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Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
April the 18th 2018 remember it all starts with one Bitcoin aim to get your
first Bitcoin if you don't have one yet that's why this is the one Bitcoin show
move on from there have a strong hand long-term thinking value your wealth in
Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin alright I am in sunny Los Angeles
California where it's dark and it still is April the 18th it's late at night
back on the east coast so if you're over there hey thanks for watching this live
but most likely you're watching this taped
ok so let's jump right into this well first of all I'm going to be in Denver
with andy hoffman vortex thomas the world crypto network gang michael
Krieger to fit 25th that's Wednesday a week from today Wednesday the 25th
Denver get your tickets below alright let's start out with this tweet if bTW a
Bitcoin ever reaches 250,000 dollars and dropped 70 percent the headline will
read Bitcoin is a failed project now worth only 75 thousand dollars that is a
tweet from what hey what's link to below I don't know who is dude is he's awesome
it has an awesome tweet there alright remember if you like tweets if you like
awesome tweets follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH be alt I tweet them out
all day there's been a lot of news today that I've been tweeting out in between
my jogging and my eating and my catching up to everything
and I was out yesterday for quite a while because I was speaking in Century
City here in Los Angeles and it was an awesome time Thank You Anders for
putting on a great event and having a great Century City Bitcoin Meetup
if you're watching this on steam it I link to that below go also I link to the
part of my talk I've already uploaded they taped it for me I'm gonna upload it
in pieces there was a lot of question and answer so it's linked to below check
it out you can check out at that link you can check out the Century City
Meetup vortex is going to speak there on June the 1st so if you're in Los Angeles
area join them there Anders is great Los Angeles is great everyone was just
really welcoming last night people had some great questions and you'll see it
on this channel eventually or most of it I guess but check out the first
installment I all posted it earlier today and remember people to subscribe
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here in beautiful LA here in East Hollywood oh yeah I keep it real when
I'm in Los Angeles I like to stay in East Hollywood because it reminds me a
little bit of Baltimore but yet it's better than Baltimore in many ways
alright so enough enough California to talk man so bruce fenton has a good
tweet out there it's about new york it's about the sociopaths New York Attorney
General actually and you know I'm only bringing this up again because I'm not
worried about what this political hack is trying to do but I think the
points that people are bringing up that I'm talking about just show how the
government cannot be taken seriously at all on how little they know and how
they're about grandstanding so let me just share this let me get to the point
New York politically climbing Attorney General to exchanges give us piles of
private information on your crypto customers so I can get media headlines
and run for governor crack and CEO no thanks
by the way we left your backwards state when you pass the terrible anti-market
big license by now yeah so as I said when I quoted some tweets yesterday the
other cup New York is not you know these grandstanding virtually singling
politicians who are trying to run for higher office they're not doing their
state any favors because these cryptocurrency companies aren't stupid
they're leaving New York when these when these type of threats or regulations are
implemented so hey I'm just I'm just bringing that up that's my point of view
on this I'm not too worried about the Attorney General you know it's it's sad
that uh that certain states have a outspoken and virtuous signaling leaders
like this oh well you guys voted for them voting what a joke the vote with
the big coin people buy Bitcoin that gets you out of the system so you don't
have to worry about these sociopaths politicians okay so Andy Hoffman has a B
rhodium steam it post that I link to he's really bullish Olivia rhodium and
if B rhodium actually was brought up last night by a in Los Angeles at the Q
a part of my talk and this is going to be very interested in interesting in the
sense of how successful will this type of crypto dividend be compared to this
is an air drop this is an air drop compared to the crypto dividends that
the and on the you know that are only good
you're only gonna get it if your treads or splits is for you or you have to go
about it you do things with your private key this is you know signing this
involves signing I mean it takes a very proactive person to get involved in this
airdrop but let's see if this is the way other altcoins are going to form in the
future right now it's it's you know people still say it's a fair market so I
don't expect any new experiments like this anytime soon well who knows maybe
the market will totally turn around in the neck you know I'm not gonna say if
we're still you Andy says it's the the bull market is the bear market is over
but anyway I did get questioned last night if if the air drop method is the
way to go and crypto dividend land and I said it may just be but I mean obviously
what I would like is if one day an entrepreneur creates a device that just
does all the traditional crypto dividend splits that are done through Forks just
does it for you just splits your Bitcoin for you and does it safely we're not
there yet an entrepreneur hasn't created such a device by the good luck to be
rhodium Reid Hoffman Andy Hoffman's Steam it which is below
he is very very bullish on the be rhodium as many of you know all right so
let's talk about another crypto dividend that is be private ledger ledger has a
tweet out there that says also we're happy to announce that ledger nano s is
now supporting be private and Zen cash so that means you can store your be
private on ledger which is cool but that doesn't mean they're splitting it for
you from your Bitcoin so that's not that great that's I mean that would be
awesome if they did that for you but that is not the case correct me if I'm
wrong though I do not think that is the case from this tweet but they're just
supporting it it says we're happy yeah so that you can
store it there hey maybe one day they'll split it for you if somebody can split
it if traceur go I mean who knows who knows right now no you can't there's no
automatic splitting of your be private from the bitcoin but there is some
interesting be private news floating around and I'm actually part of this
news as many of you know when I was at the blockchain conference in
Johannesburg what was that on the 8th and the 9th of March for the 9th and a
10th of March it was a month ago I met some guys from a coin trader coz a they
are in charge of an exchange alcorn trader that Koza
is an exchange in base in South Africa based in Johannesburg and I told these
guys you know you guys should list this be private crypto dividend it'll get you
