Tezos Explorer API: TzKT v1.4 Update review

Hello world! we are happy to announce that 
TzKT is updated to version 1.4 and this release   brings a lot of toasty features for Tezos 
adventurers, and now we want to highlight   some of its improvements. Here we go! First, we 
optimized a smart-contract data operated via API   and made it more convenient. Smart contracts 
in Tezos are very flexible and therefore pretty   hard to master. Thus we have taken a big 
step toward making it more user-friendly   firstly by normalizing JSON parameters and now a 
response like this can be turned into this. And   also we added a query parameter to configure it 
as you wish. And there's more – you can filter any   transaction by a specific parameter which makes 
your request even more flexible and comfortable.  A similar improvement was made with the 
JSON storage – new API endpoints allow   you to access storage in various formats. 
Moreover, you can use path parameter to   get specific fields from the storage, which 
allows you to save your time and resources In addition, you can now extract contact 
storage value in any time in the past and   easily get any contact storage history.
The next big thing released is a WebSocket   API which allows you to subscribe to real-time 
Tezos data.

Previously if some were spamming   the rest API every second checking for new 
data then now by using WebSocket you can   receive the latest data as soon as it appears 
on the node and a TzKT indexer processes it.   At the moment we started with a very basic set of 
subscriptions: new head, new block, new operation,   and new account operation. In the near future, we 
will add more events and subscriptions with more   data so if you have any feature request 
this is the best time to apply for them in addition, we provide some optimizations 
upgraded core dependencies migrated to  .NET 5 and to PostgreSQL 13 instead of 
12. More about this in the description.   Conclusion. The new update brings meaningful 
improvements that makes TzKT even more advanced   Tezos blockchain indexer and you will definitely 
see more features in the future, so stay tuned.   And yeah: TzKT is community driving 
project that is fully open-source   and free for everyone and for any use.
Many thanks to all our friends and the   entirety Tezos community for help with improving 
our explorer.

You are breathtaking! See ya!.

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