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December the 19th 2018 long term thinking bow your wealth in Bitcoin
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let's start off with a tweet from a guy in israel you guys have heard of this
dude before you OD Worthen heimer he is big on twitter i mean he takes the
Bitcoin maximalism to like a new level on twitter and he is the interesting
tweet out there we can learn from it people should spend less time on crypto
Twitter and more time in Israel there are some very diverse views in Israel in
the Israeli Bitcoin community with regards to pretty much all things come
visit so yeah don't live your life in Twitter people come over you know meet
people and real and now again it's funny because OD is big on Twitter I mean he's
he's got a great Twitter feed but even he says you know come out to the real
world meet some meet some real people and some real Bitcoin events and he's
absolutely right you know hanging out at the Bitcoin embassy it is a diverse
group of people uh definitely a lot of different political backgrounds in
Israel and they're in the Bitcoin though people from the left from the right from
all over the place religious not religious at all it is it's an
interesting scene here but it's an interesting scene in in many different
countries so obviously you tease a biased he's here
and I'm here I mean I I'm fascinated by the holes is it if there's a big scene
here in television so with all that in mind on Friday's show which will be at
6:30 a.m.

On the East Coast the United States 11:30 a.m. in the United Kingdom
and 1:30 p.m. in Israel Lutie will be one of the guests onto
this weekend Bitcoin show making his debut appearance I'm really pumped I
think it'll be a lot of you hardcore Bitcoin people will definitely enjoy him
and I I guess he'll give us a little bit of insight into what's going on in
Israel also again I link to his tweet below so you can check out his his tweet
stream Twitter feed if you don't know what he is all about and he definitely
is he is admit he's got a lot of Bitcoin conviction I will I will tell you that
pal Matt like button for Bitcoin convictions some people say I've got a
lot of Bitcoin conviction new show every single day knowing people okay so
yesterday was it yesterday I said Bitcoin can't be sanctioned and in the
sense that a country it is sanctioned you know you if you if you give if you
send money to Iran they're gonna know and you're gonna be in trouble
Iran has sanctions me but uh you know specific Bitcoin addresses yeah they
probably can be sanctioned but that's not Bitcoin it's so easy to get around
that the person just creates a new address and also if you're totally
anonymous with you if you bought your Bitcoin on the street and then you send
it to a sanctioned address you're not gonna get in trouble because it's your
like ideas that can now I'm not don't do anything like that of course though
please don't do so don't do it think of doing thing I don't and you know I'm
really stressing that what I just said don't do that because of another story
I'm about to tell and well first of all I was going to lead into that story by
Manero really can't be sanctioned you know because all those would you they
don't know if you say if you do it right from your mineiro address they don't you
send them to a list of Manero dress that for some reason got sanctioned someone
found out this was a bad Manero address bad they don't they came in tell where
the where it's coming from what what address
if you know if you've got a public monaro address you can't see where the
man arrows coming from if I sent manera there they wouldn't know it was from me
if you if you do it correctly now again I'm bringing all this up
Manero and then sanctioned and whatever because a few days ago let's leave it
I'll try to be a little vague about this I received the notification from YouTube
violation of YouTube's policy on harmful or dangerous content and it wasn't about
a it was in reference all it said it didn't say what it was I went to the
video which had already been erased by them and I could only see the title and
the title included Manero I talked about Manero
I specifically talked about some of the use cases of Manero that the United
States government was concerned about the United a person from the United
States government had openly discussed some aspects of manera that he was
concerned you know he wasn't concerned about Bitcoin he was concerned about
Manero and so you know I guess it was some artificial intelligence bite by
YouTube identified my video and it gave me a community strike for this video so
um I appealed it and as and and by the way when you have a strike you can't do
live videos anymore so I immediately appealed it well I had to go to
synagogue I woke up it's a long story so I had to worry about it when I was in
the synagogue I came back when I came back I immediately appealed it and I
explained I'd only discussed with someone had said about Manero I hadn't
encouraged anyone to do anything wrong with manera I do not encourage people to
do bad things as I stressed beforehand so uh luckily I guess my appeal which
was fail let you do like a one-line appeal you
