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the comment about I mentioned stellar I think I'm on Thursday's video link to
below of course and this guy Littlefoot said this in the chat he says it said
that a lot of centralized projects did better than pure decentralized
community-driven projects people still want their hands held and don't want to
be their own bank well that last line really says it all yeah people still
want their hands held and they don't want to be their own Bank and yeah
they'll fall for something like stellar which is centralized but on on that note
of not being their own bank let's move on to coin base and what's going on over
there now they are going to offer for for big who are these guys for
institutional investors staking of Tasos now I'm gonna I'm gonna look now to an
outsider to an outsider who doesn't know much about cryptocurrency and just is
from the regular financial markets they're gonna look at coin base and see
that all if I get this Tasos they're gonna give me more taste it's like an
interest-bearing bank account they're gonna see coinbase as a crypto bank that
gives you interest okay they're gonna be some people that are gonna look at this
story and interpret that way and to tell you the truth if
coinbase can make a lot of people think that's what they are then they're gonna
do really well because people want interest on their holdings and they they
want their hand held they don't want to be their own bank like the guy said
above all right so let me read you this really quick quick
from the block crypto coinbase launches a staking service for institutional
clients starting with pesos in staking protocols
investors can put up tokens for bond to help run and secure the networks those
folks are rewarded with additional tokens allowing users to gain interest
on their principal investment to start and this is talking about that what coin
base is doing it tasers is doing a coin base to start it will allow clients to
stake the Tasos network we're proud to be the first regulated insured and truly
institutional staking provider in crypto coin based custody will take about
twenty percent from the current 8 percent yield which means that clients
will be able to earn around a little over six percent annually by staking
tasers oh I got so if these guys could stake tasers on their own they would
make eight percent but if they want to not control their own private key and
let coin base control their precious Tasos then they'll make tape they'll
make a six percent I mean this this is great for coin base
all these people are gonna want to UM want to get interest on their tasers and
coin base is gonna get a cut of it and it reminds me that you know if coin B's
can do this and again this is not for regular people yet it's for
institutional clients and I gotta make this clear but if they can do this for
institutional clients stake their pesos give basically give interest on on a
coin why haven't people that held Bitcoin during the be gold for it been
credited there be gold yet I mean coin base
if you have the capabilities of doing this with tasers you should do this with
all Bitcoin Forks I mean this is a big selling point you're emitting honey I
mean you're proving that people want interest on their coins that they think
of you as a bank in the future if you really want to be a true crypto bank
then you should be able to give these crypto dividends these interests like
the air drops whatever easily to people and then people are going to be fooled
into letting you control their private keys and you're gonna get rich off of
them you're gonna take cuts of it just like you're taking cuts of the Tazo
staking a big kind of the tasers taking you could take a cut of the be gold a
cut of the be rhodium kind of whatever that MWC coin of the future yeah they're
not complaining about the taser mistake getting a kind of the Taser snake I
don't think people what you got right now is a lot of people that are that
might sue you to get that be gold I mean there weren't there was talk at a time
like you know I hope Bitcoin around I get the be gold and again you you have
small print that probably gets you off of that stuff hey but I'm just giving
you a suggestion and I'm saying that everyone is watching this now did this
everything I just talked about is probably the future is people with their
hand held people want they want interest-bearing crypto accounts and
coin base is going in that direction and they'll be competitors to coin based it
to do stuff like this and maybe will take my advice and give it ready their
air drops and make it real easy to get your air drops and your Forks and just
take up a big cut of them I mean at this point who's even claimed some of those
Bitcoin Forks out there some of those crazy ones
if coinbase had it set up that they'd be like yeah we'll give you half of the
value of those Forks people would be pretty pretty pretty happy actually they
I mean even though it's like probably much less than a total of a like it's
around a total of one percent return for all of those lame-o Forks some people I
mean people are dealing with big Phi to try to get a two percent return or a six
percent return they're giving up their private key people will give up their
private key for one percent to probably one percent interests pound that like
button Hey the future is going to be wacky and wild
