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good time and to those guys David Phil I've never been on the show before so I
love getting new voices on the show I scan the internet for the best real news
sources out there and I love to bring you guys that maybe you've never heard
or maybe you never heard on the show before but these best guests in the
space on this show best guest in space yesterday was the beyond Bitcoin show I
do that every Saturday night you can watch that that's linked to below also
okay so what today was a busy day I drove to Philadelphia then I drove back
so if I didn't tell you that you would never have known that I was in
Philadelphia or in the suburbs of Philadelphia at least alright yes
the convenience of Baltimore so here's an article that Craig ship actually sent
me he's he's in an undisclosed location near Camp David which is west of
Baltimore wait wait I'll toward a Frederick County in
Frederick County but this article has nothing to do with the Craig ship but it
is something that we should all take notice of sellers are angry as PayPal
says it will start keeping sales fees when making refunds people are angry
about changes and have been quick to point out what it means in practice if a
vendor sells something for $1000 but the customer
changes their mind the seller has not only lost their buyer they will have
also lost twenty nine dollars in the process Wow that is uh that's not cool
at all and yeah I mean this is this is how PayPal you know they charge a
seller's fee but their key if there's a refund they keep it paypal new refund
policy and so what's this Swami even mentioned why am i mentioning this one
Bitcoin there are no chargebacks in Bitcoin you can't have people playing
games saying oh I want my money back I bought something I'm old my money back
no they're not getting their money back and there's no middleman that is going
to keep some fee and send your money back I mean this is the worst of all
worlds over there with the direction at PayPal is going in there can be a
chargeback you and then at the same time they they still charge you as if there
was a transaction so keep on doing that PayPal and more people are gonna find
out about Bitcoin hopefully because this is this is good news for Bitcoin
although it's bad if you're a a PayPal seller Wow so on to some less serious
news there is a site out there it is like the onion of cryptocurrency coin
Jazeera dot news I just discovered this the other day Queen Jazeera dot news
Dave an article Dan Larimer receives the Guinness World Record for most crypto
exit scams okay I mean we can all we can all pick on dan Larimer and again the
article is funny to a certain extent but I encourage and again you gotta when
you're getting into this coin jazeera site you gotta take it with a grain of
salt that is just it's it's like the onion is supposed to be like the onion
they're really poking hard for fun and at some characters in our space and
I'm not here to pick on people like damn my armor I think it it might take it a
little bit too far and so I would not you know I'm going to you know it's
interesting in the space to see something like coin Jazeera popping up
because even though it's not for me I know we don't entertain some people and
there's a certain robustness to the crypto media when you have something
that that's like the onion and is a clear joke so you can look at it in that
way itself as a positive that the crypto media is developing like this but I do
want to say you know don't spend too much time trying to make obnoxious jokes
about the people you don't like in crypto dan Larimer has obviously moved
from project to project the project a project and he keeps getting funded so I
mean it's not his fault that people keep keep funding him and he keeps on jumping
into new projects and you they call steam it a scam and Steve it is not a
scam I'm this is live won't steam it right now this the show you earn steam
you turn it into to Bitcoin is it I mean steam steam at the site it needs a lot
of work it still needs a lot of work II it was a project that he obviously he
started and when he left it it I mean there's some momentum that's gone from
it's I would say from from that since the day he left but that doesn't mean
it's a it's not a scam and there are all sorts of people working on steam it
still so hopefully you know hey man we're in the early days of this stuff
hopefully something like steam it will if it's not steam it something like it
will come about so again I mean I'm not I just I wasn't gonna say about him here
I got some notes here hang on yeah people stoller toss some money at him
and yet others should take advantage of this environment he people are just
tossing money at Dan Larimer you've got a better idea than van Larimar instead
of like ripping on Dan Larimer put your put your idea out there maybe you can
raise some money in and do something really productive for the space so hey
that's that's my my take on the whole thing I could give a darn about
dannyelle though and I think I'm just more so talking about coins Jazeera you
can't according to zero is making money off of
being obnoxious so I guess good for them but most people on in social media that
try to be as going to complain and be obnoxious all day and not that not too
productive you might want to just analyze the situation and see how you
can benefit from the situation and and add something positive to the space if
you don't think dan has added something positive to the space so G who is on my
show on Friday who is definitely adding so much positive content on Twitter to
the space so much positive analysis he says follow Jeff Goldberg if you and any
when I link to Jeff Goldberg below to if you want to see crypto bot networks and
