Tezos Grantee Spotlight: Cryptonomic

I spent a large part of my childhood in
India so when I look at all this new technology all this exciting stuff
that's being done for someone like me I actually see a lot more application in
that part of the world because the systems don't work as well there's not
the same level of trust in institutions and governance right now we can take a
fresh new shot at solving these problems that have really held hundreds of
millions if not billions of people back for decades and that's what really
excites me about Tezos Hi I'm Vishakh I'm one of the
co-founders of Cryptonomic so every time you talk about new
technology the cynical people always point out well things never truly change
but what's positive, what's truly changed is in some sense there is
finally a level playing field because of Technology the mobile phone revolution
it's resulted in people everywhere having a very powerful computing device
in their hands so in that sense it doesn't matter where you are from or who
you are you are able to participate in this technology platform on an even
playing field so imagine a world where you're an Ethiopian coffee farmer you
rely on this really complex supply chain you rely on your local intermediaries
and maybe there's 20 hops of people between you and all these wonderful
coffee shops we have it next to our office in Bushwick so maybe some of
those hops go away maybe the coffee farmer might actually be able to
directly interact with local businesses in Bushwick maybe collectives of coffee
farmers can interact with collective of coffee shops so that really is the
promise of this new technology one of the most exciting things about building
on Tezos is that Tezos has really a vibrant and involved community you could take a
look at there's for example all this baking and delegation happens right and
it happened like almost like right away they were like all these services like
ready to start up the reason why this happened is because Tezos has the right
crypto economic incentives set up and this is by design and when you have
something like that you end up designing products not just for a couple of whales
but you designing products more for a general user like and all of these
really advanced features have to be simplified and made accessible and I
think from the user experience perspective that's one of the most
exciting things because you get to solve these more complex problems using our wallet our users are able to store their Tezos they're allowed to send their
funds to other people around the world they are able to delegate their funds
and hopefully shortly they will be able to bake through just using one single
platform first we want to really lower the barrier to entry for developers because we're building tools that make it easy to interact with Tezos
blockchain you don't even have to look at it as a blockchain
so basically tools for development tools for deployment so you could do it an
easy and secure decentralized manner so that's one part of it and the other part of it because we have this foundation we're
able to build user-facing tools such as the wallet that we're working on much
faster easier in a much more secure manner for us as a company we are
fascinated by the radical experiment in global self-governance that is
represented by Tezos something like this has never been done before there's
been a lot of talk about on chain governance using blockchains and such
but we really think this is the first time it's being done in a substantial
manner and this is important because it's almost a cliche but the world
really has shrunk you can really talk to people from any country in the world as
a company we work with people from every continent in the world we have people in
seven countries right now that we work so these barriers are coming down at the
same time there's a lot of resistance right people are trying to put up walls
due to many reasons it's hard to trade with people in another country or to
have not just economic interactions but social and political interactions so by
allowing coordinated behavior through global self-governance maybe we can
overcome some of these barriers and truly allow people to work with each
other all around the world this grant by the Tezos Foundation comes in a
really timely manner because we had all our plans already but this really allows
us to build it in an accelerated way in a more scalable way because no matter
who you are whether you're a developer or a user you'll be able to take
advantage of all this work because instead of waiting three to six months
for our tools to roll out you can start working with us now you can start
building your decentralized app so you can start working with our wallet it's a
benefit to the entire ecosystem every problem that we solve is a problem that
hundreds of developers or users don't have to – the technical underpinnings of
Tezos are actually quite elaborate and complicated but thanks for the Tezos
Foundation and this grant we can help you get started with this with really simple
developer tools and user interfaces so you can be a full participant in the
Tezos ecosystem

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