The 1 Bitcoin Show-Altcoins are testbeds for BTC, Hold rules the day, Bprivate surge

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin this is one
big the one bitcoin show today is April the 12th 2018 I can remember this day in
the year 2000 I've got a good memory or a strong hand long term thinking Oh a
lot of you guys are pumped up for that Fiat price you want me to talk about the
Fiat price you know I don't do that anyway uh value your wealth in Bitcoin
strong can people all right follow me a tech thought on Twitter Tec HP alt been
talking about that it's been while well over there tomorrow now we're having
this is early is early for Adam right but I'm getting ready to go to st.

tomorrow I'll be in st. Louis at this time tomorrow but also tomorrow 9:15
a.m. in the morning Eastern Time 2:15 in the afternoon London time this week in
Bitcoin oh we're gonna talk about India maybe we'll have a guest from Canada
maybe one from England definitely run from India might talk some beer odium
some obviously they're gonna talk about the Bitcoin price in terms of Fiat and
you know how it surged suddenly and how all those people left and Fiat aren't
too happy but you get a value you're wealthy Bitcoin but what I have to say
hey look at this this t-shirt is by cryptography T check out the links
section below this is the honey badger yeah this is a Bitcoin t-shirt and yeah
this is I'm have to say bye to this dude was a I'm not taking this on the road
but I dude alright so I had a great crush to Street interview today with a
Kenneth a Midori he'll be posting that on crush the street real soon I was on
fire I had a lot of energy imagine Adam Meister having a lot of energy doesn't
yeah it happens all the time all right because you got to eat healthy and you
got a value about the Bitcoin and of course of course what else do you have
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at this link I might have even used this quote before it's a it's a tweet that I
found it says holding Bitcoin is living a few years of your life like most
people won't so that you can live the rest of your life like most people can't
defer gratification people don't be impulsive long-term thinking and if you
if you're if you're short-term and impulsive you gotta you gotta do
something with your Bitcoin you gotta do something Bitcoin related and your Los
Angeles hey I'll help urea come out on the 17th which is Tuesday Century City
you can get tickets below get information below it was a fun time last
time it'll be a fun time this time and I'm gonna mention this on all the shows
so you all you guys in LA I love LA all you guys in Southern California come out
to Century City for the Bitcoin need up on the 17th which is Tuesday
alright so Bloomberg Oh Bloomberg they had the they had a story out that said
what's the name in this story Bitcoin purists appear to be bidding the H the
hold lifestyle adieu so they're saying that hey yeah the
Bitcoin people Holdings that they're not holders anymore and then all of a sudden
the price went up a thousand dollars basically right after that article came
out it's not because that article came out so I mean that's a typical Bitcoin
pker type of story and that's when it when you think bitcoins at a peak and
when you shouldn't be holding anymore and you should be selling for fiat
that's when the that's when the fiat price goes up by a thousand dollars and
guess what happened today today is a reminder that you cannot there's so many
people out there like oh I'll just buy it back when it's cheaper when it's you
know it's going down to four thousand and bam all of a sudden it goes up to
eight thousand on your road to four thousand good and you know what maybe it
will go to four thousand one you don't know what's gonna happen that's why you
have a strong and and you think 2020 and you just hold
on to it so for me this Fiat price surged it's just another reminder why
you want to hold and simplify your life and you don't play these games with the
traders any complicate things any best stuff because days like this where we're
all celebrating all the hobby are just like hey told you so all the people who
played being a trader and we're short or like oh my god oh my god I have I have
no Fiat left because who knows what they're saying I have no Bitcoin who
cares it off bi you want to you want to be increasing your Bitcoin okay and hey
it was a easier to increase your Bitcoin when it was $6,000 then when it's
seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars or whatever
magical web bot number it is pound that like button if you know that web bot is
totally b.s anyway okay but no you don't you don't listen to mythical computer
creatures you just hold dude and you know whenever
okay I'm not gonna get into this I've gotten into it a million times
alright yeah remember this week a Bitcoin tomorrow 9:15 in the morning
Eastern by 2:15 London time as I know there's somebody out in England actually
watching live right now I can see him in the sheet in the chat yes for motivation
how you doin brother I rarely see him because I'm always doing that night time
here and Izzy's asleep there and you know gotta get back to England one of
these days I'll be in Norway in late May that's getting close I guess all right
so uh what else do we have here okay big boy this is a tweet from Rodolfo who
probably will be on the show tomorrow Road ofle Novak hopefully will be on the
show tomorrow don't want to get anybody's hopes up as you know you know
some of these moving parts lots of moving parts he might be a little late
to the show okay Bitcoin and he didn't say this he's quoting Bitcoin is
mathematical I am a mathematician mathematician there are only 21 million
it is more legitimate than other systems supposedly that's a Steve Wozniak quote
I like it because you know what no emotion dude it
is mathematical there 21 million of them we're gonna have a Bitcoin having in the
year 2020 get used to it you can cry and scream and be emotional and but hey
Bitcoin having 20/20 remember it learn and understand it alright
why alright so I don't know why it surged to 7700 or eight thousand dollars
this morning I don't care you could be all of you guys who are into the Fiat
value of it you know I guess you have a boner now or something I don't know okay
great it's one Bitcoin still equals one Bitcoin but uh if you like to talk about
numbers and I need talk about numbers a little bit yesterday when I mentioned
Andy Hoffman well he's got a great podcast out there
I link to it below and he is very excited he's saying that the the crypto
bear market is over I'm not saying that by the way because hey it could still
drop but he's not he's again he's got some reasons it's a good it's a good
post it's a good video he gets into more of all the playing around with the sixty
eight thirty in the sixty nine thirty in the sixty seven thirty that I was
talking about yesterday it's a good video check it out it's linked to below
Andy Hoffman cryptic old central com is awesome it's his steam it by the way so
you can upload him and I on I'm still a bitcoin meister on steam it and tech
ball Tec hbl to you on Twitter all right so speaking of Twitter here's another
twit tweet from BTC to the moon oh it's a funny one because there's a picture of
me on it whether the price of Bitcoin is up or
down in dollar value adam meister the bitcoinmeister is chilling why because
he values his wealth in bitcoin and no matter what the US dollar price one big
quaint coin equals one Bitcoin dude that is from Bitcoin to the moon calm I wore
his shirt yesterday check that out get the shirts I like his tweets and well
again and this is not his shirt honey bitcoin is a freaking honey badger dudes
that's what this is supposed to remind you feel that six-pack there dude
that is what freak being healthy is about all right it's
some freaking nuts dude healthy stuff apple cider vinegar for it
and again I'm not eating it my fast is not done do tell on my face over 22
hours at this time all right uh I was about to say something about shirts yeah
this one's my cryptography D honey badger baby oh yeah that so yeah you
know it's funny BTC to the moon made a joke you know
that Adams calm and chillin when the heck is Adam chilling for God's sake
since I'm always on fire baby I am always on fire uh-oh it's got the energy
flowing on dude I want these I've got having some cashews and some almonds and
pecans and Dilbert's filbert's is that those are that's another word for
hazelnuts right all right so let's get back into this darn show okay enough
about if you want to know about Adams eating on all that stuff that Saturday
it's the beyond the Bitcoin show I'll be doing that from st.

Louis if the Wi-Fi
is working no the Wi-Fi better be darn working at
this place all right st. Louis yeah there's a lot of stuff going on st.
