Synology DS918+ SSD Cache Install and Is it worth it?

Hello in this video I'm going to talk about installing some SSDs on a Synology DS918+ NAS, and this is my latest video in a series on the Synology NAS and I'll put a link in the description to my playlist there and So I've I did a setup of it. I've installed You know hard drives. I did a memory upgrade in it so now the next step.

I'm going to put in some SSDs for cache so Right now. I'm in the interface. I want to show you Where you can access that and interface if you go to the storage manager in? The interface and you click on SSD cache Down here at the bottom it'll say no available SSDs to create caches, and then you can click on this SSD cache advisor and You can hit next down here at the bottom, and it'll say it's going to take a lot of calculate you hit yes, and This will run and it will tell you how big to make your cache, but on this system It says here. No SSD. Cache is created on volume 1 however the memory on your disk station is full So it is not possible to create SSD caches, so I found a bug and I've seen this documented online I upgraded this NAS to 16 gigabytes of RAM and When you do that this Cache advisor doesn't seem to work correctly It says you have your RAM is full, and I don't know why I did test.

I took out one of my memory chips so I only had 8 gigabyte of RAM and I ran this and it said it recommended 209 gigabytes of cache, so Keep that in mind if you did the upgrade to 16 gigabytes that this may not work properly so I'll close that down and The first step is to shut down the NAS and I'll go up to my little profile icon here, and I'll just say shut down and do I want to shut down yes and the Diskstation will beep and lights will go off and then I'll Meet you at my workbench, and we'll swap this out, okay, so I'm at my workbench. I have the DS918+ here and the drive I'm putting in are the Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD it's the 960 Evo These I'll put a link in the description To these on Amazon, and it's my Amazon affiliate account, and if this video helps you out I'd appreciate if you'd use that link it.

Helps me out a little bit doesn't cost you anything extra, and it kind of offsets the My effort for making these videos so to put these in the system, what we'll do is we'll turn it over and We'll pop these tabs off here Okay, and these are where the two drives. Go. I'll open the box here So these things are just super super tiny So I'm putting these in I'll explain a little bit about how this cache works it looks like there's a Instruction booklet here if you put in one Of these chips You can do read caching on the system if you put two in You can do write caching also so Stick that in press it down and it clips it through the second one There we go And I'll replace the covers here And that's all ready to go, I'll go plug this back in and we'll get back on the interface and configure it okay I have the machine all plugged in I'm back to the interface Okay, so we have the dual SSDs installed.

I'm back in the interface now and Before I setup caching. I want to do a couple tests I don't know if these tests will show much because it could take a while for the cache to be initiated but what I've done is I've created a about a 500 megabyte random file using this command and I'm going to copy it to the server, and I'm going to type in time which will time it and then copy and then the name of the file and then I'll put the share on there and This will copy it to the share and tell us how long it will take Ok so that said 7.9 Seconds and I'm going to run this again and I'm probably cutting the video or I'm copying it so you have to wait through the 8 seconds Ok so it seems to be take I'm gonna bout seven point nine to eight point two eight point four seconds So now I'll try another test and I'll copy it from the server to My local directory Ok so it looks like we're getting 7.2 seconds 7.5 Seconds.

There's a couple runs there. I'll set this aside. We'll set up the Cache and will rerun that test and see if there's any difference and like I say it'll be hard to tell until we get it done if it's going to make much of a difference but So to set the cache we log into our DiskStation manager Here, and then we want to go to Storage Manager you you may need to go up here to get to it I have added it to my desktop, so I'll open up Storage Manager And then I'll go down here to SSD cache and I'll hit create and It'll say. We can create readwrite. Cache or read-only and I want to do read right cash.

I'll hit next I'll choose my two SSDs I'll hit next I Want raid one and raid one if you're not familiar with it that's mirroring, so we'll read and write everything to both drives So you know the drives will mirror each other and I will choose the max size here We can say skip sequential i/o and it says read and write sequential data directly from Two drives to improve speed and performance as well as to increase the lifespan of SSDs. Please enable this function if you are using backup applications so this You know for streaming. I think at this we're streaming like a movie from the box It will skip the SSDs because when you stream a movie you're not going to want to read that back again You're only going to read it once Now as far as the lifespan of SSDs these SSDs have such a long life on them I don't know that it would make a big difference in the You know small office home office application so It's telling us.

It's going to remove the data from the SSDs. I'll say ok. I'll hit OK here and Now it is mounting the cache and creating the cache. I don't know if we can open this yet, we can ok so we can watch here as it creates the SSD cache Ok the cache is created, so it says SSD cache one normal one thing. I want to mention here is that? we put in two SSD cards into the NAS and the as far as I know the only thing you can use them for is SSD cache you can't create a volume with those I Tried it myself and could not Do it and I searched online it doesn't appear that you can take that SSD the M.2 cards and make just a volume with it you can do that with regular SATA SSDs, so so we have our cache here, we'll go back into our terminal So I have read and write here Copy my command over and we'll just do some tests and see if we get anything different on the writes and reads I should mention that I'm on I have an SSD in this Mac I'm using and I'm connecting to the NAS through a switch on a gigabit network so Looks like we had a slight increase there.

I'll run this a couple more times Okay, so if we look here we had seven point nine seconds before and after the cache then on the second time we did it we had eight point two seconds on the before and after the cache and then we had eight point four seconds and Seven point five and then seven point nine and seven point two so it does look like it's slightly faster Now it's hard to say if that's due to the cache or some other thing on the system, so let's try some read Test here and see what we get Okay so our read Tests show some interesting numbers here the first time we did a read from this It was slightly faster, and then the second two times. It was a little bit slower than before the cache, so it's hard to say if the cache is Slowing it down or not I did I have tried this cache prior and It was running for a couple days and this one percent here went up to 35% so According to the system it was using cash But you know will it speed up your NAS a lot You know with just these simple file tests It's not showing that it's going to speed it up a lot, so I will be running virtual machines on this Disk station and That will likely utilize the SSD cache quite a bit so You know that's something to take into account But you know I'm not going to make a decision for any watching this as to if they should put cache in theirs or not this super simple test doesn't show a lot and I've done tests like this in the past using a black Blackmagic speed test and It has kind of some similar results as this command line test.

I'm running so If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments if you like this video please click like I'll put a link down below to my playlist with other Synology Videos and such so and if you haven't subscribed to my channel I would love if you do that so thanks for watching bye.

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