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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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October the 15th 2018 strong hand a feather by selling personal
responsibility to new counterculture uncomplicated ol Bitcoin first be a
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all of today ok so impersonal responsibilities of new
counterculture and that really rings true with this tether or situation you
know if you're not if you're not a bitcoin trader and i hope you're not a
bitcoin trader an Allpoint trader you can just watch and sit back and kind of
just study all of this and laugh it's like a movie because the
there's all sorts of tether rumors coming out and big finex rumors and
because of this there's a Fiat price discrepancy between big finex
and other exchanges that use tether and ones that done and there were huge price
spikes today there's it's like a $300 difference now I think it's 660 400 on
the regular exchanges it's 6700 on the other exchanges I don't even know but I
am provided it's a big story so I'm providing you the information linked to
below is the medium post by BitFenix that you know gives their side of the
story that everything's okay and again in terms of Bitcoin by the way
fundamentally everything is fine with Bitcoin so this will pass we have been
through situations where major third parties that are involved with Bitcoin
have tragedy tragedies I mean back in 2016 BitFenix was hacked and everybody
panic and the price of Bitcoin went from about 700 or 500 or 720 to 520 I don't
even know which was a huge dip but we look back on that now and we laugh our
butts off and you better believe there were people who panicked and probably
now regret you know they maybe they've lost 10 Bitcoin because of the whole
thing and back then they didn't care that much now they really regret it
so it's situations like this where if you're in life you have a weak hand and
you let third party disasters third party rumors freak you out
weaken your hands yeah you're gonna lose Bitcoin because of that end I mean
that's that's the big reason I bring this story up and it is a big story in
the crypto space it's gonna get resolved one way or the other and in the long run
you know there's so many bigger bigger stories that affect Bitcoin so many in
of age this is not an innovation this is a third party having some issue with an
altcoin that helps impulsive people trade all coins and and Bitcoin is is
that that's the situation and if you're I mean if you're one Bitcoin because
Bitcoin guy I mean you just got your popcorn and you're washing this like
it's a movie and so the here we have Arjun who's been on this show before and
he has a tweet that is linked to below sharing a quick summary of the tether
BitFenix drama I made for a friend all mistakes emissions mine appreciate the
get great coverage we've gotten on this from at law master and at nlw okay so if
you are interested in this check out his tweet he done it's a good explanation
again I'm not that interested in it but I know a lot of people are so hey Maddow
beldo has a great take on this and this he's dealing with the troll well there's
a guy named bit fee next out there on Twitter who this has been his mission in
life to bring bid Phenix down a bring Heather down the bring Bitcoin down I
don't know he's a negative guy he's definitely a guy who relishes this and
he's been talking this game for a long time so this is like his dream come true
with tether it falls apart but so Matt Odell has two tweets out there I guess I
should have listened the big fin xed and sold all my Bitcoin for eight hundred
dollars two years ago because of tether and then he all he goes on to say I also
spent way too much time debating him and then he deleted those tweets and blocked
me such a waste of time and you know what I think that's the biggest takeaway
from this entire situation don't waste your time on a situation like this
especially if you're a holder don't get into the arguments about the
fundamentals of tether and what does it mean for big boy its trolls bringing you
down wasting your time and then they're just gonna erase all look time that you
you wasted with them and it's a great lesson to learn because you should never
waste the time of patrol anyway it's not worth it to give them your attention and
Matt Adele's are smart guys a shame that you know he wrote out some smart stuff
tried to rationalize with the guy reason with the guy and they erased everything
just again its death enough enough Heather talk pal nap like bond I've I've
waste sometime now so Josh Cole Hal says
fidelity has been mining for a few years Oh Josh well I know you've obviously
read the note section below this video before the video started because I'm
going to talk about fidelity and obviously it's in the it's in the title
also so thank you for the $1.99 super chat thank you for your continued