Louis this weekend wash you baby all right so yeah I graduated from Wash U
big deal yeah yeah that means I got a good SAT score when I was 16 or 17 or
whatever it's free it's uh it's ridiculous you know you can learn a lot
more from from the internet or the watch you you can learn a lot of washy to it's
an elite it's a good school let's go but I don't want to ripple and wash you all
right uh what is what's going on because he values his wealth and oh yeah I read
that I'm losing I was at rec Matt ODL has a great tweet a great reminder that
about altcoins where something goes wrong with these
altcoins you know you're not gonna add that that aspect of Bitcoin that I'll
call coins are test beds for Bitcoin that's a beauty of them you can't hate
on all coins because all in this where he says all coins continue to be a
testbed for future edition slash changes to Bitcoin a free-market bug bounty
program essentially the best ideas will be merged into Bitcoin the failed ideas
will be we found here and he quotes this we
found an attack on zero coin leading to vulnerabilities in the crypto currency
and it says and it lists a bunch of other crypto currencies because there
was his vulnerability and zero coin it led to some problems inside so we know
from this and I don't care you know it's screwed up some other crypto currencies
it's great you could check out the tweet to see which ones that screwed up if you
own them but we now the Bitcoin people know what we don't want to add this zero
coin aspect whatever this was we don't want to add it to Bitcoin good test too
bad for the zero point people they might have lost some value or what you know
yeah but the Bitcoin people will not because it's the zero coin all these
other ones they're testbeds they're just you know you can test over
there all right and that and that's why you don't test it on frickin Bitcoin you
don't you're you know you don't put a bug on Bitcoin you're very slow and
methodical about what you adds a Bitcoin you don't rush things you have long-term
thinking that's what the developers a Bitcoin are about and then they see what
these other short-term thinking developers have done and they learn all
right aaron von weird um has a bear he's been
on the show before on that this weekend Bitcoin show before a great video I link
to it below talking about the crypto media the objectivity in the space of
the transparency he is some people say well he's biased well maybe he is
basically he's transparent about it he doesn't lie he puts it all out there
and so in the cryptocurrency media Slee sometimes you have people that are
bought by other people they're their biases or they don't put it out there
what you know what what they're really all about Aaron puts it what he's really
all about out there and he talks about it in this video especially toward the
end of the video is a ten minute video and he's being interviewed by a mere
who's a woman and some of you just like to look at women and uh but though she's
smart Aaron smart check it out all right all Colin kingmaker what's
this mean Adam oh I know what I'm talking about here all right so be
private be private got list it has been listed on coin market cap for a while
now we'll final offer well coin Mac market cap finally put everything
together and they're actual for value straightened
out there and then their market cap value who put up there correctly and to
tell you the truth it took a while but it doesn't it didn't take them as long
as it takes them for suffer like be gold and stuff so maybe they're speeding up
that process now where if you're in a crypto dividend or an altcoin that's
joining the ranks of coin market cap that they're going to put up your
correct market capitalization faster now and so that surged that appear that move
appear to have made the price basically double of be private so all the be
private people are happy out there you gotta be patient with that kind of stuff
dudes you gotta be patient just like you have to be patient with Bitcoin you
gotta be patient with these crypto dividends if they have true value if
they if you know is this unique be private is unique it's it's basically
bitcoin holder is getting a version of Z cash for free supposedly Z cash is great
on that in this coin I have no idea we'll see how that all turns out but
their their social media was on fire today and B private land they've got a
huge social but but something to learn from all this is that is coin market cap
man they are a king makers of all coins once they get your thing straightened
out your coin market value your market cap straighten out all of a sudden you
surge your listed your correctly ranked and then everyone starts buying your who
knows but yeah they're rank board in the third I don't know what their rank but
for the B Rodian people out there and for anybody else you might want to make
sure that you got that coin market cap is gonna list you correctly not just
list you but list your market cap value correctly the day you go live does that
could be really helpful for your your crimp of dividend for your all coin or
whatever hey that that's Adam oysters little tip
of the day all right that's it that's the end the show I do everything there's
all these pictures now that should be up there if you're not watching you live
click on those things subscribe the channel pound that like button
I'm Adam I should bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to do all the
things i always say to do come back 9:15 in the morning Eastern Time 2:15 London
time in the afternoon tomorrow I will be here click those links there
and I'll see you in the chat now I think that's it honey badger bye bye

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