can't break like an essay he is like only a few words a real human read it
apparently and reinstated everything the video is back up there the you know I
can do live shows and everything but for a moment I was quite concerned now I'm
sharing all of this because this is this is Sarah this is Manero Manero is legit
man I mean if it can trigger such type of and again I might have used some
keywords that triggered the AI in association with manera probably just
wasn't the word Manero but eventually it probably will be the word manera
eventually it might be the word Bitcoin to that it gets you up and you know
that's YouTube's prerogative but I think all the Monaro fans should derive some
hope from this that they've got something legitimate on their hands that
people are concerned about and yeah once I was gonna say oh and and if if monaro
is targeted in a major way and I think I think it will be I think I think some
governments will probably like we can mess with this big Bitcoin behemoth lets
you know appeal to the emotions of voters and say we're getting rid of
criminals that use this anonymous Bitcoin called Manero but III think that
will backfire I think it will pump up the popularity of Manero it will
encourage people to use Manero if large institutions targeted like YouTube or if
governments targeted so my whole experience with a little stare with
YouTube there kind of opened my mind a little bit up to that this anonymous
stuff if it's an anonymous as they say yeah it's we're going to see some
interesting things with Minero in the future in terms of it being targeted
let's leave it at that I guess so while we're talking about censorship I guess a
little bit here we're on the free of that subject at least Tony Sheng
has a article it's simply called more more censorship in is good for
Bitcoin adoption and that basically sums up I mean I think my last three shows I
have mentioned various social media producers big big names out there who
are being censored and who are trying to figure out ways to raise funds now and I
just keep yelling Bitcoin and eventually they're going to learn so the more the
more censorship and would and these are private companies they can do what they
want to do you can call a censor you can call it whatever but yeah the the
censorship by others is very good for Bitcoin adoption and people will figure
it out eventually they will figure it out it's taking them some people put a
lot of steps in between some unnecessary steps let's create our own patreon I'm
telling you that's a really fun that's a really complicated extra step to
figuring out that bitcoin is the answer to your censorship issues alright so
let's talk about to my buddies who are in motion
real quick Daniel the 21 million I haven't heard from him for a while but
rocky informed me that hit they're both working on just just learned Bitcoin
calm I mentioned their sake before but they've got a special package the best
long-term storage solution and end-of-life planning for Bitcoin launch
date January 3rd 2019 okay they do some educational stuff check them out they're
having some big launch on January the 3rd which of course is a huge day in
Bitcoin history is a 10-year anniversary and here in Israel and all over the
world are going to be parties that day and again in Tel Aviv I link to their
party below hopefully I will be doing a livestream from there and I'll do a huge
ask me anything ask me anything from there if all goes well and yes there's a
seven hour time difference so now in Tel Aviv it's midnight and it's 5

Back in Baltimore in New York so you know On January 3rd when people are
partying here at midnight you'll be able to see it all at 5:00 p.m. for the
comforts of your own home and again you can buy tickets below if you're in Tel
Aviv if you're coming to Tel Aviv and they might have some spec well I'm not
going there working on a special maybe that would encourage some international
people to come all right so Andreas Antonopoulos has a new video well
relatively new video out there what is the appeal of cell money it's the name
of it and it well kind of hits on you know it talks about the 21 million limit
which I of course love and I talked about in yesterday's video again check
out yesterday's video link to below disrupt meister calm technical calm
follow me at Tech ball Tec Cpl alt subscribe and pound out like on rights a
second so what in this video that a few different things that he brings up he
talks about the moon keeps on getting redefined and he talks about back in the
old day when people you know I bought Bitcoin for three dollars and the moon
then was twenty five dollars so they saw so a bunch of people did not have the
they didn't have the conviction didn't have the patience they didn't have a
long-term thinking to hang on to understand at the moon in terms of fiat
won't eat will be redefined over and over and over again so that's something
I took away from that video and I think all of you should take away if you if
you think about fiat price and you talk about going to the moon and then when it
hits that moon and you you like what hit the moon I'm gonna sell now you've got
to remember dude it the moon gets redefined all the time he points out
that in the rest of the United States what we call hoarding is called savings
