Tezos ICO Hits $200 MILLION

this is Cameron from crypto cam here
with an avowed date on Tasers now as you can see it is going extremely
well indeed it is actually the biggest ico
ever and is actually almost raised pretty much 200 million dollars by the
time this video gets posted this will be a two hundred million dollar blockbuster
is being a phenomenal success and it's still not finished yet it's still
climbing as we can see now one of the things here about website is the bonuses
that they were offering when you contribute right now it is still at
fifteen percent bonus currently so and the minimum contribution is point one
Bitcoin and then the minimum contribution in Aoife is also going to
be whatever is equivalent to a point one of a Bitcoin so basically it will
actually help you on the website when you do the math I will tell you what the
minimum transaction is going to be so if you were to say there it is it tells you
right here what the minimum amount is so that would be zero point nine one two I
believe in contributions now they are paying fifteen percent bonus to 20
percent bonuses actually gone away now so if you were in at 20 percent
congratulations you go to 20 percent bonus right now it's 15 percent probably
go down to 10 percent pretty soon five percent and then zero so if you are
going to get in now is the time to get in while you still get pretty good bonus
on top of that just keep in mind always do your due diligence because anything
could happen you know this is a brand new business and you know you definitely
don't want to take any chances with your money so never putting any more money
than you actually could afford to lose now we look at the current price is of
trick coin and if areum it was like err they have come back up and they're
stabilizing if areum's back up to around $280 did drop down a little bit was like
a little bit lower than that I think I picked some up around 250 there so ago
so there's definitely opportunities to make some purchases and buy on the dips
but right now just getting back to this I did actually purchase and participate
in the ICO as you can see I've got my confirmation here called the fundraiser
page I purchased point 95 worth of Eva I actually got a number 20% bonus so I got
six hundred and thirty five point six seven o K sauce or tenders as we call
them so pretty good pretty good amount there but you know it's always a good
you can only go into this anytime I mean you can wait til after it gets listed on
some exchanges but here actually might not get listed on some exchanges for a
few months so you know if you want to throw you know a few dollars in that I
put nitrogen sixty dollars just to show you I could use my own money I did I do
participate in some of these things I think if I think they're going to be
worth the participation but anyway that's the situation currently I just
wanted to give you this quick update and also just let you know there's other
ways to pay as well so you can use Bitcoin here from Bitcoin suites that
takes a little bit longer because you have to go through their verification
process and it's a bit more involved I don't really taken any us-based
citizens as far as I go so your best bet is to do a for a Bitcoin open up a coin
base account to buy your Bitcoin with with US dollars and then you can
transfer into that left a link at the bottom of the site so you can sign up
I'm also going to bring you many many more updates and new videos and talk
about different ideas and things that I may be interested in participating
myself but thanks again for watching my videos and please support me I
appreciate that very much by liking and please definitely
subscribed will be the first one unless to get the new videos that are coming
out I'm pretty much doing this all the time so I will always check the latest
information and bring it to you as it happens I'm also looking into a big
connect and that's interested in big connect and I'll definitely be happy
with bringing much information on this I've got a link below if you're familiar
with it you can sign up on with me and I'll definitely support you help you out
with anything as well but once again thanks very much we appreciate that and
Tasos is going gangbusters it's going it's just born everything out the wall
right now let's see how it progresses Cobras over
250 million dollars a Quadra billion I don't think many IPOs II can even graze
that much on such a large scale so I hope everything goes well with them wish
you the best of luck obviously we you know we have money in it we definitely
want them to do well I'm surely well anyway it's got great backing Jim
Draper's Bali did so anyway please like and subscribe click on the links above
and below this video and in this video and I appreciate that you'll have a
wonderful day ok

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