support of this channel and the strong hand philosophy a long-term thinking
that is taught on this channel the pounding of a like button pound that
frickin like button all right so since Josh brought up fidelity I will say yeah
fidelity is the 2.5 trillion dollar Wall Street giant is launching a brand new
institutional brokerage and custodial business for crypto so again you know we
have big organizations that have the ability to bring in a lot of money to
the space that is that's a big that's big news there that's a third party that
has a tremendous effect because it's going to be an on-ramp for all these
traditional institutional type of investors to get into Bitcoin
specifically here because well first of all they call their and I link to the
fidelity digital assets comm page their overview page if they call it the dev
fidelity digital assets so you can check it they also have a what is this a
minion post up that I'm linked to and it's institutional solutions for a new
asset class and at the blog of theirs it says laying the foundation for regulated
and trusted Bitcoin custody they use Bitcoin now of course I don't think you
know these custodial services you know control your own private key get your
treasurer don't rely on a third party even if it
there is wealthy and powerful as fidelity no that's not what this is
about but so many people are only gonna feel comfortable with a big name like
fidelity controlling their Bitcoin all right it's a you know personal
responsibility is the new counterculture they can go their way we're gonna go our
way with a strong hand and controlling our private team is we know that's when
you really own your Bitcoin okay but so it is it is good news the fidelity is is
getting into this game they're playing with the big boys now there's big coins
where the big boys play you can't manipulate this thing you can fight it
as much as you want to with there's no one's the truthful investors coming or
tether is going to bring down everything in the long run it's just a just a speck
in time that we're in right now and we're gonna look back on this week I'll
miss him on this month in 2021 and just laugh and be like haha oh it was so
young back then Bitcoin was so young the flood stirs were so young it was so
early on now remember I post a new video here every single day dues watch this
show and you can just check it out in the disrupt meister comm archives if you
miss one but baby that is conviction i have that bitcoin conviction that's
that's the conviction wins the day and dude the bitcoins got the conviction
behind now speaking about so there's some people who have some sort of
conviction behind with be cash ryan x charles who's a big be cash dude he had
a tweet out there do you want be cash to split in november 41% of this 1654 votes
on twitter said yes 59% said no so there's a lot of people out there who
wanna be cash crypto dividend can't blame on MIT there if they've got some
big cash and again some of the people were just you know one want to cause
trouble for be cash probably but i'm sure there's some people that want to
see you know they want to see satoshis vision of be cash that's the name they
call it versus the ABC version because in battle so Brian actually had a video
about how he doesn't want there to be a fork kind of funny how he was four Forks
when B cash for Bitcoin but a what I actually didn't liked his video below
you can find it yourself it's nonsense so I was okay I mean if
you're holding with a be cash great that's great if they if they create a
free crypt of dividend and I think there'll be a lot of good who'da I think
they'll be I think it'll happen and it is gonna be November 15th and maybe for
a while no one's gonna know what B cash is the real B cash said that there'll be
people buying both of them for don't buy any of them remember that don't buy when
you can get for free but heck again I think the to be cash is combined will be
worth more than one B cash before the forum so bring on the big cash crypto
dividends and then turn them in the Bitcoin is what is what I say invention
big town since five dollars in the super chat and he says how many people who
want to throw be trashing a dumpster and then light it on fire
daddy's actually a good question venture me tell there are a lot of people like
that you're one of them and hey there are a lot of people again I let it be an
altcoin doesn't bother me very much doesn't
bother me and again they're people who still hold on who had their freebie cash
crypto dividend and if it turns them were crypto dividends and hey whatever
it's it up let it be let them do what they're gonna do there's some good
people over there there are a few good people over there so but go there there
would be if that if that tweet that that question was asked on Twitter there'd be
quite a few people that would say yeah they wanna throw B trash in the garbage
can and light on fire but damn I don't like that type of stuff I don't like
