hello guys welcome back to my channel uh in this 
video i will talk to you about an outsider of   the crypto space its name is tezos it's very 
interesting one i love this one from a long   time and uh i will show you and i will explain you 
why i'm so bullish on this one particularly during   this bull run and for the long term holders 
too because we will have a huge amount of   money flowing into this blockchain and i guess 
this one is very underrated now so tell us is   an old cryptocurrency from the previous bull run 
and we don't still don't have any uh ath you see   we reached 10 dollars per xtc a long time ago from 
the beginning and then we have a long accumulation   phase around the three usd dollars for one xtz 
from a long time and now we are at five and   the money the crypto is ranking 32 on coin market 
cap so it's a very good spot i think to get very   good returns you can see that this week this one 
is particularly high high return with 23 percent   on this week so why am i so bullish on tezos i 
will explain you right now okay uh you can you can   check that status will become it's a one of the 
favorite crypto to host the digital error so it's   very interesting then they're doing experiments 
this this press review is pretty old it's from   2020 but we'll get some more recent one and for 
example here you can check that status will be   used and is actually used in model experiments say 
create a private fork on the tesla's blockchain   and we are they are experimenting digital hero 
with the bank de france so it's very very evident   that this crypto is very interesting because there 
is no well at the time because there is no no   incentive for the moment there is no hype around 
this crypto so no one is getting interesting into   it so that's why it's very interesting to get 
into this one because we have solid background we   have solid analytics we have solid fundamentals 
on this one and so in addition to bank defense   testing digital euro we have the society general 
that issued its first structured product on the   on the public blockchain you can check it's 
the official price review from society general   and you can check that they used as a blockchain 
to cover a security token with 10 million euros   for the time it's just let's say a sample or 
trial of the of the system but it's already   running for institutions and uh we have a lot 
of uh bank in switzerland getting interesting   interesting by this coin so this is why and 
another news that is uh very interesting too is uh that uh that will be 
used and uh we have we have um   a huge giant of the gaming that stepped 
into blockchain via tesos this is a big news   because ubisoft is very huge company 
you know assassin green far cry   and many many many top games so as i will use 
the project teslas this is a huge news it is it's   not new i know it for a long time but as you can 
see this press review is pretty recent so if you   addition this fundamental news to the fact that 
we'll be accumulating around three usd per token   for a long time that we are ranking a good 33 spot 
on current market cap meaning that if we go up   we can reach some like uh very nice capture 
capitalization uh we can expect something like   around 50 billion dollars capitalization 
from now uh which is very interesting   and which will we make 10 x from now so 
we can expect i think a 50 usd teslas   soon i don't know when but soon and uh so if 
you're still not bullish on texas i hope you will   get some documentation by your side i give you 
all the links in the description of the video

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