TENSET Coin – ETF 2.0 [Crypto Review Deutsch]

how nice that you are there I'll show you today a new crib currency means these forces become dances dancers unites the flea market and the stock market building together this bridge between them, so to speak two markets and I find this system really interesting and that's exactly why I'll show you this nativity scene today we look at the details like that handles advertising is structured like you works who is behind it and a few others the time so me I'm really looking forward to all of this for you show and I wish you a lot have fun with the video so let's go are now here on the website and the dances are called pompeo here you look everything again what I'm in explain to the video so let's take a look at how first this crib will work roughly there is a nice graphic here and that explains and that is dances ttf 2.0 what does it mean there is one new approach and the works like this first he buys user with helium so eth dances friend taken then the dances become lkrs split once into a fee of one percent and a fee of still times one percent so a total of 2 percent the first percent of the fee for one Let's catch trades one way or another Trade goes to all users, so everyone user earns from trading with windows money one percent that's already sometimes the cool that means it is passive income becomes the second percent burned what does burned mean now will simply be destroyed this second percent just goes into the nothing or no longer exists no more and so it always will less tencent that is it now by the fact that there are fewer teams the price of a dancer increases so it is deflationary speak that we always worth more because it's always less gives the opposite of what we are now here with euro and dollar have that currently taken because inflationary more and more today and dollars printed become well then let's go on here and the company dancers buys 30 of these course back speaks the buy that and then she burns it up again mostly away or there is just then no longer the coins exactly with the the remaining 70 percent will then be shares bought and crypto currencies so for for example coca cola or bitcoin or terium depending on you get exactly the whole thing then your prances account and then it works all over again like that works dancer ttf 2.0 and yes i think the system is very cool and very innovative so yes i have now at least nothing comparable seen what I like very much so that the coins are burned to be annihilated, so to speak, and it forced is always worth more yes if it all went so quickly now then there's another one here on yahoo article about dancers here everything is still sometimes nicely summarized and on the point now we have here how already said the aggressive deflation then we have stacking something like that is like interest deflation i have just mentioned scary culprit is scarcity and here again the bridge between account valuations and the traditional market, really cool that you already have articles on your tour have and yes, you like to watch it too at ok then let's start with the roadmap what happened and what we’ll see the ceo here a team was founded on board fetched and here this is the first blatant one point here has 100,000 dollars in his company invested and yes that is already a house number and a system I definitely would then he has become even more experts got the site built on the Marketing started the company registered and here the first big one step you have a presale of yours made coins in the beginning, of course a few bonuses for the first, so to speak early birds and that was ten percent that was on 31 only then will you have the smart contrexx implements that is also very important become a crib and here now on 17 march was a resale global and went here there were 15 bonuses and something really blatant is you have 5000 terium here taken and yes I am with you again like much a terium is currently worth and I would definitely show it here even with great trust from the community community dar and that's how I see it exactly as I show it you still the picture quickly and yes here 5000 eth habkern that is very good for a crypto to be this is already the first big one step to really get started good sign and of course it works here too of course people want to continue maybe your art again exchange in italy for or real money and for this you are now starting junis web junis web makes it possible, as I said convert the dancers criterion and from to convert itellium into normal money then there is no problem at all and this feature comes out on march 31st I think it's really amazing how fast they are make this pull through here a feature other every time there are new sponsors and such so they grow really fast run the same now as that technology and the could of course also be satisfied too so junis web is also soon on start and so the whole thing is already pretty cool because you can if you can lust has his money out again easy then you also have robert brought small on board and that has own company called code knows and has a pretty good idea of ​​marketing and coating and analysis is exactly what it is business angel and strategic partner of dancers and definitely one also become an important part of tencent ok then we see here in the roadmap at the very end of this quarter die block chain league in rom all blog chain technologies or new coins presented and here, too, you have a place secured because the ceo is allowed to speak on here this block chain and yes looks like that too the press release so that's the ceo and yes too pretty cool that he's there then let's look now guess how there are many coins and how many of them have already been burned or destroyed and there are 210 millions of pounds of that have already turned into two millions of pounds burned in 45 days they say it's as much as one lamborghini henryk m and yes that's just really awesome that you have already burned quite a lambo I'll show you and yes really amazing the advertising just always speaks become worth more because there is always Less yes, in any case, the principle is cool the case and i like this picture here too extremely good because this aggressive procedure of the burns again so now I have you guys the whole crypt evaluation summarized all the news that is out there how it works now of course my personal one assessment and opinion and i am pretty excited about this crypto will because they already have, as I said a very new system on the whole thing approach and it's a good one too signs that you are such a strong one have advertising appearance and above all that with this hard cap you already have 5000 itellium have taken that real a sign of trust from everyone people and yes I am very curious how the whole thing now go further will how they evolve when they then continue at this pace I'm really curious how fast you will can go on there and yes i'm definitely looking forward to them development of this interesting crypto evaluation to follow up all links come to all of these dances topics Of course, like to look under the video with the past there is also one telegram group where you always what is being updated at the moment running is at dance and yes then would i say thank you so much for watching me thank you and wish you have a wonderful day until the next video stay safe and offer

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