Hey, hey, people Sseth reports Today, I have one question You like Violence? Of course yes It's part of you And who are you to deny yourself what you are? So come with me and let me show you true ultra-violence and let's get rid of it together. Welcome, in SYNTHETICS. SYNTHETIC is tactical rougelike shooter. It is also one of the best games I've ever played. There's hardly a story here, meaning or words. Because he doesn't need them. Because SYNTHETIC is a silent symphony where the instruments are high caliber weapons, music are shots and And the orchestra is a legion of tens of thousands genocidal bombing machines, which are unfortunately ill And the only cure is a bullet through the skull.

SYNTHETIC is amazing and now I'm going to growl about how much I like it. Unfortunately, before we experience joy, we must enjoy systems. So let me tell you about the weapons. SHOOTING Quite simple. You aim, shoot and turn the mouse Shooting and movement are usually a great idea, if you want to miss every shot, and you want to make yourself a colander with enemy fire. You have to stand still, When you hit, you deal damage. When you hit someone's synthetic skull, you give enough more damage. With each shot, your weapon will sound more and more hollow. So, like any human being with basic knowledge first person shooter, you press "R" And by mistake, you throw away the whole magazine You get into trouble, they shoot you, and they shoot you many times. So, what happened? Systems. In SYNTHETICS you can't just charge. Not to charge, you have to manually throw an empty magazine Start a new one, and continue shooting This may sound like clumsily, But after you get into it, it really happens as smoothly as breathing.

And, a funny fact Each time you press the shutter button, you create explosion in the main. And one little-known fact is, the explosions could be described as very "warm". Shoot too much too fast, and you'll keep the ballistic equivalent Papin's pot. Also, the next time you pull the trigger, you may hear a "click" instead of a shot. It is not good sound. It means your gun is stuck. And you better cut it off quickly if you want to stay alive. There is no way to predict it, but you should to expect and anticipate before you jump head first into the crowd and you hit the trigger just to be greeted by a single "click" and deafening silence. Now that you understand the overspray, I'll tell you about PLAYABILITY First, you have to choose a class there are eight. Each with its own unique specialization. HEAVY DUTY, takes methadone, to dampen your sense of pain while goes through a volley of missiles, and smashes floating tanks, by they beat them with a piece of plastic at full speed It's Otesánek, but he's not ashamed of it.

It's just picking up. And if someone disagrees, they get into the infinite stunning. THE INTERRUPTER, takes methadone, and shoots hot doses lead, to their enemies. (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) He is heavily clothed, but instead of able to survive, has a fast – loading explosive that can be used to committing suicide because you are mistaken he pressed the right button while you were facing the wall. SNIPER it's mainly about dust. Get fat payouts. When you shoot your head, you get a solid dough. And in the game of moneyshotech (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) gets a laser sight on his right handle. For accuracy. The killer can do this. You knew the enemies are they attracted by sound? And do regular patrol routes follow? Now you know. When you use this and lure the whole truck enemies, you can do this and fulfill all your points of life. The killers are also great in Multiplayer.

A heavy shootout? Crushing numbers? Just make yourself invisible. I'm sure the other player can handle it. ATTACKER is the class you play when those friends forbid playing the killer. He has no invisibility. But, he has, a hand-assembled Japanese vibro-sword from AliExpress. Which sharpens itself a thousand times every millisecond. Which leaves a pretty big blow to everyone bad enough to get in his way. It doesn't get better at the attacker has dog tags.

They are objectively the most important meter your ego. Collecting them is necessary for your survival, but even more important for your player credibility. Yes, it's true that I am he didn't help in any fight, and I just hid around the corner, But, you know what? I collected a lot more marks than my comrade-in-arms. So who is seriously to blame for our premature death? Certainly not me. HEAVY SHOOTER is a slowly moving 3D printer on its feet. When you enjoy neck breaking speed which make wheelchairs, retirees and babies born on mines fast compared to you So a tough shooter is a class for you On the contrary, ENGINEER is a class for the madman and torn off. It is also one of the most interesting. The essence and power of the engineer is at stake. Roll of the dice! Try your luck! Bet all your lives. Double your bet or lose weight buy everything! Throw it all away! Just to get it back tenfold.

Leave your mind! Lose yourself in gambling. And if you can't do this you will never experience total ecstasy playing for the engineer. Because your low are the bottom, But at your height you are a self-propelled demigod random number generator. And finally, STORM is the ONLY class in the game, with a dedicated button for killing friends. After choosing a class which best describes your personality, you still have to choose basic equipment, modules and the first weapon. All unique to each of the classes. There is something to choose from for your strategy. I hope you have one, if not, you don't have a very long chance at life. But, don't let it stop you. Hit the start button, and teleport straight into headquarters of KAIDA CORPORATION, the world leader in the field artificial intelligence and robotics.

Coincidentally, these robotic machines have revolted a bit, and if you don't stop them, they will become a little nuclear. So, if it works, try to stop the apocalypse. Just no stress. Your task? Simple. Destroy everything. When you do this, enter the teleport to the next floor, Take a quick look at the flashing warning, which covers your screen, and watch how the first boss wipes the floor with you. Die, return to the main menu, and try again. The better you do, the more scrap will be left behind. The more scrap, the higher your TERROR LEVEL, The higher your TERROR LEVEL, the more you pissed off machine legion. And all the more seriously for you they start taking. Their reflexes speed up. The game speeds up. The music starts roaring louder to more intense shootings They won't send infantry at you anymore.

