The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning network progress, Ethereum Classic, Brhodium wallet, Bcash

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 23rd 2018 strong hand values your wealth in Bitcoin be patient
alright check out the links section below get your t-shirts crypto
cryptography tea trees or alleged nano at crypto hwy comm I want to thank the
people who sent me bitcoins etherion classic a few weeks ago it was actually
and some litecoin I haven't said thanks for a while haven't checked my addresses
for a while but thank you very much my cryptocurrency addresses are listed
below if you want to send me cryptocurrency this morning when I was
at the the market down in a Taipei I'm in Taipei I'm about to switch Airbnb
ease this one was great but if this one's expired now something or the other
one I got this fruit I don't know what this thing is called I see it in Asian
markets a lot the guy gave it to me he just like had it had it tell me what
this is people with some pinkish purplish thing I'm gonna eat it later
but I don't know what it's called so what is this thing leave it in the loot
in the comment section ok have a strong hand people so the foot excuses never go
away and here's a little lesson so you can just ignore the crypto noise this is
from whale Panda high fees and full mempool bitcoin is dying because it's
too expensive low fees and almost cleared mempool bitcoin is dying because
no one is using it anymore ok so they're always going to come up up with excuses
so you just got it you got to ignore all this stuff and just move along so they I
mean either way if it's too crowded it's too MP there's always going to be an
interpretation and that is that bitcoins dying and the funny thing is is that big
points not dying but if you listen to that stuff then you start to get worried
etc etc pound that like button okay here's another one Alex Bosworth and
this is about the Lightning Network another reason to get excited about it
he says set up backyard brew and he gives a link with a with a with a
lightning main net coffee storefront interface if you are near palo alto come
by if you want to test buying coffee with lightning i bought the first cup
coffee tastes so much better with lightning okay so that's pretty funny
he's got a lightning network things set up and you can buy coffee check that out
very interesting people really like that lightning Network with I gave
yesterday's show where there's a demonstration and you can learn how to
do your own lightning Network be careful though all right
Alastair Milne has a because obviously the Lightning Network debuted it's still
being tested out be patient our alistair melanie has a tweet out
there each Bitcoin or fragment of is a ticket on to a financial Noah's Ark most
people are still at the you're crazy why did you build an ark stage and don't
want to ticket and actually and again that's linked to below all these links
that I mention or link to below but he has a whole thread about this Noah's Ark
thing I think it was pretty funny uh and speaking of Noah's Ark and the Bible
Jimmy's song is gonna be at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv I think at the end
of the month so the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy I've been there twice I love the
people there Tel Aviv Israel has a huge Bitcoin fan base
compared to you know the small population of Israel a lot of people are
into it so it's gonna bring a lot of attention to all the good guys over
there and that's great that Jimmy sun's gonna be there so keep it up Jimmy Sun
keep it up Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv and Ken
Bozak sends me $4.20 in the super chat lightning
Network for munchies he says pretty funny dickhead
ken is awesome because um he had the the gonads to call out it connect and the
scum that were associated with big connect and he should forever be
remembered as a hero of the entire bit connect debacle that can and myself and
other people warn people about law for a long time so Ken his awesome check out
his channel alright and thank you for the four daughters than twenty cents the
be rhodium wallet is live now I linked to it the tweet that they send out you
don't have to clean it now you can wait there's no there's no rush and claiming
anything it's not on any exchange yet they're taking their time and again the
only way you're gonna be able to get your your be rhodium is if you followed
all of the directions before the snapshot deadline which was earlier this
month you can't just do everything that they say to do this up your wallet now
and claim be rhodium if you didn't do this stuff in the past and again you can
see if you properly registered your your Bitcoin addresses public addresses by
checking out Bitcoin RH org I link to everything below but you know there's
some people that are a little frustrated they're not getting it it's most likely
because you didn't do everything that you were supposed to do originally or
you missed the deadline and get airdrops are a little bit they're complicated you
got to be proactive you got to do things they're different than the traditional
