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hey what is up guys not so long ago Taz's became one of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization and takes 18th place at the coin market capcom this video should help those who are not so familiar with tazers and help them to understand how it is different from other smart contracts platforms such as aetherium most specifically we will look at the governance consensus mechanism and more desert is another decentralized blockchain platform that governs itself by establishing digital Commonwealth a Commonwealth is a group that chooses to be linked together because of their common goals and interests saz's aims to have their token holders make decisions together to govern the platform and improve it over time governance tassles is a smart contracts platform like aetherium but one of the main differences is that Taz's incorporates a process for upgrading the protocol over time through unchained governance this governance system is designed to allow for smooth evolution of the blockchain rather than having a hard fork which is a split of the main blockchain into two separate black chains the team believes the cart forks which both the Bitcoin and Imperium black chains have been subject to it in the past should not be a standard and normal way to upgrade the system over time the their view is that hard fork should only a cure as the last resort when the community needs to split into two separate block chains based on how each group envisioned evolution of the protocol in tazers developers are able to independently submit a proposal for protocol upgrade where they include a request for compensation for their work treszura stockholders can't involved or whether or not the proposal should be approved adding this compensation structure providing incentive for developers to continue approving classes rather than having to work for free relying on the nation or being sponsored by centralized entity this innovative structure is intended to enable testers to support independent developers that contribute to the protocol over time consensus protocol if terraeum is currently working third switching from proof of work to proof of stake while Chaz's will utilize delegated proof of stake protocol from the start at their main network we should be launched in third quarter of 2018 proof of work is very safe and efficient but a research-intensive method of maintaining consensus across peer-to-peer network therefore imperial miners consume high electricity with proof of stake another hand validations are conducted through virtual mining rather than physical mining in order to participate you only need to own a stake of tokens rather than spend money purchasing mining hardware and electrical power additional benefit of proof of stake is that it enables economic penalties if someone tries to attack the network the located proof of stake means that as of token holders can delegate someone else to validate on their behalf if they do not wish to participate in staking directly formal verification Taos is also different from it helium in that it's Marc contract programming language named Michaelson it's a functional language which facilitates formal verifications formal verification essentially allows developers to mathematically prove the correctness of their smart contracts code formal verification proves that some properties of the contract will be maintained but does not necessarily means that the code is 100% correct formal verification is used in industries where there is a little room for error such as aeroplanes medicine and nuclear reactors most likely you would not want to die because of the programming error or do you there have been a number of box within poorly implemented aetherium spark contracts that have been avoided if formal verification had been applied this does not mean that the theorem itself had box but it does provide a strong argument for creating a formal verification tools the developers may facilitate and promise that smart contracts will behave as expected for this reason there is a push for creating a formal verification tools and new programming languages for writing etherium smart contracts the trade of with formal verification is that it can be difficult for developers to apply properly leading to false sense of security as all of those correct assumptions must be backed into proof for is to be useful project the cofounders of tasers are Arthur brakeman and Kathleen great man who have been developing Tasso since 2014 with the theme of core developers currently they are expected to be few months away from land check the trousers Network starting July 1st 2017 the taskstream raised a historical 232 million u.s.

Dollars in their ICO over a period of two weeks that's at 10 times more money than what the team was expecting they accepted contribution of both Bitcoin and aetherium Taz's is an exciting project trying to tackle number of issues they see with existing protocols today the investors were waiting nearly a year to get their tokens and the first thing many of those investors did was to get rid of them this shows a wave of selling that took place since the tag back in for crypto asset was released in beta the market capitalist went from zero u.s. dollars to over 1.3 billion u.s. dollars and while making its rank on 18th place in terms of market capitalization since the major market Depot cured recently Chaz's was able to recover from one point $32 all the way to two point 37 dollars that's more than 80 percent increase I believe etherium tells us and other smart contracts platforms will coexist in the future as they each aim to serve different purposes and there it so controllers have different ideas when across blockchain infrastructure like cardinal and interoperability will be fully developed we will hopefully see a theorem and tells us tokens move freely between both platforms so this is the end let me know what do you guys think about saucers leave your thoughts in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video hit that like button and if you new to this channel do not forget to subscribe for more animated videos about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology other than that thank you for watching and see you next video

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