in the rest of the world keep that in mind
my fellow Americans and not my fellow Westerners also we've lost the
the meaning of savings people call it warning no it's it's saving okay save
your Bitcoin or your Bitcoin call it whatever is saving so the last five
minutes of this video and again it's it's linked to below he talks about how
in Greece you know when they kept on printing the drachma back in the day and
this is for all you people who like you but don't care about bitcoins limited
supply you know they kept on printing the drachma and what people would do is
they would buy two washing machines because everybody needs a watch they
would use one washing machine and then one washing machine they would just keep
in like bubble wrap or whatever they were valuing their wealth in washing
machines because they there was they could always mistake their so-called
savings in drachma was being inflated away at least they could trade in their
watt they're never before used washing machine if need be for some for some
drachma that they could use to now inflate a drachma but a lot more drachma
that they could buy you know livable things with things they needed to live
and yeah it was a story the joy the washing machine became a store of value
which just shows and he says you know this this hasn't happened in America and
he hopes it never happens in America and we don't understand it wait you don't
understand it until your your value you don't really appreciate this 21 million
limits until your value valuing your wealth and washing machines and well
anyway Andrea it's a good video watch it yourself link it below so let's talk
about some people other people that prefer in motion I've mentioned a
cryptography D before I've worn his shirts before this is not one of his but
again it linked to below if you want to buy shirts I don't have a deal with
cryptography T now that used to be a Meister discount with him but anyway
he's a cool dude and he has a Lightning Network of going on right now is that
you think there's a Lightning Network auction okay now listen to how this art
auction he selling his art via the Lightning Network I'm holding an auction
and again if you want to participate in this you have like two more hours to do
so so click link right now below I'm holding an
auction for a new work black swuan which will be up for bid
today from 1:30 p.m.

To 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
I don't know why he beats a short notice egg he's an artist and cryptography
auction the catch is no no no offense no artists
people but they're not the best marketers in the world but the catch is
that it will go to the lowest bidder likely fractions of a penny and the
losing bids will not be reimbursed so here's a deal you come up you use your
lightning Network if you're on the Lightning Network you send your Bitcoin
via the Lightning Network to this address in very teeny amounts and
whoever sends the smallest amount in the end will end up with his art but if you
keep on someone keeps out bidding you you don't get your previous bid back but
which is fine I mean we're talking about pennies here so bids will be
live-streamed as they come in here and I link to that
you can watch the video where they're being live through I created Black Swan
for two reasons one to poke fun at the media's focus on bitcoins price instead
of what's Fiat price instead of the groundbreaking technology being built to
to help spread awareness about the Lightning Network to artists okay so
that those are two good reasons I think this is a good publicity stunt so maybe
he is good at marketing and for the Lightning Network and in the future the
artist will be dealing with it it'll be a good way to to pay artists through the
Lightning Network my my buddies up in Alberta were once discussing something
on the same line of thought as this artists and artists and Lightning
Network they were they were interested in that at one point that's the four
drop diet I owe guys anyway they're in the Lightning Network to pound that like
button shout-out to Alberta baby alright oh and I know it one we must be freezing
real rough right now man I'm happy I'm not there now but it was
good to be there during the summer it's good to be in Israel right now baby all
right so what do we got here nick szabo this isn't this is an older
tweet actually but I just found it and it's just a picture of a bank sign in
Australia Westpac Bank it says the $500 le that they have a
$500 daily cash withdrawal limit and then if you want to take out more than
500 Australian dollars from this Bank from your own account if you want to
take out more than 500 of your own Australian dollars you're going to need
to at least give them 24-hour notice and it's just a reminder that with Bitcoin
there's no way to you don't no limits only amount of Bitcoin you can move
around you could withdraw Bitcoin is digital
cash I mean it's your cash right there that's your cash okay and if you're
stuck you're really you're literally stuck in that old banking system if you
want to get a lot of cash out you're gonna have to do at least sit with
Westpac in Australia you're gonna have to be patient to get your own money out