forking crypt of dividend that we were used to with be gold and be – speaking
of crypto dividends it appears on March the fourth and I mentioned this before
but I didn't give a good link to it and I didn't give a date to it a cerium
classic is going to have a crypt of dividend called Callisto there's
information at this reddit thread that I linked to below in the notes section
again if you have your fear and classic on your hardware wallet your treasure
your ledger nano you'll be fine if you haven't won the exchange you're probably
not going to be fined at all and you're not gonna be able to get your Callisto
but how much is this Callisto gonna be really worth I mean the few more plastic
isn't worth very much so it's interesting that I mean a theory of
classic is a top-tier Allpoint it's listed on you know you can store it on a
treasure on a ledger nano that makes it so now it's gonna have a certain crypto
dividend I don't exactly get the purpose of the crypt of dividend I I guess I
have to look into it a little bit more maybe if I knew what this fruit was I
would fully understand the etherion class or crypto dividend of course that
makes no sense found that like button ok so everyone's
oh the price of Bitcoin is down and it makes me think you know this is
screaming of all sorts of fun it's going to 7,500 blah blah blah you know
whatever if it goes seventy five hundred great I only care about twenty twenty
but it made me think you know we haven't had a be cash pump in a while that's you
know that's that's it you know we're didn't know this uh suppose the bad news
with the price going down be cash usually take advantage of such
situations you know with the Bitcoin prices going down they usually come up
with a good news story they get on king of the trolls gets on some news program
somewhere and we haven't had a big cash pump yet and it's a straight out but I
was thinking a good you know what's probably gonna happen doesn't mean you
know maybe things into the Bitcoin price will be down for a little while and
again it's cyclical it will happen again the big cash pump will again will happen
there will be a fun session it will take advantage of but maybe we're gonna have
to wait until about February 15th to 18th I'd say because that's when shmita
fest takes place in Mexico we're all you know the the guy who said that the
shmita was gonna hang another he pumps be cash he he's a big big cash pumper
this guy and again I don't know why anyone believes a word he says after the
shmita and all the nonsense the the guy talks about but his big shmita fest is
down in Mexico in in February 15th to the 18th so I expect a big be cash pump
dang that way because king of the crawl trolls is going to be there in honor
yes he'll be an honored guest that she meets efest so yeah well WB cash pumped
will it be before then will be after we will be doing it probably be in
conjunction with it in some way they'll come up with some lies some rumor maybe
that you know the shmita there's gonna be a new shemitah of Bitcoin and thus
you have to get be cash be cash is the real Bitcoin because of the shemitah
that uh that the guy who you know lives in mexico and there's a canadian you
know I like Western Canadians usually you know we've got Gabriel's a great
Western Canadian what's his face over at steam it is it is a good is a good
Western Canadian what's up forgive me isn't any way down that way but some
Western Canadian whoo man shemitah pump the beat cash you okay with your puppy I
still have some big cash I got a dump Oh some of us have some be cash we got a
dump still so yeah if you're gonna pump it whatever do it on your she means
offense okay hello like bone because this show is almost over I gotta get out
of here yeah I'll be in Johannesburg March 5th to 12th rent so on that soon
March 7th event March 10th event okay finally coin X point X some Hong Kong
exchange made it an announcement they're launching a fourth market they mention
bit vote and and be cash candy or be candy whatever you want to call it
trading pairs I mean it's it's and they trim this this exchange only deals with
be cash apparently I guess maybe they're going the shmita fest to their big king
of the trolls fam anyway uh but no I only mention this not because they have
be cash trading pairs but because they're going out of the way that launch
up a fork market so they're on the right track here we're probably gonna see more
exchanges with fork markets with fork focuses so they're they're on the right
track they heard far from poor perfect but I link to it below they they have an
interesting press release out there and you know we can hopefully we can see
similar press releases from other exchanges but that are a little bit deal
with some more popular huh Forks and don't give me this whole be cash
nonsense anyway I'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister destroy it must remember
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section below i'm not gonna say hi to everyone in the chat because i got to
get out of here i got to clean this place up
oh maybe I'll do another video later about doing one tomorrow I have fun bye

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