Taking Part In The Syndicate LIVE – Enjin Coin Part 2 Earnings

welcome back to an update on the Enjin
syndicate event today we are going to take a look at my earnings and how many
coins I got in less than a minute they are ready with their calculations
hopefully this event won't be totally over subscribed because today the market
fell a lot and so did CRO let's quickly take a look at the graph even
though I have bought CRO a few days before the sale for less than 12 cents
and the price went up from there it came down too much today and I don't think
that I am going to make a profit on the syndicate event but remember that the
biggest event is coming up next week the Bitcoin special so CRO prices might go
up again this chart does not look good to be honest however let's move on and
see how many Enjin coins we got and how much they are worth in dollars
now we have to go to the website under ongoing sales let's find out how many
Enjin coins we will get Wow that does not look good out of 40
thousand four hundred CRO tokens I can swap less than 1000 I am not happy with
the result but have to take it now so we got roughly 1,000 Enjin coins let
me check the Enjin price quickly it is almost 17 cents that is bad
because 17 cents times 1000 is only $170 My CRO tokens have lost more value during
this time this was the first syndicate that did not go well for me let me know
in the comments if you had more luck I have never seen the percentage that you
can swap so low with luck the Bitcoin special will save
us and CRO tokens will gain in value it is only five days left so I expect the
price to rise well maybe after today's disaster it will not if more people lost
money on the syndicate I hope this video was helpful to you if
you want to cheer me up please leave a like or sign up with my link to crypto.com then we both get $50 for free you find the link in the description
although this event did not go so well I am still looking forward to the Bitcoin
special it is likely that the 2 million dollar allocation will make a difference
I will keep you posted on how this event will go for me thanks for watching see
you next time

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