Tethering Sony Cameras: The Breakdown with Miguel Quiles

In this episode of The Breakdown i'm
going to talk to you about how I tether my Sony Alpha cameras to my laptop
computer using capture one Adorama TV presents The Breakdown with
Miguel Quiles Welcome back to The Breakdown my name is
Miguel Quiles. I'm a Sony Artisan of imagery and today we're going to talk
about tethering it's one of the most common questions that I get and it seems
like a very complicated and a very difficult thing to do but in actuality
it is very simple and it's a very powerful way for you to learn your
lighting, to learn your camera settings, to see exactly what your images look
like without evaluating them on the very small screen on the back of the camera,
and instead using your laptop computer so it's a very easy thing to do it I'm
going to go ahead and I'm going to break down everything that you need to know
about tethering a Sony Alpha camera to your laptop.

Now let's talk about the actual products
that you're going to need in order to shoot tethered in the studio or even
outdoors because tethering is one of those things that most of the time when
you think tethering you think in-studio but for myself I actually do a lot of
tethering on location as well so it can be done anywhere and it can be done very
simply, but first things first, the one thing that you are going to need
is a tether cable like this one, this particular tether cable is made by
a company called Tether Tools it is a fantastic product and I would
tell you after many years of shooting tethered in the studio I've tried many different tether cables
and tether options out there, I tried very inexpensive cables that
were overseas brands, no name brand USB cables
and I found that in some way shape or form, either the cables or the
connections don't last very long Oftentimes I'll get errors where I'll
plug in the camera and I'll start shooting and all of a sudden the laptop
doesn't see the photos anymore, The most consistent experience that I've
had shooting tethered has been using these cables from Tether Tools So this tether cable is connected via
USB to my MSI laptop and this laptop is running a version of Capture One which
is Capture One Pro which will allow me to be able to preview the images on a
large screen this is a 17 inch screen on this laptop and it's going to allow me
to preview each of these images as they come through.

Now there's some other
features that actually are part of this Capture One set up which are really
really cool and really awesome so I'm going to go ahead and take a first shot
here, so you guys can get an idea of how the tethering works and what it does so that way when you go ahead you try
you'll know exactly what to expect Ok so before I demonstrate how to tether
using Capture One and using this setup that we just talked about I also want to make sure to bring
particular attention because I didn't mention it, but one of the things you may
want to consider if you're going to be shooting tethered is to pick up a good
Tether table Now these are also made by Tether Tools
and they're really fantastic because you could set them up on a tripod you can set them
up on a rolling stand and you can kind of move around and maneuver them where you need There's also additional accessories that
you can pick up for these tables where you can put your hard drives and hook up
even drink holders, camera holders, different items and accessories to be
able to quickly access them when you need them so definitely check out the Tether Tools
tables but let's talk about this setup here really quickly.

So we have
everything in terms of our table our laptop is set up, our camera is set up I went ahead and I pre-tested the
settings for these particular images We're going to shoot just to see how
they would come out and so I've got this set at f/11 1/60 of a second
ISO 100 and let's go ahead and let's see what happens when I start shooting these
images and I''ll give you two different ways that you can shoot images using
Capture One Ok so the first way that you might end
up shooting tethered in the studio is basically just the same way you would
shoot normally which is to go ahead and take your shot using your shutter button
on your camera.

So let's go ahead and take a shot here and
so again you'll see the image pop up on the screen and I do want to mention here
that when you are shooting tethered the images are not actually being stored on
your SD card on your camera they're actually being saved on your computer's
hard drive which is pretty awesome, that saves you a lot of time in editing and
in post-production because instead of having to take the photos on your camera
and then transfer multiple GB of data in many cases to your laptop you
could actually go ahead and it transfers right over into the laptop computer as
soon as you take the images, so that's one of the first ways and that is the
first way that you can go ahead and use this tethered setup is to just go ahead
and snap your images and again this could be a model this could be products
this could be whatever there's a lot of people that use this in
real estate photography as well to take pictures of interiors and exteriors of
homes but again very simple setup you'll see here momentarily that the images
will pop up on the laptop screen now the other way for you to be able to do this
is to actually use the Capture One software to be able to shoot these image so let me go ahead and show you how that works Ok so I have Capture One here set up on
my screen and one of the things that I also want to point out to to kind of
help you guys out when you're shooting tethered any time you connect your
camera to your laptop you want to make sure that you see the
camera information here in this little panel of Capture One which is on the
second tab up here where the camera icon is and so this will tell you your camera
that's hooked up your camera settings your white balance if you're shooting
and raw what your aspect ratio is basically everything that set up
internally in the camera you can actually control much of that here on
this little tab if you go down below as well on this little camera tab down low you'll notice what your camera settings
are and there's a little icon that's pretty cool here there's a little movie
icon here that in the beginning I thought was actually shooting video but
it does something really, really, excellent.

You click on that and wait a
moment you'll notice that a little window opens up here to the side, now I'm going to go ahead, and off camera
I'm going to position this little camera in different ways, and you notice it's
live view that is being set up and you can see that from your laptop computer
which is pretty awesome. So I could go ahead and I could set this
thing up and frame it exactly how I want to in the frame, I can go ahead and get this thing in
focus and if i wanted to i could go ahead and from the set up here I could go ahead and take images so it's
very easy for you to be able to go and take an image using this Live View
window and what you'll do is at the very top here there's a little button looks
like a camera and when you hover over it it will say capture, and you simply press
that button and boom – you take a photo now in the other window you'll notice
the image will pop up and you can go back and forth in between these two
windows if you have a second monitor set up.

That's also a really cool way to do this
you can have the live view window and a separate monitor and then have Capture
One running running on the second monitor and you could have both of them
up at the same time and again from here i could go ahead and
I could ship this around get some different orientations in different
positions for this image, so we'll center that right there, go ahead and get that in focus, and take
another shot so again super easy, very easy for you to
be able to capture the image whether you're just using the software to take
the image or if you are physically taking the image pushing the shutter
button on the camera.

Now once you've taken this image again
these are all being saved onto the hard drive of your laptop device but what's
really awesome is that you can go ahead and you can zoom into these images and
see full screen what the image looks like that you just
shot so for example I could take a look at this really close up and I could see
a lot of dust this is stuff that I would not be able
to see if I was shooting with this particular camera, looking at the back of
the screen because the screen is a lot smaller even if I zoom in it might be a little
bit difficult to see some of these details so this would be something that lets say
if you're photographing a model or you're photographing somebody in the studio you know maybe the makeup needs a little
bit of just of adjusting or maybe there's an eyelash or something that is
in the way that you want to get rid of this is a really quick and easy way for
you to be able to see the images much closer and much bigger this helps you
out this helps out your makeup artist and hairstylist than anybody else that
is onset, helping you to create the best images possible So there you have it folks, a very easy
and simple way for you to tether your Sony cameras to your laptop computer
using Capture One I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope
you learned something new today, if you haven't done so already, make sure that
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will see you again next time on the next episode of The Breakdown – Bye everybody.

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