Tesla Accepting Crypto Again?! And Brady gives 1 BTC to a Fan! [ October 26, 2021 ]

we have some huge news for adoption headlines for 
you today it's tuesday the 26th of october i'm   your host jessica and with our news topics make 
sure to stick around to the end to hear one big   breaking news digital asset update first let's 
see what we're covering today tesla is it back   on track with accepting bitcoins let's find 
out what's in store for stable coins the scc   looks to clamp down on regulations just so we 
thought the news around shiva eno couldn't get   any more surprising you can now pay food in 
paris with the asset tom brady gifted one fan   a whole bitcoin in a true good deed of the day 
and is there enough to go around a study shows   bitcoin mining could put bitcoin at the risk of a 
51 attack crypto firm back surges after announcing   a mastercard partnership and africa's largest 
country has launched the continent's first cbdc   so let's jump straight on in how's the bull market 
caused tester to change heart tesla has hinted   it may start re-accepting crypto tesla impressed 
bitcoin fans when they announced they bought 1.5   billion dollars worth of crypto and then began 
accepting car payments using the cryptocurrency   although this was short-lived elon musk then 
announced he would suspend support for bitcoin   transactions and the reason for doing so well 
only if the industry could prove at least 50   of the energy used by blockchain comes from 
renewable sources it does seem like things   are changing as a filing to the u.s securities 
and exchange commission confirmed it may in the   future restart the practice of transacting in 
cryptocurrencies tesla then added we believe in   the long-term potential of digital assets both as 
an investment but also as a liquid alternative to   cash tesla currently owns 42 000 bitcoin let's 
see if the company welcomes bitcoin clients   in the future the u.s securities and exchange 
commission looks to have set some significant   authority or power over stable coins according to 
bloomberg there will be a report by the treasury   department due out this week specifying that the 
sec has significant authority over stable coins   such as tether uscc coin and binance usd stable 
coins are digital currencies pegged to the   price of traditional currencies most commonly 
the us dollar and apparently the report due   this week came into play from lobbying by the sec 
chairman gary gensler who argued that his agency   has existing powers to oversee tokens when they're 
involved in investment transactions there is also   some rumors to congress to pass legislation 
regulating stable coins much like bank deposits   the news comes after facebook stablecoin dm 
faced scrutiny last week is the sheba eno   payment integration a step in the right direction 
a parisian restaurant is now accepting sheba   as a form of payment the restaurant made the 
announcement on facebook and was met with a pretty   warm reception but before you get your 
cryptocurrency wallet out and start looking   at the menu with sheep almost five times 
the value from the beginning of the month   i would think twice about spending maybe stick to 
stable coins india's crypto covered relief fund   also cashed out a donation of 50 trillion sheep 
for 463 million dollars earlier this year but the   altcoin's recent surge means that if the nonprofit 
ended up losing out on more than one billion   dollars that could have gone towards tackling 
the crisis so think before you spend your sheep   normally it's the fans giving the stars a gift 
but this time tom brady gave one nfl fan a whole   bitcoin tom brady became the first quarterback 
to hit a 600th touchdown and the ball marking   the record may have accidentally been gifted 
to a fan by a fellow team member who was none   the wiser that one day the price of that ball 
could be worth close to 1 million us dollars   the fan returned their memorabilia and brady 
rewarded the fan with a handful of gifts   plus a whole bitcoin tom brady referred to the 
fans stating byron lost all of his leverage   when he gave up the ball he should have held 
it but i'm also giving him a whole bitcoin   so at the end of the day i feel like he's 
making out pretty well and we have to agree   bitcoin aimed at 11 in the financial playing field 
and democratizing finance may have one big problem   research shows a number of small 10 000 people 
hold around one third of all bitcoin that's been   mined and 1 000 investors hold a huge 3 million 
bitcoin that's 1 8 of the total bitcoin supply   there's also the coins that have been lost forever 
and the report also shows some huge discrepancies   with crypto mining where it's run by a few big 
players 50 miners control 50 of the capacity   and this could provide a risk of a 51 tack in 
the future if the market dominance continues   shares of back triples the value on monday after 
a partnership with mastercard was announced   the firm announced crypto services to mastercard's 
merchants and banking partners the loyalty program   offerings will include receiving their loyalty 
points in crypto and spending them on it one   representative at back says as brands and 
merchants look to appeal to younger consumers   and their transaction preferences these new 
offerings represent a unique opportunity to   satisfy increasing demand for crypto payments 
and reward flexibility in a survey 40 percent   of consumers in most regions told researchers 
they plan to use crypto in the next year   the central bank of nigeria announced the launch 
of the e naira the continent's first cba dc   testing for the cbdc began all the way back 
in 2017 with the digital wallet now providing   users a number of features based on the hyper 
ledger fabric the e-naira will enable faster and   easier cross-money transfers notably remittances 
foreign exchange problems are causing serious   disruptions to remittance income even the central 
bank promised the inera will offer a hitch-free   foreign exchange now local reports have suggested 
that increasing numbers of nigerians are turned   into bitcoin as an official remittance numbers as 
they've plummeted over the years now dropping more   than one quarter in 2020 remissions are slumping 
according to the world bank well that's all for   today and don't forget to subscribe to not miss 
out on daily run-throughs and if you do have any   more questions about the wild world of crypto you 
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