Tezos [XTZ] Elrond [EGLD] Price Analysis Prediction / Mar. 1

hello everyone.   before moving on to the video we ask you to 
support us and subscribe to our channel please.  Tezos dropped below $3.76 over the past few days 
and repeatedly tested it as resistance while   forming a range with its lower boundaries 
at $3.22. This range-bound trading activity   for Tezos is likely to end 
with a move to the downside. Bitcoin dropped beneath the $45,000 
mark and over the next few days,   the selling pressure could see 
bitcoin drop toward $42,000.   This will likely see the altcoin market shed 
value as well, Tezos being no exception. The On-balance volume notes 
steady selling pressure and,   even though $3.22 was defended multiple times, 
the sellers have been dominant. This is likely   to result in Tezos dropping below $3.22 
to visit $2.92 over the next few days. Elrond, The 4-hour chart and fractals were 
used to give a better representation of the   important points for Elrond over the past couple 
of weeks.

A descending channel pattern emerged,   and recently the price attempted 
to break out above the channel. However, it faced stiff resistance at $140 
and was forced to drop beneath the $132 level   of support- which is the 23.6% retracement 
for Elrond for its move from $26 to $216. The Awesome Oscillator was above the 
zero line but, in the shorter timeframes,   momentum was already rising in favor of the bears.   A retest of $132 followed by a fall for 
Elrond can be expected over the next few days.  Subscribe to our channel and open 
notifications to learn more about gold,   dollar, Euro, commodities, bitcoin, altcoin, 
cryptocurrencies and other investment tools.   İn this video references an opinion 
and is for information purposes only.   It is not intended to be investment advice. 
Every investment and trading move involves risk,   you should do your own research 
while making a decision.

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