Tezos liquidity baking: how to start a new feature of Granada Tezos update

Hello world! Finally the day has come: meet a 
new Tezos protocol Granada!   The new update has several significant improvements such as:
block and now produced every 30 seconds the new algorithm is going to make Tezos twice as 
fast. Gas improvements change transaction fees it makes something like five times less transaction 
costs the already cheap Tezos has now become even cheaper. Terrific! And last but not least 
is liquidity baking and this is exactly what today's video is about liquidity baking allows 
us to gain rewards by providing decks liquidity.  At the moment 2.5 test subsidy is granted at 
each block for the liquidity pool participants   and since we have two blocks per minute 
there are 7 200 TEZ subsidy rewards daily   and it's equal to 2.6 million per year. Looks good, huh? And every tizonian can take part in   this process with a few simple actions because 
TzKT explorer already has all the needed tools   Here we go! First, we need to find the liquidity 
baking dex contract here it's address but you   can just type its name in the search bar.

switch it to the DEX tab and we're in position   Now we need to connect a Tezos wallet. There are 
several options and i'm using the temple wallet   When it's done we need to 
purchase some tzBTC tokens   because liquidity must be provided in equal shares 
of XTZ and tzBTC according to the current price so you need to convert half of what you are going 
to put in the liquidity pool. It is pretty easy, literally a few clicks as an alternate way you 
can buy tzbtc on atomex wallet here you are buying tokens via DEX by the way you can buy both in 
liquidity baking DEX and in Quipuswap DEX and here with an atomic swap from another person and finally, we are clicking the add liquidity tab and starting a process. Specify an amount   of one currency and you will automatically 
get an equal amount of another one now confirm and it's done! Check your address 
to ensure it is confirmed and it's not failed   due to slippage or any other error.

After providing liquidity you receive  some amount of liquidity tokens 
that you can see on the tokens tab if you want to get your assets back 
there is a remove liquidity tab   all you need is to burn the required 
amount of liquidity tokens received earlier your share will be proportional to your 
contribution to the pool. Total supply can be found here at the storage tab, so you'd be able 
to calculate your own share and the earnings that's it! Join the new type of baking hotel 
test and enjoy the new protocol Good luck!

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