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Greetings everyone, welcome to our youtube channel. Today I will talk to you about the concept of Tehter again. Tether USDT 1 stable released in 2014 and pegged to 1 US dollar Everyone knows tok ındıa usb, this dollar means USDT when you add it to the end and this trailing tl means tok. What we call tether is a stable coin stabilized, meaning the word does not change, it always means the same is coming. So tether is equal. You can think of it as a digital version of the American dollar. a follower of mine texted me yesterday on twitter and says, my teacher has been for a month He sent me a message saying that while other altcoins are increasing, my investment is not increasing at all.

So I said, what did you buy? My teacher says I bought a tether. I have a long term for him. The term why you did not throw is a stable coin and under what conditions the TR invested? I told him at length what he had to do. Today I wanted to make a video for you. If you want a continuation of such videos. You can subscribe to the channel and upload it as a video.

Let's continue, now I want to talk about the usage purposes of the term. I have identified 3 reasons for you. First of all, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and the declines are also the fixed dollar ourselves. By throwing, we can prevent losing money from being affected by the fall. Our first reason to use this is precaution. Friends, if the coin we have is in a downward trend, we use the money to keep our money stable. we will pass it to the safe port.

So we will spend en. I substitute bitcoin parity on exchanges to protect the investment. I prefer dollar parity, secondly the reason we use terry is tether big It can be used for money transfers. Since the price does not change during the transfer, we can complete the transfer without any damage. As we know, tether is the third reason for using the dollar in our country. is increasing, and the state does not want those who buy and sell dollars or buy and sell euros to prevent this.

has imposed an additional tax. You pay taxes in foreign currency purchases in banks, but foreign currency purchases, for example. If you get enough in digital dollars, you do not pay taxes and you are free from this tax. For every foreign currency purchase, that is, for a $ 100 purchase, $ 1 is paid to the state in banks. you pay tax. That's why I suggest you use it again. You also get rid of the scissors gaps in the bank. As you can see here, it is like dollar tax in banks. It is already coming out when you type. While the dollar was low in the past, the state received 2 per thousand tax, now they have increased it to one percent. They increased this rate 5 times. We can use digital dollars to avoid this tax. Now, where can you buy the dollar, where can you sell it and about tether I will give information. First of all, the name of this site is coinmarketcap.com, where the volumes of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, You can find all kinds of pricing information.

A website is the most used cryptocurrency in the list you see here. you see. Most bitcoin is enough later, then the wire is used. In the third place in the Koy market cap ranking, the maintenance price is also seen here. Like $ 1 stable stable, ie not falling, not rising, there is no volley gear. The extraordinary fluctuations seen in other cryptocurrencies do not have tether. This makes us USDT cryptocurrencies as a value storage tool, that is, as a safe haven. It means we can use it. Let's look at the term information here now. tether ranks third in the ranking and its market cap fixed at $ 1 As you can see here, you can look at the 24-hour total supply here on the terror chart.

Let's look at the price here. As you can see here, the price of the term is always equal to 1 dollar. So either 1 Dollar, 1 Cent or 99 Cent is this style. It comes and goes, but we can call it stable coin. Among the stock exchanges that support USDT, we can take a look here. Btctürk binance sock x. As you can see, binance, btctürk hobby, in all kinds of stock exchanges friends with this coin list.

But this coin is indexed to $ 1. So you can never make a profit on this coin in dollars. You cannot be hurt. But it can be invested in TL. Because while 1 tether was worth 600 liras before that, now the tether has gone up to 8 liras. As the price of the dollar increases in our country. The price will continue to increase at the ceremony. You can think of it as a digital dollar. As I said again, let me tell you how to buy one by one now. As you see. btctürk in a Btctürk stock exchanges and opened the first crypto turkey in turkey is a money exchange. Friends, what they call USDT is digital Turkish Lira when we say our digital dollars tr this is equal to 1 turkish lira, which is equal to 1 american dollar. When you want to buy dollars from here, you can transfer from your bank to the btcturk crypto money exchange.

Buying dollars from this meat part en. You can also invest in dollars without paying taxes to the state. Is it very useful? Have I been buying dollars here for 2 years? I had no problem and with the dollars you bought here choosing the USDT parity here You can also get other altcoins. Bitcoin eos ethereum link, like litecoin i bitcoin on stock exchanges to protect investment I prefer usb parity instead of parity. Because the money you earn is important to me, so when I make 2 bitcoins to 3 bitcoins. If the value of Bitcoin is falling, the profit I made is not considered profit.

But when I make my $ 10000 to $ 20000, it is easy to calculate clearly in my mind. I can say in a frown of the snow I poured. Now, how is a wire transfer done for you? Let me talk about that. You can use the part to deposit here. For this job, you will choose the wheel section here for your re-depositing and withdrawing operations. and here you will be greeted by different networks. The 10 thousand network ERC 20 network is in the form of eeose veteran networks. Choose whichever wallet you want to send your important tether to supports. For example, here is only the investment address above, how much is the term on the blockchain. He says you can deposit 20-based tether west. So this is making the warning. Transfer to whatever type of exchange your stock market supports, otherwise you will Your hotels will be rubbish, friends.

This is an important detail. Also what is usb t what is tether? If you are looking for a written resource about, our article we wrote in 2019 available. I'll leave this to the explanation part. You can read it here. What is usb tether for you when my tongue turns? I tried to give information about this subject. By adding videos, you can support the channel by subscribing. Take care of yourself, friends, I wish you a lot of profits..

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