and some people will do well off of the interest but it won't be that worth the
risk to others because they'll lose the some of these providers of interest will
it just run away with the people's Bitcoin I'll pry again I'm saying put
your Bitcoin on your treasurer that's the best thing learn how to do this
stuff your own on your own if you're if you're so into altcoins and everything
and you then and you think you're at esos master that don't rely on coinbase
you better know how to stake your own tasers and get your your free tasers
from staking but again I say keep it simple with a Bitcoin keep on your
treads or do the air drops or talk about MWC coin in a second pound that like
button all righty what do we have here now Chris my buddy
Chris over at the MWC remember Wimble point which is gonna be an airdrop of
for Bitcoin holders and I'm a Bitcoin holder so I like when I get free coins
well he is he's lead dev he's the lead guy over there great communication on
his part he's got a new medium post I link to it below all right and I gotta
say most devs I mean they're not marketing people they're not
communicators they don't answer questions chris has been really good
with answering people's questions and posting all this stuff so so good for
them um and hopefully that'll help the give the interest in the value and for
again we're doing it for free so I wish him all the luck in the world but he's
come up with this bit 137 and it involves sat well okay I'll read the
whole thing in order to get your air drop you've got a sign and you can sign
on your on your treasurer or you can do it on other storage devices but it's
easiest on your trays or apparently and I'm going to read a quote by andy
hoffman that's going to help explain all this and this is all linked to below the
MWC team will provide instructions for signing messages and thus register
for the airdrop from the Tresor which will be the easiest and from other types
of wallets preparing for the registration Chris and the MWC devs
realized there was no true industry-wide protocol for message signing thus in an
attempt to make it easier to do so to make this and future Bitcoin airdrops
easier from numerous diverse wallets they coded a method of doing so bit 137
which was last night which last night was merged into bitcoins bit repository
so there you go they are doing something over there
that's gonna make other airdrops easier for everyone and hopefully it is
implemented by by many storage devices so that's good to make it a universally
easy thing to do because right now to sign is not it's
not the same everywhere it's different so this is this is great to have a
standard a signing standard the the air drop so this is the air drop bit I call
it anyway and he's he's in he's in motion I give him credit for that and
it's helping the entire Bitcoin holding community in the future if this really
becomes something if this bit 137 is adopted by all that that would be great
for the Bitcoin holding because then in the future it'll be easy really easy to
get these air dumps because again in the past it hasn't been you know they've
been issues it wasn't that easy with be rhodium to sign and get the air drop and
so that's linked to below good yeah I'm wearing the Satoshi Nakamoto shirt here
I think this is a crypto a shirt it's linked to below you can get it haven't
worn it for a while it says Satoshi in Japanese coin desk with this article sec
post post pose decision on bitwise and big on all the ETFs okay one day the my
reason for bringing this up is that as I've said we're gonna keep on hearing
that the SEC decisions on the ETF proposals are
but one day isn't it gonna be sweet when you wake up and you hear that the the
SEC has approved the Bitcoin ETF that's just that's just something you should
remember over the next few months or a year or more than a year when you wake
up every two months or every six weeks or so reading it's been delayed it's
been delay has been rejected it's been delayed is sort of in delayed that one
day you're gonna wake up and we're one day closer to that thing being approved
pound that like button long term thinking though you gotta you gotta have
patience you got to defer that gratification it will be so much sweeter
all right but rejection rejection rejection get used to it so today when I
was at synagogue there was a little meal afterwards I didn't eat of course as I
only eat once a day and everyone was asking me about that of course but they
up they know that I'm in the big coin so people were asking me a big coin and
this guy says Adam did you read The Wall Street Journal article about the Bitcoin
mining off of natural gas waste off of oil in in Canada and I was I didn't read
that article but I know the guy behind it Steve barber and I've talked about
this on my show before so I went home I sure enough the moisture and I'll link
to it below The Wall Street Journal has an article about Steve barber about
upstream data and Bitcoin mining at oil and gas facilities that's what that's
what he does and I congratulate the Wall Street Journal for writing about this I
first mentioned this story on this show and I linked to the show below in May of
2018 so again and they picked up the stone the story what is it like now uh
ten months later or whatever it is a little months later ten months later
