started selling massively
massively when this video came out and that may have an effect on the price of
Bitcoin worldwide said cryptocurrencies crash after India
crackdown India crackdown you know I don't know what cause you know the price
did you know it went below $9,000 went below $10,000 I don't know where the
darn price was I was trying to get on the subway to get to the bar and Taipei
to meet all the people and by the way the bar and George is great George
organized the whole thing the bar was like a typical American bar oh my god I
thought you could have been in Portland in Baltimore in Louisville in st.

you wouldn't have known you were in the middle of Taipei you could have been
anywhere and our waitress was horrible horrible person my god you know I've
encountered suing nice people in Taipei this girl and she was a girl I mean she
was so cranky and hateful I couldn't believe it
dudes I feel bad for people who work in the service industry like that but this
was an extreme I mean this was an extreme she was having a bad day maybe
it was her time of the month also I don't know but you don't take it
out on everyone it was like that I thought it was like a jump from a gun
Saturday Night Live or something like that how horrible is and she was a
pretty girl too but she gets no props for it dude none at all because you
value your wealth and Bitcoin not in women and we were all valuing our wealth
and Bitcoin not miss cranky oh my god it was such a situation and then it ends up
being ladies night at the bar too so you know all these ladies are trying to get
Friedrich I hadn't been to a bar like this in a while and apparently the the
Asian ladies just love the white man here in in Taipei I had been told there
were people talking to me and I it was interesting whatever okay we're gonna
get there yeah there's a little rant the real-life rampant uh that happened but
this stagger and so that it was the brass monkey see if you
gonna brass monkey and don't ever go to the brass monkey that's my advice
that's mine don't ever go there go see you so hard seemed like all the weight
that the waiters and waitresses were had some bad attitudes there I don't know
maybe they don't like dealing with Westerners as there were a lot of
Westerners at this place all right so that was what an India conversation
leads me into this thing all right so here's something found that like one
buying Bitcoin and be cash directly is the BTC calm wallet is live in the BTC
dot-com wallah is live I got that email apparently at BTC calm you can buy
Bitcoin and be cash directly now hey that's good another option for people
that's why I bring it up what a rant I just read on that that had little to do
with all right so the price price drop in terms of dollars will get weak and
okay this is something I wrote down I think last night that you know the in
terms of that we value our wealthy big coin first of all but most people are
like oh no the price is going down in dollars and it's gonna get rid of some
of these 80 percenters that are just shysters that are just in it for the
heck of it and they don't want to be associated with something that's going
down they're gonna panic sell and so then I get this tweet from a fan it says
what's this as a bear market now is not remote is not a remotely bad thing at
Tech vault it flushes out the 80% get rich quick and instant gratification
people giving their valuable assets to those who would pass the marshmallow
test and who will prosper in life so yeah dude that was a great that was from
Seth sure as I again I linked to his link below but no it's a great person
it's a great perspective the you know price is going down in terms of dollars
it's gonna flush out some of these people who shouldn't be here in the
first place and it's gonna redistribute their bitcoins oh the long
ah holders of long-term thinkers so great it's a win-win for everyone but
tell me what you know when it comes back up to $20,000 or whatever it comes back
up to again they'll be back again but you know don't you you should be able to
identify the people who are long-term who are in it with the strong hands who
don't care about the price from the people who are just like reactionaries
who are impulsive like oh I gotta get out do Bitcoin now alright so here's my
type-a report these are just random things I wrote down last night movies
yes there were quite a few newbies there some people who don't eat who were just
curious so that was great there were definitely some trader type of people
there um there's a guy who was just he's like yeah I'm just gonna hold into
tether right now and I said dude that is not a good idea I would not be sitting
still and putting your value into putting your wealth into tether so then
again you should be true be careful traders be careful he had a general idea
of what was going on with tether you know the rumors also this is not a time