bias exposed and this dude Jeff he does I mean so on Twitter there's a lot of
noise and there are a lot of BOTS and sometimes something some issues might
seem a lot bigger than they really are because someone has employed some BOTS
to promote whatever they're trying to promote whether it be ripple or some
other altcoin and this ders is exposing it and it's a great source of
information so because you you might read a on Twitter about how great ripple
is and then you read with this guy post and he shows that no those tweets are
fake they're bots that they exposes some of Twitter accounts that are just filled
with bot followers there are a lot of people you know that that guy must be
very next time must know what he's talking about he's got a lot of
followers but uh here we got a guy Jeff who's pointing out the fake followers of
some people out there and again some of you might remember when I was in Calgary
at the Bitcoin rodeo I met a guy a guy who would appear on this show he
volunteered to appear in this show who buys people views and followers on
YouTube you think it's just like taking steroids Adam easy you got to do it –
everybody else is taking steroids no way man I'm not gonna take steroids but
apparently a lot of people like to take steroids in social media and
that guy back in Category makes a lot of money off of it but this guy Dan is
exposing it so so good for him good for him and because we need it's a wild wild
west out there and sometimes we need some people to to do some analysis to
show who's faking who is real but that's good is it we suck hey man with without
the people exposing who's fake some of us will get fooled
some of a lot of people are going to get full but even some of the people who can
identify the fakes out there will get fooled some of the time so it's great to
have that information up and it's great for Jeep to be recommending other people
to follow something less Jeep brought up on me yet on the show on Friday did I
never heard of as I guess I don't care that much about Manero but I looked it
up it seemed interesting cake wallet cake wallet I owe stores send and
receive Manero so people have asked how store Manero
there you go there's another option out there people they asked me that before
so jeep brought up cake wallet had never heard of it before it seems pretty legit
again I say you know what I say you only get Bitcoin this is not an endorsement
of Manero or anything like that but hey maybe in this in this age of a lack of
privacy a lot of people would be buying my Manero in the future meaning a
private coin for some reason hey it's of all the altcoin themes and all the
outgoing flavors of the month privacy coins they seem to be have the most
legit use case at least but I'm sticking with Bitcoin found that like button
alright alright where do we have here what is this Oh Bitcoin days since
all-time high chart this is a very interesting chart I usually don't go too
crazy about charts and and all-time highs but it's a pretty simple chart and
it shows you that uh in the in the Bitcoin lifecycle that we've been living
through that Bitcoin goes through long periods of times where a
does not return to its all-time high and then for short periods of time it keeps
on making all-time highs and we're in one of those periods now where in terms
of Fiat Bitcoin has not returned it's been quite a while since the all-time
high back in late 2017 but if you look at the chart it could continue until
2021 in fact so but once it gets there I mean look at the chart it's it's good
news I mean it's one it one of my sayings is a one day closer to 20,000 or
but you know Bitcoin always returns to its all-time high but always you know so
there's I've been through cycles where Bitcoin got to $1100 back in 2013 if you
it will never return it will never return and and now we just laugh because
it not only didn't return it bashed it in and the chart shows that and so
there's a lot of people out there so it'll never return the 20,000 or
whatever the heck it was we're one day closer it will return and the chart is
is interesting so hey I'm not making any prediction as a chart you know it shows
like 2021 and again it goes it's history repeating itself we after I having a you
know a year or so after I having it you start to get into all-time high or less
than a year whatever it is after the having a few months go by then you
return to your all-time high and you start making new all-time highs how
about how about that we've lived her at once
maybe we're about to lift through it again just know that one Bitcoin equals
one Bitcoin and you got to have patience dudes and you got a deferred
gratification you can't be frustrated today that oh why hasn't it returned to
its all-time high this dis chart will strengthen your hand strong hands
alright and he's got my lord I I have to say I during this crypto and again I'm
glad there are lots of people going into great depth into analyzing the numbers
but it just seems like every day there is some new chart out there making some
new prediction about a new number and I get it I get it you value your wealth
and you value your wealth in fiat okay
or you're a fiat freak my lord it's it's becoming quite noisy some of
these charts and some of them that get really complicated and technical I mean
why can't we just keep it simple one day closer to 20k one day closer to
returning to the all-time high it's gonna happen who cares what the exact
date is and the exact new all-time high what what it's gonna be if you believe
in this you know the future is is really bright and one Bitcoin because one
Bitcoin all right so that's my my little added I didn't intend on talking about
all the charts that I keep seeing out there and I I'm glad people are doing
work on charts okay just not my thing it's just not my thing so you're not if