that's that's not what bitcoins about it's not about being a if you need your
money you'll get it now if there's no there's no clue they don't they're not
closed they're not lend their no limits yeah just another reminder the sign is a
is a it's an unfortunate thing for those stuck in the banking system fully stuck
in that in that system well she don't have to be opted out get into the
Bitcoin all right and here is the latest in what well the latest counter to what
if the internet goes down FUD I mean we've discussed this in the past they're
getting some more notoriety right now who needs Verizon block stream broadcast
the entire Bitcoin blockchain from space all right check that out you probably
heard about that a few times it's in the news again but that's good you can tell
all the people there what if the internet goes down what they're they're
broadcasting in from space you don't need Internet
all right great go mag whoo this is a good one
breaker mag which I guess sometimes those have published the greatest of
articles but this is a good article I thought between January and July this
year the researchers found 3767 such signals on telegram and 1051 on discord
these efforts span more than 300 different cryptocurrencies and these are
pump and dump schemes okay they're talking about pump and I should have
prefaced that that there were a lot of these guys found a lot of pump and dump
schemes based around all coins a lot of how many all coins there's 300 different
crypto currencies unbelievable so I link to that below you can read that article
yeah it got pretty bad these all coins people thinking they have value they
were being manipulated and it's you know it's very easy to manipulate some of
these smaller ones tenth tier ones on the third page of a coin market cap so
the article goes into what they found how they did their research all that
stuff remember new show every day okay a block there's a lot of talk about today
block crypto okay this is this is some aetherium we're gonna talk some
aetherium now according to data from the crowd sale more than 40% of the ether
sold went to the top 100 purchasers this is talking about the original crowd sale
back in 2014 and the three largest purchasers went home with roughly 1
million ether each ok and then the security I mean then the story goes on
the talked about is security the same thing we keep hearing about is easy
theorem of security I mean I'm not too worried about it
I don't care them I don't care about it is like nah I don't value my wealth in a
theory and to tell you the truth but I mean I don't waste my time like worrying
about it and like trying to accuse them of that I trying to be productive with
Bitcoin but we have a map and on this scene we're gonna
stick with this topic here with the Security Act well first of all it's
amazing that there's some dudes three guys that have a roughly 1 million that
1 million ether each at one point they were Fiat billionaires if they were
valuing their ether in uh in Fiat now Matt Odell says coinbase now lists more
aetherium tokens than crypto currencies six crypto currencies ten aetherium
tokens and again this is the coin based trading platform but still his point is
valid their goal is clearly to dominate the etherium marketplace good riddance
that's what he says they will lose a ton of money and open themselves up to
regulators even more than they have already coin base has officially tied
their future to the success of etherium if it theorem succeeds coinbase succeeds
but if it fails or if it's regulated into obsolescence coinbase will fail
seems like an unnecessarily risky move to me now it does seem pretty risky
there it hurt or maybe he's got a lot of aetherium conviction Brian was that his
name over there at coin base but I thought a little bit more about this
maybe coinbase abides by the government's rules they give the IRS
information they they get to know your customer information they they were the
first really regulated exchange in the United States they follow the New Yorker
the New York rule set of rules whatever those things are called they try to stay
close to the government it wouldn't shock me if they have some insider
information that aetherium is never going to be a security that there's
nothing that all this thought about aetherium that's been going around for a
few months now is not they may be coinbase know is this all nonsense and
if you if you had inside information about aetherium then all the fog around
us you atheria was nonsense the best time to
get involved in aetherium would be now when it's at its lowest one says lowest
point you could dominate this wretched aetherium market a theory of token
market and then you would know that in the future nothing bad is gonna happen
and then it's gonna pump again so there's an interesting theory that I
just came up with I don't know maybe coinbase knows something that Matt
doesn't know that I don't know that all of us don't know that this aetherium
thing the etherium and Vitalik have nothing to worry about from the
government I'm not saying that that they do I mean I'm no expert in securities
again I value my wealth in Bitcoin the etherion thing is a side story but
obviously it's a big story and especially since Queen Bey says one
