Tầm Nhìn Thị Trường CRYPTO Cuối Năm 2021 | Q&A – Hỏi Đáp Cùng Ryan Nguyen

Can Ryan explain why NEAR is backed by $800 million and it keeps going down? Thank you Ryan $800 million of NEAR it came out at the wrong time The moment that if it was about a month ago then it was like Money is pouring into the chains I think it would be twenty dollars But but At this point it's like it's saturated there are a lot of chains out there to support its ecosystem The reason why NEAR hasn't increased Hasn't increased but decreased now its cash flow is not it's not about the platform coins anymore that it's running through these memes Coins like Shiba then SafeBNB Mon and that sort of thing.

It's not now that the money flows to the ecosystems anymore. I'm swinging BETA. BETA, I'll let everyone swing in the near future but How can I let everyone swing that BETA Only after about 1 or 2 weeks it will fly like C98 The first thing is that I don't get spoiled the second is that I don't get hitched That's all that matters But it's ok to find a good project but it's important to look at the entry points You see the marketmaker pumpdump process Ryan says over and over again You'll know How to optimize the time as possible so that I don't have to spend a long time Hold Why don't people notice why I always fly fast For example C98 1, 2 Next week it will fly from 1.2 up there.

Drace too Do you swing BETA 3$ to shore or not? I think the BETA will return to the shore But when it will come back, I don't know In general, its position is not beautiful, only DCA from 4.5 to 1.8 is divided by 2 so it is also beautiful Now I am wait for it to accumulate But the important thing is to accumulate, it will have a pump to test test things in general until the time I enter I will tell everyone In the near future, According to Ryan's forecast and prediction, From November to December This means that it will be altcoins it will fly very strong Very strong it will only fly for about exactly one month But there will be X5 bets there will be X10 Unlucky bets x20 x30 bet but it's only within a month It will pump very fast And after the end of such an altcoin wave There will be a big correction Maybe late December Start December or end of the month 12 then it will have a correction It's just a personal prediction So if it's lucky I'm lucky to get the 3rd bet And jump over the 4th bet After finishing If the market goes up, I will go out and then cash out a part of USDT to observe There will be two cases If the market goes up I will play cards like this Down market is too simple Because we have out and then out USDT it's down , normally I'll watch to buy it back, right? But if the market goes up We will continue to play the card of Earning projects It just came out according to the pump dump process It hasn't pumped yet, I will buy it, I will invest in new projects I will playing like that There are some brothers I see this problem A lot of brothers have it.

Most people have it. When you hold something, you should look at the buy and sell order Then it has a lot of psychological effects. The first step if we want to hold a good project, we want to have faith and hold to the target, we have to find out how that project has potential or not? Of course, it's potential, I just hold it after knowing it's potential, then we will set a target for example How much can it be capitalized For example, me I keep inferring that it will go up about 200 million USD, then it goes to 150 to 200 million dollars, then I will start closing.

Not now, all day, I go to see the bot's buy and sell orders and then see how people sell and buy how people buy and sell down is normal If you are a trader, buy low and sell high ok Don't pay attention to those things I only pay attention to the long-term to see how the team works For example, buying and selling in the market it is It's normal. If it's too tight, I see it selling too much. But if I see it selling too much and then looking out, I think it's a bit wrong. Because when I decide to hold a certain coin, I have to find out.

carefully from the beginning, right? My profit taking experience is like this. Many of you ask me how is my profit taking experience. Now I will give you my personal experience . If it depends on each coin, there will be two type for me to take profits One type is The coins it increases very strongly, one day it increases 400% 500% some coins increase 200% 300% Generally in a day it will rise a candle If it goes up suddenly, I'll close it because the basic thing everyone has to understand is the law of supply and demand Simply natural increase like that, then the psychology of all players will sell all It collapses very quickly, if it rises quickly, it will collapse very quickly. split the pegs slowly And those coins that increase slowly one day it goes up 10 20% then it goes sideways Done then it goes up 10, 20% then it goes sideways, it Just slowly like that, I rarely close, I'll see how much I wait for the top, I just wait until I reach my target. Increase slowly, it's okay, it's okay because it's sure to increase slowly.

