Telcoin price prediction 2021 | tel price prediction 2021 | telcoin crypto price prediction in 2021

AOA friend, my name is Amjad Sohail and we will discuss the topic from Talib e ilam Telcoin price prediction 2021 what is the possibility, either we have to buy or become seller immediately we will know in detail about telcoin price prediction before continue, subcribe my channel and press the bell icon to get notification regularly let's go to computer screen to all about telcoin price prediction well, we are on computer screen and here we will discuss about telcoin price prediction 2021 this is a token basically and there is difference between token and coin and the rank of telcoin crypto is # 67 which means it is worthy to be top 100 list it is ranking at # 67 in market by capital invested now its price is on $ 0.03916 we will consider this at $ 0.04 you can check about its website in detail by clicking on this link you can join its community like twitter, reddit and others too its total and max supply is equal and circulating supply is 51B in market so down here there are many excha nges supporting this particular KuCoin and all these are supporting it from where you can buy and trade in it now have a look on tradingview that we should buy this or not before to go this chart is very important for us to analyze we need to do nothing because it is telling us clearly about itself it makes a high and the lower high and again higher high and now it makes a low which means if we check technically it is showing that what will be its next move it is a very clear sign by following it, we can buy or sell easily now we will check in candle stick pattern there is bullish candle with ultra high volume and these two candles are also have ultra high volume as compare to all other bars all bullish candles has high volume then other candles this is D1 chart, lets check this in H4 and it is saying that be careful because short term ultra high volume is in selling direction as compare to other volumes no doubt there is buying as all of this area is in buying but there is strong s ell here and it will show its impact here this move is indicating clearly higher high lower high then higher high then it did not make a lower high but a lower low did not breakout and moved upside technically this pattern is called head and shoulder pattern and this is a perfect pattern in presence of this pattern you cannot think about buying there is only 5% chance out of 100% that will move upside now what will happen, if we draw a trendline from here this trendline breakout from this point it breakout and then retest also now this is the correct trend line which show that it is going down after breakout here is the support line it will make sure breakout trendline and then retest it again and its first target will be 0.0188 area second target will be 0.013 area and last target area is 0.008 after breakout it will down to 0.01 there is no chance of buying, do not stuck in buying here and falling trend is saying that before this breakout, do not enter in buying may be it started a range here, but cannot say that it will bullish from here you will see it will move same like this in downward if not coming directly down from here, then it can start a range here so, there is not any buying in tel price prediction 2021 it will go up in tel price prediction 2021, and and when it will go up, let me tell you right now after inserting Fibonacci level in telcoin price prediction 2021 hindi if price come on our first support area after retest then its its first target will be near 0.09 second target will be 0.14 but before going up, it must come down to support levels and its maximum target after touching support levels is 0.22 so, in my point of view, you should be seller now but an advise that invest only that money which can afford to lose be careful because i am not your financial advisor invest only after consulting your financial advisor that's it for now, if you like my video, press like button and leave your comment below, see you, ALLAH HAFIZ

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