thing that can't be art is corn-based has clearly gone this etherium route
they use they don't even they try not to say the word Bitcoin and it's clearly
with Irish and they're going in with the tokens I mean they kind of just listed
all sorts of all coins but they're going they're going with the Lacroix on Monroe
Street so I mean again people so lit up the way if someone said well why are you
still down on the liquid it was just it was just Bob Knepper posting it well why
were BOTS why were BOTS set up in the first place to spams elite WA of all
tokens on people's YouTube comments why was that what was the incentive there
was an incentive there the way the liqui incentivize its users or his promoters
was to spam people and that's it's just it was a spam coin
how can one now like forget that oh just forget about their or their origin story
totally forget about that oh it's great the coin piece no I'm not gonna forget
it was so friggin annoying it seemed like big connect so I know I'm not doing
any further resources a little ekwa the point that the liquid gets mentioned on
the show is because of the direction of coin basis going in coin base is is a
major player in the in the united states cryptocurrency space and yeah they're
putting a lot in the into into their bedding that etherium is the future
that there's gonna be a lot of growth around the theorem I mean they could
always pivot again I guess but I mean there's only so much you can do after a
while all right and then on on this note with coinbase
and again they've Critias this if you've here this is from the coinbase
blog if you've received an invite to coinbase urn by email you can go to
coinbase urn ZRX page at 0 X page another I mean that's an aetherium token
right page to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency by by completing
educational tasks like short video lessons and quizzes but if you haven't
received an invite yet don't worry you can still view all educational content
on corn-based and earn page for free or record B's earn page so ok they're
giving away 0 axes that is the bottom line here just like blockchain that info
is giving a race teller they're giving away
0x if you learn I mean this is I think whale pandas say you know they can't
sell it so they're giving it away type of thing it I mean they can do what they
want to do it's gonna get maybe don't encourage more people to sign up for
coin base and maybe a few of them will wake up and just buy Bitcoin instead I
seriously doubt it if they're intrigued by 3 0 X and again the 0 X you only
certain people can get it and you have to take the I guess the the coinbase
brainwash in class or something like that online to get it it's linked to
below and check it out for yourself of this so revolutionary over there at
point base giving up the 0 X I guess 0 X is better than stellar right I mean
that's better than blockchain that but blockchain down info you get to stellar
you have to give up your personal information you've already given off
your personal information like so to coinbase so I guess why can't I the info
thing is worse all right but a but let's let's say they can do what they want to
do personal responsibilities new counterculture you don't have to opt
into that thing you're not to play that game
stick in the Bitcoin game baby so speaking about the Bitcoin game Bitcoin
magazine I haven't had time to read this article yet it's
by Aaron Vaughn weird him and again Bitcoin magazine Ian's picking up on the
only Bitcoin trend they're just talking about Bitcoin for now on and just like
Francis in uh in Canada is only dealing with a Bitcoin and Bitcoin bull or bull
bitcoin whatever its called but Aaron found weird um is a latest
article is tech trends 2018 what the Year brought us part two I haven't even
had time to read it yet but it talks about Bitcoin tech trends in 2018 he
always writes great articles alright finally this is by magic this guy calls
himself coop or something quite amateur Twitter name there but he's got a good a
good Twitter tweet here don't make the mistake of thinking that crypto
currencies won't evolve the space is constantly developing much like the
internet in the 90s it was slow back then nobody understood the concept of
email and the opportunity was missed by many crypto is similar in my opinion I
would just replace the word crypto with Bitcoin nobody understood the concept of
email and the opportunity was missed by many I just think of that people laugh
when I hear something like that now I mean that's what we're going through now
people do not understand the concept of sending a Bitcoin addresses they don't
they're just blank out when they see that and dust I just buy Bitcoin and
keep it at point base because they don't want to deal with like a lot but anyway
the point is it's comparable I've said it before he put it into nice words that
at this early stage in the Bitcoin time bit bitcoins life is just like the early
stage in the Internet's life back in the 90s all right
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New York time is the this weekend
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working on the other see ya bye.

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