it's ten months so this just reminds you that uh I don't I don't just repeat the
same old news that the coin desk put out there over and over over again you know
I I could just do a show listing all did Eric corn desk coin desk news and some
people I think do that and just comment on that
no I I bring you the news I met Steve Barber personally in Calgary and again
you can watch the video yourself of when I say this is amazing with this I was in
Norway in may talk and I just found the Steve's account and upstream Dave's
account I was like this is this is amazing you know they did Bitcoin mining
off of oil and gas at oil and gas facilities using the excess gas I mean
it's taking waste and turning it into Bitcoin it's great and now the Wall
Street Journal writes about it and I'm glad they did write about it because
there's all that fun about how Bitcoin is wasteful but bitcoin is turning waste
it's a bit corn and but again I just wanted to point out to everybody this is
the freakin best show out there on the freakin web and if you're I mean if
you're a twenty percent or at least if you want fancy sets and graphics or if
you want to hear about things ten months late cuz I'm sure now a lot of people
are talking about the Wall Street Journal orderly as it is totally true
its tolling news I mean again in July for text me BTC Betty we're hanging out
with this guy and Francis also Rudolph leaned over we were hanging out with
this dude in Calgary but again the Wall Street Journal picks up on the story
a year later congratulations what congratulations Steve you're doing a
great thing this is it's awesome check check it out check him out i link to my
video his twit twitter accounts and if you want to actually read The Wall
Street Journal thing so moving on Luke gasps jr.

And this was I think on Friday
or Thursday and I do not know what has become of this he says looks like hit
BTC have decided to go full scammer and are stealing balances of users including
me probably a good idea to get anything you have all off their off and take care
not to use it and as always keep as little on exchanges as possible well
wait it will Wow Luke Luke is Luke – jr. is trading crypto on hit BTC that's a
little odd and yeah I want to keep a thing on any exchanges first of all and
I don't know if they stole from him or not he's basically saying in that
statement that they're sketchy yeah they're freaking sketchy they tried to
extort money out of a be private they're sketchy and this is this is what you get
when you deal with exchanges I've said this many times and I think in the
future we're gonna still deal with this I mean one day they're gonna they're
gonna eat open exchanges in Nigeria one day again there are no I mean in certain
parts of Africa there no exchanges there are exchanges in South Africa and
Zimbabwe but that is not that the bulk of Africa I mean we have a whole world
that has so many countries don't have exchanges in it they're gonna there's
gonna be whole Annette you know the exchanges the United States started out
pretty sketchy then they got regulated okay it's there in some countries there
aren't even exchanges yet so they have to go through the whole wild wild west
process and so you know these type of things are going to be happening all the
time in the future but just in different parts of the world so if you're in a
different part of the world don't don't ever play with any of these
exchanges I mean that's the bottom line but I wonder I want to focus on a hit
BTC for a second and date my buddy Big Dave who was on the show Big Dave acres
and he has a tweet out there so hit BTC what is the story
March 9th hit BTC said hit BTC has compensated custody losses referring to
the be private issue March 26 hit BTC says users did not
sustain any losses as a result of this the be private issue if there were in
fact no losses why did you try and extort fifty eight thousand nine hundred
twenty be private from the be private team and that that's it that's a great
question again they're they're contradicting themselves they would
never do bait him to in an audio debate they just let they just send out press
releases again you should just refer to loot desk Junior's comments about them
to you're messing with some people is some they can say what they want to say
they can do what they want to do but just know I mean if any of you are still
putting putting money on these exchanges I think you're mad I think you're crazy
but they're clearly the the hit BTC thing I thought they could get away with
this they really thought they could get away with
I just I gave Dave and everybody over there be private all the credit in the
world for not giving in and just not saying no putting their foot down no
we're not gonna give you our coin because you randomly came up with some
lie about losing it and you can't even keep your lies straight no and there are
and again there are people out there short-term thinkers really why don't you
just pay them why don't you let us stalemate to let your coin stay on the
exchange no no this should that's it's crazy that's route it's rewarding an
extortionist you don't do that then they'll keep on doing it they'll get
worse all right speaking of exchanges on bit thumb there was an EO sac why are
you into us why are you in the bit thumb and that basically so tone they said in
his tweet that's linked to below and that's all I got to say about that and
