Tezos staking rewards: How to check Tezos staking rewards and payments when you delegate your Tezos

Hello! today I will show you in details how to check out delegation rewards and payments from your Baker by using Baking Bad dashboard When you open Baking Bad website and enter you delegation address you get into the full-fledged dashboard for payouts audit. Let's name the columns in the main table Cycle. As we know Tezos timeline is divided into cycles – one cycle is approximately three days So everything in Tezos happens in cycles, including earning and paying staking rewards Baker's fee. It may vary from cycle to cycle because Baker's can change the terms, hold special promotions or just have a dynamic feed system So pay attention to this column when checking earned rewards Reward.

This is how much you have earned from a particular cycle. This is the reward for the current cycle, which is in progress These are the rewards that earned but still frozen on the Baker's account as a security deposit These are rewards that are earned, unlocked and can be withdrawn. If you see the hourglass icon The payments is expected a little later in accordance with Baker's schedule. More on this later Accordingly if the payout amount is equal to the reward, then you see a green checkmark icon in this column. So, The last column indicates the total difference that the Baker underpaid or overpaid Taking in the account the whole history It consists of local differences for each cycle. It's simple.

How much is the Baker had to pay and how much he paid really? So here you see a baker at the specific cycle with a link to his page onTZKT Explorer there you can find his contact info and then his configuration. In most cases that are correct Baker settings and if you see a picture like this where everything is green, it's all good man, and nothing to worry about But to be confident that we have correct audit results.

It is better to check some points, Bakers fee. This is default fee that the Baker offers to everyone But if you have Some individual agreement with your Baker and your fee is different, just change it here Minimum delegation amount don't delegate less than this amount. Otherwise, you won't receive any rewards Next we can see payout schedule settings First, When does the Baker pay? Tezos rewards that the baker receives accrued immediately after the end of the cycle? But they froze and become free to use only after five cycles Accordingly some Baker's paying when getting them and frost like here Others paying in advance without the five cycle delay There may be a third option like special prefers for some Baker's Second point: "how frequently does the Baker pay?" usually there is no problem in paying on each cycle Moreover most Baker's use tools for automatic payments.

However, there are those who pay on their own schedule There is nothing wrong with this if the Baker does it in time as he stated The Baker score according to the schedule is reflected in the rating here Values can be stable and unstable If you see no data, then there are no public payments or the Baker is new and has a lack of payment history Let's get back to the dashboard Baker's in Tezos is receive several types of rewards for baking blocks, for confirming blocks (endorsing) Transaction fees and extra rewards or losses for the double baking seed nonce revelation and other Tezos specific things There are other subtypes of rewards but it is for deep study So on Baking Bad, you can see which kinds of rewards your better pays ,and which are not Feel free to play with settings to understand how it works Moreover settings can be applied to all the cycles by default or only for specific cycles Also Baker can charge transaction fees In that case payout amount is calculated as a sum of transaction amount and transaction fee Reward tab.

Here you can see the detailed information used to calculate the rewards of each cycle Baker reward structure shows how much and for what he earned in the selected cycle. delegator Share is your share in the total Baker stake. It also means how much of the Baker Rewards entitled to you Payout tab here You can see the details of payments when it is expected how much and so on? Also here you can see how inbound transaction were mapped to specific cycles. For example. This one is a payment for this cycle Then we'll look at the table. Yeah, it matches. Great! Now let's move to the transactions page. Here you can find all the transactions that are linked to your account You can switch off transactions, which are definitely not the reward payout from your baker. For example your personal income This is recommended for more accurate matching transaction with cycles so that it won't happened that your own transactions is recognized as a reward payout.

The Baking bad matching Algorithm is smart enough and in most cases it automatically filters out excess transactions But sometimes it make mistakes and here you can easily fix it All changes and settings that you make are saved locally in your browser, which means next time you don't have to do it again So you can also share your configuration using the share button So your opponent can see exactly the same pictures as you see Please don't be afraid to play with settings try to change everything to understand how it works and what you need it for Only then you will realize the power and flexibility of baking bad dashboard. Don't be afraid to break something. You can always reset your settings to default values here At the top you will find the link to our chat where we can ask any questions as well as a link to a page about us Thank you for watching and Tezos community is definitely awesome!.

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