Talking Tom & Friends – Future Tron (Season 1 Episode 3)

Aw, yeah! Does anybody in
the house like… technology?! Oh I do, I do. Then let me officially welcome you… to the first annual Con-Compu-Con-Con-Con-Con! Wait, what did he say? Connected Computer Continually
Conceptualized Conference and Convention. Oh, the Con-Compu-Con-Con-Con-Con! Who’s ready to have a good time?! Now let me hear the ladies! Oh my… They’ll be here. And now, please welcome, our guests
of honor… Steve Hobbs and Steve Bosniak! – Good to see you guys! – Hey folks! – Good to see this guy! – Look at him! – Steve Hobbs!
– Steve Bosniak! The two biggest tech
developers on the planet! – And they’re best friends who…
– Started out… – in a garage! Just like…
– Us! As you probably know, the first
computer was a useless box.

It had a lot of potential, but
we had no way to access it. Then late one night, Steve and I
were sharing a soda pop in the garage when suddenly, it hit us. I said, “Bozz, what if there
was a way to turn this computer on?” Then I said, “What if there was a
way to turn this computer off?” Six years and a lot of sleepless
nights and a ton of R&D later, we had it: the computer on-off switch. Fun fact: It was originally
called the off-on switch. And we did it by
following the Pyramid of Friendship. They really are just like us! We’ve gotta sneak backstage and introduce ourselves! Definitely! You read my… Diary! Wait, what? Great hiding spot! I can’t wait to
see their faces when they find out we snuck backstage to meet them! Yes, famous people
love when fans jump out at them! Are they here yet? I can’t see, there’s
two guys blocking my view.

Who are you guys ? Sorry. We’re huge fans. We wanted to ask if you had any
secret advice that you might not tell an audience but you’d tell two
young inventor friends working out of a garage? If that rings a bell… Oh, I get it.
You two think you’re just like us. You think you’re me.
And you think you’re Bosniak. Wait a minute, why is that guy me?
Why can’t I be the other guy? Oh, come on, Steve.
It doesn’t matter who’s who. Of course it doesn’t matter,
because you get to be that guy! I am so sick of this whole thing! Whoa, whoa.

What about
the Pyramid of Friendship? Thanks for the reminder. No Steve, I just wanted… Becoming your partner was
the worst decision I ever made! You ruined my life! No, you ruined my life! – Steve you drive me crazy!
– I'm done! I’ve had it! Can you keep it down?
I can’t hear myself playing! Ginger, the world
doesn’t revolve around you. No. No, it doesn’t… Not yet anyway… I’m trying to write a new song. A
smart song! One that will make people think! What rhymes with “dance, dance, dance"? Educational grants? Eleph-ants? Romance? That is it!
I like to dance, dance, dance! Educational grants, grants, grants! It practically writes itself! If we are just like Hobbs and
Bosniak, we’re gonna end up hating each other just like they do! Calm down, buddy.
We don’t know that for sure.

But we don’t not know that for sure either! Oh no… you’re right. What if the
future is locked in and we aren’t destined to be friends forever? To the Future Tron! The Future Tron is an app I’ve been
working on that uses metadata to show the future. And I came up with the name! Future Tron 6000! – Hurry up!
– Turn this on and Put that in there and… Hold on tight! Thank you! It’s an honor to
receive the Tech Star of the Year Award! Hey, we’re really successful in the future! And we’re still best friends! This is a truly remarkable moment for
me and the person who inspires me… I’m talking about the man upstairs! My boss, the CEO! The man who said to me, “Ben, you don’t need a partner, you can be successful all on your own!” Do me a favor – throw this in the
limo with the rest of my trophies.

And bring me a coffee when you come back. I’m sick of this! We were supposed
to be partners and now you just take all the credit! That’s because I do all the work! Oh yeah? Well work on this! You ruined my life! No, you ruined my life. It’s even worse than Hobbs and Bosniak!
You’re successful and I’m not! That’s not a surprise.

The scary
thing is we weren’t friends in the future! How could this happen?! It must be that our future
friendship is ruined because our current friendship isn’t strong enough… Tell me there’s a way to fix this! Maybe… no it’s too crazy… What is it? We have to engage in one-on-one
friendship building activities with music playing in the background. Oh boy! A friendship montage! All
the best sitcoms have them! Yep! Still best friends! What are you two ding-dongs
doing? Get back to work! Sorry Mr.

Ginger. Yes, sir, Mr. Ginger! Don’t apologize, I should really
thank you two. You were so focused on your friendship that you
completely mismanaged your company and had to sell it to me. Sir? You’re late for your two o’clock. Now if you excuse me, I have
a meeting with a giant pile of money. Don’t forget to laugh maniacally, Mr. Ginger. Oh, thank you, Angela. I don’t believe this! The future where we’re friends was even
worse than the future where we weren’t friends! I don’t even know where to start this time! I do.

Honestly, I can’t believe
you let this happen, Ben. Me?! Let what happen? You ruined our business! I was trying to save our friendship! Well, friendship doesn’t pay the bills, Ben! Alright, break it up! Don’t you see? You’re
arguing about things that haven’t even happened yet! You’re letting
the Future Tron drive you apart in the present. She’s right. Look at what we’re doing. But what are we supposed to do?
Just sit on the couch, watch TV, and not think about anything except
how good our cereal tastes? The crumbs have the same taste as the big pieces! The future were we all live like Hank.
What would that even look like? Hey guys, let's try not to forget, we
have to go to our book signing tonight.

Right. Should we take the
supersonic jet or the helicopter? Let’s compromise and take the
supersonic heli-jet. That’s why you’re the idea man! Angela! Great to see you! Great to see you, Tom. And you, Ben. And especially you, honey! I missed you more! It’s not easy to go a
whole morning without seeing the best wife in the universe! Oh Hank. No-no-no-no-no!
No-no-no! What are you doing?! I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m doing
you a favor! I’m doing all of us a favor! Everything we did to make the future
better just ended up ruining the present and it didn’t even make the future better! I think I know what you’re saying
here… we need to create a Future Tron 6001. No! Enough is enough!
Maybe we can make the future better, maybe we can’t, but let’s all just enjoy today.

No more trying to change the future. So now what do we do? Well, sometimes on TV shows, after
the characters learnt their lesson, the final scene is just dancing and celebrating. Really? A big dance scene that just
comes out of nowhere? That seems a bit ridiculou….

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