to be holding on the tether man this is not I mean it might all be fine but
dudes hold on the Bitcoin otherwise you know
these people these traders like they want to make money off of Bitcoin going
down so they take enormous risk what is the point
just hold your Bitcoin it it'll go back up again come on you don't have to be
the greatest traitor in Wall Street history or whatever you know on the
streets of Taipei is it just fine hold all right ah and you know it in general
and this was not in Taipei but it's something that's being reinforced over
and over again there's just so many get-rich-quick people in the
cryptocurrency space doing block chaining stuff that is just totally
nebulous and clearly unnecessary and yeah and these are people who have
clearly skipped important steps they don't know what segment is they don't
know what big they don't know how to send a Bitcoin
again there's nothing wrong with that but if you're some like slick salesman
all the Sun saying why I should buy your ICO or you or Adam should we blockchain
this coming up with these terms that make no sense like dudes do you even
know how to send a Bitcoin I mean it's like embarrassing you've got a call and
I'm when people approach me when I can tell they're like slimy used-car
salesmen but they're cryptocurrency people now and hey there's nothing wrong
with trying to make money selling cars I'm not saying that but I'm just you
know I'm talking about a typical what people think of a slimy salesman when
you you just got to be able to call these slimy sales people out and it's
unfortunate that a lot of people just can't identify these people immediately
and that's how their be that's how salespeople are able to sell
they've just been able to convince people I've got an awesome product and
they even know what they're selling they don't even have a real product at the
time and that I think that that differentiates 20 percenters from 80
percenters also 20 percenters can tell when you know they're up there's just a
guy that's trying to sell them total nonsense they can identify slimy
salespeople it's a it's not a spidey sense this is a slimy sense pal Matt
like but but clearly most people on this planet cannot do that all right so what
else do I have here some people are scared to invest in Bitcoin there are
some people that are just totally scared they've fallen into and that's what I
learned in Taipei last night some people are scared they they they fall in for
the government fight or the the fun they read in the newspaper they're more prone
to believe what the government says I guess and they're just certain people
that like that give her quite a few expats last night you know there was
white guys Indian guys I met a young girl a young woman from from Paraguay a
Paraguay the first crypto Paraguay and I have ever met was a female she was she
was a nice person very curious wanting to learn I had seen the videos before
maybe she's watching now but so the expat ratio was good amount
there were just regular time time of these people there some of them were
kind of quiet on one end I don't know what the heck they were doing and why
the heck they've really showed up if they just wanted to like the three of
them just want to talk to each other like why do you come to a social event
that everyone's talking about Bitcoin and you're just talking in your little
clique still and yeah I approached the guys and everything but they they did
not want to talk to anyone but themselves I guess they want to hang out
at the brass monkey and I get a frowned upon by horrible waitresses all right
yeah but again so in my title I talk about education again there is a lack of
crypto education people are skipping really important steps really important
steps I think I don't know of anyone from last night actually owned a
treasurer and they are all storing their Bitcoin or their various other
cryptocurrencies on Asian exchanges this is it's just to hear people say oh it on
gets us all right it's fine at my Chinese exchange I keep all my coins on
the Chinese exchange not not good not good so that was uh the more I see the
people's yeah okay so yeah that's my that's my educational people are just
they're paying their Bitcoin path or their cryptocurrency path is like a wild
path where they're just totally skipping important steps and that was the case
last night there were some people like that it was good to see a lot of young
people though there were some people find universities as I believe the girls
rub up that power a yes she was a university student so people come from
all over the world they go to universities here so they must have a
good universe in good universities here it's not I mean the United States has
the you know if the United States universities are very liberal and
everything but on an educational level they're the best I mean people from all
over the world I mean you know when I was at Washington University in st.
