Tanker Truck Chase / Link Cameo | State Of Mind | TRON: Uprising

Anyone for seven? We need to catch that truck
before it crashes. – Try to keep up.
– Try not to make me hate you. Now what? How's the turning radius on that thing? Turning what? Hey! Watch where you're going! Ah! Woah! Woah! What happened to 'making me not hate you'? Well, this certainly won't help. Ah! Oof! – The truck! Hey, we're on it!
– Not yet. – You're very popular.
– We're not here to make friends. Let me handle this. Ah! Woah! Let's go. Oh, this is not fun. Woah! Now you owe me two bikes. According to this, the tanker's
going to crash in the tunnel. You mean that tunnel? We need to switch this thing
back over to manual. – Hey!
– Take the wheel. When I say so, jackknife the truck. Ready? Now! – Now what?
– You're asking me? We have to jump. Now! That's hilarious. Know how to stop these trucks? – Follow the victims.
– I knew that..

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