Tezos Price Prediction ūüöÄ [Why I Keep Buying Tezos]

In today's video, I'll share with you why 
I have decided to add some more Tezos into my Crypto portfolio. Actually, Tezos was the 
very first Cryptocurrency I ever bought and I really like the idea behind the Tezos. I like the 
community, I think there is a great potential in it because it allows staking, and I personally find 
staking to be the future of the Cryptocurrencies. Because obviously, it's super easy to earn passive 
income when you are staking Cryptocurrencies. But I will not go into there, I will talk 
about the Tezos and my current investment.

Hello everyone, it's Petko Aleksandrov and welcome to our trading channel. I'm very happy to have you watching this video and I will share with 
you why I decided to add some more Tezos into my portfolio. So if I show exactly what I've done, 
I will open the Crypto.com app. And if you look at my account, where I have the short-term investments 
and I have the Cryptos that I stake, you will see that the Tezos has been a little bit negative. 
Because I bought it exactly on the 9th of March, and I bought 100 pieces of Tezos. And 
this moment the price was 459.93 or we can say it was at 460. So I have decided to buy around $400 
of Tezos and if you already have watched some of my courses or other videos on YouTube, you will 
know that I never put all of the money that I have prepared as an investment for one asset into 
one position or one entry, one time purchase. I usually divide it in pieces, so, for example, if 
I have prepared 1,200, which is currently what I have prepared for Tezos, then I will purchase just 
for 400.

If it drops more, I will buy more. Probably, you have heard many times, 'Buy the dips.' And this is 
usually the strategy that I follow. But this time, I didn't take these lows right here, which happened 
at the beginning of March, at the end of February. But I waited the Tezos to break the resistance of 
450, which was a strong resistance in August 2020. And I really don't feel comfortable buying 
below a resistance line, so that's why I just waited a little bit to break the 450. I bought it 
at 460, we'll see where it goes. If it drops, I'm happy because I will buy more on a lower price, I 
will have a better average price. If it drops more, I will buy the 3rd piece and I will have even 
a better average price.

And this is the kind of mindset I feel comfortable with. Because most 
people, what happens, especially the beginners is they buy a Crypto or an asset, Stock, doesn't 
matter what it is. When it goes on positive, they are happy but they regret, why didn't I buy more? 
If it drops, they panic. They tend to panic, this is how the market crashed in 2018.

the people panic, they will lose everything they sold. So many people have bought the Bitcoin 
at 17,000, 18,000, 19,000 and they have sold later on a much lower price because they have panicked. 
And that's a normal human feeling. But if you prepare your mindset in a way that you are 
happy when the price drops, because you will buy more, then you will feel comfortable at any 
moment. Because buying the Tezos at 460 is the relatively high price from where the 
Tezos was, let's say in the last one year. But if it drops, I will buy more. Usually, I buy 
more if the price drops with 25%. If it drops with another 25%, I will buy more. And I will have 
much better average price compared to if I buy the whole thing right now. If the price goes up, 
alright, awesome. But if the price goes down, I won't be able to improve my average 

Now, where do I see the price of Tezos? I personally think that Tezos is being depreciated 
compared to some other Cryptos that did so well for no reason. But that's my personal opinion, so 
it doesn't really matter. But because Tezos is one of the most popular assets for staking, I have 
recorded a video about staking Tezos on the Ledger Live. You can check it out.

And since I strongly 
believe that the Proof-of-Stake will be the future in Cryptocurrencies, I think all the Cryptocurrencies 
like Tezos, Cardano, and the others that are available for staking on many wallets, on many 
websites, on many exchanges, more and more people will invest. Because in the longer term the people 
invest into Cryptocurrencies, not only to store value or to solve the huge inflation that we have 
nowadays, but as well to earn passive income. And that's the reason I have recorded one of 
the first online courses for Crypto staking, which you can find in the description below. And there 
I have demonstrated different methods of Crypto staking. Because I personally believe and I will 
be investing more into assets and Cryptocurrencies that I can stake easily and securely on some 
of my wallets and exchanges.

And if I look into the short term and if the Bitcoin keeps being 
bullish and reaching new record highs, I think the Tezos has a huge potential of reaching $10 
in 2021 and 15 to 20 in the next few years. In the long-term, I feel the staking Cryptocurrencies will 
really go to the moon. And Tezos is one of those. So I personally feel like keeping Tezos for 
longer-term investment and staking it. Because prices like $100, $200, even $1,000 are more than realistic for me, for the Tezos. But that's like really in the long 
term. And one more time, this is because first, I find the Tezos very depreciated. Second, because 
the staking Cryptocurrencies are the future out there and that investors will look into those 
more and more because of the passive incomes and the high-interest rates that some 
of the wallets and exchanges offer.

That are much more compared to what the banks 
will offer those investors if they keep millions and billions of dollars. Alright, guys? Thanks 
for watching. Let me know what you think about Tezos in the comments below. What is your price 
prediction? How do you feel about staking Tezos? Are you doing it? Where are you doing it? So this 
video will be more useful for everyone. And if you have any questions, let me know. I do my best 
to answer all of the questions in my videos, on my YouTube channel, on my online courses, in 
the forum, anywhere you feel comfortable. And if you have enjoyed the video, thumbs up, and I 
will see you guys in another video. Cheers. Bye..

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