bit why okay so Thursday on Thursday show I was talking about bitwise and I
was I was very excited and there was a lot of lack of sleep on my part and I
wonder I wonder clarify something from Thursday's show if you didn't understand
bitwise has some proposed funds there's like a top ten crypto fun at top twenty
atop a hundred crypto fun and I would say I I said that that the I what I was
trying to say was the coin market cap top ten changes from year to year okay
but the true top-tier altcoins that really doesn't change I mean it
there might be a couple that move into it over time I mean for a few years now
litecoin and aetherium have clearly been top-tier off there's been no argument
about it and and I think you can say all that Manero is also and and if for I
mean – and and be cash I mean again since these are things that not
everyone's gonna like but there's just they're out there and we in in terms of
coin market cap though you have coins like buy Nance coin that jump into it
and and jump out of it the tether the jumps in it
these are coins that finance coin is not going to be a top to your coin in the
future I mean you know that you know that so there's a difference between the
top tier all coins and the coin market cap ones and there's a stability issue
there also other you know what what's the quarry market cap top ten is as much
changes much more so than the top tier all coins and then of course I mean the
bottom line is the whether it be the top a hundred all coins or the coin market
cap a hundred all coins that does change a lot at the top I mean it that's just
totally a gamble let's just totally gamble this there's really just to talk
to your maybe a second tier and then just the rest is just wild wild west but
in terms of market valuation yeah there could be a lot of manipulation when a
new coin comes on the scene it can pop into the top like again bsv for example
bsv is listed in like it was listed in the top ten of coin market cap but now
it's like in the top 12 it is not a top tier all coin and it's not considered
one by bit wise either in their funds okay enough of that I just wanted
there's a little bit of a nuance to or talk there between you know quarry
market cap top ten and what what's really a talk to your uncle uh-oh and
here so here are some dudes in motion some links you guys to check out really
quick really what is this the Bitcoin rabbi has this out he's in motion I
wrote a story book for children and adults Bitcoin money at a love bit Ville
discovering good money it's meant to introduce someone to why Bitcoin it will
be full-color about 30 pages or working on illustrations now release next month
that's linked to below I mean that's cool he's an emotion he's in motion now
on the other side of the spectrum I was informed about a video series called
Bitcoin and friends and it's like a cartoon that's like South Park there's a
lot of cursing and stuff in it that is also linked to below but that dudes in
motion also he's taking it from a different level oh okay he's not it's uh
nice clean and good-hearted for children type of storybook it's a video that's
hardcore and finally here's a reading assignment
for the day if this is about the block five it was this guy named Zhang poke
poke ik block fie and the mystery of Finance and it basically talks about how
after taxes you you're not going to make that much more by giving up your
precious Bitcoin to block by and he talks about the many risks and
trade-offs involved with block by and it isn't worth it is the question so you
can read his uh his link below and right ok before I sign off and she just sent
five books careful crap criticizing the great and honorable
Satoshi he might sue you if you don't agree that he Satoshi
so yeah the fake the fake Satoshi who I talked about his coin which is not a
top-tier off coin it he might see might sue me for he's threatening to sue all
sorts of people on a crypto Twitter I try not to talk about that stuff as I
try to ignore him totally because he really that's the the the sociopaths
Psychopaths fake Satoshi he thrives off of people giving him attention and tell
you know he just make he makes just the biggest claims on social media so again
I stumble upon them because people retweet them alistair Milne like gives
him alistair Melanie who's a great Twitter dude gives a fake Satoshi too
much attention and so I read Alistair Mele and then I see this stuff by fake
Satoshi no people you shouldn't the guy thrives off of the attention and he's
able to fool more and more people by giving him attention he gets more
followers he gets he can point to like oh look at all these replies that I got
of people cursing me they hate me I'm gonna sue them and then he gets more so
anyway that's it they're they're they're sickos like that out there who just uh
they can lie online lie but they just love that attention it's the attention
economy check out Saturday's show I talked about
that type of stuff Thank You vention though for the contribution pound that
like button I'm Adam I should pick one my shouldn't disrupt meister I'm in
Baltimore but this is a West Coast time type of show check out the links below
banging that Bell button also and click on the squares to see all my recent
shows thanks for all the support views I'll
see you tomorrow bye

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