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Hello everyone this is adam meister it's
a big coin meister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
March the 18th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking conviction baby have
some conviction all right I'm in Buenos Aires now what a week it's been started
out in South Africa in Montevideo then approved to dentist there now Buenos
Aires I will be here in the 18th 19th and 20th if you want to hang especially
on Tuesday the 20th get in touch with me a dimitra's or help calm let's jump
right into this thing money trace has a there's a lot of good
tweets out there today money traits is a good tweet out there good thing is many
can buy a whole Bitcoin now don't cry when it's $100,000 I shoulda I woulda
you didn't yeah that that's a good point all these people who complained about
Bitcoin being expensive now you forget you're one Bitcoin but you won't still
and then you'll complain even more when it's more expensive in the future that's
just a a lot of you will eighty percent of you will so good point
money trachs Oh someone in the super chat $2.00 from Patrick over he says
maybe a stream for deal I won't miss teen network dude we're gonna talk about
steaming in a second but yeah I haven't experimented with D tube in a while but
hey guys check out the e tube or delight or whatever it is it's steam that
they're trying to compete with YouTube they're working on that over there very
very good thing all right technical analysis charts look
like comics that was something that we learned on this weekend Bitcoin even on
Friday I thought that was funny because there are all these people trying to do
technical analysis and it boils down to nonsense I
mean you got to be alone you can't worry about it day to day you're gonna lose
all your money trying to be a wannabe trader and most traders lose a lot to
get taxed it's it's horrible what happens but just think of it that way
guys if if you start getting obsessed with these charts they're just comics
fancy comics but follow me a tech ball on Twitter by the way and of course
check the links section below to see this week in Bitcoin the see yesterday's
show I link to all the shows of the last week and remember of course to what do
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the proud of 20% be one of us learn you get unique information here alright and
beware of all the buzzwords out there people there's still people tossing
around all those magical buzzwords that are distracting you like smart contracts
in the ico that you must invent ignore it ignore the buzzwords we talked about
that the other day I want to remind everyone about that erase that not know
neither remind anyone okay so Bitcoin Bitcoin per person bitcoins per person
calm is linked to below bitcoins per person calm and here's a quote from that
site and it's a very interesting site and it puts everything in perspective
given that a big coin currently cost eight thousand three hundred and twenty
three dollars there are only enough bitcoins for every single person to have
$18.90 worth and that's every single person on earth I guess worth if
bitcoins were distributed using the current global distribution of wealth
99.9% of okay using the current distribution of wealth 99.9% would have
3 dollars and 59 cents worth of bitcoins and P
in the top of point zero one percent would have point six eight bitcoins each
it might make sense just to get some in case it catches on okay if enough people
think the same way that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy okay that's
that last line whatever but the point is is if everyone you know complains about
the wealth distribution if Bitcoin gets distribute it that way then the top
people at the top will have 0.68 bitcoins each so yeah if you if you have
more than 0.6 eight Bitcoin and everything goes like things have gone
with the current distribution of wealth you'll probably be in good shape so aim
for that one Bitcoin and of course that's just another reminder to value
your wealth in Bitcoin go check out that site though it's very interesting that
if you go to the site it explains it a lot better than I just did all right so
what else do we have here oh this is a tweet from Alistair Milne if attacking
Bitcoin is the best marketing technique you have for your off coin it is going
to fail yeah that that's so that's a good point yeah guys if you've got an
altcoin and all you can say about your own point is written you just rip on
Bitcoin I mean tell us what your all you do tell
us why you're all coming special what's unique about it not that bitcoin is
terrible so yeah if your marketing strategy is Bitcoin is horrible you're
all coins like of that it'll never overtake big well we already know that
where are you doing that but oh it's not going anywhere all right here's another
awesome tweet from whale Panda remember when certain people groups slash groups
claim that funds in segment addresses on Bitcoin could and wouldn't be stolen
these are the same people now spreading fun about Lightning Network
so for you those of you who've been around for like a year you'll remember
that there were all these rumors about segments you know that addresses you'd
be able to steal Bitcoin from seg with addresses
and again it's coming from the same people now who are spreading fun about
lightning that work will look back on the five that deals with the Lightning
Network in the same way one day okay so as I said before I'm in when it's Ras
and apparently the g20 is about to have a are there in the middle of having a
meeting where they're talking about cryptocurrency should I go visit them