a lot of customers or get you attention and you know they got back to me
eventually and said yeah we're gonna do this and I've been telling you well
today they did it well first of all they split the Bitcoin if you had Bitcoin on
that exchange and obviously most of you did not I mean if you're in South Africa
possibly you did you got the bead private credited to you there but
secondly today they listed be private for trading and they for a little bit
today they were the exchange with the highest be private volume on the planet
Earth and I think things slowed down there because many people were trying to
put their be private on there to sell I'm not sure what's going on there right
now but II the price had gone up to a thousand rand which is 83 dollars so i
don't know if you can still deposit your be private there i don't know if they've
gotten jammed up i've linked to some links below where you can see the be
private price but another on there because that that price is a lot
different than it's 83 dollars on in south africa now in other exchanges it's
around $28 and point market cap has it
incorporated the aucoin trader price yet even though they incorporate the aucoin
trader price for other coins and into other coins listed on that on their site
again a reason another reason I bring all this up is because this is a lesson
about being in motion had I had Adam Meister not spoken to these men this
would not be going on right now none of it none of what I just said the pro
whatever the price is there them listing it there them splitting it there just be
private getting a publicity because of this show all of you out there in you
you if you just talk to people maybe it over email or Twitter or whatever if you
have good ideas share them you don't know who's gonna adopt them and and put
them in motion make them a reality because again had I just sat there and
you know watched as a passive viewer of the conference and not you know talked
to these guys then this wouldn't be happening so just sitting there gets you
nothing you know being in motion gets you a lot and it can change the course
of history and in this cryptocurrency space it's so small and it's just the
beginning you can make a huge difference just anyone out there I'm just a regular
guy they weren't they weren't really familiar with my channel they I mean
they became familiar with my channel but it was more like just a regular
cryptocurrency fan coming up to them saying hey look into this so that's
that's all that's awesome I'm proud of it and I wanted to be inspiration for
the rest of you to do the same to just not be intimidated like if you have like
no Bitcoin you can do this too and it'll be a chance you can do something have an
idea that'll get you more Bitcoin just you know network out there talk to
people tweet don't be afraid to share information with me and we're gonna get
into that in a second someone did share something with me today and I'm gonna
share it just because he told me to and he's a good guy who's been on my show
before okay is a tweet about a link to an article
about Lightning Network and it gets it goes it tells you what is fun don't
count your fog before the lightning strikes 15 claims against lightning
answered and it's a medium post and it's linked to below it's a good article for
all you people who try to spread fight about lightning or the more they're more
of you who want the truth about lightning well here it is dudes check it
out this link it's linked to below pound that freaking light button if you're up
at night on the west coast here I guess in Hawaii and Alaska it's it's it's
early or even so you're more wide awake and the people here in LA and I see been
Chandra pal is he's in Seattle are in Washington state wherever and he's in
the live chat right now so hey man I can see his little symbol I think that's him
but if you want to ask questions people I'll see you in the super chat I've
recognized his symbol alright yeah so people pay their taxes yesterday and
will the price didn't go down the price basically stayed the same some people
thought there was going to be a price eruption so who knows neutral neutral on
that taxes people paying their taxes well worldwide people will should be
happy to know that United States taxpayers clear you probably don't have
that big of effect on the Bitcoin price alright it's all cyclical oh what am I
about to talk about talk wha tired be cash be cash surged why did it surge for
Brian Kelly on CNBC is like pumping it now Brian Kelly has been on my show
before and he's a good guy nice guy he gets pretty carried away sometimes
though and he basically said bye be cash buy be cash and that's he
only legitimate explanation I can see – why be cash it was worth about 9 percent
of a big point now it's worth 11 percent of a Bitcoin but again things like this
are gonna happen I say it's all cyclical they'll be bigger voices pumping it in
the future remember this is the wild wild west king of the trolls if he wants
to he can bribe people he can bribe exchanges nothing stopping a hint
stopping him there are no rules that govern half his stuff that's out there
okay he isn't the following rules he's in Japan I mean what I mean wait this is
cryptocurrency man this is the free markets so expect more pumps you can
call it a bribe and I'm not saying that king of the trolls bribe Brian Kelley
but you know but someone asked me a question last night about bribing of
exchanges and I said yeah I mean it can happen I don't think the question was
more so the king of the trolls bribe exchanges not the list be private and I
said no I don't think he did that I don't think he did that but he can do
whatever he wants to do he's got a lot but let's go back to this thing so Brian
Kelley us also put a tweet out there and I'm linked to all this below it was a
poll that said bye be kasher Bitcoin and even even after he pumped me
obviously I know we all know what he wanted you to answer it was a biased
Pauly wanting you to answer be cash she just pumped be cash even after that 78%
of the people huh 78% of people said Bitcoin and that's that's like a bias a
bicep all there all right so there's there's a peak at about news of the day
for the people who like that but anyway CNBC just pumps away they think they
know they pump Ripple before and it works clearly it works they've got some
sway they get well in conjunction with a coin it markets itself pretty well
they've got some sway okay so Andy Hoffman again I link to his Twitter he
was on fire today he was like he was a fire check out his Twitter it's linked
to below and as I said it was it's great to be Los Angeles the people were great
last night hope to see more of you around link to below is part
of my talk more will be up there soon and finally finally the great Balaji
Val de Jana who's been on my show before giving us on the ground reports from
India well he has a great tweet storm out there and I linked to it so check
out his thread he said Adam you know spread the word retweet this thing I
said sure man you've been on my show before giving us the truth about what's
going on in India so check him out retweet him follow him on Twitter pal
Matt like button I'm gonna go to sleep pretty soon I'm adam meister the
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