we are going to make the white cakes in this way we will get the cake is whiter and contrasts better with the colors of the polka dots in This time I used pasteurized egg whites, we put them in the bowl one pinch of salt and we are going to mount them we add a few drops of essence of almond although you can add the flavor that you like the most remember that these whites are for the cake We preserve the whites in another bowl and without cleaning it we are going to beat the butter that we have cream point together with the sugar We add the flour that we have to sift together with the yeast type royale and we change the shovel instead of the balloon rods until it is fully integrated the flour with the help of a spatula we take off the bottom butter add the warm milk and beat again with the balloon rods until that all the ingredients are fully integrated now we are adding the whites to this mixture several times remember with the help of a spatula and wrapping movements to avoid the whites go down we are going to prepare the moles for this we have to separate in a bowl several tablespoons of dough and dye them with gel ink the colors I leave them to your choice I have made six balls for each cake although I recommend you make more that way they will look more when cutting the cake for each ball has needed a heaping tablespoon of dough To make the balls I have used this specific mold to make cake pops.

I leave the link of the mold in the description if you do not have this type of mold you can make balls with the same method of the cake pops I leave the link to the video also in the description in this case we put the lid and bake for 15 minutes oven preheated to 180 degrees centigrade We will let them cool down before unmolding it. we have three removable molds of 20 centimeters each, we spray them with desmond spray before or with butter and flour We place 6 balls in each mold and fill with dough as we have to fill three molds we are distributing in equal parts do not worry if we do not cover them completely, the cake will rise a little and will end up covering the balls we bake for 40 minutes with the oven preheated to 160 degrees centigrade option up down we are going to prepare the filling and the coverage in this case with a frosting cheese my favorite we beat the mascarpone cheese with icing sugar once well beaten, we add the whipped cream several times to the video how to whip the cream you can also find it in the description with a spatula and enveloping movements we incorporate the cream to cheese here we have our cakes we are going to put the syrup we have made previously putting the sugar water and liquor in a saucepan, stir and leave boil for 5 minutes with the help of a brush generously paint each face look at the cakes that we have put in the bottom Ideal vegetable paper if you remember on the same presentation plate or not stain work surface generously cover with the cheese frosting and spread with a spatula We paint the next cake with syrup and put it upside down on the previous we paint with syrup and cover with frosting we are taking advantage of the remaining frosting to cover the sides of the cake As you can see, the cakes have not deformed in baking so the small unevenness we will solve it with the filling we place the last cake with the bottom side up to make sure it is straight now we only have to make it nice, we just need a little bit of patience we are going to make a simple but very colorful decoration according to the inside of our cake that will surely surprise our guests We cover the entire top and bottom edge of the cake with confetti of colors now very carefully we place the cake on the plate presentation remember that the cake is much richer if you prepare it in one day for another you have to reserve it in the fridge so I recommend that you confetti put them just before presenting it ideal for a birthday no you miss the photo of the cut

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