The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC videos I made during the 2015 bear market, typical excuses, ICOs

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
June the 18th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking this is where the big boys play
it's Bitcoin you know at the furrow of gratification uncompensated ball alright
thanks to everyone in the super chat you guys have really been supporting me
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while the super chat has been awesome for me okay remember check out the links
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all of these videos that I'm gonna bring up from the old days okay I want to say
that some people some people like to spam the comment section for various
scams I SEOs I don't even know it would have this stuff is I mentioned before
there's a coin called the xilk WA I don't even know if I'm pronouncing it
correctly Zillah quoi Zillah quoi and they their
whole thing is they just get people to people on spamming comments section
saying how great their coin is I mean it's definitely like an 80% mechanism
and I gotta say it works because they're like a top 40 coin now on coin market
cap I know I mean I thought it was probably just a
complete scam maybe it is I have no idea what it is I just know they their fans
are paid to leave annoying spam comments all over the place and I guess 80
percenters are falling for it so if you if you say hey my coin is a top 40 coin
so is silica so it really doesn't mean much okay there's only one big boy and
that's Bitcoin and then there's some top tier all coins also if you're in the top
40 doesn't mean squat because so is the silicon all right so yeah you can pump a
lot of I mean it showed I mean spammers are gonna keep on spamming as
long as this stuff works and you 80 percentage keep falling for and buying
this stuff I don't know what's going on out there people come on use your heads
long term thinking don't be impulsive and buy things that you just see old it
starts with a Z and it was mentioned in the comment section somewhere must be
great all right remember I'm tech belt on Twitter te CH B alt I'm gonna be in
Calgary Bitcoin rodeo com gonna be a big event
July 9th and 10th and pound their like button people seriously take a moment
and just hit the like button and subscribe to the channel ok so there's a
lot of people on social media have been saying things I did during the bear
market of 2015 any of those list things that they did like they lost a lot of
money trading or they but they got lucky with something or the most of them
aren't good stories but who knows if they're telling the truth or not and
well I mean there are entertaining stories I find it entertaining the oh I
believe the people that I know but here I want to do is spend of saying what I
did during the bear market of 2015 I want to share with all of you videos
some videos I made during the May err market of 2015 so they are linked to
below but I'm gonna I'm gonna read you their titles smart people buy Bitcoin
while Jeb slash Hillary's zombies care about the new $10 bill distraction that
was on June 18th 2015 so again if you're watching back then I
hope you didn't get caught up in that Jeb hillary stuff and you bought bitcoin
instead let's go back here's another one scrap your IRA and buy bitcoin explore
blockchain info I made that on April the 7th 2015 hmm well if you would have
scrapped your IRA back then and bought bitcoin well anyway um let's see what
else do you add up have to say during the bear market instead of hating the
white guys of Bitcoin you should emulate them April the 1st 2015
yeah that was a good idea alright here's another one buy Bitcoin instead of soda
and get rich instead of diabetes March 30th 2015
now they'll do some people out there still see Oh Adam it's so unfair that
you helped all that Bitcoin no it's really not because I was talking about
it back then I didn't drink any soda I saved all my money and I bought Bitcoin
with it now you probably had a great time getting drinking soda getting fat
living in the moment being impulsive and you'll get diabetes eventually and
you'll have to pay for that ok that's instead of you know being healthy
and buy Bitcoin of being rich anyway I mean whatever you might have done
different you drank soda during the 2015 bear market I told people not to drink
soda and to buy Bitcoin and you can watch the videos or link to below
that very video here's another one don't waste your $100 on the Los Angeles Rams
and cable buy Bitcoin let him write the date down that was
also 2015 it's linked to below yeah there's a big deal about the Rams moving
the LA and you you know buying a TPS whatever personal seat license or
whatever yeah you would have been better off buying Bitcoin okay here's another
one bitcoin is a Facebook IPO top hot type
opportunity for regular people that was January the 3rd 2016 that's a good one
that's where I think I tell people to buy 10 10 Bitcoin okay what else did
Adam do have his videos where were some more of my videos from back then we are
living through the infancy of Bitcoin be a rebel and an early adopter to 7
December 17th 2015 alright here's another one that people
really liked if you own 10 Bitcoin then you are part of the Bitcoin elite
December 15 2015 okay I'll stop I'll stop
that's what I was doing during that's what I was doing during the bear market
so when everybody was saying Bitcoin was dead just like they're saying now these
are the type of videos I was making kind of like the type of videos I'm making
now so again you could be one of those doubters and excuse makers and no
coiners or you you could be positive and say hey it's cheap now I'll get it now
again I lived through the 2015 bear market you can see the videos and you
can see how it paid off now in the present three year only three years
later dudes alright I only receive a Philadelphia
crypto coin con-com August 18 that's a Saturday that's what the Ken Bozak is
gonna be awesome um again pound that like button people
really pick up second and do that right right to say all right now speaking
about videos vention Macau has a great video out there where he's talking about
how important Bitcoin is to society and that to him and it's bigger than just
him now veterans channel because he is a
he's 50 years old he's a make towel it appeals to a lot of guys so a lot of
guys who were probably over 50 and her mcdowell watch his videos and some of
these guys are completely delusional individuals I must say and some of the
excuses are disgraceful that are in there in the comments section but you
can learn a lot about them guys saying at the NSA controls beat Bitcoin the NSA
made up Bitcoin that the elite are taking profits from the transaction fees
