Tezos Grantee Spotlight: Zednode

As more people come into the ecosystem, you wanna make it easier
for them to be a baker and also run baking services. If we have bigger, more
centralized bakers, the project becomes less decentralized and less secure. (upbeat music) My name's Ryan Loomba, and I'm the founder of Zednode. Zednode's a staking services company that provides infrastructure and tools for proof of stake projects. What I'm working is an
extension of the problems that I faced building
tools as a smaller baker in the Tezos ecosystem. That's payouts, accounting, and other tools related to
running a baking service. It's geared towards smaller
players like myself. One reason why the Tezos
community is a bit different is because it's way
more advanced technology and it's really pioneering
in the cryptocurrency space, so it's attracting a lot very
intellectual individuals, so the bar is set really high and there's some really
high quality work going on.

One problem that I foresee in the future is a centralization of bakers, meaning a small amount of bakers
are controlling a network, and this is a problem because it'll defeat the
whole decentralized aspect of the network. Right now to become a baker, you need 10,000 tez and you need a little bit
of technical expertise. You have to compile the
software and deploy a baker. That's just one aspect of it. There's also managing the community, doing payouts, handling accounting. One solution to that is building tools and making it easier for anyone
to not only become a baker, but also spin up their own baking service and start baking for their friends or for their smaller communities.

I'm thinking one-click set-ups and just an app that they
can deploy very easily that'll have payouts and accounting and reporting very easily, so they don't need to worry about that. And that's something that we're
passionate about at Zednode, and something that we feel
is going to be important going forward to really take
Tezos to the next level. And hopefully in the future, the 10,000 tez barrier to
entry might even get lowered, and so we'll have even more people interested in becoming bakers, and so these tools are gonna
be more needed in the future. This grant from the Tezos
Foundation has allowed Zednode to focus more on open-source tools. As a smaller baker, it's really difficult to prioritize open-sourcing tools for the community. This grant has really allowed
us to expand resources, hire more people, and just really focus on tools that can benefit everyone else, and not just our own company..

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