The #1 ALTCOIN In June!? Time to Buy is RIGHT NOW!!

One thing that I’ve learned from being involved
with these markets for sooo long!? You just gotta roll with the punches. The markets try to batter you and beat you
when they are down, when the markets are up, they try to get you punch drunk with euphoria
hopium, that clouds everyone’s judgment. There is barely any time for the in-between….but
we are in the in-between zone right now…a calm before the next move in the markets. No punches, just good, solid crypto content….because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! Many people cannot decide where we are in
the hyperwave cycle of this BULLRUN. The very significant 50 percent plus selloff
bitcoin experienced could only put us at two places. In the awareness phase, and this was and still
could be…the BEAR Trap….or we are done, past the mania phase into the blow off, and
we are in a bull trap! If you watched my content at all this week…you
know my opinion.

We are smack dab in the middle of the BEAR
trap aka we are still in the awareness phase of this hypercycle. Awareness phase my friends, it’s time to
become aware….. Aware of what? Aware of the best in class ALTCOINs, because
if this is the bear trap, altcoins across the board are going to go parabolic once again
in that mania phase. They call it mania for a reason….because
everyone and everything goes crazy!!! You could throw a dart, at a spinning dartboard
of different altcoins, and pick a winner in the mania phase. But many of those altcoins, once mania ends,
are going to get obliterated. I’m talking about 90 to 99 percent losses. It happened to the 2017 ICOs and altcoins,
and it will happen again many of these. So what Chico Crypto is trying to do is identify
the altcoins, who will see the parabolic pumps in Mania, but then won’t lose 90 to 99 percent
of their value come the BEAR market! They might lose just 80 percent….because
they are builders, the actual projects with use cases! Which means when the next cycle comes around,
they will still be here, improving and continually building… And one of my top picks for just that….is
Alchemist Coin, MIST!! Why are they still one of my top picks!? One Word…..MISTX….

What the alchemists have been building in
the lab, just went into a full public release!!! Yes, the MistX exchange is live for anyone
to use on the Ethereum mainnet…so let’s get into just exactly what MISTX is…. MISTX is the world’s first FlashDEX….aka
it’s the first time in ethereum history that regular users and traders get access
to Flashbot’s technology! So to understand the implications of that,
you need to understand what Flashbots is. Flashbots is a distributed and decentralized
research and development organization, whose goal is to help solve the problems associated
with MEV (Maximum Extracted Value). Flashbots is stewarded and led by Ethereum
industry heavyweights… Scott Bigelow, former lead dev of Augur… Phil Daian, who has been working on smart
contract security with Ethereum, basically since the beginning and also the MEV crisis..Stephane
Gosselin, former lead dev for NumerAI, and just like Phil, has been working on smart
contracts and MEV, for a long time…

Alex Obadia, who just gave a speech at ETH
Global on MEV and ETH2 last week, and finally Tina Zhen, the connections to the ETH miners,
especially over in china…who is the Yellow Hat DAO Initiative Founder, CarboClan founder
and has won multiple ETH hackathons with her teams. She’s an all star, the entire flashbots
stewardship is… So now that we know industry heavyweights
are a part of Flashbots….we need to understand the importance of Flashbots technology to
the next phase of Ethereum….especially as it scales… Just over 2 weeks ago, there was a big ole
discussion: the MEV Roast, scaling ethereum edition. Speakers included Flashbots team members,
Phil Diaan, and Alex Obadia…but also Karl Floersesh of Optimism PBC, Justin Drake Researcher
for the Ethereum Foundation, Georgious Konstantopolis of Paradigm Capital and of course the Vitalik
Buterin…. Soo let’s just play what Flashbot’s steward
Alex Obadia said about ETH1 to ETH2, and flashbots. ETH2 Validator nodes, like the ones some of
us are running at home, solo staking….could possibly have something like Flashbots integrated
and it could provide them…more validator rewards! How much? Let’s listen to Alex again… A flashbots type integration with ETH2 validators
boosts their revenue by 70.9 percent, or as you can see from the slide, an extra almost
2 ETH per year!!! Flashbots is sooo important to the future
of Ethereum, and mistx is the first time, us as retail traders get access to this important
piece of technology!! It’s a historical moment….so let’s break
down the history…I’m sure you are wondering what exactly MistX provides? Let’s dive right into that, and then finish
this episode off with how the exchange works! The Alchemist coin team released a blog to
go along with the exchange release, titled none other than introducing mistX.