should I should I tell them Oh g20 we're so worried about no we don't care about
the g20 but I have to call out a pump pop noise when it happens just like when
I have fun noise right right now here well Pantha tweets out the g20 rejects
cryptocurrency regulations since it doesn't pose a risk to global financial
stability okay that's great that's great and it's true but everybody's
celebrating because the g20 this worthless useless bureaucratic agency
that is not going to have a long-term effect on Bitcoin made a pro Bitcoin
announcement so the price rises in terms of dollars all the newbie traders get
wrecked somehow because the experienced rate pump up the price on this news
which is I guess good news but don't put these government bureaucrats g20 people
on a pedestal in the long term it doesn't matter what they say about big
point if it's good or if it's bad so I'm not gonna react to good news of coming
from these dudes about big bump is I've seen it before
I've seen government agencies make great great announcements about Bitcoin and
the price pumps in terms of dollars then it goes back down again again think long
term one big point is one Bitcoin don't worry about these data gay you know it
get pumped up 500 we're gonna have days when it goes up 500 we're gonna have
days when it goes down 500 the long-term thinking is about 2020 having you know
and that it you know it's gonna be worth more and it's just dope don't go crazy
over every little bit pointed out and every little bit coin move so you
know I got that got a call-out thud I got a call-out height / height – and we
start putting too much value and what some worthless organization like the g20
says and you know I have no idea where they're having their meeting Buenos
Aires I'll probably be able to find it was they'll be having some gigantic
protest in front of it they'd like to have big protest here by the way the
city's beautiful here – it's a I haven't been here I was here about ten years ago
I guess was and it's more beautiful than of Montevideo and I love Monica Davis
but I think there was the Baltimore of South America but just like New York is
more beautiful than Baltimore are you sirens is more beautiful than a monkey
today oh so uh how Matt like button if you love traveling the really
western-style countries of southern South America Chile Uruguay and
Argentina all right what else do we have here what man Seoul is another man told
you guys like that one okay someone yesterday I go again with the chat
session I don't read it when it's live but I do check it out afterwards just to
see you know what what everybody was saying if there's anything you know to
see if 21 million club was in there the good guys for the attention was in there
if Christopher Gilliard was in there and when someone asks about Adam talked
about the steamin lifestyle in your next video and I know what is this diamond
lifestyle to me the steamin lifestyle is just posting you know you have a product
you have a social you know a videos are your write your content that's a content
creator and you have a lot of it so you posted every day on steaming so it's
about perseverance and dedication and conscious touch insistence that you're
you're coming on with new content all the time and you're making sure that
your on the steam it's at least once a day
and you're going back into your archives and posting old stuff – if you haven't
posted all of it on steaming yet so over time you're going to gain a following
and you're gonna start earning this steam which you're gonna turn in the
Bitcoin and you've become a more productive dedicated person it gets you
more into a pattern injecting into good habits it lets you earn some Bitcoin it
teaches discipline when you do it that way
and in the longer maybe it'll help build up a platform that will take down
YouTube and solve some of these problems that video producers have and you know
people complain about not being compensated they say they're not
compensated properly through YouTube well do something about it go try to
earn just don't complain be productive on Steam and try to earn over there
so I guess that that's my steam it lifestyle there what you can major steam
it lifestyle into and you can even take away things from it you can become more
productive because of it it's good I mean I'm a happy I'm productive guy I'm
trying to give you guys tips I want all of you to end up with more Bitcoin and
if you end up with more steam you turn it into Bitcoin
never buy steam only earn steam on steamin okay speaking about all coins
because steam is just an Allpoint aetherium is just an off coin and
aetherium has been down considerably and that's helped the Bitcoin dominance go
up if you care about that kind of thing but toward the Meester has a tweet out
there he says an estimated 3.4 million aetherium is still held by I SEOs and an
unknown amount of Bitcoin price drop today is rumored to be caused by a sale
from iOS's Treasury ok guys you know when you're when you're dealing with
these massive amounts of aetherium being played with by these I SEOs Oreos you're
gonna have days like this you're gonna have major dumps where they've got baby
they want to get their Bitcoin now or they want to get their fiat now not that
you should be turning your Bitcoin in the Fiat I'll tell you that
and you should turn your theorem in the big
point but now now my god I guess you shouldn't because it's it's add up
pretty what's it at like 5% of a Bitcoin or between 5 and 6% of a Bitcoin it'll
go back up to 10% again probably it probably will I'm not making a
prediction out there aetherium is the number two cryptocurrency though all