Louis unbelievable to see the amount of people from Asia that came and anyway
I'm going off on a little bit and again I'm not saying
College if you get accepted to a top-20 University you're a pretty smart person
so it is you it is it is like a Disneyland go into a top-20 University
in the United States I'm not gonna lie it's a fun it's a fun time it's a fun
time they treat you like a king and you do not working you need anyway I am
being that I've been the University for a while I'm obviously not an
eighteen-year-old kid anymore there's a little luck I've talked about college on
this channel but look before pound that like button alright but and again some
people last night we're bringing up very interesting fun topics that had been fed
into their head there why was it so slow when I sent my Bitcoin to my wallet to
my eight to my exchange wallet and then I've heard that Bitcoin I'm like have
you checked the mempool lately and have you checked to send Bitcoin lately to
see if is expensive or if it's slow still like no Billy when I was trying to
sell my Bitcoin it was slow so they don't understand that yes when you send
Bitcoin to an exchange sometimes for it to show up on the exchange they slow it
down okay they charge you fees they do things it's it they don't get but
they've heard that bitcoins slow so it must be bitcoins pratfall not the
exchanges fault or and when they try to send their big point off of it so
they're so the people out there that are spreading the bitcoin is slow fun and
the bitcoin is expensive fallout fun you know like be cash king of the trials be
cash or their fun works it freakin works okay at least people don't understand
how how Bitcoin works they don't understand when they're dealing with a
third party that third party in exchanges because they're not
buy-and-hold people they're just trying to flip their Bitcoin play with around
with these alt coins send their Bitcoin back out again
well then solder just store the Bitcoin there or send them picault to another
exchange big probably these are people sending Bitcoin between two different
exchanges but again they fall for it there
using it correctly so did you know we as people who understand how this works we
got it we gotta have sit-down conversations
with people or we got to make educational programs and and just
explain that you know it's not slow it's not expensive if you do it at the right
time but you know if you're sending if you're dealing with exchanges they can
slow things down they can make it expensive for you don't believe
everything you hear from king of the trolls type of people that's what that's
what you gotta say and but king of the trolls is successful he appeals to
people who do not fully understand what is going on and so it's very unfortunate
it's very unfortunate we've sit and that's why I don't say his
name but he is a very persuasive in the individual and it's just something we're
gonna have to deal with I'm here's again big Kings load showed
ad Anne says I got some food stuck in my ear dude
clean out your ears use some q-tips after you take a shower gently use some
cute hats it gets rid of the wax and it'll probably get rid of the fun
awesome all right but yeah there's a lot of fun going on who cares if you two
kids okay so as I said earlier for most people in this show is going pretty long
isn't it this is classic classic meister here we
got 122 live viewers down like button people but for most people and you're up
late on the East Coast for me I just can't wait to cook my my food dude I
can't wait to cook some food and yeah I've got some frogs there I've eaten
some frogs here just like I ate some frogs and uh frog legs they're delicious
tastes like chicken tastes like chicken man you got when in it when in Asia you
know taste some of their cuisine some different cuisine and so yeah when I was
in Hong Kong before is when I first had frog when it rained on me and Hong Kong
in July like constantly eight times a day but here in Taiwan it drizzles and
stuff a lot and I'm enjoying my frog a lot more I'm eating the Frog mmm that
was another side uh side rant there or side cone alright so yeah as I said
before most people and these this is the typical of 80 percenters they just
not hold they just can't do it I don't I don't fully grasp it I mean again I
understand what a savings account is people have a lot of to learn they've
got to have some discipline here this is but because people just cannot hold this
is a crypto scammers paradise it just is so many people are gonna get ripped off
you know and right now I think the less people get ripped off because there's
people are slowing down you know there's not as many new people coming in when
the price is dropping but at this is all cyclical price is going to come up again
people are gonna be flipping their I CEOs flipping their altcoins again all
the all coin prices are going to go up again and we'll just have scammers
scammers paradise because gamblers are gonna gamble and they're gonna and
they're going to be able to be tricked and again it I go back to education