They begin it off with ““ Our ethos is
by the people for the people. Our reputation is under-promise over-deliver. And our road map is well… that there isn’t
one” The team then says ““mistX is the first
time in Ethereum history that FlashBots is available to regular users for front-running
protection and “no success, no fee” transactions. — There is no concept of reverts on mistX,
your transaction is either successful with no front-running, or you pay nothing” Yes the front running on Ethereum is BAD,
like real BAD! Going to the MEV dashboard, which tracks the
crisis shows over 706 million extracted since the beginning of the year, 281 millioni of
that, has come in just the past 30 days, and 5.2 of it has been extracted from users over
24 hours! It’s a bad crisis, and regular traders don't
even realize it’s happening to them.

People don’t understand how bad they are
getting ripped off by the front runners. A James Farrell tweeted and showed exactly
what’s happening! He said “The hunt for MEV is crippling Ethereum. This screenshot is from Dextools, and shows
swaps that have been front run or sandwiched by bots… Looks like 80% by my eye ball…. 80 percent of trades are getting manipulated….well
like James says below “There is hope though – Don't get ripped off by bots, use mistx
by alchemistcoin! That is what MISTX does, it allows you to
put in trades that won’t be manipulated by the bad actors in the space! The MEV extractors can’t play with our trades
anymore! Which means MISTX, works completely different
from your typical ethereum DEX transaction.

MISTX is a gasless exchange! There is NO Gas that is paid, rather it’s
a tip or a miner briber that is paid! These tips or bribes are proportionately similar
to the traditional gas fees, the miners are going to get paid no matter what, this does
not eliminate costs for trading. That is just crazy… But now it provides you protection, for that
cost you were already going to be paying… transactions processed via mistX do not publish
user transaction information to a public mempool, but instead bundle transactions together. In Flashbots Bundles… This effectively hides the information from
front-runners and thus prevents your transactions from being manipulated, front-run, or sandwiched. And if a transaction fails on MISTX, you are
not charged for the cost….and you can cancel transactions on MISTX, easily and for FREE! No GAS to do that as well! It is the ultimate DEX, bringing a much more
pleasant experience than even Uniswap can provide… But MistX, isn’t it’s own exchange…it’s
actually using Uniswap v2 liquidity pools.

Trading happens through Uniswap Pools, not
MistX’s own pools. Which Stephane Goseelin, Flashbots steward
and known alchemist just spoke about, 2 days ago, in a talk about Flashbots and the technology,
let’s hear what he had to say about the exchange. Confirmation, that MISTX, is flashbots TECH,
allowing gasless transactions on top of Uniswap….and Stephane then explains how it works. Let’s listen in… Lot’s of talk about Uniswap, revolutionizing Uniswap…wouldn't
you say??? Well the alchemist coin twitter, also tweeted
this during the launch “Today mistX uses Uniswap v2 liquidity pools. In the future, it is planned to add support
for other popular pools. Maybe we will have our own pools as well.” There is planned support for uniswap v3 pools,
and beyond….what we are seeing from this initial release…is just the tip of the iceberg.

So let’s see what it can do right now…. Going to the MistX exchange, with the initial
release, you can’t use a hardware wallet just yet, like most new tech that comes out,
hardware wallet’s are always a pain and give new products problems. Connecting to a non hardware metmask wallet
is easy…just like Uniswap. Once setup, you pick what you want to swap
into…if Uniswap v2 has the pair, you can perform the swap on MistX…for our example,
we will be swapping from ETH into Mist. .25 ETH is being swapped into Mist, and as
you can see below, there is the transaction Fee…this is the tip or bribe being paid
to the Miner. The beaty about this, is that FEE is included
in the transaction. So you don’t need any extra ethereum for
gas, the fee is always taken from the transaction or swap being performed. Going into settings, you can adjust this tip…you
can make it smaller, which has a lesser chance of being accepted, or you can push it higher,
for max chance of being accepted.

We will just leave it at the default, as it
should be picked up…you can also adjust your slippage tolerance, as well as add a
transaction deadline, which will automatically cancel the transaction if not picked up in
your set time, and you can disable multihops. Once your settings are set to your liking,
just click swap, and the details of your transaction will be put forward…click to confirm, and
then this is what’s different…no gas screen, no adjusting, you just sign a message and
then wait for your transaction to go through, for the medium success, it took 30 seconds
for the miners to accept the tip or bribe and the transaction went through, no frontrunning,
no sandwiching…just a clean and easy transaction. And going to the Etherscan of what happened,
we can see the minertip went to sparkpool, extracted from the value of the trade…and
down below….zero GAS! But what if you didn’t want to make that
transaction!! MistX allows easy cancellation, we signed
the swap, but you can click cancel, and as we can see cancellation happens quick and
doesn’t cost a drip of GAS.

MistX, is the future of exchanges, putting
power back into the people’s hands. That is why I tweeted this, and will stick
to it. MistX is where all of Blockchain Leaks and
Chico Crypto’s Ethereum based trades go down. Cheers! I'll see you next time!.

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