that type of stuff but hey each his own they teach his own so uh because i know
i i'd like i know bitcoin is the king I don't need to burn other coins or
anything like that I know one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the
next Bitcoin the PCAST is just a tall coin they're still dudes out there that
they think that'd be cash is going to overtake
bitcoin one day that it is the day of reckoning is coming soon the return of
their messiah that's so funny pound that frickin like
button because what they used to call king of the trolls that's baby he he
shall return from the dead I guess and no I'm not living on that that got
crypto dividend of of Judaism I'm not ripping on that religion that forked
from Judaism now I respect that every religion that monotheistic religion that
forth from Judaism they're good people in that religion they believe in the
same God that the Jews believe in the people that forked from Judaism ah
Colonel Schneider says said five bucks thank you dude in the Supercat to the
opponents of Bitcoin dismissed Bitcoin at your own risk
of course of course and they are taking they don't realize it they don't realize
they want to have a next Bitcoin the ripple people think they're gonna have
the next Bitcoin so yeah it's there no they're not long-term thinkers it's so
don't learn the lesson the hard way and maybe they won't learn the lesson
they'll make up excuses they'll get it till like the next ripple in 2021 next
iota or something alright so Trent you know we would let's
talk about India real quick someone from India sent me this link to money that sounds like a mean that means cite that word there Soho and we
don't curse all this no curse they got a bitcoinmeister channel so what is this
what's this a holding unregulated crypto assets like Bitcoin in India could
attract punishment the government and the RBI's biggest worry is to ensure
unregulated crypto assets are not used as a means of transaction to in to evade
taxes and strike deals outside the regulatory boundaries including
multi-level marketing and Ponzi schemes so now there may the Indian government
is admitting that they want to find a way they don't want big corn people to
obey taxes they understand it for the tax
and even India is a tremendous bureaucracy they might they might make
some law where bitcoin is not an approved cryptocurrency for them and
thus if you have it you will be in trouble it's they're gonna have that
hearings do you decide this go ahead and make my day and try to stop a billion
people okay you you're in charge of the second largest population on earth and
you're not gonna be able to stop Bitcoin okay so I mean you can make up these
laws and you can scare people for a while because you want your taxes and
you don't want you've tried to do your cash controls and everything so this
story is I mean it's a true story and people might twist it like in a fun type
of way I see it as a positive because these inefficient bureaucrats in India
they want their taxes they're gonna they're gonna try and they're gonna fail
but it's news and I know that one day the smart people in India it was not
everybody smart there's like a billion over a billion people so they play not
so smart people got Bhandari points out in his videos check him out he's great
but yeah that it'll be a great Bitcoin world one day in India we're just at the
beginning people are a little freaked out now probably when their government
speaks harsh words like this but hey check out the article yourself they're
in it for the taxes they admit it okay bang that Bell but if you need a
reminder when this show goes online so traceur on their blog they have keep
quiet about your coins crypto currencies privacy it was a physical violence or
blackmail are things even tresor cannot protect you from so i think they're
they're trying to go that route where every a lot of people have put tresor up
on a pedestal because it is awesome that if you've got your bitcoin or treasure
where they you can just you can go around you'll be a hundred percent safe
you can be flinging your tresor around saying I got XYZ Bitcoin on this and
that's why is the etherium and you'll be fine and I think they're trying to just
put it out there that like if you're Brad
about how much Bitcoin you got top people you don't know
at meetups and you're showing on your Tresor that they could come and you know
jack you in your car and then the treasurer's I got do you too much good
when they are like you know threatening to like some James Bond movie where
we've got some clipper and they're you know they say they're gonna clip your
fingers off and then move on to more sensitive areas what was that
Live and Let Die that was from that is the best James Bond song ever that is I
think one of the best James Bond movies ever and that has the hottest James Bond
girl in ever she became what she was beautiful back then what was her name
she became dr.