right deal with it it'll probably go up to it it'll go up to 8 percent again at
least all right I need everything cyclical people that's just the way it
is pound that like button it all go up again but bitcoin is the one Bitcoin is
the one yeah and so going back to what I said about the gun when the government's
make those announcements nothing fundamentally change about Bitcoin no
major organization is started trading in or a bunch or the wink of I haven't
bought a hundred million more to take off the market and in brick one hasn't
broken there hasn't there's not a new second layer solution there's not a new
company using it there's just some government saying some nonsense about it
so that's you know that's what I'm calling out nonsense like that when
there's legitimate news that you know real that really helps bring Bitcoin to
a new era where it's worth more than fiat then yeah that's awesome then I
will talk about that okay here's another tweet from lop he says the awkward part
about being the awkward part being that the talent he's talking about the fudge
that's out there now the are awkward part being that the latest round of
funsters is largely comprised of early Bitcoin adopters who have somehow become
the very thing that they despised oh so true dude there are a few notable people
out there who are a fucking big point lately and you're familiar with them and
they definitely become what they originally despised it's unfortunate but
that's a hey that's part of life and I got it that happens to some people it
happens they become what eight months to spa
and sometimes it's okay INRI in other forms of life to become what you wants
despise not in this though I don't think you know becoming a doom and gloom er
when you used to be a person who was positive about the future and just like
you know happier person that that's not cool and you you take it to a negative
like when you become a negative troll when you once were a you know a gung ho
let's do this man that's not too cool anyway fork drop dot IO has sent me an
update those those guys they're good guys they're in motion they're trying to
do things with these crypto dividends and I'll read you what they sent me so
you can track track check out fork drop that IO it's linked to below everything
that I talked about is linked to below in those section we have been killing it
on adding features in the past two weeks to help people sort through Forks on our
site take a peek at fork drop that IO new cable and user interface there's a
nice general purpose search box for filtering as well as more specific
filtering ability to add icon markings to each coins to help you remember stuff
like which Forks you've already redeemed tracking information about whether
segment addresses were created and readable lots of small little tweaks and
as always we are adding new information about coins and exchanges every day as
it comes in our visitor traffic is definitely on the uptrend alright
mentioned recounted seventy five dollars in the super chat thanks dude
hey I love doom porn my interest in that direction got me into Bitcoin back in
2013 yes vention yes you have told us that's
before thank you for your reminder but you got to be careful you can't get
obsessed with it it may have led Pete and that's the way I voted it if it led
you to Bitcoin that is awesome thank you very much mention for the five bucks
again and thank you everyone for this
or if this kind of thing led you to a big point that is awesome
but now stick with the positivity of Bitcoin move away from that negativity
because if you stay in the negative doom world where you're just like worried
about the end of the world just getting ready all the time for the end you're
not going to be a productive person you're just not going to be a productive
person and speaking of unproductive people any employee of the state becomes
a propaganda outlet of the state remember that people no matter what
country you're in no matter what you know if someone's a public school
teacher they eventually become a unfortunately a propaganda outlet of the
state you know for the unions for you know saying oh we're great where we are
really teaching the children awesome things and thus their supporters of the
state they're like yeah I think of it the way the government you know they're
paying me the government's baby it's it's alright they don't give me
everything but we need an organization to teach our children to have stability
over our children and that is the governor anyway
Oh in the long run if you are if you work for the state you're gonna want to
become you're a little more support you're gonna promote the state it's not
in your best interests if the truth about this date if you work for the
state so you become a propaganda outlet of the state that is just something to
remember so guys those of you who say you can be bureaucrat government
bureaucrats and love Bigpoint try to be independent get away from working for
the state because in the long run you're going to make decisions that help your
your government income which in the long run hurts all those who are under the
state's thumb and so just become more independent the more and more people
that have become independent the better it is for society I believe and the key
the independence is is big point there's a newfangled Akiba independence anyway
move away from the state pound that like button i'm adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
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click the hair I'll see you guys in the chat right now say hi bye bye

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