Tezos ICO What To Do Next?

hi guys this is Cameron from crypto cam
hope everybody's having a wonderful weekend so far it's beautiful here in
sunny Florida and joined the great weather we've got some thunderstorms
rolling and pretty soon so hopefully get this done really quick for you but we
are here to answer the big question what is next what it's gonna happen next what
do I do now I've bought my Tezos I have all these Tezzie's what am I gonna do with
them you know what's gonna happen so we're gonna answer that question for you
today what is next let's just have a look at the market world coin index here
and see how the markets programs and as you can see Bitcoin Ephraim my coin all
the major currencies are under severe pressure that's probably due to what's
going to happen with the fork that could be a half Forks off for segue to might
be activated so we don't know what's going to happen so I feel that from now
until that happens at the end of the month there's going to be a lot of
pressure in these in the coin market but you know hang tight in there don't you
know panic will make our way out of it and afterwards we'll be looking back
three four or five six months down the road we'll be very happy but let's get
back to the crowdfunding year and talk about that because we want to know
what's gonna happen next with our money so as you can see it was extreme success
raised over two hundred and thirty two million dollars at the time of the
course which is pretty amazing so we need to know what's happening so what's
gonna happen is a few exchanges have expressed interest in listing the Tasos
coin or Tessa's as as people are calling them and the symbol will be xtz that's
x-ray tangle Zulu that will be the most likely dear ticker symbol but anyway
most likely they'll become active pretty soon when changes in ownership can be
recorded on the blockchain now the development team is estimating the
completion to be around four months time so that is you know fair ways out and if
everybody read the information and studied it you know they would have seen
that in the information that's available to the public but you know people should
also bear in mind that this could take a little longer due to unforeseen
circumstances and events common in software development that the tasers
foundation will not be able to allocate tokens until the actual network launches
so basically we're just in a holding pattern right now so we're just gonna
sit and wait until we get known as so they will send us outlaws probably by
email or we can monitor that website but as soon as I hear something I'll be the
first one to definitely let you guys know so now everybody that contributed
to the tasers from roses should have their tasers wallet downloaded this is
you know very make it so it's nice and secure a copy printed you know for
safety and security making sure you keep a backup off that wallet in PDF form
now once the tasers network launches you'll be able to import your wallet
into the tasers client to access your Tezzies but don't expect this happen to
anytime soon because as we are still about four months away you know until
the launch now you can check to see how much you have in your contribution if
you just get your hash key your public hash key type it in at the search button
and as 0.92 5fo which is gonna give me six hundred and thirty five point six
seven Tessa's but yeah I mean it all came out pretty well for the foundation
no of course you know months away from the launch so obviously I'm in the same
boat as a lot of you we don't know what's going to happen so we'll see once
it launches gets on the exchanges and it's probably best that they wait a few
months right now because bitcoins in a bit of a turn pause along all the other
coins are with what's going to happen so with the you know the fork that could
happen here in the next you know within the next month so anyway I just wanted
to bring you this video just to give you an update so you guys know what's gonna
happen next please subscribe to me I do my best bring out all these videos for
you guys and as well as subscribe and please also like leave any comments I'll
be happy to get up back to you and we can talk about anything you want as far
as all the other stuff I have going on in the cryptocurrency world so once
again thanks very much and you all have a wonderful day
bye for now

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