Quinn Medicine Woman she wasn't too hot then but back in nineteen
is Tallulah die is from 1973 she was beautiful look that up which is
beautiful woman back then and that was Roger Moore's a first James Bond he was
a great James Bond so okay so yeah with your Tresor again again you could be in
a Bitcoin event and then some woman that looks like that James Bond girl comes up
to you leads you to a car and then she's threatening you know to injure you in
some way you're gonna you're gonna give her you're gonna give it over say again
don't you gotta take some physical precautions to is what they're saying it
don't don't don't don't go around the world just telling how much Bitcoin you
have and doing sinks foolish things like that and yeah everyone does make
mistakes sometimes with that just try to try to keep it on the down-low as much
as much as possible and Tresor is reminding you of that now while we're on
to the vulnerabilities of hardware wallets and I am NOT one to get carried
away with the technical vulnerabilities like the Peter Todd has a presentation I
link to it below and if they're probably get some people paranoid a guy sent me
this actually the good guy on Twitter and I just thought I would share it just
to show the other side the story that you know if there are technical
geniuses who can break into your Tresor they would have to insert something into
your treasure where before you got it or and they talk like it's a hardware
wallet boner abilities it's not just treszura's they it's the long
presentation I don't even watch the entire thing okay cuz I'm not into that
type of thing I know that I'm I'm very careful with my
hardware devices okay I don't I don't have them with me when I'm traveling and
when I do go to wherever they are stored all around wherever they may be I I
rarely even go into them so try trying to touch her don't play around with your
hardware while it's all the time and that'll cut down on the chances of you
doing something silly getting up and he talks about the fake emails you can get
and everything and there are there other there's there's ways of getting uh
what's it called when you get the email phished just just be careful you can
watch that video don't go get too carried away and paranoid though because
you know he is a technical guru and he talks about some very unlikely scenarios
very unlikely scenarios but check it out yourself there is a guy here on Twitter
Oh for you know again we talked about people being in motion and I also
checked talking about coin desk that I'm not a big fan of coin desk but there
that there's a guy out there Peter Ryan tweeted this out hiring a junior
research analyst for coin desk you'll be working with lots of crypto data DM me
for more info so I'll link to that below I mean if you're a young person want to
get into the crypto industry I mean there is an opportunity right there why
not be in motion so speaking about being in motion Lord Jim Piper Jim Piper who
has been in communication with me through the years he's a musician type
of dude and he says today I invented a new word cyber buskers people who passed
the Hat out for cryptocurrency donations for music listening
get paid in cash in crypto so okay he's that's cool he's played his music online
he's straight-up listing his crypto addresses his Bitcoin his litecoin is
whatever addresses and he's asking for donations it's as simple as that people
he doesn't need some third party or anything he just listed so I do wonder
it's some of these cities that I've been in especially in the wealthier cities
like in Norway you see all sorts of buskers out there playing instruments
and you know sometimes you seen on subways and public transportation they
play an instrument then they pass the Hat and they want you to give them coins
but maybe one day they're just gonna list their Bitcoin address just like he
is doing online right now so I linked it below listen to his music give him some
bitcoins of like coins some whatever but yeah he had bet cyber buskers cyber
buskers alright and finally that's the end of the show you click on the squares
that are gonna come up but today when I was running through the UH there's a big
market near here huge fruit and food market and some people might not like
that they have dogs around the food and cats sometimes he had dogs here in
Santiago they're cooked communal dogs they're just dogs that randomly walk
around and sometimes people like pet him and let him hang out with them when
they're working and anyway there's a name for in Spanish especially queue I
don't know it but when I was running today through the market I heard a song
by aha from the 80s take on me do you guys did that song hey it's a
really good song and when I heard that's I started getting pumped me and I
started running harder and it just reminded you know wherever you are you
can watch that you can listen to this American style American style music
America and again refer oh I do ha ha is a British band right but you know what
I'm talking about that rock and roll music from America is
worldwide and I love I love eighties music and yeah I listen to it that's
that's behind a musical length of the day for you people pan that like button
i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister throughout meister remember subscribe
channel like this video shows new to check out the new section below and yes
because America has such a huge influence over popular culture whether
you're like popular culture or not music culture Hollywood culture it's just
another reason the dollar is gonna reign supreme and then at least the dollar is
not gonna disappear it is not gonna disappear from the face of the earth
it's just it's the welfare dollar it's the popular culture dollar there's a lot
more holding it up than just uh the petro dollar with either they say Saudi
Arabia and this that and the other anyway I'll see you guys in the and if a
big coin say hey die your wealth in Bitcoin that's the bottom line but I'm
the same there's a lot of people there like the dollar will hide it for a bit
go to sixteen the dollar at the good is you know that's not happening they both
can be alive and well trust me alright see you later

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