Fast Then take profits Increase day 200, 300% take profits. And if you want to calculate close to the price, you have to calculate the capitalization and then watch and lock Any coins that it erects once It will decrease slowly it will not If there is, it's also very small. Most of them Downtrend, what do I do to make money Ok or Downtrend, we will be traders. Normally in this uptrend wave, everyone is like me Everyone here is 1,400 everyone here is a holder But when it comes to the downtrend wave, we will be traders It means when the downtrend is every time a down wave like that, there will be a retracement wave. wave at that time and take 10-20% profit In general, the stronger the Down case, the more I like It.

It's an opportunity for you. o I want to increase my assets, it's easy to make money. It's very easy. Down to 30%, see which one is down. See which one is red on the floor, buy it tomorrow, at least 10-20% profit, be confident. Ryan's 4 criteria for choosing a coin to hold ok Ryan will share the criterion My own criteria It may be suitable for some of you here, it may not be suitable for you, so feel free to feel it.

ok then follow the first one Ryan's first priority is to have high profits Because this is a CRYPTO market not a stock I really like coins like low cap Now some you keep asking me why I play shitcoins That's right. I play shitcoins now but in the future it's gold See CHESS? CHESS bought it when no one knew, no one noticed it, it was very cheap 0.8 And after 2, 3 months, it went up to 8 dollars Then when it's delicious, why can't I buy it at a good price ? The first criterion must be low capitalization The purpose is to be able to X high assets Ok second is to have a strong and terrible backer The third one is Its token metric must be standard This metric token I can't have any standard To predict why each project will have a different token metric It's difficult for me to be specific. Kind of like that it has to meet those criteria for me Those three criteria That's it Just enough Those three criteria are okay. Should you look at the roadmap to evaluate the project or not? I don't care what the roadmap writes.

Roadmap it's just a small part, to be honest, in general, I have to pay attention but Roadmap it's just a small part, it's not in it. Check backer is terrible or not. How about Backer, everyone will have all kinds of it. It will have all kinds of funds for example, top 1 fund, top 2 fund, top 3 fund, top1 fund, you can mention it as You can enter the allinstation it will have a lot of big funds Then you can follow those funds for example I will show everyone the most basic one So you can check the backer Is the backer strong or weak The first step We will enter the project that I want to check Ok now I will give an example for everyone We will go to CHESS We will click on CHESS Click copy and then we will go to VC, backer will see this Spartan Foundation 3AC (Three Arrows Capital) Hey BNB Labs Ok we'll find the fund names we'll start google what 3AC is, who is Spartan Then we'll when we go to spartan we will go to spartan's web site, it will have a portfolio of it 's portfolio we will check to see what projects this fund has invested in, which projects it has public or not If big funds invest in successful projects, it doesn't matter if they invest in a shitcoin project We will know if the fund is good or not, simple but just use this if Like I don't know how many top funds Ryan gives you guys with good metric tokens.

OK C98 We will start the analysis, last time I analyzed it for everyone once Now I will analyze it again At the initial circulation Its Metric Token is a launchpad that sells 50 million coins But the total circulation is 180 million coins 180 million coins minus 50 million coins is 130 million coins That means the other 130 million coins will be for this BNB team of this C98 I'll summarize 130 million coins the other C98 team will keep 50 million coins will sold to users Now If the project collapses immediately, how can it release all 130 million coins It has to be pushed up It has to do something so it can close this 130 million coins I say this every time easy to understand right I can invest I can swing by it to live but don't think about it of coin98 combined with the price of C98 And the price went up, the price was only 1.2, 0.7 Then I invested too well, it was too classy, it was delicious.

I put Tokenmetric like that But when it came out at 10 bucks it went in but I didn't know where the bottom was. Lifting people In general, I don't have a specific formula to calculate each project, we have to see How Listing is combined with many factors into it to make inferences and then we start investing Today I'm sitting here I talk to everyone I can't say I'm Successful But I it is possible that i have enough confidence and ability for me to say i can make money in this market but when i look back at the money and the investment result it is not my purpose But what I experienced in that investment period That's my goal and the result I want to aim for Now if you guys are lucky enough to earn that money but don't have experience Without the experience that has been beaten and without such experiences, I think that sooner or later it will run out of money Example like now, even if you take all your money, drop yourself in this market, i will still survive and i will still earn money back And the person who will still have money what i aim for is the experience Many brothers keep saying that they are very risky, very risky.

