Tezos Обзор Криптовалюты (Кратко о Монетах)

Friends, I welcome everyone! Great news went in the morning, smells like bullish spurt ahead of a protracted rally, given that the bears already completely brutalized. It's time for the shorts to wash themselves in blood. Also, the broadcast that added to weight and passed over a hundred, getting out and swamps. Although, this is still not enough. So, as of 06:00 UTC on Wednesday, December 19, the weighted average bitcoin (BTC) rate was $ 3783, while on a number of exchanges the price of the first cryptocurrency rose close to $ 3900. The daily growth was 6.77%. Among the top ten cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap also draws Bitcoin Cash attention – in the last 24 hours BCH rose 28%, climbing to $ 116. Now he is on the sixth line. These were the main news for today morning, throw likes for the video, subscribe to the channel if they haven't done it yet, but I went.

Okay, I didn't go anywhere, I also need to tell you all sorts of interesting things. Namely, about one of the interesting coins on the coinmarketcap today on the 23rd place, now it costs about 44 cents and in its purpose it resembles the ether … Tezos, such a intrigue, given that in the title of the video you are everything seen. In general, it is quite surprising that the coin crept up to the top 20 quickly enough and like a snowball is gaining capitalization, after all, in fact, it does not carry anything new in itself. Platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts. How many of these do we have? Tron, quatum, quantum, quotum, cuutum, ktum …

Who's her damn whatever he calls it, and the ether is that fast came to mind while preparing for this video, believe me, there are still plenty of such things. A key feature of the platform, according to information on the official website, is that participants can manage the development of the blockchain by voting. But here, too, is not very original, many platforms suit voting on reddit e.g. voting results which influence the future of the platform, and not just for the sake of check marks.

Tezos is based on the proof of steak algorithm, according to which not everyone will participate in signing transactions, as in Proof of Work, but only a part of the selected validators. If the fuel of ether is the ETH token, then in tezos it is XTZ. Everything is as simple as possible. It can be mined thanks to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. The coin is used to execute smart contracts created on the platform. It can also serve as a means of calculation and reward. inside Tezos and applications built on it. Recently, the Tezos Foundation has been actively working on providing grants to startups working on improving the ecosystem of the platform. The French company OCamlPro was recently funded. In addition, it was announced at the end of October 2018 about supporting the startup Cryptonomic, which is busy improving institute of smart contracts. In early July this year, tezos was battered after listing on Gate io, its price dropped from 4.5 to one dollar twenty cents. This was due to the fact that investors flew merge your coins to the exchange. However, after the launch of the beta version of the platform, Tezos began to recover, reaching the level of $ 2.45.

The current recession has not spared it either, because 44 cent … Lousy, there must be more. Some investors who have not sold tokens are set to pretty optimistic. They have reason to think so. The main growth factor is that the project has a working blockchain platform, which means the coin has under it a solid base. The statement is so to itself, given that the previously working platform not much that saved from drawdowns.

At the moment, listing on such exchanges is expected like Binance and Huobi, which will cause another spike in its price. In mid-October, Tezos was listed on Kraken. This immediately gave + 8%. In a protracted flat at that time, it was a good indicator. But the XTZ is unlikely to rise significantly in price. It has at least two giant competitors – Ethereum and EOS. He is tipped by the end of winter + \ – 3 dollars, but you see for yourself what's going on and we can only hope. But I remind you that the current situation is very good for in order to buy a small portfolio of altcoins, because according to analysts, everything points to an imminent bullish rally and then it will be too late.

This is not a call to action, but only my speculations on this account. At the moment, the first hundred coinmarket cap is almost everything is in the green zone and it pleases, we stock up on optimism and are waiting for the beginning of the year. By the way, I almost missed the news, which will soon will be very important, literally Monday, on reddit there was a recording of one of the participants who calls to withdraw your bitcoins from exchanges, in honor of anniversary of the creation of the first block. It's time to check what we have created. You have to trust the numbers, but we trust the exchanges, people and corporations. January 3, 2019, ten years later, let's withdraw all bitcoins to wallets that belong us. Let's check if everything is in place, let's see who will tolerate failure and how the network works.

We don't lose anything, we don't risk anything, those companies and untrustworthy exchanges will be exposed. We must take control, we must prove that all this is ours. We need time to coordinate, 16:00 UTC 03 January 2019 is the best fit. By this time, let's complete our deals and we will store our coins in our wallets. Oooh, sounds ominous and smells of chaos, I even have a new one a year is not needed, I want the third of January to come right away.

Moscow time, this will take place at 13:00, and it looks like it is true that many can to support it. We wait. And Andrey was with you, I want the channel to the crypt. Do not forget about balalaika likes there, as well as about bell and signature, it's really very important to me..

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