you if you watch this channel you're not gonna Adams not gonna mention every
single new chart and because I'm so so much of the time they're wrong oh it's
gonna go down the 2222 and then it'll go to a million okay it'll be worth more in
the future I'm deferring my gratification I don't need to see I
don't need to see it tomorrow what it's gonna be in 2021 I'd like that simple
all-time-high chart thing that I actually linked to it's nice and simple
everyone can understand it not a bunch of green red blue orange purple lines
this that logger in milk alright so let's talk about aetherium classic
someone said why why is it pumping and I'm bringing this up is it just shows
you the the fun of altcoin gambling this is a tweet and G actually mentioned
jeetil odds were in the show today I really think the dude is underrated
really you follow him guys really follow him on Twitter but he brought up this
with this guy Karl also brought up here so aetherium classic just pumped like
crazy on coinbase a fury as to what is going on there after the etherium
classic 51% attack coinbase drastically changed a number of confirmations needed
to transfer in and out of coinbase so basically it takes a day now
you need a day's worth of confirmations this makes coinbase a perfect place to
pump a coin since no the coin excuse me since no one can arbitrage in an
efficient manner expect a big dump in 24 hours when newly transferred coins start
to hit the market we shall see we shall see and I agree with the logic behind
that and they could have big it might be the best of both worlds for the pumpers
out there because a few your classic is also scheduled or they're talking about
having a hard fork soon so those type of rumors are usually bullish and so I mean
that could be pumping it but it could just be that news and some people
decided hey coin base has this issue I'm gonna I'm gonna start to pump pump the
price there and bid it up there and people are no one's gonna be able to add
any new coins there so there's a limited supply it takes 24 hours add new coins
there and then it will affect the rest of the markets and then all my etherion
classic my bag everything even classically worth more so I'll be able
to sell it for a lot and then finally when all the people who are getting
caught up in the etherium classic pump once there once there I think in classic
arise at coin base then the price will dump and they will be stuck but so we
will see we're approaching that 24 hour mark let's see if it does uh let's see
if the person with here in classic goes down how sustainable it is and again
this is what little games like this whether it's true or it's not true
this one you have to deal with when you're gambling with all coins little
situations where where where coin base has QuickBase it is true that they have
limited it takes a while to send coins there now let's ascend Athena in classic
there and you needs 24 hours with a confirmation so that just sets up this
whole imbalance in the market and if you don't know that and you're just like
with your classic must be the newest hottest thing then you get tracked
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin theorem classic is not the Nexen theory
it's not the next Bitcoin this is an exit theorem I don't know it's a Barry
Silbert it's a you know you always have Barry Silbert with the theory in classic
so you know it's cyclical in that manner they're always gonna be pumps because of
Barry silver with with a bit in classic and it's uh it's about a second tier of
top to your old coin because of very silver and these own coin base to that
how that keeps it top tier second tier hey Adam this is from a bench in
McDowell he says hey Adam I'm still waiting for
my twenty XRP I sent you I sent you ten when you email me of course the address
was from Bolivia but you do travel a lot be careful people thanks for that
reminder of edging big Dow yeah there there are people out there that create
all sorts of nice scams on on Twitter pretending to be other people saying hey
you send me uh you send me this much of this altcoin I'll send you that much of
this this altcoin and then you find out oh wait a second that that wasn't uh
that wasn't who I thought it was it was some guy in Bolivia but maybe he was who
I thought it was because he's gone to Bolivia but no it's not who you think it
is so thank you for that reminder vention and yet people be aware be awake
on twitter be definitely be awake there's there's always gonna be a latest
and greatest scam that you cannot identify right away and you'll be like
oh my mom sent me a DM she needs some help give us any Bitcoin I said there's
a bit be careful people that's it that's you that's your reminder from vention
May prevention and he is great keep it up keep up the work mention strong hand
don't FOMO altcoins that's my reminder from that theorem classic pump people so
yeah maybe they will have a hard work or whatever
don't FOMO all coins manipulation over a coin base tech Ono I already talked
about the PayPal I am on come on sellers of the world transition to Bitcoin you
don't need to be dependent on PayPal all right so something we did talk about
on this weekend Bitcoin in just in case you missed it it was a tweet by Jeep
dogecoin has zero developers that's what the broke people say the woke people say
those chord has ossified has a market cap of almost half a billion dollars and
runs without a centralized development team and achieved its final form so yeah
there's definitely two ways of looking at something like dogecoin but I will
give you know I do I don't like those coin I think it is a joke but you gotta
say it is what it is it is not changing it does not have any developers it has
ossified and maybe that is valuable to some people maybe that you know that you