people educate yourselves there this place is filled with scammers when I say
this place I mean the crypto ecosystem is filled with scammers and there are so
many marks out there and we can see with the big Kinect how many people got
tricked into it it's just gonna it's just gonna happen again and I was
talking and something that I noticed here people love you know now the creek
all the cryptocurrencies are going down in price okay they're all going down in
price but wet when they're all going down and price you only hear about the
Bitcoin price the big core versus dropped from 10,000 or $9,000 you read
you know you don't hear that all the other ones eight percentage-wise have
dropped more it's so it's worse in the off cones it's worse than all coins but
the mainstream media are the and the hype people out there they don't care
they take the temperature of cryptocurrency by telling you the
Bitcoin price okay but on the other on the other side of things when so now all
again all the coins are going down but what all the coins are going up you hear
about which one of these coins is gonna be the next Bitcoin okay that's what you
hear about there's a new big coin crowned every time when
everything's going up do you hear about the new and the up-and-coming new king
of the cryptocurrency so again that's an example why do you have a strong hand
people you got to be able to ignore all the Krypton noise going down you got to
be able to ignore that hey Bitcoin dropped $1000 going up you got to be
able to ignore Oh nem went up $50,000 it's the next king of the trolls or
excuse me king of the kingdom occurred ogres yeah I made that mistake on
purpose uh what else do we have here here okay thank you do I have time to
even talk about this Monaro be crypto dividend I'm gonna have to rush through
this thing thank you no I am gonna talk about it
because I when I tweet it out I I tweeted to the Monaro of the people
thank you to a follower of mine on Twitter who informed me about this in
the first place okay I would not have found out about the Monaro of the crypto
dividend manera there are some guys that are disappointed with monaro they're
disappointed with how Manero markets itself and so they and some other
aspects of it and these are clearly english-speaking people i link to all
and so they're forming something called Manero v they're forking off from Manero
and creating something Common Era V so for every Manero you own you're gonna
get ten Manero v if this really happens on March the 7th but right now they've
got a great Twitter out there they've got mineiro v org they've got a PDF I
linked to with a road map I've linked to every every their reddit I linked to
okay they're organized and they clearly speak English again which is really
important because some of these people who've tried to do Forks of Bitcoin
don't speak English alright and it's just hard to understand what the heck
they're talking about and it doesn't it doesn't help doesn't help a sprint but
but I'm bringing up this and so you're gonna be a 10 min RV for everyone monaro
and I'm gonna be actually and so if it happens on March the 7th I am gonna be
in South Africa then which is odd because fluffy pony the guy behind my
neck Oh lives in South Africa so maybe he'll
be at the event and maybe I'll be able to talk to a fluffy Pony about but I
don't think fluffy cloning is a fan of this he had a tweet out that just kind
of blew this off but you know this is not about fluffy food this is about a
bunch of guys truck starting their own Manero and they they make compact
comparisons between Manero and what they're trying to do there is going to
be a two hundred fifty six million coin limit and that takes into account I
believe there's already a 15 million manera out there so they're gonna
they're gonna all of a sudden have a hundred fifty million
Manavi they say that Manero is can be infinitely produced so they say there's
going to be a cap on these Manero of B I did not know that about Manero or maybe
I did and I just didn't care because again I have Manero but people have
given me manera over time so this interests me I'm gonna get this Manero v
they seem like they I think there is going to be a a pre mind for this and
they're they're doing this to be able to fund the marketing and just fund the
maintenance of this coin you know people people said all bagel then they hate
it'll be gold for doing this but hey be Gold's around so if they're being open
and honest about it again it's linked to below again I I this is intriguing to me
also because many people out there keep their will personally keep their an
arrow in exchange that's not gonna be too good they're not gonna give them an
arrow be that away most likely but if they keep them an arrow at a at mine
within my Manero wallet and be careful when you get the my Monaro
online wallet because you don't want to get this like the scam version that's
out there P but you have your uh your recovery seed your private key whatever
you want to call it it's sixteen words or whatever it is and if these Manero
v– people come up with an equivalent to that you'll just enter your sixteen
