Tezos Crypto Update – New Corporate Baker & $XTZ Digital Identity Solution

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crypto content on the internet xtz xtz click   assemble i know guys it's been a while since i 
gave you all an update but don't trip potato chip   because we're gonna fix that right now while 
the crypto market has been going through some   turbulence tesla's team it's been steady building 
and you don't gotta look far to see the fruits of   their labor because it's all over the headlines 
today we're going to look at the price action cut   it up a little bit but make sure to stick to the 
end y'all because this is the dub digital channel   you know i get that ta in the fa and i mix it all 
up and i'll give you guys a little hint between a   new corporate baker to the first launch pad on 
tezos and digital identity solutions tezos it's   on the forefront of it all but you know what i'm 
getting ahead of myself let's pull up the chart before we get to that good good allow me 
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alright guys i'm sitting on the xtz u s   d pair let's get it so in the grand scheme of 
things we don't have a whole bunch of price   history to work off of but we're going to do what 
we can over the last 1057 days pesos has really   been working to find the price equilibrium because 
it basically started off its life taking a dump on   the sidewalk dropped down about 77 percent back 
in december of 2018 and that was because of the   lawsuit occurring between the founders that's not 
exactly the best thing to happen to a new coin   quesara syrah y'all xtz gang moved on and as you 
can see here after drawing a multi-year bottom   trend line tesla's has not revisited the lows 
it set in december 2018 and march 2019 and for   about the first 500 days of its life teslas 
was having trouble breaking above the 1.96   level right around 2020 this area at 1.96 which 
previously acted like a strong resistance but ever   since spring of 2020 now is acting like a strong 
support and in fact except for a few short moments   in time what do we call it what assets price 
exceeds a previous level of resistance and turns   it into a level of support a resistance support 
flip and from the start of 2021 teslas ran up from   that two dollar area and at the highest point rose 
up about 336 percent hitting upwards around 8.67   dub digital so the hell what that [ __ ] came 
crashing down to the floor guys don't be so   dramatic even though tesla's crashed down about 
76 right around the may to june area of 2021 that   wasn't exactly a tesla's problem that was more 
like a bitcoin taking a dump on the sidewalk   problem and wherever bitcoin goes all coins tend 
to follow and when we jump into the daily you'll   see tesla's bottom trend line forming what i 
like to call a rounding bottom and it even took   a strong bounce once the price came down to about 
two dollars and twelve cents thirty six percent   off of this long-term trend line what do bold 
patterns typically represent areas of accumulation   when i apply a volume profile over the whole 
entire macro structure of tesos you'll obviously   see that there's a crap ton of sell orders sitting 
right here at the 2.90 level pretty much for the   last year and a half tesla's has been trading 
in between these areas of about two dollars   two dollars and ninety cents you can see it right 
here and currently the price is sitting at about   and 30 cents and as this bowl shape continues to 
play out and price starts grinding up towards the   upside one good thing to note based on the volume 
profile the cell pressure gets less and less the   higher the price of tesla's moves it means that 
as tesla's price grinds back up to its previous   all-time high the chance of a blue sky breakout 
gets more and more likely but guys i'm getting   all tired of this ta let's go ahead and jump into 
some of that fa because this is the dub digital   channel you know i get that ta and the fa and i 
mix it all up that fundamental analysis because   those closer to the knowledge profit simple as 
that dated july 31st of 2021 smart link becomes   newest corporate baker on tezos built on tesla's 
the decentralized escrow smart contract platform   is ready to expand its role on the network another 
corporate baker i like that and if you guys aren't   familiar corporate bakers are essentially entities 
typically corporations that run tesos nodes to   secure its network smartlink helps to safeguard 
funds that are part of a transaction in turn   this lowers the chances of risk and potential 
fraud across multiple blockchain networks by   providing an end-to-end payment solution with the 
built-in escrow module this allows the ability to   trade with low gas feeds and reliable settlement 
digital who the hell is a smart link escrow 3.0   for the global marketplace enforceable escrow 
smart contracts that safeguard your funds until   conditions are met and all parties are satisfied 
how does this work you ask the process flow is as   follows step one buyer and seller agree to terms 
step two seller delivers the product step three   buyer approves seller gets paid happen to 
be a program manager contracting officer   real estate financing company the use cases and 
industries are endless buying cars jewelry boats   aircrafts rentals collectibles in-game assets or 
over-the-counter trades because we're seeing nfts   and tokenized assets roaming in prominence in the 
blockchain ecosystem the first step is to create   these assets but the second step is to facilitate 
commerce of those assets not only having a digital   escrow service built on top of tesla's but making 
one an integral part of the tedezo's ecosystem   through smartlink becoming a corporate baker this 
gives you a little bit of insight as to what tezos   is trying to build dated august 5th of 2021 the 
centralized crowdfunding platform rocket launch   pad launches in the tezos ecosystem rocket launch 