on Bitcoin just just blaming mythical groups for your own lack of success and
your your own paralysis and just trying to extend your paralysis and your no
coinage to everyone it's a sickness it's definitely a sickness and again it's
it's the complete opposite of being in motion and you're not you're not gonna
be successful if you like the guys that comment on in these videos videos now
I'm now this says nothing about bench in Midtown he's a great guy just some of
the people that comment on his videos especially are completely ludicrous and
they're men and they should be ashamed they should be embarrassed I mean that
they they have such delusions again they they're they're ripping on Bitcoin now
they it's supposedly in a bear market again you can see what I did in the bear
you just compare and contrast the personalities that are out there you can
be on their side where you come up with conceit conspiracy excuses and you find
scapegoats for all your problems or you take life by the balls and you don't
make up any excuses you just do it you just buy it you live with what you did
and then you go back and you show the world hey this is what I did I stuck
with it I had conviction and look what it did now and there's no need to panic
there's no need to fret because we I've seen it all before this all it's
all cyclical and Bitcoin watch there's old videos but keep it on the positive
dude and have that conviction with Bitcoin the best holds were bought in
bear markets as they say okay for crop I owe those dudes in Edmonton Alberta I
will be meeting them cuz I'll be in out Edmonton on July the 12th until like
August a second the July 12th meet up in Edmonton I will be speaking at but the
4th for crop that I Oh guys have an interesting they say on topic with your
crypto dividend video yesterday we just launched an open-source project in
conjunction with the site it is the it is called pork drop sweet I I did a
write-up on reddit to cover the details and I link to that below you can see
this for yourself guys the purpose is to help fill the gap for kabhi high
security high privacy tools for claiming and selling forks of course it is more
complex and intimidating for someone scared to get into CLTS or cl-cl eyes
and running Python scripts however we have written quite a few screenshot
Illustrated guides to help self-motivated people learn and split it
into these tracks of novices intermediaries and cyberpunks looking
forward to your visit to Edmonton I would love to give you a demo of this
software running in persons since it is a lot to absorb without investing a bit
of time so yeah these dudes are in motion over there of course I will demo
their product when I am there and since they are in motion I am sharing this
information with you everything I just talked to is linked below it is complex
stuff and you got to be very careful with your crypt of dividends but again
to be in motion it clearly it does not hurt to be in motion guys hey that's
telling me your story it can only be a positive ok so yeah tell me your story
tell me how can we how each other out guys I'll help you you
help me we're motion we're partnering up I a guy
that I first met in January actually he just closed a business deal because he
met me because he was in motion okay so there you go
don't don't sit and complain and leave comments on vention McDowell's
videos about conspiracies of the government controlling the NSA
controlling bitcoin instead get your butt out there email me and Adam a
treasurer help comm get buy some Bitcoin try to be creative it be positive you
can do it you can work for yourselves you don't have to work for the man you
don't have to blame the government you don't have to blame mysterious forces
the wincle vy or whoever emulate the rich as I said in that 2015 video of
mine emulate them don't be jealous don't be a hater alright so again disrupt
meister comm check out my archives I'm gonna need proto Rico's during the 20th
I can't wait to me some of your Puerto Ricans someone just Don Cornelius said
how was Puerto Rico he just sent five bucks in the super chat well Don thanks
for the five bucks I haven't been to Puerto Rico yet I'm
going on the 20th so I will report you will know I am in Puerto Rico because
I'm gonna say hey I'm in Puerto Rico and again it'll be the 20th to the 28th so
Don Cornelius thank you very much for that $5 super 10 I appreciate the
support okay in more mainstream Bitcoin news where obtained in New York State
cryptocurrency license that means the square guys got have a bit license now
oh my god that means they're a hundred percent kosher with the government that
means they'll be able to do whatever they want to do with Bitcoin now so I I
guess they'll be expanding and decrypt more cryptocurrency stuff hey that's
good it's Jack Dorsey is Twitter related it's a positive it's a positive yeah I'm
not seeking government approval obviously
but they're big corporate enemies they want to do it better way and they're
obviously they're not seeking the government approval for just for the
heck of it they want to make money they want to expand so good luck in your
expansion and whatever this bitlicense means to you all right Jimmy Suns got a
great tweet out there concerning icos icos that act like they made it after
raising money are the equivalent of sports teams that spent a lot of money
on the players in the offseason guys you haven't played any games yet let alone
want anything a beautiful point there all these ICO is bragging about how much
money they raise they have it they aren't even real yet it reminds me of
you know the Red Sox a lot they spend a lot of money and everyone thinks they're
gonna come in first but they've come in last place after they spent a lot of
money during the year you don't know damn but just be there's always the
winner of the offseason World Series which is nothing who spent the most
money and baby the Marlins spent the most money in baseball one year they had
to rip the whole team apart what was that is that 2012 and I got
that new stadium that they blackmailed out of the taxpayers I mean South
Florida right now I didn't see their Stadium or anything like that and then
they had to sell the whole thing so it was a total there they're spending all
that money they bragged about they never total failure all right
Cornell Swan jr.

sent five dollars in the Super chat Canyon say anything but
dude Cornell no Colonel column yeah something
like that Swan jr. thank you dude thanks a lot and
I'm sorry if I butchered your name man but I appreciate all the super chat
support guys all right that is the end of the show i'm adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this shell like
this video check out the notes section below i will say hello to all you guys
in the chat ron btc-e Jam Master Jay.

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