words your private key into their a bank but
Mauri to do that you'll move all of your Manero to a new private key to a new my
mineiro wallet so this is different than the Bitcoin situation where you've gotta
be really super quick careful with your private key already if you're involved
with manera my the my my narrow wallet you're not too careful with your private
key recovery seed whatever you want to call it already so it's intriguing I
went on a little bit of a ran there but what else does a timetable say here
they're gonna incorporate nimble Wimble in late 2019 to this uh Monaro
V and yeah June 2018 they say they're gonna have their web wallet out which
would be there so I'm gonna wait most likely till June 2018 to claim my
my Manero V all right so we've talked a lot about this that's enough manera V
good luck to them if that they'll probably tweet out to me soon or
something who knows what else do we have here oh no oh yeah 2013 a lesson that I
learned back in 2013 at the end of 2013 Bitcoin surged to $1,000 and then it
crashed slowly at first but yeah well not that slow the point is it you know
we all know what happened went down with $200 eventually and there were so many
people who were down but throughout that and as I knew that we would be rewarded
I knew that I knew it would go back mm I knew that since it already had hit a
thousand that it was gonna be it was gonna hit a thousand again it was gonna
hit a thousand again so I I think I'm thinking this way people he'd already
hit twenty thousand it's going to come back to a twenty thousand it's going to
come since we know it can hit twenty thousand we know it can hit it again
that was the confidence I had back then I mean I saw it hit a thousand I knew it
would hit a thousand I knew it was possible it wasn't I knew it was
possible as I saw it actually happen and so it's not just like saying oh it's
gonna hit 30 sure 30 thousands possible but we
haven't seen it happen yet we haven't seen that happen yet so sure it's
possible but this is more than you know it's more than possible was it already
happened so uh I I thought I'm thinking about 20 2013 in the 2013 $1000 back
then so there's a little bit of a confidence boost for you guys it will
return I shall return people people in life love the promise of something
returning and there it will return ok here is it so that's it for the Bitcoin
part of the show but this this is a life lesson in Bitcoin lesson part of the
show right now this is the endless show there's a guy out there human he's a big
towel he makes great videos and in a video that I linked to below I think he
calls it stay sober the video first of all one thing that he points out is
don't feel bad about being disciplined then you can apply that to all aspects
of your life people people try to make you feel bad about being a disciplined
person oh why don't you you know snort some coke with me dude it's not that bad
and you're like no I don't do drugs I want my mind to be you know I want to be
focused I want to be as like exact and efficient come on man your party pooper
is a discipline being a discipline strategic smart person it's frowned upon
so much don't feel bad about this of being disciplined it's same thing with
Bitcoin oh come on man invest Insignia or invested in this ludicrous thing no
Pete viable Bitcoin be discipline okay I just remembered something about Manero
we're gonna have to go back to that in a second and then he says the general tone
of the video is stay sober so what he means by that is just don't don't be a
be a 20% or don't be an 80 percenter and be impulsive and try to get high off of
just ridiculous impulsive things be lava logical clear mind stay sober stay sober
and I'm not talking drugged her I just say mentally sober if
you watch this video you'll get the point don't just because don't let a
woman trick ya personal because you know you feel you do get this feeling a
feeling of you you for you oh she talked to me she talked to me she talked to me
that you're looser been going that way you're gonna lose your life that way
stayin sober don't value your wealth based on so with someone else the
euphoria somebody else tries this jab you with think okay so back to Manero
real quick so if people do hear about this Manero V and it and it really it
does really appear that it's going to happen people struck might start buying
Manero and it might boost up the price just as you know we saw a big coin and
you know when be gold was coming people started buying up Bitcoin so they get
their free beagle people might start buying out Manero so they get their free
Manero V I should have said that earlier some of you have probably tuned out by
now until we missed that found that like on on atomizer they become measure this
rob nice to remember subscribe this channel like this if you share this
video do check out the notes section below double strong hand people look at
the rip in this cheap shirt that I keep wearing over and over again yeah then I
don't buy new clothes people give me t-shirts strong have bye-bye

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