They will send drugged elite commando to crush you And with each floor, these assassins become more and more crazy. Here are some of the many amazing killer machines which you will meet, each burning indomitable hatred for any natural life. In no exact order, BALL-BUSTER, Or as I heard him say, "why the ball rolls to me? "and" why am I dead for twenty seconds after the beginning of the level? "Jihad spider robots, MORE JIHAD SPIDER ROBOTS and their mothers, which gives birth to more and more of them Alarm-robots that start screaming at the first micro-aggression. And if you don't destroy them fast enough, they call a social worker. You really don't care about things like cover, wall, or escape. Heat-guided missiles. Lots of heat-guided missiles. Pineapple! Miniguny! Miniguns on your feet! [ __ ] plane. Lasers, lasers with a motion detector, and finally, this, not to be confused with this Do you know the difference? One shoots fast enough to melt the concrete, the other uses satellite to melt you. Good luck. You will need it. You can't predict what the game will do for you.

Each round is completely random. I don't mean a few boxes shuffled I mean, I threw double or nothing, I won the bet, bought an ultra class sniper rifle just to keep the business going, and my money remained intact. Then I shot my brain out of my skull, with my own weapon. Because, that NEMESIS reflection is no joke. In chaos, there is a lot of choice. Lots of weapons to choose from There are about a hundred weapons that can be obtained in many variants of the manufacturer. What does it mean? That you won't find the same weapon twice. For example, this is BREN ANTI-AIR, Let's look at the variant. Aha, SIEGE-V manufacturer, Fully automatic, very powerful. And here's another one BREN ANTI AIR which I scored in another round. Do you see anything? Correctly. HYPER BURST producer. Very devastating. For more on variants, are the types of damage. On top of that are the types charges that you can switch as the situation demands, but we don't have time to explain these [ __ ]. Here are some of my favorite weapons This is called a grenade launcher.

Throwing grenades. You do not need. Throw them out immediately. Changes the charge to RUBBER GARNETS. Because real a warrior does not kill his enemies with explosives. He kills them with the force of a [ __ ] big piece of rubber. This is, the so-called CHAOS LAUNCHER. And here's what happens, when I click only once. And you won't believe this, they added that anti-vehicle rifle from "My neighbor Totaro." Look, I'm not watching anime. I … I'm not a pedophile, but, listen to this, and say that you're not even a little excited. And if you don't like anime weapons, here's a weapon for nihilists.

420 SNIPERDRAGON Can you guess the unique nonsense of this weapon? Yes, 360-noscope. Also great with MLG siren. Look, I don't have to explain anything. This is a game for guys. Look, look at my thick rocket calligraphy. It is a long lost and dangerous art form But it is reassuring in the hands of a trained professional. EQUIPMENT There are more than a hundred items of equipment in the game. They have two forms. Active, you have to run, and passive which run themselves. Most of them are great. Others are … interesting. They exist in a spectrum of trinkets after an amazing converter game. Professional tip, when what you raised is lit in red, it is quite possible insanely unbalanced It might kill you too. But look, learning is fun And learning demands sacrifices. You can find gear and weapons in boxes along your way. You can also buy them. No money? Does not matter. Just sacrifice your limbs to the god of machines, and he will reward your faith with ungodly cadence But, why stop here? Each weapon can be tuned by additions. More cadence? Change your semi-automatic to the fullest.

Does it bother you to break only one skull with one bullet? Add a hyperaccelerator, and changes the whole crowd into a liquid. Does the half-second pause between charging shots bother you? Install in the tray wormhole today because, why not? And if you do very well, alone, do not despair. because it's always here MULTIPLAYER. SYNTHETIK has a Co-op for two players. Under ideal conditions, this is the ultimate test of friendship. "Try to be invisible and run away." "I can't, there's a time limit." Communication, and effective teamwork. "I'm raising TERROR-LEVEL." "In exchange for what?" "Nothing." Under realistic circumstances, this is where friendships are dying.

Where fire on your own happens every few seconds, and where the most common phrase is: "This is exactly what ch-wait, did I shoot you again?" "No, I kind of got into it." Multiplayer is great. I can highly recommend him. FINAL SCORE In SYNTHETICS, every game is total madness. But, that's the whole magic. No game is ever the same. You will take and enjoy whatever the god of machines tells you gives. You learn, you adapt, and you push forward. As far as it goes. And somewhere, into the intoxication of adrenaline, and empty cartridges, you will achieve awakening. That you were never at the mercy of a number generator. No, all this time, you were at the mercy of your skills. And that's when I realized that I love this game. But, for a while, I became very competent for the basic game.

That's when you release MADNESS MODE and HYPERADRENALINE. Just to give your heart a real workout. This game is great, and there is something comforting about it that your suffering may be shared with the outside world. In one word, SYNTHETIC, it's like woman. It's hard work with her. Initially, this game was supposed to be a rifle simulator created by two German boys. Less Freidrich Heinrich, and Helmutt Gottlieb, recent graduates University of Nuremberg. Then, three years of solid work, this happened. This game is really a creation of love, and you can really see it. I give SYNTHETIK the final TERROR LEVEL score 325, of which there will be 350 after I press this button. from my rapidly falling points of life. I don't regret anything. You can get a copy at STEAM or GOG, for about $ 20 And by my numbers, this costs 28 cents, an hour of fun. As always- there will be more. Many warm thanks to the members of the merchant guild. Who financially support these videos. You are all really great.

Unfortunately, words are not enough for this game. So, without further ado, let me show you something. Enjoy. I hurried the headlines drunk in 4 hours, from eight in the evening to half past ten. Excuse the errors -Kopykat99.

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