pad is providing the solution for developing   tesla's based projects with the aim to keep 
and grow the ecosystem's fast-paced development   rocket launchpad is a decentralized initial dex 
offering ideo platform built on tesla's blockchain   it provides an efficient and secure method of 
investing in the rapidly growing number of tesla's   projects platform is set to launch in august with 
the corresponding token sale for its native token   rc kt the launch pad will also vet each project's 
code thoroughly ensuring each project is secure   scalable and achieves the founder's objective 
reducing a chance for you to get rugged on and i   hate getting rugged on but what's interesting here 
guys is they implement a tier-based system which   allows people who hold the rckt token to qualify 
for particular token launches the tier-based   system allows users to access new tesla's based 
project ido's by staking their rckt the more rckt   a user stakes the higher their chances of gaining 
pre-sale access to a launch pool and the names   they're kind of wild but check it out triangulum 
you gotta stake about 25 000 rckt to qualify   milky way you gotta stake a quarter million rckt 
to qualify and andromeda you gotta stake about 2.5   million rckt to qualify stub digital who the 
hell cares man there's a bunch of launch pads   everywhere launch pads they've been popping up 
all over the place there aren't too many i know of   on the tesla's ecosystem and i really 
like the fact that they audit the code   of the projects that launch on top of them and 
lastly guys this one got me a little juiced   dated july 27 of 2021 european digital identity 
talau announces professional credential solution   talos team is excited to announce the 
development of the first decentralized   self-sovereign identity or ssi solution built on 
the tesla's blockchain for the human resources   industry shout out to my white collar homies 
in hr the digital wallet created by talau   will enable companies to issue verifiable 
professional credentials and for employees   to store work history and other personal data 
and that's been something that's been needed   for a while now allow solution follows the 
european self-sovereign identity framework or   essif to comply with the future eu digital 
identity toolbox it is powered by the spruce   credible open source sdk and first ssi wallet 
to use the telus blockchain as a register for   its identifiers stop digital what the hell was 
all that let me break it down guys if you worked   in any big or fortune 500 company before you 
definitely know that data ownership and methods   verifiably prove credentials are lacking talau 
is basically building its own digital identity   solution give employees a medium of which to prove 
their credentials to employers potential employers   or whoever needs to know but more importantly than 
that gives them ownership over those credentials   and allows them to share that data only when it's 
required giving companies verifiable legitimacy   when presented with information from employees 
use cases for talos credential wallet include   job seekers share their career records without 
multiple background checks and verification   overhead and value of their work experiences as 
certified credentials companies reduce resume   fraud and accelerate the recruitment of the best 
talent freelancers prove their identity skills   and credentials when joining gig platforms 
enabling frictionless onboarding platforms   benefit from reducing fraud without collecting 
sensitive user data companies and workers benefit   from passwordless authentication reducing the 
risk of stolen data and reuse of this data to   compromise access to enterprise or talent assets 
y'all know that's a big old problem companies   be digging in a whole bunch of extra stuff when 
they're gonna hire you you know these background   checks they be checking a whole bunch of stuff and 
sometimes things that aren't even really directly   related to the job you're applying for every time 
you hire somebody you're somewhat running the risk   that they were not forthcoming on their resume 
you said like the e-s-s-i-f what the hell is that   e-s-s-i-f stands for the european self-sovereign 
identity framework the european self-sovereign   identity framework or e-s-s-i-f is part of the 
european blockchain service infrastructure ebsi   ebsi is a joint initiative from the european 
commission and the european blockchain   partnership to deliver eu-wide cross-border public 
services using blockchain technology and talos   developed its digital identity solution 
in accordance with the essi framework   they're working in accordance with and compliant 
to what the eu wants and that sounds bullish as   hell all right guys i just want to bring you an 
update on tesla's because this big boy blockchain   has been doing a lot of big boy things lately 
and while the price it hasn't been looking   too nice let's just keep this in perspective not 
too many all coins have but granted that we turned   that resistance into support and tesla's price 
is making that rounding bottom when we combine   that information what i've been talking about in 
my four-year cycle video it just gives me more and   more confidence that the error of all coins is 
right upon us tesla's included and between all   the headlines i read to you between corporate 
bakers digital identities and launch pads   just keep this in mind price action is just the 
symptom of fundamentals tezos has been building on   top of those fundamentals this whole entire time 
cream it always rises to the top and i think xtz   is going to be fighting for one of those top 
spots but hey y'all ain't gotta listen to me   this is not financial advice i'm just a dude on 
the internet if you appreciate the content give   me a like comment subscribe dub digital crypto 
news macro trends i'll talk to y'all later peace.

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