Tezos staking: How to choose Tezos delegation service and baker to receive Tezos Staking rewards

Hi everyone, I want to show the features of the Baking Bad website and help you with choosing a delegation service for your lovely TeZ 😉 On the home page You see a list of delegation services including public bakeries custodies and exchanges each Baker has a several indexes such as: Insurance. It means that delegator rewards are insured and if Baker suddenly stops paying of his node shows low efficiency Underpaid delegator's receive compensation The percentage means how many rewards will be compensated in case of an insurance event.

We'll talk about this in the next videos Next one – Baker's overall stacking balance, including his own and delegated funds Free space. The amount of Tez, which can be delegated to him according to estimation based on the blockchain data and the threshold set by the Baker Fee Current Baker's fee. Notice that some Baker's can made it variable. That's why you better clarify this point on the Baker's website It's pretty easy to do: just click on the Baker's name and in the opening TZKT explorer click the website button By the way, there could be any other social links such as Twitter, Reddit and others Next. estimated rate of investments is a benchmark for annual profitability based on the Baker's staking balance rolls and bakers fee Here you can see the participation of Baker's in the governance process.

Thumb up does not mean cool Baker. It means that he voted "for" applying the protocol changes Accordingly Thumb down means a vote "against" the update and angle brackets mean "pass" The exclamation mark means that the Baker did not participate at all there are four stages of the voting process and Baker can vote in three of them If the Baker has ignored all the stage, This is a bad sign Service kind means the type of service It may provide only Tezos or various currencies staking Also, we highlight Dune Baker's which are less preferred because Dune network is unfriendly fork of Tezos Which caused some damage to the mothernet the past and part of the community takes that very seriously And at last you may notice some contribution icons This means that this Baker has made a significant contribution to the development of the Tezos ecosystem At the top There are buttons for sorting by some cones and filters on the right So a filter.

According to them you form your own criteria that important to you. Okay, first of all, Payout amounts. Indicates how accurate the payouts are in quantitative sense. if it pays exactly as expected, According to the Baker terms this is "precise" Or "inaccurate" if it's not quite at all "suspicious" means that some payout cycles were missed and delegator should be careful with that Baker "No data" means there's not enough information to evaluate accuracy. Most often this is because the Baker got clients just recently The next point: "payout period" It means how the payments fit the declared scedule They may be different the most common is which Baker pays each cycle and if abides by this rule His status is "stable". Otherwise – "unstable" "Suspicious" and 'no data" are similar to the previous one Service kind if you have an interest in one of them said the options you need Well server status.

"Active" is what we need if in the certain amount for the legation specified in the free space bar That's all now you may choose specific sorting and it's done! You have built your own rating and now you can choose your Baker By the way, you can share these settings by using that button Well, there are quite a lot of good bakers with a tiny difference in the ranking So no matter what choice you make most likely it will be good You can use our telegram but it can send notifications about your payments and nothing else.

It's handy, trust me! So that's it. It's a first review of the baking bad platform in the next one We'll show how to check your payouts and something from the inside if you have any questions contact us by links in the description Tezos community is awesome. See ya!.

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