know how much there's gonna be yeah you know how I mean something that investors
like they like and some reason I like bitcoins because you know it's a cunt
you know there's gonna be 21 million of it you know the Bitcoin up today is the
Bitcoin of 2021 okay in terms of the the bottom layer you know there's lots of
stuff going on the second and third layer but you know Bitcoin the base
layer is Bitcoin so dogecoin has achieved that since it
has no developers working on it it you know where you get with dogecoin
there so who knows maybe for that reason maybe we'll get into such an altcoin man
this one day people will pump it for that I mean it's got a reliable
community around it yeah I talk about marketing all the time it is what it is
and then it's got this community that that talks about it so it's interesting
to analyze to see if dogecoin stays a second-tier all the phones it's not a
talk to your app but hey it could prove me wrong let it prove me wrong so what
if I'm wrong about all coins it terms up with a top tier in a second tier in the
third tier I've got a Bitcoin strong hand that's that's what I'm it coins the
rock man so I can I can I can toss out these all coin things so what I got some
more if you give me that if if I it may be the fork
Bitcoin that's great create some crypto dividends a Bitcoin crypt of dividends
through your altcoin some some airdrops that's great I like that that's my
favorite type of coin the one you give me for free that I turn in the Bitcoin
member Wimble coin coming on April 20th that we're going to hear more about that
soon no doubt about that oh this is someone Jim said this the
other day in the chat when I was talking about strong hands and how I don't want
to ever sell and how someone said they're not gonna sell until vention
gets married well Jim said my bitcoins for my kids
I'm the accumulator the kids will be the liquidator my hand is paralyzed found
that like button dude I like that I like that a lot he's straight up saying he is
never going to sell his and he's legitimate about that
he's never selling his Bitcoin they're going to his kids and one day his kids
will decide what they're gonna do if their fiat freaks or if in the year 2020
36 having if their I got that I'm just now here in 2036 I can just get a I can
just get a house with bitcoins so of course I'm not saying selling my Bitcoin
and they'll use like point one Bitcoin to buy a house or something who does
have a big smile on my face but no good good good good line I like that good
good way of thinking and that yeah that is for all the people that like Adam you
just can't hold on to it forever why don't you treat yourself what are you
doing I don't need anything now why should I just spend for the sake of
spending to fit in to no be in this popular culture look look
no I'm not here for the status I don't leave them to dry some some fancy car or
live in some big old house and by the way when I was in Philly in the suburbs
of Philadelphia today I was in the wealthier suburbs of Philadelphia and I
was in a really nice house good for them you know some people yeah and I saw them
I saw the way of the traditional world they were sitting there watching the
cable show about every the fancy houses and I don't – no – I don't have cable
the first time seen cable and since I'd hung out with that person I think anyway
okay so finally finally guys get into the Bitcoin overly get yourself into
that mindset where you don't care about status it's it's it's invigorating than
me at least okay we'll talk about that more on the beyond
Bitcoin show and I talk about stuff like that on Saturday night some of you if
you like that kind of topic there's a new poll out there again by and yet but
but you know what I totally forgot I didn't tonight lists what the poll even
says it's it's asking if coin desk should do the disclosures it's a
disclosure poll that it's all you here it is should coin des leave the crypto
and blockchain industry to a more transparent public discourse by
recommending to consensus 2019 speakers that they provide disclosures in their
presentations okay so he's just I mean this this use of Twitter is it's it's a
pret it's a way to pressure organizations into your way of thinking
into what you think is best for this space that we need disco it's not
forcing disclosure on anyone it's not saying hey we should make a rule in
Bitcoin that oh all conferences need to have all speakers disclosed exactly what
they own no he's not saying that he's saying he's to creating a poll and
people are saying yeah that would be great if corn guests did that now again
I I am the coin this is so mainstream and everything but they are known for in
their mainstream this for having all of these conflicts of interest people right
for them or some of the articles to be totally you know pumping things that
they have interest in so it's it's good to quote unquote pick on them two to
maybe get this get this rolling and I think disclosure should be voluntary I
think someone should just try to have an event it's called like the disclosure
event every speaker we have here talked he's going to reveal every conflict of
interest they have so you know exactly where they're coming from so again this
dude is in motion I met him in California actually so I've
retweeted it and it cites the end of the show if you're if you stuck around this
long congratulations found that like button bang that belt button do do check
out Twitter retweet that vote in the poll share your opinions about
disclosures uh below i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister new
show here every single day click on those squares i'll say hi to all you
dudes in the chat good evening

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