But once you invest, you must take a risk. With all , Never steal anyone's experience Just experience it. Don't be afraid. You have to do it to know where you are going. invest when the results start to talk And you guys invest when it's not good when it's shitcoin Don't invest but when it's good then invest At that time, you can only invest in liquidity. That 's it But investment is a must have It must have a thought that must be before and after, must have a plan of its own. Not running in and buying it and then throwing it away.

Done and then brought up the concept that investment must be risky. A little bit risky but under my control In my view Not taking the risk of scooping Shiba today Done I threw it away A few years later, Nguyen Tri Thanh asked to see how many times a project was listed on the floor X, it was called a pump . About how many or less can be considered in this line, we have to calculate capitalization Must calculate the capitalization of the project and then we can invest after calculating the capitalization then we will see where it accumulates What does it mean It accumulates sideways and then buys But but the capitalization it has to be within the allowable level for example I target the capitalization will be about 200 million USD So about 30 40 million dollars I can invest And if it already 150 million dollars but go to 200 Millions of dollars invested in it, it's simple. It's simple . Tell me about your journey up Thanh C98. Can you tell us about your journey up? Thanh C98? You and me Thanh C98 met each other At a project Some project, now it's a scam You were an example at that time with very little knowledge Back in 2017 2018 Everyone may know it at that time It's knowledge My knowledge at CRYPTO it's just FOMO who says I'm buying it.

It doesn't have anything to analyze like now. Now, just say it wrong. Or is it an example of miscellaneous sayings Are you right here, full of knowledge, there are a lot of people who have very deep knowledge. Bring out the curse right away If I said it wrong, it's right to say that at that time, what do you want to say? If you want to talk about the lottery , the teachers will sell the course and all kinds of things. That's why we met in such an environment in 2018 we met for the first time, and then we started 2019 and then we played together. Closer After I finished researching the project, I connected and did everything. When I worked with Le Thanh again, I saw that I saw the ambition and the mindset of Mr. Le Thanh very well. That's it. connect with each other and talk to each other every day I talk about the time when Mr.

Le Thanh hasn't done that project. In 2019 , Le Thanh and I wake up very early every morning at 5, 6 am, then wake up and start him. I exchange back and forth about some projects , so I talk to each other Until 2019 2020 Mr. Le Thanh he is like a superman He passes all levels I feel like I'm on the same level with me Done and then surpassed me by about 4, 5 levels Done and then he did the project. The result today is like that With both Le Thanh and me When joining this market, it was empty hands In general it's Le Thanh is a good thinker.

I invested in C98, not in C98, but in Le Thanh And Mr. Vinh The Nguyen CEO In general, people are very stable. I bought them all. all the tokens that are in 2019 The wallet of coin98 is nothing I bought back all the airdrop tokens outside At that time the total supply was 100 million but I collected all 200.0 00 tokens 200,000 tokens circulated outside But C98 had nothing at that time, I spent 2 billion VND At the time of 2019 it was a huge amount of money to collect all C98 tokens I was waiting for C98 for swap old tokens to new tokens Do I feel disgusted in 2019 I went to collect all the tokens of C98 on the black market It's not me But why did I collect C98? Gom C98 like that is all-in then Because of the human problem like I said And fortunately, I looked right And I went right If the ratio in the past was I didn't know it was later C98 will give swap Over what ratio For example 1 or 10 or 5 but I think I will never let the companions who accompany the project support the project at first to be disadvantaged.

So now I'm still waiting If I can change it, I think I'll continue to hold it. As long as I swap to a new token, it doesn't matter I'll just let it be, I'll hold it. This period, it's only up to 20$. After that, the next wave, I have very high expectations. I see that he is the bravery. Knowing that we know we fall and stand up is great.

I'm telling the truth The moment when I fell I was very difficult I had a hard time Trust in my family completely lost Friends around Everything in general When I fell down I had nothing left I'm really in my hands I really do n't have anyone to trust me anymore With everyone just imagine now Now one is to move on Two is to be a reworker as a chef You choose, choose keep going or die I have to keep going No one to hold me I have to try I carry on Continue this path If you do n't get up, you have to get up.

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